Class #3542

Spiral Long Box

35 min - Class


Create spirals with your spine in this Reformer workout by Viktor Uygan. He continues on from the Linear Long Box class and adds more complicated patterns involving rotation. After taking both classes, you will be able to layer the linear and spiral exercises together to get the functional movement your body needs.

This is part of a longer workshop Viktor offers at his studio.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Yoga Block, Knee Pad

About This Video


Hi, my name is Victoria Egon from connect politesse, Orange County, California. Today, if you're gonna do a spiral long box exercises, and if you haven't seen the linear long box, I wi...

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love this box work
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Kelly is such a beautiful mover! Great spiral class!!
Thank you Debbie ­čÖĆ­čĆ╗
I agree with you Elyse Happy you enjoy the class
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I looove this class!!!
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Thank you Viktor Uygan This was a very creative use of the reformer and I think my tight thoracic (who isn't?!) clients will really benefit from it. I watched this before the linear long box and didn't struggle to keep up, though i was on a blue spring until you cued a yellow mid-way through! Will be trying out your other classes! Thanks again.
Gerri Amazing and New is very good :)
Thank you [Ana] ­čśÇ
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Love these spiral movements, creative, and follows on well from linear class :)
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