Class #3593

Day 4: Total Upper Body

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 4! Today, Tracey focuses on the upper body using Hand Weights to give you a challenge for your arms. You will learn how to stabilize in your standing center work and then you'll progress to the Mat with more core and upper body exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2)


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Hey guys, welcome to day four. We are going to work on our total upper body. Yes, we're going to work out arms and we're also obviously going to work our core two. We are going to learn how to stabilize and our standing center work with the arms and then we progressed down onto the floor to finish off with some nice core and arm work. Are you ready to get going? So grab some weights. Two to three pounds. It's quite ample. I've got three towns here.

I'm going to place our hands down with an AWOL the shoulders back and open up through the chest. Out Against. We're going to lift and back. Let's do one more time. Now we're going to go up onto a little Relevate so we go up and down. As you see, I try and work with that rhythm. You can hear that beat. The music tries, just gives you that little bit of energy. Feel the rhythm, feel that music. Let the music take over your body.

Move to the beat to live. I'm sorry. Let's just do one more. We're going to open and close with the feet open to opening from those hips. We know this by now. We open from the hips, not from the knees and that beautiful first position in four, three, two. Now we're going to hold it here, just pa down please. Then we're going to stop moving. We're going to take it to the right side in a plea, a transfer, and it's an attitude in front. You're ready. We're going to add those arms.

Let's go. We take out lift out lift, and if that's too challenging, just come to a little tapping front. You don't have to lift that leg. I can just come to this point here and lift lifts all about balance, about primarily thinking of working from your core first and then everything else is secondary. Beautiful, and again, first position lift. One more. I just hold it here.

We're going to extend out and add four more. Four, three, two. I wandering it down. Now we take it behind. Cookie tap. Now add those arms to lovely shoulders and working those five and that lovely Kurt Z. Can you give me four more right here? Four, three, two, one holding here. Press it back. Yes. If we can lift that leg up with McCann to focus on that core. Your body's pitch forward.

Now bring the legs together, please. Lay down and down. Ready to go to the other side please. [inaudible] attitude. We go one and ah, and out and remember, you don't have to come to that attitude. You can come to a task call first and then you movements. Keep your shoulders over your hips all the time.

Looking good. I know I can see you right there in the living room with me right now. This time it's just hold it here. Hold to meet. I'm going to go out oh four more. Right here for to bring it down. Take it behind one. Good. Now be mindful that your leg is right behind your front leg. Good. Your arms are shoulder height right here for three and do one take you forwards.

Press suck. He knows Avnet. If you want to go to that balance, you can lift that leg up. Elbows, nice and high. Good one mall. We can get together. Step it out. Good. How are you guys doing? Bring the hands together. They're going to go up over your head. We go up, down, up, down there. Ready is big. Circle out again. What? Get into those core muscles. Okay. You Ready?

Lift please. Oh, ready guys. Circle up and down. Big Circle. Last time. Circle Transition. We were in that fly position. Your body is pitched forwards.

How am I going to add a lovely Relevate right here and out. Bodies Pitch Forwards. Posterior deltoid is are working right here. Yeah. Let's go for x three except to hold the hair. Ho we go. Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. Four, three, two. Transition. Stepping forward, elbows here and lifts.

We can lift that leg up off the floor. Pull your shoulder blades down and just hold the hand. That balance will put your foot on the floor. Your choice. Now we're going to lift overhead down down four, three, two. One more shoe forward. Hold it. That lower your leg.

We're going to go open to get it open again last time. Take it over. Hold the here. I believe. Think of this as your side. Oblique action here. Albertson knee, elbow to me. There we go. In that side of bleak. Feels good. We go down Ellis. Woo. Can you give me four more? Cause she looks so good. I can feel it.

Three, two. Give me one more. Beautiful step out. Transition. Hold the here. Shoulder blades down. Take the way forward. Lift that leg up. Hold that balance. Sucking those apps and you're ready. Let's take the arms over. Head.

Got to focus and concentrate on that balance. One more. Ready? Take it forward. Lower the leg open. If you feel your need to bend, you support the leg that's optional for you. That have absolutely fine. You feel in your knee. Bend.

You're supporting me. Two more guys. Awesome job. Come back and the knees. You Ready? Side. What's the focus right here? Is those a bleak? Yes. Elbow to knee, side bend, supporting leg can be either banned or stray. I prefer on a bed leg right now. All right, let's go for a little bit more.

