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Class #3459

Spring in Your Feet

20 min - Class


Welcome to Day 6! Today Niedra works on unraveling your shin bones and feet so you can restore a sense of springiness in your lower body. She works through the solidification that has built up so that you can feel new sensations in your feet for the rest of the day.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Tune Up® Balls, Franklin Ball

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Oh, welcome. Today six we're going to be unraveling the shinbones and the feet and restoring a sense of springiness into the lower body. Our lower bodies have a tendency to get really ...

Unravel Your Body Challenge: with Niedra Gabriel


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Rolling me feet is a nightly exercise for me for almost two years now. Another area you have been a tremendous help to me in!

This is the first time I’ve rolled my shins though and it was a wonderful release. This is also going into my repertoire.

This series is such a blessing. Thank you.

Really enjoying this series, Niedra. Thank you.

The last two videos have us sitting on heels for lengthy periods of time to facilitate tissue release; however, I have a total knee replacement/reconstruction and sitting on my heels on that side is no longer a possibility - ever. I'm a Pilates teacher and have innovated a bit; however, this might be very limiting for those with knee issues.
thank you Lori and Lori ( No pun intended, I assume you are two different ladies), First, this work is progressive as every part of the body can be rolled out and adding new areas upgrades the quality of the effect on the whole body .
There is always more to be done and if your knee does not bend you would of course, have to be creative to find ways to get pressure into a body part without needing the joint mobility. If you are working with someone ( assisting with this work) you can have them press the foot into the top of the ball ( or wherever you need the pressure but are not able to get it due to lack of knee mobility).
I hope this opens up your creative juices .
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just one word for the foot releases DELICIOUS x thanks Neidra
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Good variation for people with Knee issues is to sit in the Mermaid and / or the Diamond Legs and address feet and calves and Anterior Posterior Tibialis using hands or balls.
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Oh WOW!! I did day 5 and 6 in a row and again my body experienced a new delicious feeling... Thank you so much for sharing all this with us Niedra :))
loving this series, thank you Niedra. Especially today. My tennis ball travels everywhere for my feet (and scapula!) but I've obviously been avoiding some of those upper tarsal and toe areas, lol
Amazing for the feet- My toes needed that last bit. Thanks.
Ahhhh painful but extremely worthwhile footwork. Niedra how would you recommend adapting this work for those with knee problems and those unable to flatten toes to the floor and sit on their heels?
Sharon if people cannot flatten their toes to the floor you can place a rolled up towel under than ankle joint so that part of the foot is not totally opened, then the angle into the toes is less severe so they can stretch at their level. You can also place a towel under their toes instead of a ball, so again, the stretch angle is less intense.

Knee problems - assuming you are referring to rolling out the shins? place a pillow between the calves and the bottom so they are sitting on the pillow not the heels - less extreme bend of the knee joint - hope this helps? let me know.
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