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Traditional Mat Flow

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Add a flow to your practice with this traditional Mat workout by Adrianne Crawford. She teaches an energetic class, moving from one exercise to the next with smooth transitions. By the end of the class, you will feel strong, connected to your powerhouse, and ready to start your day.
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So Hi, my name is Adrian and I'm going to be teaching an intermediate mat today doing classical, a intermediate mat here. I've got Colleen and now I'm forgetting her name. Come on forward. Both of you are going to cross your arms and cross your legs and have a seat on the mat. Cecilia. Good, very nice. Let's have you stretch back, lie flat on your mat so you should know the order to this because we're going to go directly from one exercise to the other. So this is going to add a lot of flow to your movement.

We want to get the mat done probably in 15 to 25 minutes at the most good thing you can do on a daily basis to start out your date. Let's go ahead and curlier chains. Reach your legs out long and start to lift your chest and legs and begin breathing and two, five and oh five remember the breathing is really deep. Long breath in and I'll really long breath out. So you're really digging deep into that powerhouse.

I want to come around and stretch you. I want you to think of those legs really stretching and reaching long. So you're lengthening all of the same time. Allow your rapping out five and I'm going to come over to you and do the same thing to reach to Bob. Hey girl into it, and two more, up to three, four, five out, little higher with your arms and out. And Go ahead and lie all the way. Flat arm straight up into your roll up.

So arms are at 90 curlier cells up and over to the toes. So I don't want to see any lurch up. I want to see you around. Go ahead and start to go back down so we're not pausing. We're going straight into it, up and over. So another word. As soon as you get yourselves down her heads touch that matter.

I want you to come back up. Deep breath in, curl into it. Keep those legs stretching, but your knees relaxed to more up. Pull in nose between your knees all the way down. Cecelia, the back wall. More time up over. So put your head here that's scooping and then go back. You're able to lie flat. Take one leg straight up into a lake. Circle.

Circling from shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, big circles, keeping those hips still two, five times each way. Three big lift for ad reversing. Don't let your hips lift one and try not to tense your shoulders. You want to keep the chest broad for last one and scissor your legs. Other side and circle up one up to your leg that's on the mat.

I want you to keep extending it long. Three, four, last one, reversing. Keep those hip still one. I want you to feel the stretch while you're three four. Keep that extended leg long and go ahead and lower the leg. Sit Up, lift your bottoms and sit at your heels were rolling like a ball. Say you're getting warm, grab onto your ankles, heads down, get into an IC. Go ahead and roll five times back.

This is a centering exercise one up two, so be conscious while you're moving that you're not ruling off the mat. If you are going in one direction, that means you're just using one sides. He want to get this really centered. Once you've done your five, you put your feet down, you stretch back so you lift your bottom, stretch and life flat. Bringing one knee into your chest. Single leg, stretching and switching leg loose. Do Eight. One, one, two. So dynamic your move. Then four stretch five, six.

Chest is open. Shoulders or soft, eight Ab, double leg, arms, legs together. Go out. Big Circle. Grab those ankles. I want your knees to open when you come in so you can see your toes. God. Ramada used to have a poor knees. Warriors three. That's it. Keep that scoop in the power house. Four and five out.

Six really reaching away. Seven last one. Stretch circle one that goes up and pulse like scissors. Poor. One to two. Let's see, two pulses, po pull, pull, pull, four, four, five, five, five states in control. Even though you're moving, you're in control of it. I think you're on seven last one to each side. Both like straight up, hands behind your head, lower, lift the legs. Now you can go all the way down or you can just go a few inches.

I want you to be conscious of what your back is doing. You don't want it to arch. You're in control. That's fine, that powerhouse three, four. If you want more challenge, go all the way to the mat. Tap, come back up, tumor, curl into yourself, mark. Cecilia. There you go. And Chris Cross. Bend your knee, elbow to the knee. One, try to tap your knees, elbow to the knee. Literally touch it. Three. These are also stretches. Once you come up, you tap that neon.

Want you to think of stretching, opening up the side and left stretch. Keep your hips from rocking. Double Time. One, one, two, one, two, two, three ad set up for spine stretch so their legs are apart. Arms forward. Go right until you get that big lift up off the hips. Round yourself in. Put your heads on the mat and come back up. Flex your feet.

