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Shoulder Loading Reformer

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Stay connected to your shoulders with this advanced Reformer workout by Cara Reeser. She focuses on staying loaded on your arms so you can build endurance in the upper body. By the end of your class, you will feel the strength in all parts of your arms.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Towel, Theraband

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Hi everybody. I'm Carrie sir. And I'm here with Jen and Trina and we're gonna do a reformer class. It's going to be a little bit level, um, for this class you're going to need a theraband, not too heavy. And if you have a slippery floor that you can work on, you might want a towel. We're going to do a little prep before we get to the up stretch series. Um, in this class we're going to be thinking about what it is to stay loaded on our arms. Um, I'm connecting it a little bit to the Scapula gps tutorial I have on Plavix anytime. So it's about endurance today for us.

Like how can we keep standing in our arms and keep that scaffle well connected to our rib cage. So we're going to be really talking a lot about pushing and pulling and staying in that kind of distal awareness, right? Our, it will want to fatigue. So when you hear me say push, push, push, that's going to be the way out of trouble altogether. Okay, so we're going to get started. I want everybody to grab their theraband. You're going to take your springs for foot work, please. So whatever you do, your footwork on whatever machine you're on, we're on grots. I'm the let these ladies pick their own, uh, springs.

Pilates Stance w/ Arms in External Rotation

You can lie on your back ladies and get your head rest where you want it. We're going to do classical plot foot works. We'll start in a V, you're going to take your therapy in and you're going to come into choke up on it and come into just a little bit of external rotation, right? You want your elbow at 90 degree angle to your upper arm bone, right? So yeah, and I would say maybe even float your elbows off just a little bit. Squeeze your elbows in and pull the band out.

So we're going to try to maintain this as we flow through our footwork. So you might want to not pull like super hard and you're going to go inhale out an exhale in good. Inhale, exhale. Good. So now we're going to have to preserve her energy so everybody get a breath that calms you down because this is going to be a heavy class. Good. And just keep that little bit of external rotation in the upper arm bone. If you fatigue too much at home. Just rest for a moment. Two more.

Good. Beautiful. Chins off your throat please. Good. Last one. And then come to your arches. Let your arms just rest for a second. Pick your feet up. Come to your arches. Pull out again and go out and in. Good. Out and in. Nice.

Arches w/ Arms in External Rotation

Now think about your breath taking you through this movement. Inhale. Exhale. Yeah. So the thing about doing things that are really hard is that in order to kind of maintain a sense of like calmness, you've got to use that breath to keep you steady. Right? So two more as things beef up. We've got to keep breathing and pause at the bottom. Ladies.

Now just stay here for a second. Pull out on that band. And I want you just to float your feet one inch off and hold for a minute. Chin off your throat. Yeah, just tip that head back a little. That's it. And then go to Dorsey flection of the feet. Inhale out. Exhale in. Good. Thinking about where the crown of the head is reaching.

Heels w/ Arms in External Rotation

That's it. Trina's reaching straight out, heels, her reaching straight out. Keep that little bit of a tug there. You're going to feel the back of the armpit. Start to tone up. Maybe even feeling the triceps a little bit there. Good. Two more like that, right? You're using that breath.

And then again, stop at the bottom. So both of you pull out on that band a little bit. Float your heels out off and just balance for one second. Now take your toes to the bar, pick your arms up towards the ceiling and pull gently out on the band. Stretch out with your legs and stay.

Heels Lower Lift w/ Arms Open Close

And then just lower and lift your heels. So you're going to stay out. Yeah, and I would say pull the band maybe a little less than that. Treated just like a little up. Yes, you don't over fatigue. That's it. Right? And I want you right away to start feeling that connection to that scapular reaching around your arm pit. That's it. Three more. Beautiful ladies. Good. Yes. Keeping that arm base.

This is what we're working when we're doing plank, when we're standing on our arms. And you're going to come all the way in, bend your knees, glide in, and rest your arms for a minute. Put your foot bar down please. And everybody's scoot down out of your shoulder blocks. Little, we're going to do a little bit of alternative, um, alternative abs here. So we're gonna slide out a little and take that there've been over your head, legs up to the ceiling, Dorsey. Flex your feet. Take that band just a little bit more overhead and then just pull out.

