Class #3547

Restoring Spine Corrector

40 min - Class


Restore the natural curves of your spine with this Spine Corrector workout by Amy Havens. She moves the body in a complete way, spending more time in the hips, abdominals, and thoracic area. She also includes a lot of rotation so you can release tightness in your body.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Magic Circle

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Another great class, thank you Amy!! 👏🙏
Thank you Amy, that was wonderful!! I love your work on the spine corrector.
Awesome Amy! Thank you 🙂
That's just amazing. Both restorative and strength-building. (And quite a bit more challenging than you strong instructors make it look, lol )
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I was more than thrilled to find a spine corrector class by Amy on PA this morning, as I love this piece of equipment and I love Amy's classes. Thanks for this delicious spine/rib/hip opening workout Amy :)))
I love This piece of equipment as well! My rib cage and thoracic spine are definitely feeling very “unsticky” now! Thank you so much. I loved the rib cage rotation when we were sitting sideways in the corrector. So awesome! This is definitely going into my favorite list!
This class is “delicious”, amazing, fenomenal 😍😍😍!! Thank you Amy
Beautiful class Amy, thank you for this gift to us.
this felt great on my thoracic area! Thank you for this class and as aways your phenomenal cueing. I couldn't look up at the screen at the end, but your cueing led me through it!:)
Thank you very interesting love the connection it makes with circle ☺️Marithé
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