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Spiral Mat Flow

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Your body will feel different after taking this fun Mat workout with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt! They incorporate the Spiraldynamik® concept they used in a previous class to show how you can use spirals to create better movement. They start by activating the body and feet with the Franklin Ball and then move onto more dynamic movements.
What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball, Franklin Ball

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Hi, I'm Michael and I'm tone and welcome to plaza anytime and thank you all for coming. And I think for you for collecting, um, for today's class you need a tried ball or something similar or a spiky ball or something similar. Um, we're not gonna use it through every single exercise of you're going to be fine if you don't have one. Um, some of the terms are explained in a previous class and are going to be spirals inward and outward. If you're not familiar with that, there's a class that we did earlier, um, that gets familiar with that kind of stuff. If you're not familiar with it, you'll figure it out. I'm sure. I think they will sell. Anything else? Nope, I think that's it. Let's go sell. I want to move. So what, you don't need your tripod right now, so I'm just going to put it away and you're going to stand with your spiky ball right in front of you. So if you just face this way, that's going to be probably the easiest. There you go. And just take a moment to stand and to feel where you are right now, so just get a good sense of your feet, of your legs, of your pelvis on top of your legs, your ribcage, and your shoulders and everything like that. Then from here you're going to start with the roll down so you can start with your head rolling down and slowly rolled on trying to keep your pelvis as upright for as long as you can, and I don't want you to touch the floor. I want you to hang right before your hands touched the floor. It's a little bit away from the floor and just feel how the body is.

Breathe into your lower back and just take a moment as we go. Then whenever you have, you done your big exhale, you're going to pick up the ball right underneath. You Ain't gonna take it with you as you roll yourself up, place the ball in one hand, and then just relax back up. Then you gotta take the Spiky Ball and you're going to tap it throughout your whole body. So you can just press it on your shoulders, down your arms, anywhere where you feel like that spot needs a little tender loving care. You can change your hands. So you can do the other side.

We have the technology and don't forget my favorite place, which is like the neck or your head. Even [inaudible] if you want to, you can do your face, but you have to be very careful. Yeah. Oh don't mix makeup. I'm sorry. And then you can do your, yes, I'm sure she would've thought about that. And then you can do your legs all the way up and down and just get those nerves activated. Waking them up as we go. And then when you've done everything and you go like I am tapped out, you can just rely and while you're relaxing you can just take the ball hoops and leave it on the floor.

Stand up nice and tall and just feel that nice sensation in your body. You're going to take an inhale on your exhale, you're going to lift the arms up. On the inhale, you're going to bring them down, so I want the exhale going up and that helps the spine extensors to activate ever so slightly. You're going to inhale, exhale up, open the arms and stay to the side. Take your right hand up and then just cite bend over. There we go. Think of opening the armpit.

Now don't let the head drop down. Think of listening up to the top arm. Leave the arm here and now you're going to shift your hips towards the right and you feel that lateral line engaging and then come back up. It is like you're leaning into some of an elastic band and just let it recoil yourself going over. I should inhale, exhale, and come back to take the bottom arm with you. So we're going to lift it up and, and inhale and exhale. One more time. Inhale, come up to the side. Exhale. Inhale, bring the arms down and on the exhale they go back up to go back to the side and we'll take the left arm up. This time we go to our side. Ben, think of listening to your hand up there. There you go.

So we don't collapse and then shift the hips over and come back and you feel that lateral Fascia band and you feel the tension just lang things out. It's like leaning into an elastic band that feels good. Bring the bottom arm with you, reaching long and inhale as you go. Exhale you come home one more time. Inhale, open to the side. Very get around and relax.

Look for your ball. Place your right foot on top of it, and then very lightly, just roll on top of it. Make it really light at the beginning and then as you go slowly start putting some more weight in it. Yeah, there you go. Let's get those receptors in our souls of our feet to wake up. Oops. Then place the heel on the floor. The ball of your foot is on the ball. You can keep the navy laxed and you're just going to lean into the ball and uh, come a little bit higher up. Juliana. There you go.

[inaudible] and one more time [inaudible] and then change your foot to the middle of the foot is on it and press straight down and really straight down. And one more time straight down. And then place the ball of your foot on the floor. And so the center of your heel is right on that ball and just press into it. The, our leg does not have to be straight. You just press down.

Now if you feel daring on the last one, take the raid off and see if you can balance. Try to give the weight and your big toe, your little toe, the ball of the big toe, the little toe. Obviously I cannot balance today. That's okay because tomorrow is another day. And then we stepping off, place the heel on the floor again and then soften your knee and just let the foot roll from the outside to the inside. And even when you go to the inside, try to keep the weight on the outside of that heel. Right? So that the not, try not to roll the whole foot in.