Single Leg Lower Lift w/ Arms Overhead

So this is almost my fascination with handstand here right now. Everybody's going to flex their neck, only tucking their chin into the chest and lower your right leg down. Tap the bar and come back in and our other leg back at. Now, stabilizing your trunk as best you can. You might want to really think of holding your abdominal ceiling up under your ribs two more times. Good. Nice.

You guys and rests. Knees in, had back and rest. Excellent. Put that band. But, um, that band to under your, your bum side. Um, I'm going to drop you down to two springs. Everybody home for short spine stretch, right? You're going to put your feet in your straps and then a minute you're going to hold back on that band. So you're going to drop your head rest, get your feet in your loops for shorts. Find stretch. Yeah, and on these machines you're going to marry this guy in Trina suit. We're just going to go like this. Yeah, old school. All right too. Now everybody at home, you're going to choke up on that theraband and just pull it out underneath your bum a little. You might want to make sure that it's not dangling off, but basically what's happening here is this is going to give you a really steady arm base.

Short Spine Massage

Lets do two frogs going out and in. Good out and in. Now together, let's go out, hold it out, feel that pull on the band and you're going to go up and over keeping that pull. Beautiful. Bend your knees in and roll it down. Sequencing through your spine. Keep pulling out on that band gently and inhale out.

Exhale up and over. Good. You might want to turn your palms towards each other to keep that external rotation as you roll down. Yeah. Beautiful. So you can almost imagine that the arms are like a real base for you here across the shoulder blades, down the scapula, across the band. Gorgeous. Ladies, let's do one more after that. Keep that chin tip back a little more Trina, so you're not talking ad gorgeous, super and, and roll down good.

Just leave your band at your mom's side there. Just let it relax and take your handles with your hands. We're going to slip out for coordinations. Okay, so now with the coordinations, I want those elbows slightly lifted. We're at a 90 90 angle and let's go ahead and just let our forearms tip out a little wider than our elbows who we stay using those external rotators. Squeeze the elbows in and come up into that upper abdominal curl. Ladies, here we go. Out Open, close, exhale in.


Inhale open, closed x in. Now keep doing your upper head curl as well as your upper ABCR, which means your head has to continually be spinning. One more. Stay out and Chris, cross the legs. Take a few deep breasts, use those breaths. Slow down the system. Even though this is super rigorous, and bend your knees in and Busta the grate. Put everything down. Put Your straps away for now. Come up to seated.

Take your therapy in a way. Go to one spring. We're going to go to preliminary arms. You're going to sit down with cross legs like this facing out and you're going to take those either the handles or the straps and put them up on your upper arms. And we're going to be working our Scapula, ab ady doctors here. So we're going to start right in a tall spine with our straps up on our arms.

Elbows Open Close

And one of the things that you have to be aware of here is to not indulge in your extension of your lumbar spine. Crown of the head reaching everybody is going to pull and bring their shoulder blades together and hold and then come away. Good. And just bring that rib cage back a little bit Trina and keep going and pull. Good palms are gonna face back as you go. So you're going to be spinning in soup donation there as well. Make fists.

You had it, and then open palms face that way. Right? Two more, right? Keep it smooth. Try to bring your machines all the way in at home and Trina to all the way and bring the yas and good. All right, so now the next thing that's going to happen is you're going to hold those straps down here, right? And we're going to sit up. Tall Palms are facing out. Now this is a small pulse. We're going to go out and in out and, and keep the spine up. Out and in. Good.

Rotator Cuff Presses

Try not to arch the back. Nice ladies. Two more. Yeah, that's great. Using the back of the arms there. Then you're going to scoot out. Arms straight out in front of you. Scoot back by step curls. I was like, there's not a biceps employee. So here we go. Pull it in and out.

Bicep Curls

In and out. I'm one of the ones things you want to think about at home here is to not let your arm change and also to Nala, your scapula change a lot. Right? So it's really about changing the forearm primarily. And last one, these gals are gorgeous and arrests all the way. Beautiful. Okay, so we're going to come into a cat position.

Quadruped Lat Pulls

Next you're going to kneel with your knees against your shoulder blocks. And by cat I just mean a quadrat peds. So could even be a dog. Whatever you prefer. Our head is on the level, right? Which means we're not talking or extending and your arms want to be slightly forward of your shoulders here and you're going to grab the sides that machine really tight and pull your body forward and then push your body back. Good. Pull, good Trina and pushed on grab with your hands more.

