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Get ready to work your entire body in this traditional Mat workout by Diane Severino. She starts right away, teaching the 34 exercises from Return to Life with a few extras added in. This is the routine that she does to maintain her strength and stability at age 72. Work hard, then stay for her mic drop at the end.
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Jun 06, 2018
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Alright, everybody up into hundreds, five men and five out n. All right, so this is your warm up. Nice brisk arms. Really slap them. You're fanning off the sides of your hips, you're up high enough. See Europe, herbs are engaged, you know, and you do this 100 times. So this is going to be the quest, that pilates mat. You know those old pictures of Joe when he's in those little trunks, these are going to be in sequence. I'm not doing any fancy transitions from exercise to exercise because I'm not.

So it's going to be straight up. Classic Matt. That's it. Keep reaching fingers. Nice. Close together. Toes working, not gripping, just pointed and flex. The feet had goes down. Roll up arms first. Chin curl four.

We just passed the toes cause I feel like it today. Sometimes I don't. Arms in line with the armpit. He told joints touching the butt tight. Of course I'm not a, I'm taking. So that even counts here rather than using momentum. Exhale up two and two out.

Shoulders away from the ears. Really Tuck that pelvis. Use the button. This is done eight times. Curl it and you're seeing in your own body as I am in mind, where's my sticky spot? I know where mine is. So people being aware of that cause there's a whole lot of Roland going on in this work. So you don't want to always miss that spot that you know is, you know, given you trouble way past the feet. Try not to let the backs of the knees, I'm not use that, but he really tightening it straight and I wanna do one more.

Okay, you can do a dye curl up. Four regions point the toes overhead and the legs lift. Now I'm keeping my legs parallel to the floor and these first two, one, two, four in each direction, there's that roll down again up curl the pelvis so it's not the legs. Again, I'm not speeding up that count to let my legs do the work. Now I'm going to take my legs all the way to the floor way that flex. Try not to let your neck arch half of these corrections I'm saying, I'm saying to my own self and now weaver's here we are parallel.

That's these first two each direction or harder than the lights on my body going over to the floor. See, that's harder to me and Oh, now they usually one all the way to the floor. See, I'm keeping my legs close to buy mighty rural in it. Curving that Polis under. So in the pelvis the girdle is strength. Oh, and halfway down, flex the bottom foot lake circle and cross over. Down Open and whip. There's a slight pause there on the top.

Nothing's happening in the upper body. Pause. So that inner thigh has to work. Keep the opposite, but on the floor tight. Oh over open and whip over death open. One more foray over den. Open, reverse side. You're telling that lake to stop.

You're the boss over and stop length in the waist. Inhale around XL on the top. Oh, Ben, Eh, oh, Ben, Dan, [inaudible] y and last. Oh, open down and whole switch. Prepare. Oh Damn. Right. But tight. Really try to stop that leg right over the hip socket over death over. Yeah. Brilliant up baby. What?

Oh get the upper body flat and reverse side way across. Don't make a meek circle to the side. And of course this is advanced. I'm making a gigantic circle. Try not to let your bottom flex foot drift too much into turn out. Don't let it flop too much and hold low down.

Circle Chin to the just rolling like a ball. Set it up. No momentum, no headwall back in [inaudible]. Shoulders down. Open those knees, thighs into your crux of your elbow. Trying to keep the shape constant back and foot massage. That spot. One more. That whole, yeah. Single leg ready. Set up n n to pull to the, I just the legs are pistoning. Everything else.

Nice and quiet. Just a slight shifting of the cup tans outside of hand to the outside ankle. You know both news and AA to the eyebrows. Reach way behind you. Slight pause and put two back. Fight.

Pause. So it's like a t there to the t in to match your feet. And I like to touch the backs of my nails so I keep my elbows in the right position. Nails, touch, nails, touch. Oh and to pack one more. Well, look, I'm taking this wider, perfectly fine here and shutting down. Three reaches, one, two, three. Roll back, shoulders over the hips.

