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Restoring Spine Corrector

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Restore the natural curves of your spine with this Spine Corrector workout by Amy Havens. She moves the body in a complete way, spending more time in the hips, abdominals, and thoracic area. She also includes a lot of rotation so you can release tightness in your body.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Magic Circle

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Hi, everyone here for spine corrector. Work out. I have Mandy and Qaeda with me. We're going to have fun. All you need is a magic circle as your prop for this class. And we'll move our body in a complete way. We're going to spend a little bit more time on thoracic area and some hips.

Okay. Probably some abs, maybe some back muscles, all that good stuff. Okay, so I've got to also a little bit of a sticky, um, slip at the, at the top just to avoid any slippage down at all. So guys, go ahead and bring your spine corrector up. Put it right between the knees. We're going to sit right all the way at the lip to start the class and a gentle contraction of your adductors right away here just to get centered. So, you know, maybe just hands at the back of the knees like we would really start for their mat work and just take a scan across all of your landmarks of shoulders back and low. You're right up on your pelvis who have good sense of, uh, lifting up out of that lumbar spine. So it's not compressing down. And let's just take about three breaths to get centered. And as we exhale, just a soft squeeze on the magic circle of soft contraction. Inhale, a little release. So as we exhale, we're gonna staying tall as we can tract our legs, pulling the stomach back a little bit. Inhale, release.

And one more time. Exhale, contract and release. We'll start moving on the next exhale. So you can track your ad adductors. Let's just wheel the pelvis back and ah, just open up the lumbar. We don't need to go in too much further than that. Inhale as we come back up on the sit bones and exhale as we lift to roll back. So lift meaning lift from the stomach up, the diaphragm area up, up, up and inhale as we also come up onto the sitz bones.

And again, exhale [inaudible] it's okay if the whole spine is kind of following the suggestion of the curve. Inhaling up [inaudible] so can you use your arms to help also support you there so you can spend most of your attention. Put most of the attention on how your back is opening wide and long. Let's take it two more times and exhale. [inaudible] diaphragm, way up. Use those obliques. Use those in her costs. Those, use that diaphragm. Inhaling up.

Yeah. And we have one more preparatory movement. Exhale. Okay. And inhaling up. Not really. One more. Put your hands on both the right side of the right knee there. Three times flection. Aim a little bit more onto the oblique wrapping.

Right? And if your doesn't stay completely centered, don't worry about it too much. Just want you to feel you're getting work around your middle and you can use the contraction of this a magic circle. Pull back into those obliques. Inhaling up, let's take one more on this, uh, position. His shoulders are low. Good. And we'll do three the other way. Cause sometimes one low back corner quadrant is a little bit more fussy than the other side.

So this rotation might show you which side is your fussy side. If you even have one and two more, you may not have, you might have one oh bleak side. That's a little sleepy in the, it's waking up with this. So checking in last time. Ah, okay. Now we'll come up and we'll change where the circle is. I'm going to have us put it down between the ankles. Okay. And it's still working. Abduction of course.

But you might start to feel your hip flexors, but don't worry too much about it. Let's just have our [inaudible] actually goes, make a fist. I'm going to do some Kathy grant clothing that fit us to take a nice breath in. And here we go. Let's roll ourselves back. Taking your time. If you need to put your hands at the side of the corrector.

That's completely fine. I want us just to come to the tips of the shoulder blades and then we'll roll back up. So take your exhale. Really contract the adductors lift through the sternum. Take your breath three more times. And Pelvis, lower thoracic, middle thoracic to the tips of the shoulder blade. Inhale, raise head, neck, chest. Exhale.

Pulling that diaphragm up. Two more. [inaudible]. [inaudible] really open the link and inhale, head, neck, chest. Exhale. Good. Last time with their arms like this. [inaudible]. Okay.

Moving through that thoracic area. Inhale, head, neck, chest, reach your fist forward, contract and lift. We'll do it again to the tips of the shoulder blades will change the arms when we're there. [inaudible] so as we come up now we can turn our hands up, palms face each other, and then take some nice chest expansion. Inhale and exhale. Arms of Scapula on the barrel. Neck is in extension, but not wrapped. So we just have a nice long neck.

