Class #3578

Shoulder Loading Reformer

35 min - Class


Stay connected to your shoulders with this advanced Reformer workout by Cara Reeser. She focuses on staying loaded on your arms so you can build endurance in the upper body. By the end of your class, you will feel the strength in all parts of your arms.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Towel, Theraband

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Hi everybody. I'm Carrie sir. And I'm here with Jen and Trina and we're gonna do a reformer class. It's going to be a little bit level, um, for this class you're going to need a theraband, not too hea...


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Thx Cara. Love your; classes, commentary and inspiring energy. I might be using your name in vain tomorrow! Thank you!
Loved this class! Great cues and instruction! Thank you very much.
Great to see Cara in action!
Loved this class! I agree, never enough biceps in Pilates! Thank you for a great class.
thank you Cara- that rocked! And so do you- super fun and I love your cuing
Thanks Cara!! Great class. Love how you keep it in the classical order but still can emphasize on the arm theme. And the girls rocked the knee stretches knees off sequence!! So jealous!
I loved that class Cara! After sitting at the sewing machine yesterday the whole day, may shoulders have been very sore, I was able to get rid it with your class, thank you!!
Thanks! Love the connection with the back of the arms into the carriage, could really feel that after using theraband at start of class.
i liked the exercises, though small number of reps for each individual excercise

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