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Lower Body Wunda Chair

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Your lower body will definitely be challenged in this Wunda Chair workout by Amy Havens. She uses minimal spring changes to keep you moving from one exercise to the next. She also includes fun transitions to test your balance and control.
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Hi everyone. I am here for peach pants, part two. Um, this class on the one two chair, I'm on a grots today, so it's lower body focus, 2030 minutes. Get yourself set up for your seated leg pumps, both double and single. I won't be changing my springs for that. I'm on one on two and then one on one. So kind of medium resistance. I don't really need a ton, but let's go. We're going to have some fun today and just work really hard. Lower body focus, of course, because of the peach pants. All right, so I want you guys to sit really, really, so close to the front edge of the the one chair when you feel like you almost could fall off. Okay. But we won't fall off because we are going to contract a lot through our glutes.

We're going to think about pulling our thighs up into our pelvis so we're really secure right into this whole area. Pull your stomach back. Of course, all that good core work. And then we're going to do the Jeanie arms. Press your arms down against one each other. Lift your stomach up. Let's take an inhale where we are because the springs are open and then pull the pedal up and down. Okay, so try to stay seated forward as you can and pull and pull and contract of Sitz bone muscles right on the edge, like teeth clamping onto a bit or something. Hold on for dear life because you're almost going to slip off nine and 10 change at the bottom. You're going to go into that prehensile. Push down with your feet. Pull up through your hips. Here we go. And up.

Pilates Stance

And to try not to wiggle your whole upper body and five, six pool thing about pulling those hips up into your stomach. And seven weird Q eight and nine and 10 change at the bottom. Put the heels there. Okay. Stay sitting on those six bones ready and pull up. And so by sitting really far forward, you can probably see I have to find and access those deep connection muscles, abs and butt. Eight, nine, 10.


Okay. And take a little rest. Place the balls of the feet on in parallel. High heels. Extend one of your legs forward. Ideally Pfizer at the same height. If you need to move back a little, go for it. Try not to try to stay forward. Let's get that discipline going. Ready and pull up. Pull up.

Heels Parallel

So my left glute is contracted like crazy, trying to keep a consistent contraction and a lot of energy in the straight leg. There's your 10 change at the bottom. Ready and pull up and up. Nice strong contraction right through that hip. Five. Six whole body is pretty well stable. You're not wiggling through the torso. Nine and 10 we've got to go back to the heel of the first foot.

Single Leg Toes

Let's go heel out here. Reach ready ant. Pull up, pull up, leaning a little. I can feel it. So I'm going to adjust and I want to lean four, five, six, seven. Lot of ab work. Nine. Whew. I'm about to slip up. So great and well I'm contracted and one too good to be humble for five look out. Six, seven, eight. Meet the demand of this exercise. You guys 10 and Ah, Russ. Okay. Bring the pedal up. Now for some, we'll do this series of five and the a hundred in this series of five turn either sideways this way and lay back or go this way. This is a little harder because there's hardly any surface area.

Single Leg Heel

This is your sacrum. This'll be the tips of your scapula already. Come on back. Now Lincoln, your legs, get yourself on there. You got to pick your tailbone up into your butt. Flesh right there. Otherwise you're going to sag down. So pick it up. Here we go. Yeah, the neck muscles matter. Use those neck muscles to kind of help. Pick up your first, second, and third ribs.


Breaching my hands toward my toes. Um, rolling the shoulders back. Okay. Nine [inaudible] 10 I'm going to stay here for single Lego, right into a, be mindful. There's not a lot of surface area to be more working on and change change.

Single Leg Stretch

So when I stretch to the straight leg out of course, contract rate through those glutes, get those hip extensors working, curl higher. Don't fall back. Eight, seven, six, five, four, two and one. Okay, I am going to change for the rest of this series because I want more room to gesture over and for a double leg stretch. So double leg, let's go. Extend. Stretch out your upper body circle and catch. Squeeze up, pick up your tail and reach. Extend over, open and catch. Pick up your tail three more times. So the legs are like tees or angle and Oh, pick up your tail last time. Stir Rach and pick it up. Scissors. But your hands at your ankle. Bend your elbows trying to pull your leg over your head.