I know it's tricky and it might not be possible right now, but we still have hope that one day, one day is going to be our day. And then just relax and just relax the fuck and just feel how that activation of the bottom of our souls of our feet, um, shoots up all the way in our leg. So let's go to the other side, make it nice and light to begin with. And then as you go slowly add some weight to it. [inaudible] just good. I know it feels good.

Then place the heel on the floor and just lean into it and, and there you go. So you don't really have to push down the body weight as a rocks forward. We'll just create the pressure, right? So you don't have to get cramping your feet. So now let's shift it to the middle and just press down to come off, press down and come up. Yeah, there we go.

And the shift the weight, so the ball of the foot is on the floor in the center of the heel is roughly in the center of the ball and just press down [inaudible] and if you feel daring [inaudible] down, find your balance and then tig it off. And maybe on this foot you're going to be more successful. Maybe not the heavy. Go. Look at us all standing here. Then we're going to change the foot. Some beautiful moment, Aaron. It's beautiful and, and let's go in and out.

The plot is angels shown on us and found our core and balance. It was a beautiful moment. You don't seem impressed. [inaudible] she's like whatever. Here we go and just relax for a moment. There we go. We're gonna roll down again. It's same distance.

So you're gonna roll down without your hands touching the floor and just feel that all that side, bending that activation, did that make a difference in this stretch? Do you feel looser? Does it? It's easier. Can you ground more? Maybe? Yes, maybe no. Then if you're standing on your mat and you can go gracefully placing a heap, hands down to go down onto your mat. And once you're down in your mat, you're gonna take your spiky ball and you're gonna place it right by your sacred. So when you lie down, it is on the sacred.

So your sits bones are actually off the ball. Okay, tried to keep the weight on your ball. Take my hand away so you can see it, but have your arms just down. I want you to think of the front side of your spine. So think of the front muscles that you've Domino's muscles running in front of the spine. Think of your pubic bone. And without using your glutes, you're going to pull the pubic bone up towards you to create that curl.

Then you're slowly gonna release it. And besides releasing it, you're going to allow to sit sponsored to go slightly down. So you create slight arch, slight extension. So you're gonna rock between those two girling up and curling down. If you cannot get your sits bones down towards the floor, change your position so your more the ball is more underneath you and that a lot will allow you to go further down. Okay, so then find basic position. Relax. Think of a sagittal access and a stick right from the front to the back of your body. And now bring your right Sitz bone towards your left big toes.

You're going to circle it, take a circle and then it goes the other way. So if you think of a plate on a table and you put your finger right in the middle and the plate just rotates around itself. Or if you think of a steering wheel holding onto your hip, taking a turn one way and turning the other way. Let's do one more time and then find your middle ground. And then we're going to allow the right pelvic half to lower to the floor.

And then we allow the left side to come down. So think of your hip bones, UASI s as a seesaw and one side goes up, one side goes down c and so. All right. Does that all make sense so far? Okay, good. Then we're going to combine it. Oops. So now we're going to go down. We go forward and then we go up and then the other side goes down, forward and up.

So if you think of your pelvis as a pedal and we're outside in the ocean in a canoe, and we are going to go paddling backwards, slowly paddling backwards away from the sharks, you have to do that slowly. I'm not quite sure why, but I don't want to get them angry and then relax. So now curl the pelvis off the ball, take the ball away and slowly roll through the spine and just let that lower back settle on the floor. Then once you settling, place your hands behind your head, you're going to curl yourself up, stretch your right leg out on the floor, lift it all the way out, and then place it back down on the floor. Relax your head down and curl up. Left leg goes out, lift up and bring it in to lower back down.

Watch out and curl up, right? Let goes down, goes up and stays up. Leave it there. Left leg goes out, curl up and stay up. Arms go up, lower the arms down, lower the legs down to where you want to be for the hundred and start pumping. Breathing in for five counts and exhale for fat. Aaron is in charge of our accounting today. I always like to give my clients to be in charge of the counting so I don't have to and inhaling and exhaling. And I'll try to really feel that same pressure on your lower back that we had when we came off the ball. I know it does not gonna feel the same way, but we can try. Where are we at already?

How time flies when we're having fun. So this one more time. Then after you've done your big finale of exhaling, lower the legs and while you're lowering, pick up your ball. Place the hands on the sides of the ball. Bring the arms behind you, lift the arms up and place it on your thighs. Then roll yourself up all the way and stay here for a second and I'll do little pulses here. Rolling it away, one and two and 30 and then continue to roll back and then bring the arms back behind you. Let's do that one more time. Arms go up. Exhale. Roll yourself up. Bingo. One, angle two and go three. Very nice. We'll roll back down.

