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Restoring Spine Corrector

40 min - Class


Restore the natural curves of your spine with this Spine Corrector workout by Amy Havens. She moves the body in a complete way, spending more time in the hips, abdominals, and thoracic area. She also includes a lot of rotation so you can release tightness in your body.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Magic Circle

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Another great class, thank you Amy!! 👏🙏
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Thank you Amy, that was wonderful!! I love your work on the spine corrector.
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Awesome Amy! Thank you 🙂
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That's just amazing. Both restorative and strength-building. (And quite a bit more challenging than you strong instructors make it look, lol )
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I was more than thrilled to find a spine corrector class by Amy on PA this morning, as I love this piece of equipment and I love Amy's classes. Thanks for this delicious spine/rib/hip opening workout Amy :)))
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I love This piece of equipment as well! My rib cage and thoracic spine are definitely feeling very “unsticky” now! Thank you so much. I loved the rib cage rotation when we were sitting sideways in the corrector. So awesome! This is definitely going into my favorite list!
This class is “delicious”, amazing, fenomenal 😍😍😍!! Thank you Amy
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Beautiful class Amy, thank you for this gift to us.
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this felt great on my thoracic area! Thank you for this class and as aways your phenomenal cueing. I couldn't look up at the screen at the end, but your cueing led me through it!:)
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Thank you very interesting love the connection it makes with circle ☺️Marithé
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