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Spiral Long Box

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Create spirals with your spine in this Reformer workout by Viktor Uygan. He continues on from the Linear Long Box class and adds more complicated patterns involving rotation. After taking both classes, you will be able to layer the linear and spiral exercises together to get the functional movement your body needs.

This is part of a longer workshop Viktor offers at his studio.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Yoga Block, Knee Pad

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Hi, my name is Victoria Egon from connect politesse, Orange County, California. Today, if you're gonna do a spiral long box exercises, and if you haven't seen the linear long box, I will highly recommend because I do talk about a half to set up the uh, the long box and what we do. And if you get to watch that video, you can also mix and match the exercises that we're going to do in the spiral long box with the linear box. It will be a great foundation for you to do this complicated patterns. Uh, but just in case, if you really want to stay in this video and watch this without watching that, I'm going to show you a what we did in here. If you don't use this blocks and place this long box on the shoulder legs, usually what we do there is a little bit wider gap between the long box and where Kelly will be teaching. By the way, this is Kelly learn Alice. She's going to do the work with me today once again. And once she sits here, the box is gonna feel a little bit farther away from her.

So what we do is we bring the long box a little bit forward. We put the yoga blocks right here. If you don't have yoga blocks, you can also put a, um, the foam roller right there to secure the box in here. Second thing we did depends the reformer, which reformer, you have some reformers, the foot bar is not here like an infant towards the foot bar. You can totally remove it out of your way and you can have a sit here. You can have also, um, the standing platform.

It's little wider. You can put them there. So we will be more comfortable to sit or where you could do, we did here, we use one yoga block and the bar was still a little bit higher than one yoga block. So we used two more cushion pads in here to make it even for her to be seated right in here. So saying that we're gonna Start Moving, she's gonna face towards the box right in front of it and we're gonna do a little bit wider than hip width apart with Lex hands is going to be on the box from here in hell and XL. Push the box scale there as far as you can and once since then here, once you come for the mall, feel nice and long. And where we're going to do, we're going gonna shift the weight first towards the right leg and she's going to bring the box in, rounding her spine and shift her way to the left and she's going to push the box by extending. Beautiful. So she's moving sideways and flexing to come back and she's moving against sideways towards me.

And extending the push is creating a beautiful spire with her spine and coming up and transfer and push straight out right in the center. Keller, let's reverse it. Now I've come back me and flex your spine. Beautiful. Shift your way to the right and extend looking to the right center and shift flection and smooth. She's doing a fantastic job. The idea is trying to do this with no edges, no edge spirals and last one and turn and come to the center. Let's come back round. Bend your knees to release.

Let go of the box. Cool. Now we are warm. We are going to have a seat. Once again from here you can hold this box for your clients to step inside and let them sit and then straddle. Most of them is going to want to straddle immediately and this is a lot safer version. So once in here, as you guys seen, go ahead Benjamin. Elbows a little bit more.

Do you see the box is actually really close to her so she has more range of motion to do the exercises that we're going to do in here. From here, you're going to bring your right hand in the middle of the box. Good left hand right in front of it. Beautiful. So from here, right arm is straight and the honor reason now on the box is gonna travel front and back because the rotation of the spine. So from here she going to rotate to the left, opening the left arm back. She's rotating her spine to push the box and she's going to bring the box in, unwinding and even giving a little bit more rotation. The opposite side, opposite side, and again, XL actual lists in hell.

Beautiful and Xcel come back in. Fantastic. Two more. Inhale. Let's do a rotation. Feel Nice, Santo lifted. Fantastic and come back and let's do one more time and let's go a little bit deeper here. I want to make it clear that as much as the right shoulder travels forward to push the box, the left shoulder has to go back. If it doesn't, it won't be a true rotation, right? So you don't want to push the box this way or that way.

This will be rotation and extension. This will be rotation and deflection of the spine. So I'm trying to go for true rotation of the vertebras and of the spine. List that one more time. Feel Nice. Santyl turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn. Fantastic and come back in and list two other side.

So we are going to change hands once again, hands in front of you and let's go rotate. She's looking back. Fantastic from cervical all the way down and come back in and inhale, open up. She's doing a great job. Neutral Pelvic position and two more open. Lengthen, lengthen. Lengthen the hands, reaching back that way and the sense reaching that way. It's a two way, Paul opposition and last one and feel that long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long. Fantastic.

And come back in and relax. How's that feel, Kelly? Perfect. Now we're going to stand up a less of a beautiful step off safely. We're going to go in front of the reformer and she's going to do some standing leg work, integrating spinal rotation. We're going to bring the right foot in the middle of the box and this edge, we're going to use it as a foot bar once again, and from here, the basic exercise, extending the leg, pushing the box forward and bending in. As we did it, we did it in the linear box.

