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Allow yourself to be free in your body with this Mat workout by Clare Dunphy. She ties everything together from her Discovery Series using the exercises from Return to Life to get you moving. She pushes you to maintain the pace of the class while working at your full range of motion so you can get the most out of every movement.
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So this math class is to tie together the three tutorials that we filmed a little earlier and I hope you refer back to them because it will help anchor this workout. My name is Claire Dunphy Hamani and we're just going to get down and dirty and just get this thing going. And we're going to do old school style today. So let's start by jogging. Come on girls, come on in. There you go. And let's do a couple of jumping jacks just to get our bodies moving. And let's do a little cross country skiing forward and back.

Beginning Warm Up

So you're lifting up your belly, you're landing nice and light, and let's just walk, jog in place in prance on your feet so you land nice and easy toe ball, heel, that's it. And then come down and ask. Come to the front end of the Mat, cross your legs, keep your head on the ceiling as you lower yourself down to the mat and then lie out nice and long. Okay, so align your hips in the center of the Mat, take a deep breath in, and then exhale your air. Just stay for a second. Let your back come into the mat. Take another breath in still and expand your lungs to the side, to the back, and then exhale all your air and take another breath in and exhale and reach your arms up and reach the arms back behind you. Make your body feel really long, like somebody pulling you in two directions from your hands, from your feet. And then in one motion, come into the position of the hundred. Here we go and pump into three, four, five out two, three, four, five.


And your working level is that place where you can work. So the low back is long and reaching. The arms are reaching out of the back, ribs forward. That's it. There you go. So push into meet with your feet. Give me your hands and really reach and pumped from up top there.

Keep reaching. You want to really imagine that you're pushing into something solid. It's not just air, but allows you to stand into your legs and reach out and breathe deep in with the air out with the air. If you're not [inaudible] just put it down and he just keep going. Is that 10 and then hold still for a moment and lower everything down.

Stretch your arms to the ceiling and flex your feet. Bring your arms up, bring your head up and curl your head to your knees. Exhale, curl, stretch. Reach the heels and then pull into your belly to roll back. Reach the heels, reach the fingertips, pull and reach, passing through the hundred position on the way back. Inhale up and exhale, curl. If he had a foot strap, you would use it. But sometimes when my back is not cooperating, I just prop myself up on my elbows. I'll show you what I mean.

Roll Up

So keeping the legs long, you can go up with your arms and your head, but if you can't quite overcome it, curl and just boost yourself a little so you can deepen into the belly and roll back. Pull into it, flex your feet, flex them and reach through the fingers in the heels and pull under, lengthening the back and come all the way down. And then bring your hands by your sides and we have the rollover. Take your legs up to the ceiling and bring your legs over your floor, your head to the floor open. You can open wider and then rural role, rural, rural, stretch away as low as you can together and over. You bring them directly to the floor and open. You can go wider.

Roll Over

You have more there. I don't rule it out and reach away together. Over. Go ahead. Enjoy it open and exhale and you kind of draw your thighs into your body so you get a back stretch. Let's reverse now. Open over and you can bring your legs close. When you come down, you can bring your legs at your level. You guys, you can bring your legs away from you. Way Out here if you want.

Open over and we're not over. Repartitioning three is what we're doing and pull the thighs into the body. Enjoy the stretch and stretch the legs low over to the floor. You don't want to go on your neck, so keep your fingers reaching out and come down all the way and then lower your legs all the way to the mat. Kick your right leg up, flex your left foot and pull up on your standing leg and circle the leg across the body, up across the body to across the body, up across the body up. Have fun with it, across the body, up and reverse it. So keep pulling up on the standing leg and out around.

Single Leg Circles

Kick up and out around. Kick up shallow to the outside, deep across and up. One more time. And then switch legs, scissor the legs and flex your right foot because that's your standing leg now. And we circle around and up one, let the heel reach to he see, so reach long out of the hip, up and in, around up. So kind of try to stretch for that heel up one more time and then reverse the direction. Just keep it moving. Don't think too too much. Let your inner intelligence guide you and across up.