Double Leg Stretch

It's up and it's back. The other leg. The glutes are contracted and it's a pull. Pull and pull Paul. Okay, so you can lift those elbows without shrugging your shoulders up. Its possible lift.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Ah, I'm gonna take 10 more. It feels really good today. 10 let the legs go. You know what I mean? Let that flexibility happen. Let it go. Five, four, three, two, one. Everyone's favorite. Straight leg. Lower lift. Okay. Flex today. Lower point and left without the chest dropping back. This chair is no lie. Stay lifted.

Lower Lift Point and Flex

Could track those glutes. We have one more and then everyone's favorite. Chris Cross j and hold it there now lay back cause don't do it again. Pull yourself up. And j change, change and change. Eight more. One to come up off those shoulder blades. Four, three, two, one. Time to come up with hope you warm.

Criss Cross

I am okay to come around and place your hands in a diamond position like fingertip in them. Place that right on the front, middle edge of the chair. One foot on the pedal. Lean the other knee cap right in that diamond shape. Look back. The other leg is nice and parallel. Your hips are square and need to move my hands.

Achilles Stretch

You guys who wasn't in the middle, I'm sorry. It's going to be more in line with this knee. Okay, before we move the pedal, push in arms. Pull your stomach and work on length. Here we go. Move the pedal with the foot. [inaudible] so today, keep thinking of pushing with the hands against the chair. Pull your stomach in and get some length in your spine.

Press now. Make sure you're contracting in both sides of your pelvis, muscles, your glutes, contract those together. I'm going to go a little bit faster. 10 Times one press, press, press. Trying to keep your knee leaning into the pad. And four, three, two, and one. Now you're not down. Hold that position. Now come up to standing in one unit. Okay, push and lift. When your hands to Jeanie, bring the pedal up. Hopefully you didn't lose your balance. Let's press the pedal, lift the pedal, focus on your standing leg and really contract these glutes in.

Single Leg Press

Don't let that hip sit out. Climb high on this leg. The other leg is strong as well. High Heel. Now let's add a little with this. Pull the pedal down and bend your standing knee. Stand up and let the pedal come back up. So kind of comp, more complex.

Movement bend. I'm focusing on bending my standing knee, not pushing the pedal. Okay, four more. They're actually two will be good. Yeah. And hold. Now we move the pedal. So it's a push and pool and down. And now, and we can take this for three and two and one and lift that that knee up and hold, hold and hold, and then step down. So the other side of weights and run again, make my correction. It's going to be off the side of the midline. That's where your knee goes.

So put that knee there, look back, align that leg parallel. Pull your, push your hands, pull your stomach and work extension. Here we go. Press and control. So keep pushing the arms. Use those arms even though today this class is really lower body focus.

Achilles Stretch

You know, we can't forget about the upper body. Yep. And the the center. Okay, now let's go a little bit faster. We went for eight or 10 actually and two and pump standing lay contracted, six, seven and eight. Here comes the fun nine and 10 hold it there. Now in one movement, you got to really anchor with your standing leg and lift. Bring the pedal up. How'd that go? I'll wait for you if you need it. Okay, so here we go. You're in a high heel on the pushing leg.

Single Leg Press

The standing leg is from. We just push and pull the pedal first. Fairly easy. Keep pulling us down again. Did six of those. Okay, so then adding that second layer, it's now you bend the standing knee. Don't have to push the pedal anymore. It's slightly, the spring is slightly open. You're focusing on the stability in your pelvis, meaning the squareness of it and the ability to bend it, your ankle, your ankle on that standing leg. All right, last two.

You're tracking parallel and then we make it even more complex by adding, moving the pedal while we bend. So it's down and up. You're trying to time it so everything arrives. Three more shoulders over hips last time. Okay. And then stand with your legs together. Okay, so moving on, let's walk around as a quarter eighth of a turn to the side of the pedal and I'm standing about my knee in line with that and you send me the outside leg that comes through and then on. Okay, let's genie arm again now to move the pedal. I still haven't changed in the spring. I'm still on that medium tension.