Now she's going to add some rotations. She can actually open her arms for the balance and from here, when you extend the leg, rotate towards the like you're extending and come back in center. Beautiful and again and rotate, rotate, rotate, look right and come back in and stop right in the center square and Exa. Fantastic and come back at, she's doing a great job. Once again, just like the linear workshop, you want to make sure the distance between standing knee and the platform, the foot platform should not change. She's maintaining her standing position.

And last one Kelly, let's hold it there. Now feel nice and long and just the ankles and band and push and in and she's articulating the movement just from her ankles. She is maintaining in rotation on her spine and three more. Two more, one more feel now cental and come back in and unwind. Fantastic. Now we're going to do the other side. Very good, cool and feel nice and tall.

You want to try and to maintain your hips nice and square. If somebody doesn't have the flexibility to do this, I will highly recommend you can put a form roll 'em the block underneath her feet to rise it. Or you can even do this exercises maybe without the box on the edge of the reformer as well and bend and extend and rotate. Feel nice and tall. Don't lean forward. Stay back on your legs. Yes, beautiful. And come back in and in hell and come back in.

Feel Nice and long. Doing a beautiful job. Let's do one more time. Kelly and les hold it there. Feel nice and tall just from the ankle and in and out and tall. Beautiful. And three and four and five and six.

Come back center and relax via TOEFL. We are going to sit one more time facing towards sidewalks walks and we're going to do a little bit more complicated movement patterns. So now she's actually shoving to get in by herself. I'm not helping her. She just pushed the box away and then she straddled the reformer.

Fantastic. Phil. Nice tall. Once again. Right hand in the middle of the box and the left hand forward. Now, not only she's going to push the box and rotate her spine. Now she's going to push the box forward and Xcel push straight out and rotate this and just can stay here. Push, push, push, push, push, push and come back in and fill. Nice. Santyl let's do it again. So movement starts once again like we did it first time.

So first spinal rotation pushes the box once she cannot push the box in a more. Now she's involving her spine and her hips to push forward. Then right in here she's doing the opposite rotation, straight elbows, and then she's articulating movement to come back from her back and once she is in the centers starts again with the rotation, then leaning forward, then lengthening and opposition and then coming back. And you can even give a little bit extension here before you push are beautiful. Now from here when you turn, I can get a little bit flection to come back in to extension.

And last time one more time, Kelly and push and stay here. Halt now, right elbow bent in and out and in and out and in and out. Last one in and out. Hold and come back in and brief lets the other side left hand right in the center. She is going to start once again just with the rotation and rotation pushes the Bach than leaning forward. Keep going forward and come back under and roll.

Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll. Beautiful. Iin Hell rotate and push. Nice and long and scoop. Scoop to pull back and in how the rotate to the right and push, push, push, push, push, push, push and scoop. Belly to come back. Fantastic. Unless one rotate again, inhale and push and let's keep it there. Now bring the box in by bending the elbow down. Straight.

One beautiful and two, you're going to do only two more, not too much and three and one more. She's doing a great job and come back and slowly and center. Relax your arm. Beautiful. So not only we involved the spinal movement, obviously we can now be involved. The bending, the elbows, the risks and the shoulders, spine and the hips. Saying that now we're going to involve our core once again and this one is the spiral. So she's going to place her right arm in the center. Once again, left and in here, and I'm going to get out of her way. So from here, she's just warming up basically from here. Same movement pattern, but she's going to do jump right? So in health and XL, jump, beautiful. The movement starts from the spinal rotators. Once again, not just from the elbow, and you can really see it. Kelly right here. As much as she's coming forward with the right shoulder, she's pulling the left one back and push and push.

Beautiful. I want you to really look forward. This is again, functional. Most people going to want to turn away. Don't let them do that. Really reach, look forward and come back. And this is very useful. A lot of rotational support and relax. Less the other side or go more. I talk more. You do, so you need to stop. All right, fantastic. Other side and beautiful.

Good. Now Kelly's doing basically, this is kind of like a reformer exercise, single arm twist, right? So she's doing this replicating. You can also do with the straight arm actually open it, right? I'm going to show that Kelly. Beautiful. This is very useful as well. And just a couple more time, Kelly, she's doing a great job. Once again, she's not affecting her spine to rock backwards or forward. Its true rotation. Last one, and relax.