So you really feel that sort of distal, yeah, you feel right away how they get your arms working so much more when you use that grip strength as well. You guys can keep your elbows super Uber straight and don't worry about where that elbow crease is facing right now. I want a straight up, I want you to pull easy, does it one more good and rest. So we're gonna just upped the ante here for a second. I'd like you to Tuck your toes under and bring your arms back under your shoulders, right? So now you're going to just float your knees up a little bit and I want you to bring your scapula together, collapsing it, and then push away widening it together n wide and nice everybody. Make sure you're not dropping your rib cage, so you want to not extend or flex the spine, but just really pumped that the interior up as much as you can.

Scapular Depression w/ Knees Floating

And pause. Great. Sit back into child's pose for a moment. So at home, I just want you to realize that when we get into things like, um, the long stretch series things where we have to keep this prolonged arm standing, that pushing and why they have the Scapula is what we want to be keeping the whole time. Right? Great. Let's grab our lungs, boxes, girls, ladies. And we're going to start with one spring. Let's do pull straps and Oh, we'll do swan first, then we'll do polls, traps, and t. So we're going to swan facing the bar. And you're going to come on in, get on your tummy, and I like my forehead directly over the bar. Type. Something to really push from. And we're going to work narrow elbows, girls. So check it out for a second.

Child's Pose

I want you to wrap it in like this and then forehead to the level you're going to push out to a straight arm. Now just pause there. This is my preparation for hand standing, right? I'm like, okay. Scalpels, upwardly rotated. I'm reaching head up. Come up into your swan now it's fine with me if you pull with your hands a little, use your grip strength and push back out and bend your elbows in. Good. Press out. Good crown of the head reaching. Now imagine you're pulling that bar behind you more.

Shoulder Press to Swan

I want those triceps really at the party and pushed back out. Bend your elbows and glide in. Good and out. Maybe legs a little more together. Just my bias incidentally, and back out and in. Nice you guys. Come on off, step off and let's go to pull straps in t, take the bar down onto your tummy. So now we're going to be doing some pulling, right?

Pulling Straps

There's going to be a sequence between our arms and our scapula in this activity. Head to the level, the start. And we're going to be coming through spinal extension. So everybody in the room and on TV, I want you to make sure your head and your legs are in one line. Okay? And you're gonna have a nice, tight grip. Nice straight elbows. You're going to pull, looking out. Lift.

Good. Pause slowly back home. Good again. Use that breath to calm down. Pull. Yeah, keep wrapping those ways. Gorgeous. And down. Elbows, trade, pull. Pause at the top. Everybody pause. And just pull pulse. One, two, three, four and back out. That wasn't very nice, Kara. And then take your arms all the way out to your tee strap. Please.

Pulling Straps - T Position

Sliding those hands right now. When you're doing this, you have to actually rotate your arms like crazy. So you're going to pull and spiral and back in. Pull and spiral back in. Ladies, don't rush. Yeah. Have the stay in your mind. Stay in your body and pause at the very end.

Come off. And we're just going to move right to our teaser sequence now. So you're going to lie on your backs one spring on your reformer and just take a big luxurious back bend, crucifix pose. Kathy used to call this and just let it be for a moment. Take a couple breaths there. So I'm going to give you a cue at home that I call 'em light as a feather, stiff as a board are coming to the level, which means before you hit that teaser, I want you to come to a full laying down position like you're floating on a raft. So you guys are going to come just to that position. So right here, that's it. Now up into your teaser. I have all sorts of reasons I'm interested in that, but it doesn't matter.

Teaser 1

Just do it and lower and lift your arms. Yeah. And it's so hard not to lower and lift your trunk when you do that. So you gotta Gps at trunk into one position and then you've got to take yourself down. Sequencing. Good. Enjoy the back bend. Good. Let's find it again. Lie, does it feather stiff as a board? You're right there up right here, Jen. There you go. Lift his legs up.

Teaser 2

Now go up. Good. Now, big arms circles. Big Arms circles. I know it's all about the fight though, right? I mean, if we were perfect at this stuff it would be boring. That's right. And then roll it down all the way and rast. Really Nice job. Everybody step off all together. Good.

Put your box away. Great. And let's take our towels out at home. If you have carpet, you could use little paper plates or plastic plates. If you have a sudden slippery surface, you're going to use a towel. And I just love this series for prepping for the long stretch series.

