Class #3508

Advanced Tower Variations

30 min - Class


You will build strength throughout your whole body with this Tower workout by Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead. They team-teach a class, using creative variations and cues to help you achieve a good quality of movement while going through these challenge exercises. They also remind you to think about your breath while working so that you can keep a continuous flow throughout the class.
What You'll Need: Tower

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Hi, I'm Michael King and this is Malcolm your head. And we're joined today with Meredith and we're going to be doing a tower workout now. Today we're going to be using the push through...

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Great class, thank you !! ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čÖĆ
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Creative and challenging, loved it! Thank you.
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Great class! The second set of legs in straps was so challenging!! What a workout. Thank you:)
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Expansion of the 'fundamentals'. Dynamic rotations so valuable to the well being of our bodies. Thank you, Michael and Malcolm!
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Oh how I wish I could work with you both. So far away so I will continue dreaming. Thank you for a fabulous class and superb instruction.. One quick question. Some of those lateral bends and rotations look like they could be good for mild thoracolumbar scoliosis. Any thoughts.
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Love you guys
Thank you so much
Super class!!!
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Lovely class! The emphasis on fluidity is great, and I love the creative variations
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SOOOoooo lovely to see this session from Michael and Malcolm, I started my Pilates adventure with these two in 2000.. many thanks and gorgeous memories from their friendly and expressive teaching.
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Fluid, precise and focus. Thank you so much!
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lovely workout! super challenging. I am going to add some variations in my clients today :)
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