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Tower Flow

40 min - Class


Play with some creative variations in this Tower workout with Meredith Rogers. She teaches a full-body workout with movements that challenge your mobility and stability. She includes exercises like Teaser, Tower, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Tower

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Jan 28, 2019
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Nice Tower flow Meredith.
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Beautiful Meredith!! lovely flow and focus xx
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Awesome class!!! My body absolute peace after this workout!! X Jackie
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Wonderful as always Meredith. Thank you
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Wonderful class - great flow and some nice creative variations. Thank you for a great class!
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Awesome! Love your workouts!!!
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Felt great.
Thanks for taking class with me and sharing your feedback!
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Delicious treat:)) thank you soo much🙏🙏
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As always, enjoyed the meditative, yet deep movement,and thoughtful cuing. Your voice has an emphatic (soothing, encouraging and entirely non-judgmental) quality that resonates with me, leaving me with a sense of an internal shower and an expectation of delightful soreness the day after.
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