We going to do a variation. Place the ball on your right thigh only. So we're going to go up and as we roll up it's going to roll off the floor. Now make sure that your left hip is down on the mat as we go. One and two and three roll back down, curl and then it comes in the middle to bring it back to go to the other side. Left arm, left leg to leg, and then we go right hip is on the floor. Now as you go, feel that right hip coming down to the floor.

That is what we call an outward spiral. Rolling down. Here you go. You're learning something and [inaudible] I'm on the right leg. You roll, pull the left hip back and go one, go to go three roll back down. We have one more time to go to go to our left leg to be even exhaling as we go. Right close down and two and three roll back down and then you don't need your ball for the next one. So leave your bar on the side, bend your right leg in and give it a stretch up.

We are going to flex our left leg. The leg is on the floor. Now what we're going to do is can push through that leg alt much as you can and that Torres the left hip down into an outward spiral, lifting the right hip slightly up and then lower it slowly back down. So it's not a lift. It's like the left hip moves away from you and the right hip sort of like spirals into watch your navel and it's not very high either. And then bring it back down.

Now that motion sets us up for the leg circle, so we curl up. Then we continue to bring the leg over and then bring it down to hip. Comes down and we come back up, press to the heel to lift, to go down, around and up. Press the heel around and up. One more time.

Pressure the heel to go around and up and bring that leg down. Bring the left leg up, bring it up, flex your right foot that's on the floor. Arm goes down. Press the right heel to activate that outward spiral of the right hip, which rotates or spirals. The left hip in, and then relax. Now Watch out. Is it hip? Comes up there. We don't cross the leg over.

It stays straight up to the ceiling and then we go down. Now this goes into our leg circle per press. Allow that hip to come off. Bring it down to bring up one and push through the heel and around and pressing the heel around. I think we did four and that side, so we have to do four on this site and around and up. Now watch out for the reverse. The left leg goes down, it flexes. The right leg just comes up a little bit.

So we're going to start at the down position. We're going to push through the heel and rotate that hip off the floor are bring it up and bring it back down to stop, pushed to the heel to create the outward spiral and around to come back up. Push the heel to go around and that the bottom. One more time. Press around. Change legs. There we got. Flex the foot and point or the other.

Activate the right leg to push the hip out and then the other hip in. There we go and bring it around and chorus and bring it around and chorus and bring it around. One more time I believe, and cross and around while you're relaxing, pick up your ball. The tried ball, the big one and you're placing it behind your thighs. Then you can either hold on to your shins or behind whatever you feel more comfortable and lift your head up. Then started rocking and as you rock you slowly rock all the way up and you stop. Once you're up, find your balance. Your feet are just of the floor, yet elbows are on your knees. Do not lose the ball. Keep your elbows to your knees, rolling like a ball and roll back to come up and roll back to camp and roll back to come up and roll back to come up.

We have two more rural to come up last time row to come up. Find your balance. Well I see the potential. Take the ball out. Stretch the left leg out long. Take the ball, the tribal and place it right underneath your knee of your right leg. Curl your six under. Lift those elbows open to hear that strong connection your upper back and slowly roll down into the single legs.

So we have one and change one and to, to keep those elbows lifted. Four, four, five, five, six, six. Bring both legs in together. Place the ball right underneath your knees and the ball's gonna roll over the knees that you stretch the legs out and then back over. So it's up and down hill and you can smile. It's not brain surgery, it's just rolling a ball over your knees and two more. Good. Then stay in place. The ball legs are 90 degrees.

Place the ball right on your knees. Like stay together. Lock one leg in, lock the other one in for Chris Cross and we have open and change one and one two, two, three, three, four, four, five, five. You can make it six, six and relax and bring your head down. Thank God that's over from there. You're using your legs this time you can cheat. You can rock them to get, go into rock yourself up to sitting. From there. You're going to do spine stretch forward so you can face me as I knew Matt, you're going to sit as wide as you can. You. Hey, you're going to flex your feet.

So you're going to think of pushing through the heel to lengthen the back of the leg. You're going to place the hands on top of the bar, elbows open to the side and you're not going to have them out this way. You'll have them this way. So you'll take a deep breath in for the spine, stretch forward and you'll roll the ball out and forward. Now I'm limited as to how far I can go, but I think you can go further and roll yourself back in. And the elbows. Bandon, you're sitting up tall and roll it out and roll it in and roll it out. Enjoy this. This is your little break period.

I'll stretch and just roll that out and roll it back in. Then set your ball aside. From there, you're going to grab the insides of your thighs and you're going to curl back and you're gonna curl to the side of your mat and you're going to open your legs wide as possible. And guess what? We're going to have to stagger here so you don't kill your neighbor. Cause remember the rule, if you kick them, they can kick you back. So guys, why did you want, and what I want you to think of is lifting the sits bones ops. Do you lift to rock back? So we lift and we drop. Remember if you kick her and lift and drop.