Fantastic. Beautiful. Now where are we going to do? We're going to do sideways. Alright, so let's get outta there. Kelly, we're gonna face towards the camera. Let's walk forward and have a seat sideways from here. You're going to try to move back as much as you can. So the left arm in the center of the long box, um, once again, because it's safety, I'm going to repeat myself.

If the hands cannot be in the center because of the structural, uh, reasons, uh, you can place the hand here, but you want to really make sure that the client's pushing the, the box really sideways, not forward. If they do push forward, the box will twist this way. So you want to be paying attention to that. Uh, I always do it in the middle of the box usually. So now we are in the sideways. You're going to feel nice. Cental straight your arms, please. Skelly from here. Now you're to venture elbows and twists.

Here go straight elbows for Skelly to show them. Then again, the only thing that moves actually is your spine comes back in and push straight out. And now let's go forward Kelly and bring the box in again and push out and turn to the left box comes in and to the center and turn to the right and comes back. And so when you turn towards the box, there's a little bit external rotation of the joint and come back. And when you turn away from the box, a little bit internal rotation of the joint and come back in. And now let's involve the same thing with the banding, the Albas.

So bending the elbow a little bit, Kelly and push straight out and come back in, bending their ball and out. Beautiful. Once again, bend just a little bit without lifting the shoulders up and come back in and last one and vent out and in and out. Um, relax. Beautiful. You're gonna repeat the same thing to the other side. Let's walk around and Kelly, here we go. Good. Phil, nice and tall, right and in the center from here we want to do with the straight elbow first and we're going to rotate towards the box and the box is going to come towards you and then come back to center. Now rotate away from the box and bring the box in.

Good and out. So the box always comes in and out and in and beautiful right here there's an external rotation of the arm and out there's the internal rotation of the arm and I suggest also the head follows the rotation of the spine. And one more time. Beautiful. Let's involve the elbows now bending in and smooth out and then just a little bit and out and once again in and out from their central beautiful and last set and in bending, pull straight out and rotate and out and relax. Beautiful. Les, stand up facing towards the camera.

We are going to do standing work from here. Once again, left foot, right. Nog is going to be her standing leg. So she's going to do first parallel. After she did the left foot parallel, she's going to rotate the right as much as she can comfortably don't overturn out. This is going to set her left leg to be in the right position on the box right in the middle and from here forward position basically is a little bit more diagonal. It's almost like if you think she's inside the box, she's basically facing the corner of her box, not the flat part of the box. So from here she is going to extend arms open. When she bent her leg, she's going to twist towards the bent knee, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn and out and away and come back and turn in towards the knee and out and a wave. This is nice and long. They are reaching away from each other. Let's do one more time.

Really long leg and the spine is twisting away from her leg and her energy and come back in and closes and less hold it there, just the ankle Kelly and in and out. Lift your sternum two and three and four, two more, Kelly, five and six and come back in and relax. Other side. Beautiful awareness. So once again, it's important how you set up yourself. Beautiful. Now, right foot in the middle of the box. Feel nice and tall and extent. Once again, in here you don't want to sit on your standing leg. You want to feel nice and long arms open. From here, you're going to bend your right knee and twist towards the knee and extend and away. When you bend your knee. Also do dorsiflexion of the foot.

And when you push plantar flection and there's no edges again, as you guys seen, Kelly's arriving in each end. Point in the same time. So right here together and at the and together. And the last set, Kelly, come back in and go out. Feel nice and tall. So there's a really opening in here.

Feel Nice and long. Beautiful. And two and three, just up. Two more and one more and come back in and relax. Beautiful. Fantastic. So we did the standing work. We're going to sit back and we're going to make things a little bit more complicated, so still facing towards you guys. Fantastic and hand write on the box and straight your arms, both arms opening to the side, Kelly and push the box.

So from here she's going to go sideband once again, like we did it in linear Brocks and push the box as much as she can. Right from here. Right now she's going to bring this arm and she's going to Tuck in under and she's going to try to reach towards me as much as she can and she's going to open up and now she's going to try to extend as much as she can be ruffle and again, so right from here this trying to maintain the position, the left shoulder stay, same direction and she's going around it under and it stays again. She's going around and over so this shoulder does not actually move forward and back and we're going to do two more, come back in and open and open up, open up, open up and come back in and relax. Beautiful. Come back center. How do you feel in Kelly? That's fantastic.

Now if you're going to do another version of this, she's going to still stay there. She was going to actual trying to put both hands on the box. Once she does that, she's kind of like rotated in here. In health from your nose and XL is push straight up the common things. What happens in here, knee starts to kind of rotate in or one knee goes forward and one nose negroes back because the hip starts to shift, right? There's a couple of things you can do.

