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Mobilizing Mat

35 min - Class


Use the Overball to mobilize your spine in this Mat workout with Meredith Rogers. She is joined by Kari, who is traveling around in her RV visiting Pilates studios, and local students. She includes creative variations to exercises like Saw, Teaser, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Okay. Hi, thanks for being here. We've got a couple of local girls and we have Carrie who is traveling around the country in a motor home seeing national parks and visiting Palladia St...


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YES!!!!!! I haven't taken the class yet but YES!! Thanks Meri
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My back was sore this morning and this class was perfect for stretching it out. Thanks for another awesome class.
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Yay!! Thanks for the shout-out!:) Had to take this class [AGAIN]. What a great class to do "on the road". Feeling great. Thanks again Meri!!
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This version of mermaid!!! YUMMIE. I've done it with my class yesterday and everybody liked it. Thanks for your creativity!
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This was wonderful. Great focus on the core and such a nice flow from move to move. Thanks, Meredith!
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Nice! Thanks, Meredith, lovely class!
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Feeling like Southern California here today in Wisconsin so took my ball
And my mat outside and now I'm all hot and sweaty after having enjoyed a really wonderful stretchy airy feeling in my whole body. Thanks Meredith for the great class beautiful in its simplicity and wonderful in its flow
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That felt awesome! I want to take an RV across the country and visit national parks and Pilates studios! How fun!
Great work as ever Meredith, thank you!
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I didn't want this class to end! Gerri described it perfectly "wonderful stretch airy feeling" ....who can't use a little (or a lot!) of that?
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