So you want the sitz bones to lift and you want them to drop two more. You want a lift and drop and lift and drop and hold it there. Hold. Remember this was Joe's favorite position. He did interviews here, your historical lesson for the day. And Bend your knees and Grab Your Triad Ball. Then you're going to place the ball. You're going to wedge it in, ran underneath your thighs in the backs of your cas.

You're slowly going to roll yourself down and we're going to go into ticktock. Your arms are going to be out to the sides. My arms are going to be down because I don't have any sides. You're going to think of your right pelvic half starting the tick tock, so you're going to think of curling. This right's pelvic half is going to spiral in towards your navel to send the legs over and then your obliques.

We'll be bringing a new back. Then it's the left pelvic half. It lifts up. It spirals in towards your navel. Now be careful that you don't let your legs go all the way down the right pelvic half spirals in towards your navel and then the hope leaks bring you back one more time. Lift and bring it back down. Stay in the center. Now we're going to do a corkscrew, but we're going to do it with bent legs, so the right spiral, half curls in, it spirals in it circles down and around the left health and half spirals into our June naval and then back to reversing it.

Left Pelvic half lifts. Circle around and up. Let's see what we got right. Pelvic half round and up. Good left pelvic half down and around. Relax those throats. It's looking like a roadmap and relax. Keeping the ball right there.

Just bring your arms to your shins and start to walk yourself up to sitting. Once you're open, you're going to face me again and you're going to open wide for the saw. What we'll do is just start with the ball up. Then you're going to put the ball right in front of your right leg. I'll just marry you. Then you're going to roll the ball out and then it rolls back in and bring the ball up to the other side.

Place it down in front of your left leg, roll it out and bring the ball up. Then place the ball down again in front of your right leg. Now we're going to add on, of course, you're going to roll the ball out. We're going to spiral in with your right pelvic half, and as you do that, the ball is gonna come in. Your right hip will spiral in. Then the ball rolls away and the left pelvic calf is going to spiral out.

As you push the ball out, you feel that stretch so it spirals in the pelvis. Then it spirals out, it spirals in, and if you want to put the hand on the floor to really concentrate on that pelvis in that spiral, go right ahead and just in your own time. It spirals in and then it spirals out. One more time. Spiral in and spiral out. Roll the ball in, lift up so you get a little stretch and a break.

Placed the ball down in front of your other leg. And again, it rolls, it comes in as you spiral in and then it spirals out. So everything comes in and then it goes out in that right. Pelvic half leftover calf really lifts up, spirals in, and then it spirals out. It's spirals in and out. Spiral in and the elbow moves and out.

Spiraling in and out and leave it there. Stretch out and roll it back in. I heard that it's a nice stretch. Then set the ball aside and you're gonna pick up the little spiky ball. Then you're going to find a place right inside your hip and you're going to lie down right on top of it, and you're going to have to roll around to find a comfy place and then you're going to put your head down so your forehead is on top of your hands. I'm going to cheat a bit so you guys can hear me.

Then the hip that the ball is under, you're gonna curl those toes under. From there, you're going to push through the heel of that leg, keeping the weight of the hips on the ball and it will stretch and the knee will come off and then you're going to relax it back down. Stretch through the heel. That straightening the leg, stretching the front of the hip. Keep the way to the hip on that spiky ball and or hit down. One more time. Push through the heel, stretch that out.

Feel that stretch and relax. Now we're going to add on. You're gonna do the same. Start, push through the heel leg lengthens now without lifting your leg up. Point that foot, flex the foot and relaxed the knee back down. And again, stretch through that heel. Lengthen in that leg. Point the foot, flex the foot and lower it back down. One more time. Pushed through that here who lengthen? Point.

Try not to lift the leg like I'm probably doing. You're probably much better and relax. Then on curl those toes. From there, you're going to bend that leg so it's not a 90 degree angle. Don't worry about pointing your foot or flexing it. Just leave it relaxed. Then lift up.

This leg is now 90 90 from there. Think of only moving from the femur bone and what you're going to do is internally rotate, bringing that knee into the knee and then bring the knee out. Now. In a perfect world, the foot does not move like mine probably is, but I have potential as I like to say, and I see potential in the room and just in your own time, work on that internal and external rotation and think of only moving the bones, only moving the Femur, not muscling your way through everything, and then bring that knee down and relax and take the ball out and relax. For a moment you might feel a difference. You might not be like chorus line. I feel nothing, which is okay too. Then you're going to place it in on your other hip and again, you're going to roll around on top of your ball to find a place that's comfortable for your body and then once you find that, curl the toes under there and then push that heel to lengthen that leg out long and relax it down.

Try and keep the weight of your hips on that ball, stretch through that heel, legs in the back of the leg and relax it down and again, stretch to that here. Very nice and relaxed. Now adding on. You're going to stretch you that heel. Then take the foot off, point the foot, flex the foot and relax it back down. Stretch along through that heel. Point the foot, flex the foot and relax last time. Stretch the heal. Point the foot.