Exhale two more times. Let the ring relax as we inhale closes you exhale. Use a little legwork on that contraction. And one more. Inhale, go forward. Fingertips to the floor. Exhaling up now, just a chest lift, just holding right there. We'll do some of the little pulses just and exhale and Zale. Ah, AH, for more and one in a close my fist.

You can if you want. Last one. Now we're going to go all the way up, all the way, all the way and keep the arms coming up. Oh, good. Yay. Yep. When we slide a little bit and then, so breathing ways, we'll take our inhale. Arms Long. Exhale. Let's go all the way now. Yeah, and see what happens. If you take your arms alongside your years and before we come out of this position and we don't have our head dropping backward, but we are going to walk. Think about walking the thoracic spine.

I'm going to walk my right side of my thoracic spine toward my right arm and my upper left. The rest explain toward my left arm and maybe we've gained a little, little more lengths. Okay. And then arms up head and chest up. Yeah, we may have to pulse again. Ready? A little bit more like four times one, two, three. It may help to have like imagine someone helping you right there. Come on now. Yeah, and then arms all the way left. Okay, now inhale. Arms in front. Coming back.

Wow. Let's go all the way. Now let's see what happens if we try to wrap our upper thoracic more to our cervical over. Okay. It's a lot. Bring your head up. Your arm is up and reach for what's in front of you. You're going to go all the way and arms lift. There we go.

A couple more like that. So just moving as much fluid through our spine as we can. Good. And arms head, neck, chest and reach. Let's take it one more guys. Just let that current flow through.

No holding on. Okay. And arms had neck and chest and left. Okay. Lower the arms. I need to adjust myself. I co I came off of that a little bit. Uh, but that's pretty the feet inside the ring now.

So the ring will be on that outer ankles gives us another type of feedback for more of our lateral hip connection. Okay. Ah, let's see what happens if you fold the arms. Mandy and I are going to love this one. I know, I just know it right now. So we will and we'll come. We'll contract back. We're pulling that magic circle out as much as we can and we're working that flection. Okay. Just to the tips of the shoulder blades again here. Okay. From for a second.

So then as we take the arms overhead to stretch our lats and triceps, try to keep your sitz bones right where they are in place there and go for it. If this allows your upper thoracic to go even further over, take it, deal for it. But then we'll raise the arms, will raise the head, neck and chest just to a forward a body curl model the way up. Okay. And then switch whatever arms on top because of course it feels different and taken thoracic extension. Pause when your face is looking right at the ceiling first and then arms over further. That might invite more upper thoracic into cervical flection. Excuse me, extension. You know what I meant? Go a little further if you'd want to. Okay. And then raise the arms.

Bring the head into the frame and a, so let's just do one more. Each side. It's like a feeling. Okay. Yeah. So just time, you know, playing with the lever, length of your, your arms and your legs sometimes. Yeah, shortening yet lengthening. It really allows some different sensation. Yup. Okay. All right. And arms bring the neck up.

It's good for those neck muscles and change. One more time. Oh, thoracic mobility. [inaudible] shoulder openers. Yeah. Arms Up, head, neck, chest up. And then pause when you're right into your forward reflection.

This is always fun. Now open the arms out. So I've got, so the legs at the feet in the circle, but keep pulling the magic circle apart so you're staying aware of your own hips. Take your right arm everybody and reach it over toward your left forearm. So you are an upper body rotation, not the hands going to slide all the way across your chest. Go ahead and look at it as you go over to that side. And then we'll change sides.

So we reach as far as you can go to the maybe the wrist and the forearm and that hand slides and open. So we're working on bleak cause, right? Rotation and cross other side. Inhale. Yeah. Exhale. So this is tricky. Sometimes the pelvis will twist also. So if we pull out on that magic circle, hopefully our hips are there for us, keeping that pelvic stable so we can work our rotation above the pelvis. That's better. One more each direction.

Inhale and try to curl into a chest lift, a little bit more stretch and last time, left arm to right wrist. Exhaling over. We'll take both arms reaching towards our knees. We'll go into some pulses. We'll be a little quicker and exhale and exhale and exhale. And now arms to the right. Exhale and three and left for four and four, two and three and four. We'll do the series again, just twos, one and two to the right one and do the left dues back to the center and just hold the second one. Hold right there. Okay.