You can obviously cue them or you can help them by just coming in here. You can actually hold this knee together. Once they do that, they can push you. See, I'm kind of pushing the hip and I'm pulling the knee so she feels her. She feels more secure in the sitting position so she can really reach forward and push the box. How's that feel Kelly do. Let's do one more time and push, push, push stomach in and press the scip down as much as you can and come back in.

Relax her shoulders and relax. Beautiful. Now where we're going to do sight jumping. Once again, hands in the center, pull straight out, and we are going to turn towards the back. Bring the box in and bend your elbows. Now from here together, not only you pushing the box but actually rotating opposites section with your spine and jump and jump. And when you do this, you want to make sure you looking the jumping hand right, don't turn it, keep it in the same spot and jump and land and jump and land. Two more. Beautiful. One more and come back in and relax. Here we go.

Fantastic. Good. Let's do the other side. So we're going to walk around and have a seat right, had in the center of the box. Extend both arms that way from you in half from your nose and you're going to push the box all the way sideways. BOXFOX versa. Push, push, push, push. Beautiful. Now from here, halt. Now bring this hand on there, the right and twists. Maintaining the position of the right shoulders and go ahead.

Open up and over, over, over, over, over. Beautiful. The box is still pushing and come back under. Very nice is reaching under. This is very nice. The hips square and then come back and open. Open, open, open. Beautiful. Kelly. Let's do one more set three sets and come back in.

Scoop your belly way from you while you pushing the box and inhale, open, open, open, open, open, open, open and come back. Nice. Both hands on the box. Here we go. Do you guys remember how I was holding her legs? This is the end of their way to do. I can also stand and I can put my knee actually right here and push straight out and now because I'm doing it with my knee, the blocking, I'm free to also cue her with my hands right here as well and push and come back and fill. Nice and tall.

And this version I'm going to ask her to actually flection to go forward. And you can even stay here. Actually you can ask them to bend the elbows and bring the box in and pull straight out. So these are nice variations that you can actually explore and trying to move clients different ways and last time out and less come up, feel nice cental and relax, ready to jump. Beautiful. So the right hand in the middle of the box.

So she's kind of feeling what she's gonna do. The the mechanics, she Strang with the little jumps and she's going to start to do big. She's really paying attention not to do just from the arms but she's integrating rotation of her spine while she's pushing and she's also controlling right in the center because if you don't control she will over-rotate. She's doing a great job showing the energy and two more and I'll stand Kelly and relax. That was really good. It's a hard exercise and you can once again make sure they are able to do this without the rotation which is, that was in the linear long box workshop. All right, and it's a great, fantastic way actually to mix and batch match the linear exercises with spiral exercises so you don't have to just do the linear exercises and then spiraled.

You can actually mix and match to layer them together. Yes. And always use the yellow springs. The lighters is better because having a actually heavier spring, it's going to affect their movement quality. So I always go yellow spring in. If you don't have yellow spring, you can maybe move the gear away from it to make the uh, the carriage little lighter. All right, so now we are here. We did the side work and we did the both sides.

Now where we're going to do facing a way from the box, so she's gonna sit facing away from it. Once again, she's flexible enough to put her hands behind the box, but on the spiral we are not going to get to do too. We're going to do one arm. So if you want to make this really challenging, you can actually stay square. Can you stay square? Kelly? This is gonna require more shoulder flexibility and let's just do the movement a little bit, Kelly. So let's go back and less rotate. So she's rotating to the left and she's coming back and she's rotating to the right with the straight arm and she's opening, rotating to the left and she's coming back and to the right and the stone lean Keller list two straight version. So this is the first version without leaning back once again to trying to make the client understand the true rotation of the spine.

And if they don't have much flexibility to, to bring the right arm back, I will like to call it to show you bringing her legs towards two left and sitting diagonally. It's gonna create less external rotation on the shoulders. So they're going to able to do a lot easier in here. Here we go. It's exactly the same exercise. This is going to be a lot easier. And if she stays truly square, it's going to be a lot more challenging on the shoulders. So beautiful.

Are we ready to do some spiral movement? So straight your arms, Skelly. Beautiful. So from here right arm is gonna open up and from here you're going to close it and flection and push it back, back, back, back, back, back, back. And come back and open your harm. Extension and turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn, turn. And let's go back and flection round. Pitiful. If this is where challenging, you can also tell your clients to help themselves by placing the right hand on the left knee.

So they're actually using their legs to create the position and then they can open it up and on the flection they can use their leg and then open it up and relax. Beautiful. Let's do other side Kelly and beautiful facing this way. Now the right hand back fill, nice and tall. First version we're going to do straight spine and open up and come back. And one more time open and come back.