Flex your foot and relax it down. Then on curl those towels from there. Just bend that leg, keeping the weight of your hip on that ball. Then lift the knee offs and the knees up from there. I think of remember only moving from the femur. You're going to internally rotate and externally rotate.

Internal and ax turn up and remember we try to not move the foot just internally. Rotate externally, rotate. One more time. Then bring that knee down. Bring the foot down, take the ball out and just relax there for a second and feel what that side feels like. Okay? Then place your hands underneath your shoulders and push yourself into a child's pose.

While you're in your child's pose, pick up your triad ball the air we go, and then we're going to move forward again. Are you going to place the ball somewhere by your sternum? I know it might not be that comfortable. It's okay. Place your hands in on your forearms for in like a triangle and then just soften your body over the ball, Torres, your hands into the, into the floor and as you come up with your chest and do a small extension, think of pushing the ball forward towards your hands. And then as we soften the balls, slightly melts underneath you and press the ball forward to come up and then let it roll underneath you to come back down.

We're going to go up and we're going to stay there. So we're going to push up and stay there. Now press with your right forearm into the floor and that pushes your sternum to the left and then you press with your left arm to push down to go to the right. So don't think of pooling, but really think of pushing. Push into the floor to go and then push into the floor to go and just create a nice little rhythm that works for your body to go from one side to the other side, wherever you are, make sure you end up even before you slowly roll back down and take the ball away from you. Right now it's holding it out in your hands.

You're gonna lie down on your stomach all the way down and bend your knees, hold the ball in your right hand only and open your arms a little bit. There we go. So your legs can be a part. It's actually preferred. Don't you just say move your legs apart. So from here, lift everything up so you're up like we're skydiving. They'd be straighten the arms in their x.

We moved the ball to the other side and then we bent to go back down, lift everything up, steroid, move the ball to the other side and relaxed. Lift up straight. Now move the ball and then relax. We have one more to go. Lifted up and open, changed the ball and then re lax placed the ball to the side. And then push your hands underneath you, sit back on your heels and then roll yourself up and be ready for what we call the rock and roll.

So you're going to have your legs in a comfortable position so it's not show the width and it's not fully wide. It's wherever you feel like your legs are relaxed. So are we going to sit up tall? We are going to rural to decide the right side roll back and then come back up. We're going to three circles that way.

So circle around and really feel the pelvis curling on. There we go the other way for three curl under one and Kurlander too. And Curl under three. Do the same thing with your legs in the diamond shape back to the right side. So curling around to come up.

We are curling around to come up and her girl go to the left and around one and and Eddie. What? I know one side is always easier than the other. Go back to the right side and now see if in between you can find a balance. So we're going to go up, find you, balance your baby, and go to your side. Look, mom, no feet. And one more time. All right, let's go the other and go. You can have fun in piles. It's totally allowed. Never ever does he write anything down of like this is serious.

And here we go. And then re lax. While you're here, straighten out your legs and roll yourself down all the way back to your mat. Once you down your legs are hip width apart, you're going to bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor, ready for our shoulder bridge. So what we're going to do is going to lift the arms up and place you for harms or your fingers on your thoughts. You're going to get the coccsyx curl again. I'm going to roll ourselves up until our body is against our arms that you soften your throat, you soften your chest and your roll yourself down until you're down.

One more time. As you roll up thing of pushing your knees forward and away from you, soften your chest and roll back down. Now Watch out. We're going to roll up and we're going to stay there where you're going to allow the right side of our body to roll away first. And then the rest just follows until we're down.

Curl back up the straightway and then let the left side roll away from your body first and Krill back up and let the right side soften and roll in and then roll up and let the left side soften and roll down. Now once you're here, you want to grab your spiky ball. And since the spiky bars are way I am this nice to give you your ball. So once you have your ball, if you're going to take the ball and place it underneath your shoulder blade, so anywhere on that scapular, on that show, the blade is fine for now. So you can roll around a little bit to find where you go. Like, hmm, that feels juicy there. I'm a straight up.

Keep the elbow straight. So you're going to roll or spiral this shoulder girdle in to lift slightly off the bar and they're going to let it slowly melt back down on top of the ball. So circles, spirals invert and then it spirals outward. One more time. Spirals inward and out. Now when it comes down, don't squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Just let it land. Keep the shoulder here. Open the arm to decide, but make sure it doesn't go lowered and shoulder. And then bring it back up. It goes open and back and go open and [inaudible] open it up and leave it there. Keep reaching to the sidewall and make small circles with this arm. Three, four, five, six, seven rivers. One, two, three, four, five. And then leave it there.