Are almost done with this little horrible section. Open your arms without push. Pushing the ribs forward. Exhale and pull the ring open. Pull the arms in. Three more. Press the air back. Pull here for a little higher. Chest lift. Cause in the next two you're going to have to sit up. Not this one, but the next one. Oh, we're almost there.

Inhale and on the way up with the arms. So does the body go left ea? Oh the way. Okay. Done with that. Let's go ahead. Good. Feel this. I think we're done with that part. Okay. However, put this in your hands now. Straighten your legs out. Make it look like the a hundred lanes. Okay.

And stretch forward. You can have your thumbs on the inside of the ring and just get a nice flection of your low back, your mid back in. Let's go ahead and roll all the way. We're going to go more thoracic extension arms to our ears. And let's just enjoy this full body layout. This is so well-deserved.

After all that. Yeah. Okay. Good. Arms Up, head, neck, chest up. Let's do a full roll up and go. Reaching, reaching toward the toes. Let's do three pulses. One, two, three in real. Roll back with really ooey Gooey, longer thoracic spine, longer upper thoracic to cervical spy, arms up, head deck, chest up and reach the ring to the ankles. Three pulses. One, two, three. Let's take that two more times. All the way through. Stretch, head and arms. Head, neck, chest. Hmm. One, two, three, one more round trip.

Yes. Yes. And stretch. So this, this theme, like this big body layout is going to happen and we'll add a little teaser leg to it in just a second and let's go over one, two and three. But before we do come back into the curve, reach the ring up. You know, kind of about this height and without losing the upper body contraction, let's bring her legs to the ring. Up and to the mat and up. Good. Not too hard for the three of us. I'm just saying we're all teachers. We've got this. So if you're watching, this is, you're like, what the heck? Do what you, okay, got to do it one more time with guys and one.

So notice we haven't lowered our arms at all arms. You're there and we're lifting the legs to it. Class two pull up in that diaphragm last time. [inaudible] now upper body goes over and we'll come all the way through teaser three times. You're going to come up to that position. Okay, a full breath cycle. Here we go.

[inaudible] and back. Yeah, Adam [inaudible] and back. One more to the middle. [inaudible]. Good. Now we'll add a little bit of that diagonal. Just like we did the pulses on the way up.

Upper body goes to the right lakes can go left a little bit. Yeah, and back out. Of course. Alternating sides. Arms left legs, right. One more each side. It'll be plenty. Pull your hips back into that corrector. Pulled the hips back into the corrector. Yes. Last one. And [inaudible] we need to go through the middle. We don't need to bring our legs up anymore. Times three now. Upper body up over for that stretch.

One, two though. Well three and we're there. Okay, that's enough of that. Fabulous. Let's turn sideways guys. Let's pray. Let's put our hands on it. Kind of where your ribs are and fingertips maybe where the ribs split and just kind of, if we could get inside our body on our diaphragm, we'd be, we'd be kind of talking to it and massaging it. So on our inhale phase, if this could come down of the diaphragm, down in the direction of breath, it does, it drops down a little bit. And then on the exhale, pull that the diaphragm up like a dome that, yeah, pull it way up underneath those ribs and just feel that effort is very strong, right? Inhale down, good, and the exhale is up and it's going to also narrow the waist.

Try One more with your hands on yourself and exhaling there. So we're going to really need that in these side overs because our hands are going to be holding this and this is going to be behind her head because sometimes in lateral work are our next chicken forward, right? So now we know what the magic circle behind our skull. We've got that reference into full the skull back into it. And let's go ahead then with the leg go out. This is really hard. Okay, we're trying to have our square, so mine's facing you.

Yours is facing us and as we're going over the barrel, this is an inhale and an exhale. Okay, we're going to use the inhale. Exhale, come all the way up. So the first part, inhale to the kind of base of ribs. Exhale the diaphragm. Exactly. Okay, here we go. Okay. Cause you need it for that last phase, right. And this is the easy breathing.

