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Discovery Mat

30 min - Class


Allow yourself to be free in your body with this Mat workout by Clare Dunphy. She ties everything together from her Discovery Series using the exercises from Return to Life to get you moving. She pushes you to maintain the pace of the class while working at your full range of motion so you can get the most out of every movement.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


So this math class is to tie together the three tutorials that we filmed a little earlier and I hope you refer back to them because it will help anchor this workout. My name is Claire ...

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 13: The Discovery Series


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Great class Than You :)
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Thank you! Love it!
This will get your heart flowing! Who said cardio doesn’t exit in Pilates!?
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😬 Correcting my spelling on my comment. Exist not exit! Haha!
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I loved it, thank you! this is what I needed!
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That was awesome! Great fluid movements. Covered everything!
Excellent pacing! Directions were perfect 💥
Wow wee! What a workout! Thank you x
Amazing workout!! Clare, so good to see you on Pilates Anytime!!
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