Turned a whole arm inward so we keep rolling in. And then rolling it out and roll. Inward rotation and outward rotation like you're screwing in a light bulb. One more time, inward and outward. And bring the arm up and then move the ball a little out.

So when you're lying down, the ball is roughly right in line with that arm, so it's more in the line with the humerus. Okay, so from here, keep the shoulder blade on the ball and almost think of lifting just the upper arm out of, of off the ball. And back down. So it's very small because we don't want to actually leave the ball. We just think of the humerus lifting up and dropping down. It's a subtle movement.

One more time because I specialize in that and I leave it down and an open the arm back to decide and bring it back and open and back and open and back up. Leave it out to the side. We do the same circles, so we really are releasing that posterior side of the capsule and then we reversed a circle [inaudible] and then we are going to do our light bulb moment [inaudible] and and in and, and if you feel a lot of cracking and all that kind of stuff, you might want to change the angle of the arm lifting it a little bit higher. That might release it. Let's do it one more time. Bring the arm back up. Now we have an adding on a little bit. We're going to bring this arm straight overhead and then bring it back down, up. So as the arm goes overhead, think of the ball moving towards your feet and shows the arm goes backwards.

The ball actually moves forward or down. We are going to bring the arm back and we're going to leave it there. Now lift that shoulder up. So we're going to roll the ball up and down and up and down. And think of the shoulder blade when it goes up to actually widen so slightly goes out and sideways as the shoulder comes up, then keep the arm down, bring the arm up, take the ball away, and just take a moment and feel that side.

It might feel more open, more down to the floor, or as Michael said, Kim might feel nothing. Take the ball and place it underneath your other shoulder blade. You might feel that you want it in a different place on this side and that's fine. Bring the arm up and here with that shoulder blade, we're going to go into an inward spiral and an outward spiral. Remember not to squeeze to show the blades together, but letting the weight of that shoulder girdle sort of like rest and melt into the ball.

Then leave it down there and just open the arm to the side and bring it back up. Make sure that hand does not go lower than your shoulder and back up and open and back up. Open it up and leave it there for small circles. Circle keeping the arms straight and think of keep reaching out. Let's reverse the circle and then once the circles are done, we rotate the arm inward and outward. And when you do that, really tried to make sure you move from the upper arm so that the four or the upper arm, the humerus rotates inward and outward and not just your hand so you don't do the royal wave, but we actually are rotating. Bring the arms up, burring the ball in line with your humerus, with the arm.

So when you go in up, the arm goes straight down and the ball follows that line. Keep the shoulder on the ball. Just think of lifting the upper arm out of it and letting it drop back down and live and really live and really lift and stayed out. Open to decide again, open and bring it back up and open. Bring it back one more time. Open. Bring it back up.

Open and leave it there. Keep reaching three arms. We do our circles. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, rave or stem in one and two, three, four, five, six. Getting ready for an inward and outward rotation going in and out and, and really make it with the upper arm bone, the humerus. Rotating the arm as far as you can. There we go. Bring the arm up now reach backwards or overhead with the arm and then bring it back up.

And remember to try to make sure that the ball goes down towards your feet as the arm goes up. So the ball and your hand go an opposite directions. Leave it back there and now lift it up and down. And as you lifted up, you might feel that you shoulder blade sounded like, makes a circle, goes outward and up and down. And a last time.

And then take the bottle away and plays it to your side and just relax and feel how that feels. From there, you're going to roll over to your side. So let's do a little organizational problems. Let's bring your head over here. So we're all looking the same way. So you're going to lie all the way down with your legs bent and the arm on underneath you.

So your legs are at 90 90 you're going to lift the top leg. Your feet are flexed. Sorry. We lift the leg up so it's in line with your hip. Now you're going to make sure that this knee does not move. So we just gone to rotate and bring our foot towards the other foot and then we're going to lift it back up so you can place your hand or your knee and make sure that it doesn't go and lift and lower and lift and lower and lift and lower at lift. One more time.

Lower and lift and lower the leg all the way down. This time, we're going to lift it up again, but now we're gonna straighten the leg out a little bit. So move your feet foot towards me. So now when we slowly rotate, the foot actually goes towards the floor. It makes a big difference, right? And then bring it back up. You didn't. You wouldn't think so. But it does. And going down to the floor and back, up and down to the floor and bag and a little floor [inaudible] that fills a yummy. And let's do three more.

Down and up and two and up. One more time. Down and up in the foot there. Bring your arm down in front of you. Bend the knee all the way into what? Your chest. Stretch the leg out in line with your body. Bend it back in and press it out.

Bend it in, stretch it out. Bend it in and stretch it out and hold it there. Then bring the leg behind you as it goes behind you. Allow this hip to spiral outward as your body goes slightly forward. So they go in opposite directions again and then lie everything back to the side. Bend the knee in the Legos in line, the leg goes behind, the hip, spirals out.