Keep the feeling of reaching and not dropping. Wonderful. Stretch that leg down to the floor and come all the way up to a seated position. Stay in your power house and just draw your legs in and roll back. Come up and roll back. Try to balance back there for a second.

Rolling Like A Ball

Come up to, we have six of these. Roll back balance. Come up. Roll again, massaging your back and up. Two more times. Stay in the center of your mat. One more time. Wonderful. Take your right knee in and we're going to lower down with control and upper body and legs in the shape of the hundred.

Single Leg Stretch

We're pulling up on our standing leg, which is our left leg. And switch it. Pull up on your standing leg. Change One, one two to reach your heel and a direct line just like the frog so it reaches out from underneath. Pull. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Reach it long and low and even get more out of you. I knew the air you go and then both knees into your chest, holding your ankles and hug and inhale and reach the legs out. Long. Reach the arms long. Circle around and pull it in.

Double Leg Stretch

And inhale, reach. You see the frog in that and around. Pull the heels into the seat and push from the Tush. And even though you're reaching from underneath, you're still pulling up in the front. So there's your standing leg and pull it together in with the air out with the air in with the air. Feel long out with the air one more time and out with the air.

Come up to a seated position. Do you know when returned to life Hailey did those two? Anyway, flex your feet, take a breath and lift up to curl over. Exhale your air. That's it. Let your shoulders come down and then inhale and come up and then exhale and chin to chest and curl up and over and go and put your head like you're going to go. That's the upper part of the a hundred feel that and come all the way up.

Spine Stretch Forward

Lift and exhale and curl and reach and stretch. So your arms are reaching from here. Your legs are reaching from here and come all the way up and grab your ankles and pull them into you for the open flag rocker from the inside to the top. Now when you roll back, I want you to pull on your legs. When you get back there. Okay, so rollback pull on the legs come up. So roll back, pause, kind of give your legs and pull.

Open Leg Rocker

So you get the stretch out of the low back and go back, pull on the legs. [inaudible] come up and again, go back. That's good for you because you have that tight spot in your low back and come up. Can you get that low? Are you getting the low back stretch? Go again, back. Open your legs wider. You guys, don't be so conservative. And one more time. Make six. Yeah, you can let them open and come up close and reach and come down onto your back for the corkscrew.


Lift your hips. Bring your legs to a 45 degree angle and come down on the right and around and lift on the left and right away you pull left. Stay with me and around and second set. Here it is, and around pull and around him. Right away. Pull from your stomach. Don't pause. No pausing and circle low. Circle low. What the heck?

And then come all the way down and sit up for the Saul. Stretch your arms out to the side, twist to the right as far as you can. Now if you're on a mat, you can go wider than your mat. I've got my feet up here cause I'm on this surface. And then exhaling, go one back arm reaches to three, come up, twist around and exhale, one, two, three and up twists. Set number two, drop your head two and come up and rotate around in the waist and reach Pinky to Pinky toe. If you can go beyond it. You got to pull back more in the belly and twist and go around.


And one, two, three and come up and twist. Pull back in that opposite side and two and three and come up and close your legs and roll down onto your back. Turn over onto your stomach. Okay, so bring your arms out to the side like a letter t, that's it. Forehead on the Mat. Raise your chest and your arms and your legs. So your arcade up in a big arc. And now we're going to roll on our chest six times.

Swan Dive

Let's go roll one and two. Lift your head. Three and four and five. Nice. Six and sit back over your heels for a moment. Okay. And stretch. Come forward onto your forearms now. And we have three sets of these.

Single Leg Kick

Keep your thighs together and your thighs light on the mat and kick right, right, left, left. Two, two, left, left three, three. Look up four, four and come down. I said three sets. We did four. Come all the way down and slide your hands up your back. Turn your head to one side and slide your hands up as high as you can.