And same thing in here. When she pushes the box there's an external rotation of the shoulder. Man comes back in, there's a internal rotation of the shoulder and two more Kelly and come back in. And one more. Awesome Brady. Now let's involve the left hand and we're going to turn a little bit.

So from here you're going to do flection of the spine and come back to extension and rotation mixture and come back. And flection round, round, round, round, and push the box and open it up. She's doing a great job. Now she's going to show me version with bringing the left hand on the knee and Brown's round, round, round, round, round and come up. And last one. Feel the opposition. Be ruffles from here. Sing, sing, sing, sing, and then come back in or open up and relax.

Grit. Now she's gonna stand up, facing away from the box. We are going with the theme and from here I'm going to assist her. And one thing I'm going to do, I'm going to move this yoga block. So she has more room when she does her, uh, knee movement and hip movement. So she's going to place it once again, right on the edge of the box. She's going to use that as a foot par. And from here, feel nice and tall. Bend your left knee a little bit more.

Kelly here, go now, stay there. Do not affect your left knee. You're going to bring the right leg in and out. So the fun thing is right now when you bend, stay there, Kelly. She's going to actually rotate, she going to rotate towards stat and then when she pushes, she's going to rotate away from it and rotate in, in, in feel nice and tall and rotate up. This is really easy movement pattern to help clients, right?

You can open your hands and just help them because it is really difficult. Exercise, come back in, come back in, rotate, rotate, rotate. Here go. I'm really interested. More rotation of the spine and coordination. Come back in and last one and let's stay here.

Feel nice and long and flex and point and flex and point. Yes for the reamer. She's doing a great job and two more. One more and come back and center and relax. Beautiful. Other side. So the left leg goes back.

Here we go. Do you need room? You got it. Beautiful. Bend your right knee, fell nice lung and extent and twist and come back in and twist towards the knee. Beautiful and too and come back in and really reach beautiful and in and last one. Hold it there and flex and point. You see the nice line. She's really pushing the box as much as she can while she's pushing the box with the left, she's coming forward with the right knee. Two more and last one. And Bend your knees.

Come back in and relax. So I'm gonna put this yoga block back so she can sit. And we're going to do the last movement pattern. Fantastic. Let's have a seat facing once again. Beautiful. So why don't you put yourself a little bit coroner once again, Kelly, the left hand on the box. Let's go to the corner once again.

Fill Nice Santos, straight your arms, and this arm to the side. Now from here, a little bit more complicated. There's going to be a roundness. So in the flection, that arms is going to come in on extension. She's going to open up to the side and come back and repeat the same thing shows she's going round with the straight arm always and coming up and forward and flextion and push and come back. Come back, come back, come back. Beautiful. Open Up. Right from here, going to flextion and come back in and round, back, back, back, back, back, back. Beautiful and extension coming up and flextion going forward.

Nice. And last one, open up. Open up and relax. Beautiful. Other side. [inaudible] good to preparation for this exercise. You can also practice just going flection and internal rotation and extension and external rotation for the shoulder. One more time. Flection and extension. Now we're going to add arms and also we are going to push the box.

So the left arm open. Beautiful. And Go ahead. Come back in and you pushing to extension. Come back now from here and we're going to go flection. And to go round, round, round, push the box, push the box and feel nice and long. Extension to come up and flection and curvier spine.

Gorgeous. And come back in and round and laying thing. Yes. Let's do one more. Beautiful, nice and smooth and extension and come up, up, up, up, up, up and relax. Beautiful. Done. So as you seen a, we did facing towards Toboco sideways and facing away from the box. Uh, this time we not only involve the hip joint, spine and the shoulders and the arms and we start to add some spiral movement patterns. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Once again, uh, watched the linear workshop as well, because to do those exercises before you do spiral is going to give them a stronger foundation and they're going to get more nutrition out of this exercises. Thank you very much. See you in my next workshop.

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love this box work
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Kelly is such a beautiful mover! Great spiral class!!
Viktor Uygan
Thank you Debbie 🙏🏻
Viktor Uygan
I agree with you Elyse Happy you enjoy the class
Gerri M
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Ana S
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I looove this class!!!
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Thank you Viktor Uygan This was a very creative use of the reformer and I think my tight thoracic (who isn't?!) clients will really benefit from it. I watched this before the linear long box and didn't struggle to keep up, though i was on a blue spring until you cued a yellow mid-way through! Will be trying out your other classes! Thanks again.
Viktor Uygan
Gerri Amazing and New is very good :)
Viktor Uygan
Thank you [Ana] 😀
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Love these spiral movements, creative, and follows on well from linear class :)
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