Class #3576

Lower Body Wunda Chair

30 min - Class


Your lower body will definitely be challenged in this Wunda Chair workout by Amy Havens. She uses minimal spring changes to keep you moving from one exercise to the next. She also includes fun transitions to test your balance and control.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair


Hi everyone. I am here for peach pants, part two. Um, this class on the one two chair, I'm on a grots today, so it's lower body focus, 2030 minutes. Get yourself set up for your seated...

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Holy Moly, Amy!. Baby Got Back. That was so much fun and I'm super sweaty. Thanks!
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Haven't done this class yet, Amy, but it looks like you wore the PERFECT tights
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I really like the transitions in this class. Good lower body and core work
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Cant wait to do this class!
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Umm, where do I get those leggings? ❤️🍑
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Great class Amy, thank you !!🙏
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Great class. Thank you. I have struggled with side step up forever and had much more success today!
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Thank you Lori M , Summer Rachel , Denee Jen , Luda and Becky! Glad you're all enjoying this class! Jen -- pants are from GearBunch. And Becky -- so glad that side step up went better for you this time....keep practicing!!
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Holy glutes, batgirl!! Great flow! Great instruction! Thanks so much!
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That was a great Amy!

I love the static lunges with 1 foot on the pedal and 1 foot on the floor where you really didn’t push the pedal down it was the bending of the other knee. That was awesome ! everything was awesome! And yes I agree with sandy....holy glutes!
Love your classes!
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