Plank to Pike w/ Towel

I've been doing this a lot at home. So we're going to stand on our towels and um, you're gonna roll down and slide out into a plank and go ahead and really load up those risks and make that Scapula nice and broad. So you're pushing, we're going to tuck our heads, slide up, pull that towel in and push the towel out. Resume your plank again, pull it up and push it out. Two more ladies. Up and out. Gorgeous. Good Keel.

Stay high at home. Really keep those heels up. Pull it in. Feel what it takes that push up the arms and rest. Great. The other thing I love about this, go ahead and and rest you guys is at home. I just want you to feel how as you shift your weight, it pulls those forearms over your wrist. You get that kind of deep flection you need in your wrist to really maintain these positions, right?

And part of not getting pain in the wrist is about strengthening the rest of the forearms and your grip muscles. So let's get started with long stretch series. Okay, so you're having your head rest up now, one or two springs depending on your a buff hood. And you're going to go ahead and get into your plank position. Please. Let's just do that moment where you let your scapulas sag again and then really push it good. And then you're going to glide out. Inhaling, go out further than you think you can treat it. Come on. There you go. Oh yeah.

Long Stretch

I'd go to one spring on the grads machine and out and in. Excuse me. And out. Scapular. Really rapping and in good and out. Gorgeous. And in one more time. Nice and down. Knees down, down. Stretch. In this version of downstairs, I want you guys to imagine you're pulling that bar towards your pelvis so your triceps are working. Scapula can still be widening though. Jenea and heads are up pushing out, extending the front of the hips.

Down Stretch

Head stays up. Exhale, front of the hips. Nice. Great. Inhale. Good. Use that grip strength a little bit here. Feel your fingers pushing and pulling. Good. And everybody hold their machine in. Hold it in. I know it's horrible. Hold it in now. Keep it in as you pike.

So sort this out. Drop your head. It's like you're pulling that towel with the floor towards you right now. Right? So here we go. Ahead is down. You're gonna drop. Press it out. Arms are straight. Pull yourself in with your arms. Pull. And then pike, like you're pulling that towel towards you and push out. Gorgeous. Pull yourselves in. Use Your hands ladies.

Up Stretch

Yes. All the way in. One more time. Everybody. TV and here all the way. And Boston, press your feet down flat. Good. And just rest here with a couple elephants. So you'll just let yourself go out.


And then four times getting a little bit of moment of reprieve and rest. Good. Holding that machine in. Great. Let's step off for long back stretch please. So I just want to note that as we go into long backstretch this is one of those moments where actually our scapula are really gathering together, right? So we've been doing a lot of stuff in the practice where the SCAPULA's separating. Now we're changing that storyline. Um, arms are back, downward rotation, scaffold really holding together.

Long Back Stretch

So let's get into position for long. Backstretch and feeling all of those ranges is what's so cool about Pilati. So we're gonna wait for Trina and we're going to play a those arms push out scapula together. Gorgeous and up heels reaching balls of the feet back a little bit. So push with your heels more. Good. Yeah. Good. And down.

Press in. We're just doing this direction today. Everybody. So we're just going to, yes, my love. Perfect. And arrest. Woo. You're not going to believe that we're going right to tendon stretch. I said we're standing on her arms the whole day. So here we go.

Tendon Stretch

Up you go. Everybody. 10 is judged. And take a moment to calm down so you don't fall over. Prep it up. Take your time. Choose Springs, Darling. Two Springs. Sorry about that. Bum Shot. And here we go. All right. Drop your heads. Calm Down, press out. Inhale, exhale. Come home. Think of still you're pulling through your arms, right.

So you push and you pull, right. Good. You push and pull. Yup. Working hard and sit down on your bar and rest. Just take your ego arms for a minute and drop your head. Take a couple deep breath to reaching your elbows wide.

Eagle Arm Stretch

Good time for a little praying needed. Shake it out. Other side. Yeah, and dropped your head. Good. So just letting that wrap really happen there. Yeah. Feeling the stretch across your shoulder blades. Great. Okay.

And rest good. We're going to go to overhead. So let's put the bar down to springs or one depending on your equipment. Drop your head rest and lie back down ladies. So now overhead, what I want is that feeling that we had and we have that theraband under there for, for a short spine stretch, right? So we're actually basing ourselves with our arms and not basing ourselves with our cervical spine arms straight up. Inhale, press down and up. Exhale, take it down.