I want to climb up high on this inside standing hips, a no leaning, pull that in, that's working in that glute and those glutes. Meanwhile, these are going to help to move the spring. Let's do it 10 times. Guys really focused both hips strong and lifted, right and not sagging, nothing sags, lift up, five wore and push, push and push and push and nine and then 10 all we'll do is lift this leg, but I want you to bend the knee and put your hand one hand on the pedal on hand on the top of the chair and flat back this and lean into your arms a little bit. Nothing's going to happen with the pedal. You're going to lift and lower the outside leg 10 times and two without hiking the hips. You don't need to take it too high. There's four standing legs still working fi six in extension, the spine or stomachs pulled in and nine let's hold us up for 10 little pulses for 10 up to three.

Cross Over

That's all getting us prepared for that pike with the leg to the side and nine 10 and up. Also just giving us a little more focused on the peach zone. Okay. Facing your corner chair. Your knee is in line with a pedal. The outside leg comes or outside leg comes around and through. Standing leg is strong. Jeannie, those arms. Here we go. Push it down, lift it up. Remember not sagging on the standing legs.

Side Leg Lifts

You're climbing high on that hip. Both hips are square. There's push five more strong hips, four, three, two and one and take your foot off out to the side. I've got my hand on the pedal. One on top there. Just resting there. Try not to drop into that side hip there. Lean forward slightly and it's up and down. Can Not do high.

Side Leg Pulses

You don't want to really turn the pelvis just working that lateral hip. Five, six, seven. That's a nice view. A nine and 10 day lifted for 10 posts. Think pinky toe. Three that side, five, six, seven and eight. Nine, 10 and that's that. Okay. Again, facing your chair. Now I do want us to climb up hands on the corners. One foot, one foot. Let's do some calf work. Okay, so stand high on tiptoe. Yep. Round your spine, round your tail and then prance we can't forget our calves.

Cross Over

They're part of her lower body and if you work your calves and really pumped them up towards your glutes, you probably will feel your glutes a little bit more. You have to work for that though. Okay, pause. Change your hands to back here. Same exercise. It's a little bit more of a long c curve. Scoop the stomach and then perhaps keep your sitz bones pulled more toward midline and spread away. Eight, six, five, four, three, two and one and irrelevant. Just that left foot down, standing tall. Lift the pedal and put it down. Okay, now I am going to turn sideways again the first way, but instead of the outside leg, it's going to be the inside leg. Come in through a little bent knee. Place the ball of the foot. Okay.

Side Leg Lifts

I'm not in the right position. I can feel I'm going to hop this leg a little to the side that opens that stance up. Now it makes more sense. Hip should be above that heel. Okay, lift your stomach up. Think sits bones and hips down toward the ground Jeannie arms, and we're pulling the pedal on that. Let's go six times a similar pattern as we did a minute ago. You'll see four, five and six.

Side Leg Pulses

Now time it bend this standing knee and the pedal doesn't really, he don't push with the pedal leg. This says more about the standing knee. Then end up pedal leg will move a little and three, four, three, three more times. Uh, I'm so focused, okay, this is a little harder for me to do, but this is nice. Two combinations together. So paddle and ple, a lift and six times my foot should say in a little Relevate. Here again, we're really exposing stability in my pelvis and I like to get a little high-key on this right side.


And the left side actually depends on what it is. Without someone correcting me, I'm doing my best. Okay, now from here, just lift this leg and put it down. Lower your arms. Let's just walk to the other side. Okay, there are other transitions we can do, but for today, that's where we're headed. So it's the inside leg. You'll lift it up, place the ball of the foot. I did it again. I need to move over. I just know it. I can just feel it doesn't feel right.

Side Leg Press

So hip over foot turned out. You're in a ball of foot. That's a lifted with the heel and we, yes, not only thinking, pressed pedaled down, start thinking of that. You're pulling the pedal toward the other leg. That's going to be essential in a couple more exercises. Okay. You've got two more plain ones.