Pull up, Chin tuck one. So I'm calling back in into my waist and my body's reaching for alignment and want to see [inaudible] up the imaginary wall. Chin pull back. Someone's pulling you by the back of your waist as you reaching forward to seeing, I'm trying to sort of best without straining, but I'm getting low and now I didn't warm up before this because the warmup is included. Open leg rocker. Now I'm bringing in, if you are, you can do it that way too. Uh, but I just did. Yeah. And contract, legs, lift and back and forward. Sorry.

Elbows even for flex. Hold onto your feet and back and forward and forward. Hold. Roll. Corkscrew, twist. Yeah. On the right side of your waistline, send your ankle bones, even pelvis to your left shoulder center. Again, it's an even count the way I do it.

So I'm not using my leg, the weight to get me over. Keep your shoulders even center. You're massaging society of back, way over that opposite hips off, off to the shoulder. Hold, roll down. So for I exhale here my way or inhale, exhale to the right center. Pull the wings together and I like the ring the air out there. Couldn't drag out to follow the back along with your eyes per pair.

Wings twist to contract app to pull that other hip away from you if you're not leaning towards prepare and twist. Two and three. Yeah Baby. And two more to don't let your other hip move. Three out. Pair and twist to Ah yes indeed and hold and onto the stomach. I had just this, I cut this in half and we're going to do a swan.

Set it up. Up, up. Single life. I keep my straight leg in the air. Neck pulling back, I mean back of the head. Pulling back towards your heel. Kick you butt kick. Straight knee in the air.

Yeah, but bill like ear down pelvis stays. Now elbows down, three kicks pool. Try to keep everything on the same line. Heels and back ahead. Three elbows to the floor, ear to the floor. Don't let your pelvis lift you. Circle. I made that. That doesn't go in there and set up for net pool.

[inaudible] slightly separated. Hands behind the head hinge when you can't go any further, you can tract in a perfect world. My legs would stay down. That's a perfect today set up and really stretch that up and fuck and your elbow should be wide. Um, I'm not accomplishing that. Believe me, I still work on this. My elbows should be not here. It should be here. Rolling up. I can't do it yet. One of these days. And really stretch. Crack that up a back.

Elbows will hide. He'll stay down here. Just like the box. Yeah. And and really cheering. So I go home early, right on back. Nice high shoulder stand wherever you want your hands split. Okay.

Try to, I think of the bio leg away from my head. Getting to the floor. Legs harder to get away and one more bicycle kick. You've got that leg that's reaching away from you. You really don't. Aw paw the air, which we use. Verse God. Reach. Keep the breath going.

And I'm going to say so in a worldly bird or helicopter here. It's not in the sheet. And one more. Ah, rotate and Ho. And this is my transition. Who's working my fingers? So yet every inch of mine.

Oh, was that spot there? Yeah. And Pelvic Press and through the foot to the knee kick up and change and the upper body doesn't sync using your button. Hams lift and low notice on the side. How I go through the ball point and flex up toe ball here. Really work those feet and not dead fish. What do you think of fish? Oh, I'm near the ocean. Huh?

And lift up and chain with and La. Wait, hold down for draft up now too. Yeah, the two for here I'm doing too. I bend that elbow because I learned the mat by looking at pictures. I wasn't taught the Mat. A lot of us teachers from my generation, you just globbed onto any information and this is all in return to life.

His book and in the pictures that I had, his elbow was cut off photographically from the elbow joint to the finger. So for years I was doing it like that instead of here. All right. That knife is ever all over again. Hi. Gatton. I try to keep my legs not coming down towards my face too much.

Oh, more challenging. Oh, and curl left pelvis. Yeah. This is a snap up. That should be an accent cow up and all that quick. Excellent. Following up in over. Excellent. We're all, oh wait, sideline could be done forward more challenging. Straight line knee and the air two kicks kick to back.

What you ribs to one hip stacked over the other and toward you. But kick your face. It's hip bone height two and two out top. Elbow and upper body. Not Moving. Just work where you're supposed to, which is fine.