Really keep that energy flowing so you've got the active legs going there and let's make it a little quicker. Up. Tall scoop and all the way down and our way back up to more, all the way down. Now you're going a little flat forward. I want you to around more. So pull those ribs way, way back and come back up and now you're getting probably need to move a little bit for four. You're open land, garage Ockers they'll go ahead and do that. So you want to make sure there's room behind you. Now she's getting into the position more advanced where the legs are already out and she's up with the legs. If you haven't done that before, you can start this way where you set yourself up and take the legs up. Ready, Curl your Chan's around your backs and roll all the way up.

Hold. Get that stretch on the app. So now you're up, you've found that balance and you're going to stretch and then you're scoping. Go back and come back up. Balance to more lift. Let's do one more like that. I were to add a step. You're going to have those feet together. Grab your toes, drop your Chins, control the roll. You're going to go back.

You might lose the feet as you come back up and that's okay. You want to try to hold the toes the whole time and then stretch and then go back and around up and then lift your back at last one. Roll it back, come back up and lift. Oh, that's okay. Reach and go ahead and lie back down and get yourself placed centered back on the mat. You're going into court screws. Legs are straight up at 90 degrees, so you've ended up lying down with the legs up. You're going to circle to the right. Let's keep these small at first.

Keep the hips down. Center. All right. Center just stays up at around center and around center. Now Adelaide, Lyft, you can go just a few vertebrals up or you can go all the way up. Go with how you feel right now. Wow. You want to make it powerful? Go for it. If you want him to keep it controlled, go for that.

That's it. Just don't use your arms. Try not to push with your arms last set when you come down. Don't let the next lift. Keep those next to the law and that's enough. Once you're done, you're going to come up and to sitting into a saw. So legs are apart. They're flexture tall.

You're sitting on top of the six. You're going to have twists. Stay tall, tall, tall, and now nose to the knee as you stretch and come back up and twist and Nosha knees that you go all the way down and center and tour and are each up and center, twist and reach and center. All right, let's have you flipped to your stomach into a neck roll. So palms underneath your shoulders. Four heads are down. Push into the palms, come up off of your chest and pull up those ribs. Look to the right drop heads down. Circle, left center. Look left. Get really scooped up in here. More. Lifting those ribs or lift and then lie back down.

Hands behind your back or sorry, hands up on your elbows. Make up knuckles with your fists. So you're going into single leg kick. Let's go. Bring those elbows back more so you get those hips up higher. So I want the hips off the mat even more way up in the hair. Yes. So you have to move the arms back. There we go. Now she's in a good position.

That nice, solid powerhouse, right? Kick. Kick. So take your foot. Kick, kick, kick, kick. Right kick, kick, left, kick, kick, Walmart. My right pull up. There we go. Left. That way you get more stretch on the back, on the top of the thigh. Lie All the way down. Hands behind your backs. Twist your head to the right. Turn our heads. All right, so elbows are down.

You're in. Take both feet. Kick your seat. Three times. One, two, three. Take the arms and stretch back. Now you hold the stretch that and now you're going to turn your head the opposite direction. Come back down, elbows up, and three kicks. One, two, three. Now stretching a hole to take advantage of that stress. You're really reaching back. Switch cheeks and one, two, three, stretch. That's it. Last one. And turn and kick. One, two, three, stretch. Can you lift a pyre? Can you get up four or more?

And rest? Sit back on your heels and stretch out. So we used to have to start with the mat every morning we came into the studio before we could do anything else, go ahead and lie back onto your backs. You're in a lie. Flat legs are long theatre, hip width. You're going into your neck. Pull hands behind your heads here too. You're always working in Claudia's down to your toes.

You want to get the body energized, curl into your cells. Try not to let those elbows come in. Roll over, round over to your knees, stack your spine, sit up tall, and then you're gonna drop your chins and take yourselves down. Push those heels out and curl up. Don't let those elbows in. Now you're not sitting up. You're going around. Now pull back in here. Step, keep stacking, keep stacking, keep stacking, and then lift. And now do a little hinge and then tuck.

And now quickly up over to the knees. Sit up tall. Yes, it was all about articulating and around. Back Down and two more, right back up, all the way over. Sit Up. Tall day tall hinge as far as you can tell you can't hinge anymore and then curl yourself. Now last one up over tall, hinge, hinge, Inge, and curl. That's it. Let's have you lie on your side. For your kicks. Let's have your right leg on top of your left.