Now adding the plea, a standing leg pedal comes down a little and then it doesn't move much. You're bending, you're stretching, you're increasing your ankle flection, your knee and hip flection. Quad strength on a level. The hips. I'm sure I could stand a little squaring off. Last two, last one.

And then the full combo. Everything comes together. Pedal and plea. A and release pedal and plea. AA and release. I should be going straight down. Not only ending. There we go and four, five, ah, and last time six all the way lifted. Take that foot off and lower. Okay guys, we're going to hit the floor. I don't have a mat, I don't need one.

I don't feel like I have to have one. You can also get that for yourself. We have not changed any spring. We're just moving. I want you to get very close to your chair. This is not a traditional exercise by any stretch and it's fine. Anchor your feet on these around edges of the frame.

If you're on a different chair, that this is not accessible for you, which you might be. You can also just do this next exercise with feet down, okay? Or frankly up here either way, but why am I up here and not on the pedal? I don't want to move the pedal with this. I want to move my body up. Arms are gonna come out under. Don't push the chair away from you. Imagine your feet, have Second Cup suction cups on them and you're pulling the chair towards you. Okay?


But we're going to press the hips really high and I want you to get those hips up high so you get a full line of hip extension right from the back of your thigh into your butt 10 times. And then just lower, no rolling. Just lift to give it a little extra squeeze at the top contract and four and five. Five more to go and lift like Suction Cup fleet, keeping that chair still three to let linger. This next one, linger. Hold. It does hold it hold and all the way down. Holy Cow. I hope you felt that right through where it counts. Okay, next exercise. We do need a little spring chain, so I'm going to just come on up, come around the back. I think we can take off the one that's the lowest.

That just leaves me with one side on too. Why don't you to come down and bring your feet in prayer position. Bring the pedal all the way down here in a level. Pelvis, arms can be out again. Now let's close the knees. Lift the hips, lower the hips. Prayer. Okay. Little Combo on the frog. So it's close and knees. Those hips are lifted at that same hip line.

Bridge Variation

Lower and open. 10 of these close. Hmm. Concentrate mine to muscle, right back at the back of your leg. If you'd like to visualize the shape of your butt, you can do that. What shape is it you sent around, but also feel that concentrated on your strength, right?

This is really what it is. Direct power. Press us feet lift. We have four more guys, Claus press. So the next two exercises are going up front and going out front. Side. Yay. We're ready for it. We've gotten all the muscles ready for those two very, very hard exercises. You can lift your pedal. Okay, so roll on up. Set yourself for your springs for going up front.

My choice because I like a little more help. I'm going to be honest, is one high and one low, but you can also do stay middle and low. Okay, so go ahead and change those springs. [inaudible] we'll go ahead and change those springs, Terry. All right. Okay, so I've just changed the springs. I've got one high, one low. You can also say one middle, one low or you know, go, go as challenging as you want. But here I go. I'm in a faith that I want to step up on the pedal with one foot.

Don't want to put my hands down. I don't need to. You don't need to. Don't put those hands down. Try it today without putting your hands down. Focus on something in front of you. You know the chairs there. Step up, up to it. Okay, now before we climb up your arm choices, hips, Jamie t, a sleep walker. Well that's what I call it, or hands behind head. I'm going to try this today. Okay? But before I do, and before you do collect your hips, what?

Going Up Front

I mean, pull them in, pull them in more and then a little more. So we really get the sense that we're narrowing into here, not spilling out. Inner thighs are going to help us stand up. Let's go for it. And we're standing now my foot on the pedal is a high heel. I like that. I, it helps me feel like I get a little more contraction there and I pull that leg up. All right, I'm going to think about this image.

Hamstrings up into the glute tissue up toward my head. No sagging down. Pull up, down for more, so a total six, seven. Stay up there guys. Stay safe. Stay holy cow. Stay, stay, stay and lower. No big deal. I recovered. Hands, step lift. Okay, I get the other side. Good step. Look out. Step, collect tall.