Pelvis towards the toes. Yes. Kick your head and hope. Kick my book change. See, I'm not doing anything. Fancy. Transition. Line it up. Flex to the front. Flip and point. Top. Elbow doesn't move.

Pardon my back. We do the back. Don't short shortstop. That back movement. Feel that all the way up the front of the waist. Yeah, really get that. So a stretch to the back. Top elbow doesn't move to kick and weight the bed and two back last two and kick your butt.

All right. Teasers one, two, three, set. Alright, go to the waist six times. Yes. Five, six arms, a little higher legs. Six, five, six. Everything up and down and low and okay. Four. Five. Hold a six. Hold, circle, hip twist.

Try to keep the ankle bones together. Whale and pause and reverse. Try to keep your elbows straight around we go. Okay. Just from the waist down one.

Okay. Swimming. Ready? [inaudible] here's the Heidi, hit that one angle. This one. I'm trying to keep this and okay. Nice. Long Line of the neck entailed them. See I checked my hip pipe. I'm not sure where your finger should be.

Photo back. Don't let you but you don't let your neck arch. [inaudible] yeah. Seven, eight and this is an in the mat. This is going to go to side kick nailing but I'm doing a Merman. Yup. And a, this is this mine and set up.

Part of back to kicks to the front. Smooth back kick front. Smooth back. Way Back. Don't let you elbow move too slow and watch the ribs as you bring the light to the back. Don't want them flare too much.

Stretch. I'm using my hand a little bit here. Let us stretch. Stretch those lat and eh two kicks from small elbow stationary and kick and back and back. What a beautiful view. And when a mice and the rolling sequences boomerang the setup likes first legs, re cross to the balanced teaser, arms, legs to the ankle and foot. I was a little rushed. Lift that recross to the balance circle. Elbows high over the crown of the head.

I mean hands on like, oh, this one's going to be a good one. That's a good one. Crab set up. Elbows into your, I fought it. I don't give myself the clap. I don't clap sometimes there's three claps there. Don't want to, what am I [inaudible] this is at the end because these are advanced.

No kidding. Dianne. Crap onto the neck stretch we cross now and come to the knees because my bundles in the way, it's supposed to put the crown of your head on the floor and stretching. Sure. We Cross high contraction, shoulders, phone, stretch. All the clothes that you're lacking. [inaudible] Hey, not too bad today. Seven Times they've made a circle around the mall. If I'm pulling one side more than the other.

[inaudible] control, balance, the setup. Trying to think of that like away from my head. Really pulling away from me. Yeah, to stand. He's really good. I wouldn't need my hands to get me a key. Push up. You push up, down, come up and clank. You go down, you go up too. What is this downward dog? Get those heels. Press down now.

The relevant. Down and up. Push up. Push down. Push up and hold. You know what's common? The end of this class. Walk feet. Three hands. Okay, well up. That was 35 exercises.

Well maybe more cause I added two years to one, two and three. Please do your mad all the time and I want to say one thing. Okay. If I didn't do this, I wouldn't look like this. [inaudible] is the only exercise I do.

Sounds so egotistical, whatever. Thank you.

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This is now the best video I have yet watched on Pilates Anytime! I love Diane Serverino!
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Truly Inspired!
7 people like this.
Love Diane! Anyone can teach a class - not everyone has great character. To me, that's what keeps a class exciting and inspirational.
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Diane is just too much for words so pictures instead ❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊
Wow wow wow! What an honour! It felt as if I was in one of Joseph's classes. You are soooo inspiring!
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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No comment...
Thank you. Nice day from Slovakia.
You’re AMAZING Diana! Thanks for a strong class.
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The Pilates Academy Award for" best performance in a movement sequence," goes too.... Diane Severino!
Diane makes me laugh every time I watch her! Her humor infused with the movement makes the time fly by and you just worked your tail off. Thanks Diane!
Definitely not for beginners!
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You Rock Diane!! I'm still in awe watching your supple strong body..You're amazing!!! Thank you..
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