Class #3571

Clear and Concise Mat

45 min - Class


Feel the connections in your body with this Mat workout by Karen Sanzo. She starts with a warm-up for your hips and back and then adds breath work so you can fill your lungs during each movement. She uses clear and concise cues to help you stay clean and precise throughout the class.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband


Clear, concise and connected mat class. Join me. Grab a theraband lying on the mat. Take the theraband around your right foot. Just put it right to the ceiling. Let it grab around your...

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Enjoyed this class very much Karen, thank you. Feel really well stretched
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You are such a rockstar teacher Karen! I have looked to you since starting Pilates and you never disappoint. You really excel at helping people make the right connections. I always get a deeper workout with you. There is always something you teach me. Thanks so very much!
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Karen, I truly enjoyed the journey of this class with you. You brought inspiration to me for working with a couple of particular clients. Thank you so much for your time and insight.
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Hi Karen,
I always love it when I see a class from you on PA. And of course I always gain something! My hips really needed this today as I danced my butt off at Rod Stewart concert last night. Woohoo!
Thank you for all of your wonderful expertise over the years! Xo
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First day comments. Thanks to all of YOU for taking the time to comment. I absolutely love everything about Mat and all it has to offer. Every day is a new day.
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I just want to say I love your videos and that you always acknowledge the work you feel. It brings such a human aspect to the work our bodies are doing. I hope I can take a class with you someday!
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Thank you! You gave me some inspiration!
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Excellent teaching and I definitely made some deeper connections!
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Thanks Karen Sanzo i really enjoyed that.
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