So your right leg is on top. Kayla and yourself. CEP quickly. Hand is down, backs are nice and long and strong. Get those ribs together. Fade a little bit more forward, Cecilia, so you're more in like a v area. Take your right leg up and being in double kicking, kick, kick forward and stretch back. Do six kick. Kick. Stret. Careful that your body doesn't sway it. Stay still three, four here too. When you go back, there should be more reach, so stretch longer so it's not so much that you're going backwards, but that you're lengthening out this way.

Now both legs on top of each other. Take the leg up to the ceiling and stretch it away and stretch. That's it. When you do these, you might feel a little lift underneath you. Then you're really getting a stretch. So that lift would be keep going up, would be right in here and in a little circles, five times each way to keep the body from rocking. Three, four, five, reverse. One, two, three, four, five and breath. And ideally you should be lying all the way down here. You're still, yes, that's the position. All right, that's okay. Let's have you turned to your stomach's palm on top of palm transition beets, reach those legs out. So before you beat, I'm going to just pull on you a little bit. I want you to really stretch.

There's your stretch. Now you're getting clap. One, two, three, four. I'm going to grab you, but six, seven. So you're reaching eight, nine, 10, 10 mark. Ten nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and rest. Ready for the other side. So quickly turnover. Get yourself so ready. Good. Okay. Not so serious. Take that left leg up. Hip level. Good. Relax your ankle. Get your hip on top of each other words together and begin.

Kick, kick at back six times. Kick, kick to kick. Kick. I'm going to come over and grab Ya. So I want my reach here. I don't want you to drop your tailbone. That's it there. Now you're in position and keep going now. So what she was doing when she was going back, when she's arching her back, I don't want that arch to happen. You'll get a lot more stretch if you've got that powerhouse still. That's it.

Now like on top of leg going up, reach out and come back down. Two, three. Don't forget your Tammy's. So turn your legs out. There you go. Now go reach. Reach for me more. There you go. Yes. So I want to see that reach you should feel. And once you're done, stay down little circles. Five Times one, two, smaller. Three, brush your knees together for yeah, she should feel it in the hip. Reverse five times one, two, three, four, five and onto your back. Getting set up for your teasers.

You'll do teaser one, two and three. So knees into your chest. We're going to start with the legs at 90 arms behind you. Straight back. Legs are straight up, lower the legs and 45 degrees and some begin to peel off that mat. Reach for the toes, reach for the years, and bring yourself down and curl up to the toes. Reach for the years and curl back down. One more time.

You're going to hold the lift this time down to second teaser, going to lower. Lift the legs. Don't let the body upper body mu two and now hold the lift. Everything goes down together like a roll up. Your everything comes up together. Curl up into teaser three, reach for the years. Articulate back down.

Make sure that you curl your chin towards your chest. When you come up there better and all the way down, you got one more control. Reach, lift. Bring yourself down and you two are ready for your seals. So both of you may sit up, lift your seats, sit at your heels, hands inside the leg. You'll do six heads down. Get yourself balanced. Three claps, one, two, three, back. One, two, three, one, two, three, back. One, two, three. So stay rounded.

Otherwise you're not going to have anywhere to roll. There'll be like a brick instead of a boss. That's it on the last one. If you know how to do this, you'll cross your legs, cross your arms, and come to standing. Otherwise, if that's you haven't done that before. You have. Okay. Nice job ladies. Turn around. I'm going to finish with some pushups. Arm Straight up. You're going to walk down your legs.

Walk out into a plank. That's it. Now you're gonna push your whole body up, not just your chest. So I want to see the whole body moving. Ready? Low. Three times one, lower those hips calling. Yes. Two solid lines, and that's an adverb. Walked back to your toes. Grab your ankles, take a deep breath.

Exhale, walk back up to stand. Arms go straight up. Another deep breath in. Circle the arms back to your side. Exhale and give yourselves a hand. Nice job ladies.

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Pow! short and sweet! been wanting a quick vid for every day, no time application! thanks!
quick and fresh strat in the morning; just for me...thank you
Very nice.
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Loved it - for the days when you want something - but time is an issue.
Loved learning the classical progression. I look forward to doing more classes with you!
This is great and exactly what i need for my work travel! Thank you!
Kate V
Right to the heart of the matter! Loved it!!
Oh how I miss you....
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My new favorite workout! Energetically flows through the whole mat sequence in under 20 minutes. A perfect start to the morning ☀️
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