Double Leg Kick

That's an end. Kick your bottom. One, two, three, lift, stretch. Turn your head as you come down. You kick. Let's go. One, two, three, lift and turn your head. Come down as you kick. Two, three, lift and kick. Go. One, two, three, lift. Use your belly. Lift less. Lift and come down and finish. All right, sit back over your heels. Hurry up. I'll give you three counts to get there.

One to three times up and come around them. Now we have the neck pl, so flex your feet. Now we get to stretch the back in this direction and separate them hip distance apart. And take your hands behind your neck and lift up on the back of your neck and roll back. Bring Your Chin into your chest. As you go back, you're going to pass through the position of the hundred really, and pull it all the way down. Now Roll yourself up and over. Lead with your head. Stretch two and then roll up from the base of the spine and come back.

Neck Pull

That's it. You can, you can do that. There you go. Stretching. Does that feel good? And bring yourself up and over. One, two, three and lift up and then go back. Flex your feet. You can take your elbows in and stretch. See the weight of your head is really important. And stretching your lower back. Last time.

Bring your hands a little lower here on your neck and lift. Sit Up nice and tall and go back and chin to chest. That's it. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead and pull. Yeah. Okay. Enough. Come up to a seated position, actually, Eh, uh, and actually we'll do the shoulder bridge. So go onto your back, lift your hips, and you're going to put your hands right up under your lower back like this. Keep the low back, round in long. And we'll start with scissors. One, one, two, two, three, three, bicycle one.


So you want to kind of feel like you're going to dip your toe into the space behind you and then reverse out and out. And three now, thumbs with fingers, fingers to the outside. Bend your knees. And then with control, bring your feet to the mat. So now you're an extension, right? Extend your right leg along the mat. Then kick it up, flex, pull down, kick it to flex, pull down, kick, get three flex, pull down, change sides and left leg goes up. Kick, pull. Are you breathing? I hope so. And then bring it in.


Remove your hands and then curl through your spine. Each vertebra touching. Lift your head and your up. Don't stop in weight. Twist one, two, three and center. Flex your feet and two, two, it doesn't matter.

Lower Lift Point and Flex

Three and center. And twist. Pull the legs together, reach around center you really want to turn. So like you're showing your back to the front of the room, center and twist again. Reach through the heels, three and center and twist. And with one supreme further effort of mind and body, go a little further and center. And then right from here we just fall right into the jack knife up and roll it out. Reach your legs away and we go over up and roll away.


One more time and we go over up to see the position of the a hundred in here. There it is. Push you back up. There it is beautiful and come all the way down and then lower yourself and turn to your side for the sidekicks. Why don't we face this way? First Line, you're back along the back edge of the mat. The bottom leg is a standing leg. So you're gonna pull up on that side. Let's take two hands behind your neck and instead of interlocking your fingers, let's just do palm over palm where the neck and the head mean and come all the way down onto your armpit. And just lift up in here. Yeah.


Awesome. The legs come through the front of the Mat. All right. Now just lift your, bought your top leg and bring it behind you and point your foot. Make it really long. Go get way, way back. So you really gotta stand onto this now with all your mic kicked to the front. One, two, back, back to two.

Single Leg Kick

Back back. Three, three. Don't hold back. Make your body work. Four, four, back, back, five. Back, back, six, six. Kick me back, back. Whoops. That'll get her to working. Kick me. Go on back here and kick, kick and roll to the other side. Let's go. So just roll right over. Bring your legs in front. Just swinging your leg like a pendulum. You're ready.

Take your leg to the back first. Make it super duper long cause you're reaching your leg out of the back and lifting up in the standing legging kick. Go for a kick, kick back, back kick, kick back, back, kick, kick. Lift your eyes. Keep your sternum up. Back, back. Kick, front, back, back. Big as you can. Long as you can kick, kick back. Back. Kick, kick now close and come around and have a seat sitting on top. And right from here we're gonna pull into the powerhouse and come into our teaser. There we go. And then roll back and roll up. Stay with me, roll back and roll up and roll back and roll up.