Make sure your Lexis parallel. So watch out to be done internally or externally. Rotate and come back to the center. One more time. Bend it in and stretch. Legos are back, hip goes out, ribs go forward. Stay here now. Lower the leg and lift and two and up and three to come up and for one more time and down and up. Bring the leg forward.

Bend it in now gracefully and beautifully. You're going to sit up and go to the other side. If it's not graceful, it's does not count and we have to do it all again. That's the rule. Zap lifted me up. Hip Height, keep it still angle down up one and two so only the foot moves.

Three and four and five. I think we do two more. Six and seven. Oh, let's do one more just to be short and Ah, there we go. And then relax the leg for a second. [inaudible] made sure that you bring the whole leg back up. So much of the knee does not start down. It is in line.

Stretch that front leg out a little bit so it's in front of the other leg. Now we go down, touch the floor and bring it up and down to lift up and three to lift up and four and five. We have three more and six and seven last time and it leave the like here. Banded into what? Your chest, stretch the leg out in line with your body and bend in and stretch out. One more time, bend it in, stretch it up.

We're going to add on, bend the knee and stretch it out. Move the leg back. Allow the hip to rotate. As you rotate your body slightly forward and bring it back. Bend the knee in and straighten. Push it back, rotate to bring it back. Bend the knee, stretch it out.

Press it back to rotate. Stay here. Okay. And lower the like down and up. One down and up to down and up. Three down, up for one more time. Five, bend the knee in and be like, and then slowly come up to sitting. You guys can face each other. You're all friends. At least for the moment.

You're going to sit up tall, you're going to bring your arms out long. And what we're going to do is the rowing teaser. So you're gonna start as if you were on the reformer and you're gonna pull in and you get that deep contraction. Open your arms deep in in the contraction, and you can feel it and come back up. So you pull in, deepen the contraction and up, make a rhythm out of it. So it's just, you start to get the flow, you pull in the deep ends by opening your arms.

Now we add on this time you lift your legs. As you bring your arms up, look, see what an easy teaser. Hello, right down. So you get that rhythm and that deep connection and it just floats up. Let me see it float up, pull back and open the arms. And as the arms come forward, the legs lift up and look. Photo time. Perfect. He's there. Swing around.

So your head is all in the center. And what we're gonna do is a version of the swimming that you're going to start with your arms down. It's actually Joe's, you know, you heard that guy that I created it. Arms are down, palms are up, and you're going to think of the chest expansion. Actually, you're going to lift the arms up from there. As you circle your arms up above your head, you're going to lift your legs up.

Now we had that strong connection in the upper back and we swim. We don't count, we don't breathe, we just swim. Bigger is better swim. You can smile and remember like tones said, it's not brain surgery. It's only Palazzos and swim and relax. Then place your hands down and sit back in child's pose so you can grab your ball. You're gonna place your hands on top for a cat stretch, so he'll just even everything out. So your hips are above your knees, etc. And your shoulders there above.

And all you'll do from here is start with that long spine. Inhale, roll the ball out, open the sitz bones, lift the sternum, and then curl under a few round through. Inhale, stretch, exhale, curl, and one more. Inhale, stretch and exhale, curl it under. Then take the ball, get relevant for the do, thread the needle. What we're going to start with is you're going to have same position, the quad pad position, but you're going to rotate your arms in your hands and your fingers are in. This is to protect your shoulder girl during the rotation. So from here all we're going to do is just go to one side and then to the other side. So you get that rotation. As you're doing this rotation from side to side, what you want to think about is that you're really sending the sitz bones back and keeping the hips stationary and open.

Good. Well I give you all an a plus that you're going to take the ball, you're going to place the ball, then just right down in front of you, underneath your sternum, keeping the left hand still internally rotated and the arm put the right fingers on top. And what we'll do is we'll go this way with thread the needle so you get a little bit deeper, another Aha moment, and bring it back in. Do Two a couple more times in this side, and just Rach and member. Keep those back cheeks smiling and open those sits bows. Yep. And bring it back in. Then bring the ball back to underneath your sternum. Put the right hand down, arm is rotated, and other hand on top. From there, you're just going to rotate and stretch and do it in your own time.

Because we all like to stretch faster or slower, dependent upon your own body. And again, just one more time. Let us stretch through and then come back up and just sit back for a moment on your heels. Set the ball down to the side, and then we're going into the hip flexor stretch. So what you're going to do is bring your right leg forward. You're going to curl your left toes under. From there, you're gonna make sure everything's lined up.

But what we're going to do is we leased the sitz bones back, so it's gonna be like a little arch and then you're gonna pull the pubic bone up. It's a little rocking motion. Think back to the beginning of class with tone on top, the little spiky ball line on your back. It's the exact same. You feel that? So it's that. Release the sits bones and try not to use too many glutes, okay? Then keep that position and you can feel that stretch.