We're giving ourself a full breath on each cycle. Let's do one more with that breath. Inhale. Exhale. Going over and inhale. Exhale coming up now. Just one inhale over one. Exhale up. [inaudible] they're doing it. Nice. You guys laying thin.

That skull is not pulling too firmly. It's there. It's feeling the support of the ring. All right. Elbows are pointed forward. Yep. And exhale. Last one. Good. And oh boy. Okay. All the way over. We're going to stay over.

We can lose the magic circle or move it just to there. Ah, but the hand holding the head and what I'd love or they fingers is to be face up and then the skull to be just resting like that. Okay. And then feeling the bottom elbow here, pulling into the corrector, the other hand on the hip. And unless raise our leg up, you've got a really good connection. Just like we were earlier, pulling the leg into the magic circle. So let's just take it down and up. So feel free to go higher if you'd like to. Hip Height is just fine though. Same exhale, diaphragm. So as it comes up, it like pulls the leg up with it. That's my image for myself and I or friend pulls the leg.

Yep. Or more. [inaudible]. Let's make it more challenging and behind the head. The other hand behind the head. One more. I'm going to keep it up there. Now flex the foot.

Let's carry it forward for little double and then inhale back, right? So now the exhale, the diaphragm poles, the leg up again, and exhale. Exhale in. And exhale. Exhale. We have four more. Oh, Mandy asked for side legs to her fault and up. Yeah, right in that to a last time. And then we will enjoy your legs staying to the back. And everybody put it down.

Oh, put it down for a second. Okay. Open your top elbow now and lift this bottom elbow up a little bit. Turn and just your, I'm going to be kind of on the diagonal actually of the corrector and just enjoy going over, lifted back up. Rotate back to face me and we'll do that again. So it's kind of a shallow rotation here. So bottom elbow lifts, rotate your on a slight angle. Lift, rotate to face me back over just two more times for a complete set of four with the leg behind us in that hip extension.

We'll keep the glutes contracted if you want, but just enjoy the length. Okay, last time in lift the tip of the bottom elbow turn. There we go. And lift and return. Okay. Want you to take your knee to bend it, take your hands and help come off and then just sit in more of this, um, this position. Okay. Put your hands on your pelvis now and wait, the sweat from my faith and [inaudible] here, the I, that's on the ope, the down leg. Turn that hip back and I'm using my hands to help kind of steer my pelvis.

So as I rotate chest toward thighs, I'm looking at my back foot. Okay. Now do the hands, the other rotation and let that top front hip spiral forward. And now look over your top shoulder. So we're going to do some deep spirals there. Take a breath in, start twisting and exhale, rotates back hip, goes back, looking at the back of your foot and other way and complete the diagonal twist. Again, the hands on the hips are kind of just helping the information where, how the pelvis is also moving or pelvis isn't moving that much, but a little again and you may start to notice your glutes contracting, especially when you're on the way up spiraling round. If you want to volunteer a little bit more contraction from the back glute, feel free three more times.

Hollow that and use that diaphragm can tract, spiral up and around. Last you good and list. It's oblique and, and uh, but day two, it last one on this side all the way around. Look at the bottom of your back foot and up, up, up. It's like Bolero. Okay, now you should be facing your corrector. Perfect. Hands on the frame. Now as you go over do flection.

And just maybe think about tough Gina, forehead to the barrel and bring yourself back up. Think the mermaid. Of course. This is our mermaid with the little swan at the top. Okay. And inhale and exhale and round. Just the forehead. Okay. And linkedin articulating through a vertical and then into an extension two more times guys, man, forehead and articulate through that vertical lie. Carry that through.

If you've got beautiful stretch in the abdomen. Last one. Oh, articulating a pass to that vertical and then all the way good. And then center rung out on that side. Okay, let's do the other way. I'm going to you guys just um, switch barrels. That's perfect. Thank you. Okay. Yeah. And I will do this. That makes complete sense. So smart. Okay, so we started with this fun thing. Awesome. Okay. So we have our inhale. Exhale over. Inhale, exhale out four times and then just a single breath. Okay. So locate that ox occiput. Right. And we are tall, so we're taking it over.