And let's go to teaser three. Everything back, everything up, everything back. Pass through the body position of the hundred on the way down and on the way up. That's it. Circle your arms around. Reach back at your legs up. So reach far back. Keep your chest high.

Hip Circles

Hip circles with outstretched arms one and round up two and around, up and around. Up last set. You can do it and up and modify as needed. Good job over there and then come all the way down. Flip over. Come on, grip. Girlies let's get this show on the road.


34 and 34 I ready. Stretch your arms and legs out. Nice and long. Really Long. Lift your arm, right arm, left leg, and your head and your eyes. She's already swimming. Let's catch up with her. Go Up to three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. One more time for six, seven, eight, nine, 10 hold really reach and come down. Okay. Bring your hands under your shoulders. Put your feet on the mat, Tuck your toes under. Legs. Joined together tight. This is actually the center.

Leg Pull Front

I know it doesn't feel it. And push up into a pushup position. That's it. Everything pulled together. Be really strong through here, through your back. Kick your right leg up as your left heel. Reach his back and come forward and down. Switch. Kick forward and down.

So try to make it a simultaneous action. Yeah. As the leg goes, the heel reaches. As the leg goes, the heel reaches as leg, heel ready to stay. And if you want to come down to your knees to turn around, you can or you can do the crossover and the crossover to this position here. Fingers facing in hips are in the air. If you have hyperextended knees, just stay here and if he can do the whole exercise. Okay, here we go.

Leg Pull Back

Ready? Kick up and down and kick to and down. And kick. Three. Keep your booty in the air kick for guess what? You have a standing leg on the side. Write one more set. Stay lifted. I have the same kind of Nice. And then come down on your road on your right knee.

Kneeling Side Kicks - Front and Back

Actually you'll be on your left knees. We'll face this way and come down onto your knee for this side kicks. Kneeling. Okay. Okay. Just raise your leg up and just lengthen it out now. Yep. Get your standing hip under. Beautiful.

And now kick front, front, back, back two, two, back, back three, three back, four, four, back, back five, five. And come onto two knees now and drop over to the other side at for a repeat. Okay. Look straight up with your eyes. Get your tail underneath you. Yeah. And we go get up on your standing leg back, back. So you want your hip over your knee and little, you want the leg to have some freedom? Don't think too much.

Don't try to over control it too much. Be Free in your body freedom and come on to your knees. Wonderful. Okay. Continue facing this direction and just come down onto your right hip for the side bend old school side Bend. So you can have one foot in front, or if you're feeling very brave, he can stack your feet. Okay. And the first movement on one, you're going to come up and over and on the second movement, keep your knees straight, lower to your hip, and look towards your feet and stretch your side. And then inhale and lift up again, and look at your right hand and profile and boost yourself up high.

Side Bend

And then come all the way down. Bend your knees. Great. Let's do that again. Inhale up and over on one. Exhale, come down. Look over your left shoulder on tube. Don't drop though. Inhale, lift up and over on three. And exhale, come down on four. Bring your other foot in front. Inhale up and over.

Really get over your arm. Stretch. Exhale, come down. Keep your knees straight. Just touched to your calf, just to the calf of the leg and then come all the way down. Now teaser your legs up to the front and go to the other side. So you continue facing the same direction and here we go. Inhale up, get there right away. You know what we're doing. Exhale. Lower yourself down. Just touch to your calf. Look at your toes. Inhale, lift up again. Beautiful.

Side Bend

Boost yourself up. Boost up from the hip and exhale. Come down in with the air up out with the air. Lower in with the air lifted, lifted, lifted. How much can you find? Exhale, come down in with the air up out with the air touchdown just to your cath. There you go. Inhale, lift. Push the floor away and exhale. Come all the way down and then you guys stay where you are.