Whatever choreography you're into is fine with me. Let's get the mechanics really strong in the upper body and arms. Good and rolled down. Try not to panic two more times. Yeah, it's an accelerated class so it's hard. One more. Great. Good. Your arms look great, you guys and rests. Good.

Put your handles back on the posts. Take your time to come into preparation per semi-circle please. Some of you at home, I prefer to do this with your bar up. We do it with our bar down today, but whatever you're into, again, we're always open to variations. Jen likes a bop block, however you like to do your [inaudible]. All right, so go up into your semi-circle. So where are we? We're in a handstand here. Right through, we've got that nice upward rotation.

Semi Circle

The scapula extension of the hips rolling down. Yeah. I always think of this as sort of luxurious. So don't rush this at home. Let it be. Yeah. Inhale, exhale, help. Pause. And in good. They're in tandem, which is very beautiful. Just fine. Everybody got their own pace.

Three in each direction, please. So now you'll push out. So I want you to notice how your arms start to weaken, right? You start doing this exercise and you're so into the way your butt feels. You forgot to keep pushing. So let's keep pushing the keep pushing. Keep pushing.

Get that endurance for long handstands in the center of the beach. That's her hand stance should be done. And goods and smiling. Fantasizing about that. And rest. Good. Just take a stretch here guys. Take your ankles and just let your, your uh, this stretch happen. Just take a couple breaths.

[inaudible] good. And come on out. We're going to go to chest expansion, thigh stretch neck. So everybody prepare yourself. Whatever springs you like, you're going to kneel up. You're going to hook your feet and you know, I was talking to somebody the other day about that hooking of the feet. The reason it's so great is that if you really do it, it allows you to extend the front of your hip more. Hold yourself up with your hamstrings. So don't be shy about really taking a grip there with hooking your feet to treat it. Come back and hook your feet over the edge here. Perfect. All right, chest expansion.

Chest Expansion

We're doing that same thing we did on preliminary arms. We're pulling, we're squeezing the SCAPULA. Look to the right. Look to the left. Come home again. Pull, wrap it. Good. Now keep that hip extension booty to the front wall. There you go. You got to keep that boot forward to more good. Yeah, everybody get that boot forward. There we go.

And rest. Let's see, on two springs for you guys at home, you might want to go to three, four chest for a thigh stretch coming forward. Now here's what I've been playing with lately in the studio is can I do thigh stretch, really lean back and not start to attract? That's capital, so your arms are for let your scapula stay broad and try not to be defensive by kind of managing the fear by pulling back with your scapula. So let's see what we've got. Like just you got pushed by the wind, by a hurricane force winds. There we go. And again, keep that scapula broad, right? A lot of times you'll want to pull that scapula there because you're trying to manage how scary it is. Right? You're doing that a little. Let that go. That's a girl. It'll just change the whole load on your quads. Yeah.

Thigh Stretch

One more time. Team Super. You guys look terrific. You're gorgeous. And rest. Come on off stuff all the way off. Okay. This last little bit. We're gonna gear up. Gear out your machine for the control pushups series. I think this is a series that we don't see Donald Lot employee, so if you're unfamiliar with it, you can watch for a minute and then go back to it.

Balance Control Front

But we're going to have the bar up. Yeah, and you're going to be take their mount. You'll see what they're doing. They're going into a plank position with their hands on the shoulder blocks their feet on the bar. Some people use a v, some people don't. Yeah, and we're going to start just with the arms are going to press out and in, gorgeous out. We've got that wide scapula again. And then we're going to add the leg. So you're going to kick the right leg up and in and out. And in. Just one more in each side, aren't they? Amazing. Fantastic. Keep that broad.

Scapula and Ras come off carefully. Great. Come to your back side. Now I've seen this done many ways. Employee's hands turn this way. Hands turn this way. I've seen it. Uh, look. Um, you know, difficult at times. So we're gonna keep the pelvis really high and you're gonna yeah, you do what?

Balance Control Back

You, what's right for you today. And we're going to put the leg right away. So kick and push and in kick and push and, and that's it. Kick and push. And in, yes. Where you take a spring off, she saying, of course I will. Friend, I want you to have a good and rest and rest. Good. That's better. Much better. Okay. So we know that, that, that might be well prepped in the mat, uh, many, many years prior to attempting it on a moving platform with a very old and heavy spring. So that was great. Okay, so we're going to start to wind down a little bit here. Um, let's go ahead and put our straps on for long spine stretch and just get a nice stretch out of the leg. So, uh, at home you might be putting your extension straps on here. We will be for sure.