Where are your arms go? We're ready and let's exhale up the foot that's up on the seat. Really feel secure in the foot and the heel pressure that's going to target this side. The other heel lift is pulling into this tissue. Four more times. We have up to three in a say up there, just hold it and down hands. How has better and release? Okay, now I'm going to turn to face the decide to have the chair ha outside foot comes up, stamp it down, look out. If you want to use your hands, you can notice there's no pole.

Going Up Side

This leg is going to come up and are all right into the corner. I'm going to double check it. Pretty good. I'm liking this one or this one. Okay. Before we go up, think of your inner thighs going like this toward the midline. Okay. You don't just go up in this exercise. You come in and then go up. Let's try him up and in and out being go eight of them. Here's three. Once you find your rhythm, go. Don't slow down. Five, six.

All that ankle flection was for this one and eight Oh gay and turned to pivot. Let's pivot to the chair. Turn thing. Old. Stand up on it this way today. Okay. Ready? Shoulders are easy. Stomach up, hips are collected.

You've got to lean a little and then pull it up and go for it. Eight times as to three, four and four and three and two and one and then turned to pivot to the chair. Take that foot down. Step lift. We have one more exercise. Okay guys, let's walk around the back of the chair. We don't need all this spring that's there.

I'm going to tick off the one that's the lowest tension come up to kneeling. This is just one little prep for swan dive. It's just one more. We're like a connection exercise for here before we do a swan dive. Okay, so you can put your hands on the edge. You can put them on here, you can put them here, but don't lean my choices here. Just stick a leg out. Official language, stick a leg out, reach through your heel and lift. Okay. Collect your stomach.

Single Leg Lift

Start to imagine that swan dive exercise. It won't be with flex speed will be pointed of course, but it's the glute that presses the leg up. If the swan in the upper back, right? Other leg. So those hip extensors, you did that wonderful bridge on the ground. Prepare for this one too. So glutes and lift and left and up.

Last two and then step. Okay, here we go. Down on our tummy. And you can start out with shoulders over wrists here and in your, in your position. But I'm going to tell you this isn't far enough forward for the dive because we need to have a little bit more room for our legs to do hip extension. So that's where we want to come a little more forward.

My Navel is now past the edge, just barely too far to get too far. Not Enough, and you're not enough. So you get to play. Okay, look in the distance. Lift your legs up and let your your legs come into hip extension. Okay, wrap the elbows in. Okay, there it is. Now slowly lift your back to lower your legs. Lift your legs to lower your chest. Keep looking in the distance.

Swan Dive

We'll just do three of them up with your upper back. Sometimes it's useful to put a Pat, oh, I'm not going to put a pad of them in a fight for this one look legs and the pad would go more. My naval is, oh well that's our lower body workout or peach pants part to take a little squat. Stretch your low back. So the peach pants. Now the story goes guys, they go to someone else. These have been on loan for a couple of months and so some lucky person gets the peach pants soon. I wonder who that's going to be anyway, you feel later. Have Fun.

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Holy Moly, Amy!. Baby Got Back. That was so much fun and I'm super sweaty. Thanks!
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Haven't done this class yet, Amy, but it looks like you wore the PERFECT tights
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I really like the transitions in this class. Good lower body and core work
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Cant wait to do this class!
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Umm, where do I get those leggings? ❤️🍑
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Great class Amy, thank you !!🙏
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Great class. Thank you. I have struggled with side step up forever and had much more success today!
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Thank you Lori M , Summer Rachel , Denee Jen , Luda and Becky! Glad you're all enjoying this class! Jen -- pants are from GearBunch. And Becky -- so glad that side step up went better for you this time....keep practicing!!
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Holy glutes, batgirl!! Great flow! Great instruction! Thanks so much!
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That was a great Amy!

I love the static lunges with 1 foot on the pedal and 1 foot on the floor where you really didn’t push the pedal down it was the bending of the other knee. That was awesome ! everything was awesome! And yes I agree with sandy....holy glutes!
Love your classes!
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