You can tease your legs back into the center for the boomerang. Okay, we're at the boomerang already. Look at that right leg over left. Lift the legs. Hands down. You're going to push with the hands a little push open, closed. Come up, stay with me and come down and over and reach. And then from here, hands down, push to lift the legs open, close, come up. Then take your hands down and around and reach.


Now we have the right leg on top again and again. Push back, open, close, come up, don't hesitate. And around lift. It's okay to feel off balance and push back. That's how you get balanced by the way, right, is to be off balance. Reach and circling around. Go and the last set in with the air and out with the air as you roll through and up and keep it moving and reach and then push again and go back and open and close and come up and reach around to your back and stretch and come into the seal with your feet. Clap, clap, clap, roll, clap, clap, clap, roll, clap, clap, clap. Roll. Six Times, clap, clap, clap. Uh, front one, two, three back. See all this nice rolling.


Doesn't your spine feel great? And he should be breathing and sweating and his having a good time. And stay off your neck. Clap, clap, clap back. And at the top, cross your legs cause we have the crab. Oh you thought you were going to get out of it. So we go back, open, close and come up gently on top of your head. Lift your hips and go back and open, close.


Come up and lift your hips and go again. Back and open and close. Come up. Just a gentle rock to the head. Lift the hips and go back, open and closed like the crowd picks up it's food. It's like a nice sharp little action. And one more set. Open and close. Come up.

And one more time back. But Ba and come up gently to the head and have a seat and stretch your legs out and come onto your back. And then we flip around for our rocking. So come onto your stomach. Once you're on your stomach, reach back and grab your feet, both of your seat, your knees will be as close together as you can your head down and try to hold it the over your ankles if you can read down that far. But if he can't, he can't write. It's okay. And we are going to pull the heels into the seat. One, two, three. Now kick your feet up to the ceiling with your chest lift.


Does that feel good and rock? Six Times one and two and three knees. Closer and four and five and six and come on down and turn onto your back for balanced controls. What joy? Look at that 34 and 27 stress your own sec over your head and just raise your legs up to the ceiling and bring your feet behind you and you're going to put your feet on the floor behind your behind you. Grab your right ankle with two hands and pull on it.

Balance Control

So you're reaching the heel back behind your head and the other leg reaches up to the ceiling and opposition. Good. Keep reaching the leg out of the back. Nice change and pull. Flex your foot and pull out. The more you pull on that heel, the longer you can make that leg go up and change. Pull on it and reach and change. Pretty good and there and change.

So you're reaching the leg out of the back and change. Flex your foot and you're putting on this. Learn. Reach now all in one motion. Roll up to a standing position. Go Up, become nice and walk to the back of your mat. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling. Okay. Think about your standing legs, where your posture is, how you're holding your back up and rise up and find your balance. Just lift up and find your balance. Lift your gaze, your legs.


Connect under your chest and finish all the way through to the ceiling. Now lower your heels, take your chin to your chest, and Karl, really see the position of the hundred on the way, all the way down. And walk out on your hands. One and two and three and three pushups. Lower lift one. Keep your head online, elbows in tight by your sides.

Two and three lift your hips and walk back. Stay there, stay there. Stay there. Stretch now, reach into the floor and start to roll up while you're reaching, curling, curling. See the position of the hundred as soon as you possibly can, all the way to the top. Nice. So it's a tight circle and rise up and balance. You're up. There you go. And then lower your heels down and lower your arms down.

I thank you very much. Ladies.

The Teacher's Corner: The Discovery Series


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Great class Than You :)
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Thank you! Love it!
Laurie C
This will get your heart flowing! Who said cardio doesn’t exit in Pilates!?
Laurie C
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😬 Correcting my spelling on my comment. Exist not exit! Haha!
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I loved it, thank you! this is what I needed!
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That was awesome! Great fluid movements. Covered everything!
Excellent pacing! Directions were perfect 💥
Wow wee! What a workout! Thank you x
Amazing workout!! Clare, so good to see you on Pilates Anytime!!
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