Long Spine

So I'm gonna help Trina out cause I know this growths machine is a little less familiar. So we marry the leather and the handle. This is called marriage on a reformer. Um, so you're gonna put the handle in the leather together and loop. Um, and then I usually just leave it right here to wait for me at the altar. Okay. So, um, you've, you, if you're geared out at home, you want to gear in before your long spine stretch or it's not going to be a satisfying, um, they've already taken care of that. Put Your straps on your feet please.

Good. So we've been rigorously working. We're still going to be basing ourselves with our arms. We're going to start to slow down this bus here a little bit. So let's take this as a real long spine stretch. Set your legs out and then go off and over everybody.

Now imagine you have that theraband down there still open your legs and roll down through your spine. Just let it all unravel. Taking it all the way down. Close and up and over. Yeah. Beautiful. Great. That's better with your neck. We're always reminding folks here that we don't want to flex our neck when we go up on her neck. So you're going to almost feel like you're tipping that Chin back a little.

It's going to be helpful. Beautiful. Good. Keep that pressing backwards with your arms like you're doing chest expansion. Last one, pulling [inaudible]. Good. Let's do the dismount where you just drop your straps into the well, so take your legs up and over like you're doing plowing, yoga, and drop your feet into the well and just row right up. Pop off that machine and put your bar up. You've got two springs, nice stretches. Knees off. Nice quick pace here.

Knee Stretches Knees Off

So in Cathy Grand Studio, we used to have competitions to see how many reps we could do. We we'd get up to like 40 50 I'm not going to do that to you guys. All right, drop your heads, float your knees off, Buddhist boots to the back and here you go. Out and then good everybody in the room dropped their head. Everybody on TV land, drop your head in and good three more. You guys are strong, amazing, amazing and Boston. Stop. Woo, welcome home. Let's go to forest springs. Let's do running. Bottom lift.


Just nice and easy. Can you lying back down? And what I always think when I get to this point in my workout is that I want to go back to that original breath that I had, that slow, calm breath that I was starting with. So parallel position dancers and we're going to push out and do running and I want you to slow this bus down. Breath. Nice and easy now. So even those, maybe my running is quick. My breath can be slow. Sometimes my movement is slow, my breath is fast, but right now it's the opposite. Good.

Come all the way in. Just do a couple rounds of bottom lift to opening up your feet to the corners. Booty up and out and in. Yeah, and you could still be feeling that pushing back and the arms that basing yourself with your scapula. Good and all the way into arrest and spines down. Good. I'm going to drop down.

Pelvic Lift

They're going to have one spring and we're going to just finish with the Cathy grant version of jumping with no jump board. We're going to take our hands behind our head. You're going to get into a [inaudible] v or a first position, whatever you prefer. Maybe elbows narrow and kind of up. You better look at your feet. It crashes. Do happen here, but they're usually not like an emergency and just see what happens. You're going to press out and float and n good and just have some fun guys.

Pilates Stance Jumping on Footbar

You can do whatever you want here. You could kit, you could honor Schuchat or Antico we or whatever they're called. Yeah. All those nice French words that mean little to me at this point. But yeah, I just have fun and some of your look at treaties machine is going to go into the ocean and stop and arrest. Good. Nice job ladies. You can come on up.

Thank you everybody. You might get a little sore so you might want to take a hot bath tonight. Good job, Trina. Good job, Jan. Thanks for watching everybody.


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Thx Cara. Love your; classes, commentary and inspiring energy. I might be using your name in vain tomorrow! Thank you!
Loved this class! Great cues and instruction! Thank you very much.
Margherita S
Great to see Cara in action!
Loved this class! I agree, never enough biceps in Pilates! Thank you for a great class.
thank you Cara- that rocked! And so do you- super fun and I love your cuing
Thanks Cara!! Great class. Love how you keep it in the classical order but still can emphasize on the arm theme. And the girls rocked the knee stretches knees off sequence!! So jealous!
Sabine G
I loved that class Cara! After sitting at the sewing machine yesterday the whole day, may shoulders have been very sore, I was able to get rid it with your class, thank you!!
Thanks! Love the connection with the back of the arms into the carriage, could really feel that after using theraband at start of class.
Kate A
i liked the exercises, though small number of reps for each individual excercise
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