Slide that foot a little bit forward, push through that heel and go forward into that stretch and just enjoy it. And if that isn't deep enough for you, you can go out of the stretch and put the foot more forward. Really think of keeping that pubic bone pulling up. You're really open up that hip and then come back from there. What you're going to do is take this leg that's bent, you're going to put the weight on the knee and rotate. So now we have a new front, which is at a diagonal.

We're going to slide the front foot forward a bit. I'm going to do an adductor stretch. You can even put your hands right in your leg to help with the external rotation. From here, you're going to do the same thing to get into it. We leased the sits bones back, then the pubic bone pose up. See, feel that lift. Then you go forward and out. We're making this a dynamic stretch, so we're going to go in in a coils back so it goes front, so there's a little more dynamic action in it, which will also work the Fascia. You feel that?

See it just stretched out so it's like a recoil straight boom. Oh a stir Rach. And you try and keep that rotation and relax. Guess what? We have another leg. So you're going to bring the left leg forward. Make sure it's all in line.

Make sure that bottom leg is toes curled under, pushing fed here. You're trying to keep it as parallel as possible so there's nothing externally rotated on the knee that you're kneeling on from here. It's just the release of the sitz bones. It's bones release back Krill, the pubic bone under. Release it back. If you put your hand on the side of the hip, you can actually feel your femur externally rotating, which for us nerds in the moments that are cool, you can actually feel the bone externally rotating as you rock in between releasing the sitz bones, that slight arch and pulling the pubic bone up. Now pull the pubic bone up, leave it there, slide the foot a little bit more forward.

Push through the back here and lean straight forward into that stretch. Now in the stretch, if you think of pushing through the back heel as well as pulling the pubic bone up to your nose, you'll get even more fun. Have a stretch. If one can stretch and have more fun button, then come out of it in that position. Just put the weight on the knee. Lift the foot. You're going to now change, so your new front is at a diagonal. You're going to slide the front foot forward.

You're going to help with your external rotation by placing your hands right on it. From here. What you're going to do is just go into the stretch and out and remember we make it dynamic, stretch c, stretch forward cause it goes in and out so you have that recoil from the stretch. It stretches the fashion and who doesn't want to stretch the Fascia? It's trendy to start your Fascia and out and last time and relax and then just come onto your hands and knees again in the quadro paired position. From here, you're going to bring your feet together.

You're going to send your sits bones back with the long back and you're just gonna rock and rock faster. Who doesn't want to go faster? And now that I've got you rocking, guess what? We go right into a pushup rubbed back and forth so you have no time to panic about doing a pushup. Come on, we can do it. These are girls pushups, your arm, your knees, just rock and push up. Good. One more then and back from there. Take your feet, bringing it back apart. Curl your toes under. From here, push through your heels. You'll lift up in a downward dog or v position.

In this position, lift your sits bones up a little bit more. Push the heels down. Then slowly walk your hands. In magic of camera, I've come down to the floor and you walk and you roll yourself up. Then stagger yourself so you don't slap each other. Standing in a comfortable parallel position. Take a deep breath in.

Exhale, lift your arms up. Inhale, exhale up. Inhale down. I can move. Exhale, and inhale. Now we're going to add heel lifts. They're going to exhale. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Inhale, adding on. Still more axial. On the inhale, keep your heels lifted and just bend your knees. Exhale back.

Inhale down. Exhale, inhale, exhale. Last time, exhale. I saw that in hell, but I didn't see anything XL. I just Bray too, and bring it down and just stand for a second. Thank your body. You survived. You made it through and we told an I thank you for coming. And we think, Christie, that ties anytime. So have a great day.

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Brillante clase! Me encantó, muchas gracias!!
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Thank you Michael and Ton for the wonderful class. I have a question about the Franklin Ball. Is it the Bumpy Ball that is 7 7/8 in diameter? I have an OPTP catalogue and I want to make sure to get the one that you use in this class. There are many to choose from. Thank you again.
Melissa D
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Really enjoyed this class! Thank you Michael and Ton!
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I really enjoyed this! Thank you very much!
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That was great! I just loved “thread the needle” with the ball. Thank you!
Thank all of you for your wonderful responses. We are glad you are enjoying this workout. Christine The Ball we use is the Franklin Easy Grip ball. It is approximately 4" in diameter. If you do a search using the full name it should show up. Let us know if you can't find them.
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Such a treat! Thank you for making the time fly by. It was fun to work with the spiky ball in ways which were new to me.
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Gosh the time flew by! Really enjoyed the class.
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Thank you so much for your reply Ton. I found the Easy Grip Ball in the OPTP catalog.
Thank you Vanessa glad you enjoyed the workout.
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