Elbows are slightly forward, right? And An exhale. Full breath up. Okay. And inhale thing. Long as we go over that barrel, taking up more surface of it and inhale, exhale and up. Yeah.

Elbows reaching forward. So that helps us also keep our scapula wide. Okay. One more like this breasts cycle. Inhale, exhale. And I'm now just a single breath. Big breath over. Full breath up.

That helping to think of that direction in the diaphragm. Yeah, on the exhale. It does go back up on the inhale, it drops down. Kind of keeps the movement simple. Right? Just think about the breath. Simplicity's good. Last time. This is tired. Okay. All the way back over time for the hip work. So this goes down, fingertips of the ceiling that hold ahead and then feel your pelvis for just a second right there. And there's gonna lift that leg, right? And then down.

So we did eight of those. You can go a little higher leg than hip if you'd like. We went with the hardest stuff with the hand behind the head and same thing. Exhale the diaphragm up. Pull the leg up, which is image and direction up the body. Leg up off the floor. Okay. Four more. X. Hey two, we're going to keep this hip joint open. Three, so holding, picking the leg up from the back of the hip right here. Flex the foot, take a breath, come forward, and exhale. Exhale, just to stretch back.

Inhale and exhale. Exhale and back so they know where my hand is on my butt. Right? And pull back from there. Exhale. Exhale. Yes. Four more. Exhale. Exhale. The bottom arm is kind of pulling into the corrector. Yes.

Last two, Breech last one. And we take it back. Hold it and lower to the ground there. Now lift the tip of the elbow. It's just a tiny little rotation. Just kind of this front corner. Yeah, just that. And then it's a lift and it's an exhale to return to this sideline and a little lifted the tip of the elbow rotation.

I see guys on an up and side last to tip of the elbow. Rotate it. Told you we'd be working thoracic mobility today. Yeah, and lift and twist. Good. And up and over. Okay. Found our way up. We had the bent leg work. Okay, so here we are. Hands on the pelvis.

Turn yourself. So I'm taking this. Yeah, this seems gonna turn backward to helps me look backward to the sole of the back foot. And you're in a gorgeous contraction right there. Yes. And then rotate the other way and look over your top shoulder. Very Regal and is very Martha Graham. It is so Martha ground only. This is happy and she was usually in in some kind of angst. Yeah, we're happy about it. And to west and, and we're feeling the, the motion of the pelvis, right.

And or maybe the lack of, and it's okay. One of our sides is usually more mobile than the other. You might enjoy feeling the glute work. Yeah. Inhale, exhale, flection rotation. Look back at the foot and as you come into the forward thing more up and around your up that spiral staircase at the top to the penthouse and down, not to the basement, to the full. Yay. Waiting for the guests to arrive at the party last too.

I miss my stage time. You can you tell. Yeah. Down and forward. Use The glute on that hip to press the hip and turn. And once again, feel your obliques, you guys and yeah, beautiful. And all the way. Okay. We've got one more series with our self in this position.

So hands on the frame of the wood, right then as you come over flection just lately, put your forehead down, kind of like if we're doing um, crab in the mat, you have to stop on the head. This is a little different of course, but okay. Then was we come up, go through that vertical and then pass through. Try to get your upper back swan left and over its flection. Easy neck and shoulders. They like to get up even down and rolling up. It's like playing that xylophone for the spine, up, up, up, up, up.

Hit the high note last to Hoover and up. So, okay to use the hands, maybe they help you push down against the frame to help you pull yourself up and back. Last time. [inaudible] ah, and our last one. Let's roll all the way up. You can use your arms to push down as I've said there, and then find yourself in a beautiful capex one. Okay. And that was a little precursor for the biggest one that's coming. Okay. So unwind. We're going to come off our barrel. That was not very pretty to me. We're done with our props. You can take those away. Yeah, go back to your other characters. Perfect.

I'm going to move mine back the way it was. Okay. So that Little Swan becomes this big swan. Okay. So I want us on our tummies, and this might be a different one than what we're used to, but you know, it's what we get. And so place your pelvis, I want you to take the tops of the feet and point them down exactly. So your toenails are down. And then get yourself as long over your barrel as you can. Okay?

So guys, we're gonna put our hands on the actual, the skin of the barrel this way. And I want you to bring your elbows closer together up on your upper back, tight. Take your head down exactly who are wrapping that thing. Now give some energy to your legs. We're going up for going eyes looking forward. Nose tip of the Chin and chest. Now you got to start pushing with your arms push and I want your good Mandy.

Push. Lift your hips up. Carry that up. Look up to the sky. Good. Now set your pelvis gently. Bend your elbows close to you and going down. So it's a big body exercise. Big Movement in your back. Three more. This make it work. How about the diaphragm? Up, up, up, up. Push and Dan fuel. Okay. All right, two more.

And then what follows this big swan. Here we go. Are some good hip exercises to counter this big backbend. Push. Good and down. One more time. So it starts instead of swan dive, they gave us this kind of deal. Charge up your legs. Good. Look up. Yeah, there we go. Gals. Ah, all the way over. Okay.

So let's make an easy transition. I want you to come back. Let's give her a lumbar lumbar, a little sweet love. Make a cap back round. [inaudible] and then let's transition ourselves getting sad in the corrector. Here we are. We're going over that Barrow. Oh, I feel so good right there.

Take your hands to the talk would slide over and then let's start this whole series actually feed on this step all the way. And if you have two preferences and you guys know not to look, don't turn your head and look at the screen or me, my, I'll, I'll be the best with cuing. Then I can hands are either up on the wood arc bind to do that. I like that because then I can pull myself to the barrel or in the cutouts. It's really your preference. Okay.

Monitor how it feels around your neck and shoulders and you, you're going to need to make the decision at some point where they go, okay, so as your feet are on your step, try to, as much as you can, walk your heels down the ramp into the crevice, or as I said earlier, the Crevasse, the crevasse. Now if you can get your heel all the way in, that's great. That's where we're headed. It's not available for everyone and yet, okay, there's always more, right? There's my favorites. One of my favorite statements. Not yet means there's more coming. So hold that. And in that challenge, you're probably feeling your hamstrings and your glutes.

That's all we need. Okay, so stand on your feet. Can we lift our butt off the barrel a little? Maybe you've got to use your arms to, to try to get your butt up off that thing a little bit and put it down. Just one more attempt. Just a little more charge up from the back of the legs. Okay. And then set your hips down. But keep the muscle activity.

Raise your right leg up, take your leg over your chest as much as you can without hiking that right hip and we're doing down and up. We know we are both flexes foot first and inhale down. Flex and kick down. Flex kick over you and down the other foot matters. Keep a pushing on the barrel. Do more down.

Kick down and kick and then replace it on the step and it's active as it's there. Left leg comes up, you could flex your foot, take it over you as much as you can. Your hip is on, hiked five times and it's down. Oh, how's the diaphragm? Huh? One more down and up. That's plenty. You put it on the step. Okay. Now both legs to the ceiling. We're parallel. We've got two vertical legs. Good.

Okay, let's take our legs down. I'm looking at my toes just for reference. I want to make sure that I can barely see the toe nail polish color. And then I want to return my eyes to the ceiling. So see if we can reproduce this low angle without having to look at it. Okay, this is an inhale.

Okay. Exhale. Just a vertical well this do four, so that means three more. The legs did this earlier, right in the teaser. It's a lot easier here. I think the last one and lift. Okay, now pike your legs towards you. Ah, let that lumbar stretch. It's okay to peel your low back.

Now off the barrel. Touch your toes down to the floor. Open your legs while on the floor quite wide. You guys go wide. Now start to roll down. Bring your back and hips at the barrel. So rolling down with wide legs. We're doing a gigantic hip circle. Whoo.

Take your legs down to that low level and up and over. So slow, conscious, dire, framwork. Touch the toes down. I don't have the mat available for me. Open the legs. So as you start returning your back to the barrel, elongate right. Reach wide, go low, go low. One more this direction. Oh good. Take your son kind of thing. You out of the corner to my eyes.

I'm trying not to turn my head though. I really want to watch you guys. Now. Paul's low legs. We've got three the other way. Turn them out. Go wide. Wide Circle. Pick those hips up. Oh, the obliques happen again. And then as you come to the barrel open, it's an inhale. Legs down. Two more. Oh, pick your hips up. Glows those legs. Flex the feet. Come down on the barrel, lengthening down. We've got one more. Rotate those hips. Pick your hips up.

User stomach to do so. Legs close. Flex the hips and come down the time when we come down, just pause at 90 toes can be pointed and let's do some scissors. Okay, so I liked the, the, the Fletcher style rhythm breathing. It just makes sense for rhythm for me. Take it doesn't matter. One leg down to the barrel, the other leg over your chest.

So we pulse with this. It's the, you're still there. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Now meaning in the middle mean in the middle, top, change size. So a lot of pulsing. Ready and AH, wow. Another set. Go. There we go. So we've kind of got that little rhythmic breathing pass in the middle now it'll just be half that time and [inaudible] go for it. Really move those legs and four, three, two and meet in the middle and split. Here we go. And [inaudible] and four, three, two, one. Meet in the middle. One more set, exactly the same. And okay, you've got to let it release, release, release there and come up. Change side last round and let it go. Let it go.

Yes. Three, two, one. We did it. Come all the way up. That's enough. Bend your knee. We're almost done. You guys. What I want you to do with this is take your knees. You can see right where they are. They're aimed them to one year or temple or cheek.

Okay. And maybe to the shoulder actually, because I do want you to use your abdominals of course. Exhale. And try to pull your hips off the barrel and get your knees more over that shoulder and then take it body to the barrel. It's like a little mini corkscrew with bent legs and the knees to the other side. Just once. Okay. There's recognize again, like I said earlier, one of our lower back quadrants sometimes has a little more stick to it. So this could be a stretch for it.

Good. Twisted. Rolling like a ball. Okay. And do your legs now. Slide your barrel. Excuse me. If I should still be in here. Slide your murals forward. I think I have enough room to show me backward. Yeah, I do. I do. Okay. And then go ahead. Yep. And just finish today with yourself flat. Uh, yeah, whatever your leg design is, whatever your arm design is. What I want us to concentrate on for closing.

I hope anyone out watching this don't leave yet cause this is really delicious, is the corrector work is so important to help restore our natural curves of our spine. So right now as you're lying there, reached behind you softly with one hand, you should have a lumbar curve in there. You shouldn't be totally flat, okay? But you know, it's not like it's impossible to get your hand there, but should be possible in your lower back. Your ribs should be nestled down to the floor just with a no problem. Last curve is the cervical curve. So using your hands, you should be able to get your hands underneath your neck. Okay? And if you can't, don't worry, eventually you'll be able to. We don't want a totally flat cervical spine. We want a hollow spot in there.

Okay? So all of those final curves are the shock absorbers that help us respond to um, weight and gravity all day long. All righty. So just so you know, we're restoring the curves, we're strengthening the curves. See here for a few more breaths. That was my pitch for the last part of the class. I hope you all enjoyed it. You'll probably feel a little sore in your abs and your and your butt, but that's kind of what we come for some time, so he's out. I'll see you later.


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Another great class, thank you Amy!! 👏🙏
1 person likes this.
Thank you Amy, that was wonderful!! I love your work on the spine corrector.
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Awesome Amy! Thank you 🙂
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That's just amazing. Both restorative and strength-building. (And quite a bit more challenging than you strong instructors make it look, lol )
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I was more than thrilled to find a spine corrector class by Amy on PA this morning, as I love this piece of equipment and I love Amy's classes. Thanks for this delicious spine/rib/hip opening workout Amy :)))
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I love This piece of equipment as well! My rib cage and thoracic spine are definitely feeling very “unsticky” now! Thank you so much. I loved the rib cage rotation when we were sitting sideways in the corrector. So awesome! This is definitely going into my favorite list!
This class is “delicious”, amazing, fenomenal 😍😍😍!! Thank you Amy
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Beautiful class Amy, thank you for this gift to us.
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this felt great on my thoracic area! Thank you for this class and as aways your phenomenal cueing. I couldn't look up at the screen at the end, but your cueing led me through it!:)
Marithé Lessard
Thank you very interesting love the connection it makes with circle ☺️Marithé
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