Three, two, and one. Moving the legs. How you guys doing? Getting a bit of sweat going on. Oh yeah. Now we're going to circle up for three. We go. Three, two, one lift. We can get down. Let's try that again. Three, two, one, lift. Bring it down. Oh yeah. Filled our shoulders as out of alibi. Three, two, one. Bring it down. Damn.

Try that again. We go. Three, two, one. Relevant. Try that again. I'll do that. Looks good. Right? Three, two, one. Relevance. Don't forget the relevance. Okay. And again, three, two, one please. Okay guys, let's just mark, how are you guys doing? All right guys. We're going to take it down onto the floor now.

So grab your weight, make sure you've got them on the floor. So go on, grab your mat. All right guys, grab your maps. Now. You still got your weights in your hands. We're going to get down onto the floor. Alright. Six into your center of your math.

And to pick up your little dumbbells here. Elbows rounded. Then we're going to go into a lettuce. See with the spine. So we go down, down, up, up. So think of your spine being a lettuce c. So it's a seeker and of course you breathe at the same time. It's two counts down. They're going to add the arms.

We go out and in inhale, exhale, use that call in. How could the shoulder blades pulled down and back? Good, so those arms and the cause of working really hard. Guess what? It's going to get harder. We go lift, lift, lift. Yes. If possible I'm doing it. You don't have to. You can keep that leg down. Remember, this is your challenge.

You on day four right now. Time to take a little bit harder and one, two. You've got one more time. Take it back. Holding here. Elbows up, diamond position, heels elevated. The hands are together. Now we go. We go up and in so the arm slightly elevated and elbows bend it bent. You can see my hands just shoulder height and I'm just extending it out and I'm bending in. Let us see with a spine. Yes, my arms are on fire and so are yours, right?

Good. Can you give me one more holding here? Palm flat. Elbows out. Either knee here. Got It. Elbows, a flat toms, a flat working those triceps and those lovely coma fools are working at the same time.

Last time, come all the way up. Take a break, lift it up. Open your leg, reach we go. One to reach. Extend one to reach. Extend small one. Now you might not think you're doing anything right now, but you're actually working your oblique. Yeah, we're stretching them. Let me give me a, a little bit of a break with your upper body cause you've been working hard on that upper body.

Last time guys, hold you back. Come back and your legs together into your middle of your mat. Pick it up. It goes. Lovely. White's up. Come up. Separate your feet. Hit with the pot. Tilt the pelvis forward is ready for thigh stretch. So we're going to go back for two front. So you're in a flight. Posterior pelvic tilt.

Thinking of a lengthen out through that lumbar spine. Yeah. Guess what's going to happen now? You got it right. I'm to going with it. Can we go up, up press. Remember you're moving in one piece from your knee. Watch. You're not hyperextending your upper body. That lovely thigh stretch lead with the pubic bone looking good. I feel you energy. I'm all Holly here.

Whoa. Already pelvic tilt. Eight more. Oh three two, one. Take it down. Open that leg out. We're going to row, row, row, so the elbows are going up to the sky. Take that leg out to the site.

Can you give me four more looking good for balance. Now pull. Sit for eight, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Drop the hand down. Ready Lit. Guess what's coming up next. You got it. Leg lift. [inaudible] keep that elbow nice and high and let's look down to your beautiful hand.

Good. Keep breathing through all those apps in Nice and tight. Now this time, holy hair hole full. C'Mon. You might as well go for that electric [inaudible]. You're already there, so I'm not going to let you go. Might as well go for it, right? That's what you're here for. Yes. Bring it down. Take it out to the other side. Ready?

We go up and down. Pitch the body forward because we are trying to focus on the back of the shoulders. We are going for that beautiful, sexy back. Yeah, the back of the shoulder. Awesome job sucking those apps. They're not on vacation. They are working to stabilize right now. Ready? Let's pulsate go. Pulse, elbows going up. Wrists underneath your shoulder. Think a beautiful fog. There's no escape and four, three, two, one. Shoot. You're ready.

TRICEP extension in. They're really pulling those out. Pull your scapula down. Ready? Lift. Damn. See you're lifting that leg. Elbow. He's over your shoulder joint as much as you can, but keep the shoulder depressed. Okay. Whew. That's looked down. Four, three, two. Can we do one more? Hold it here. Ready?

We'll go to work. That booty work in the glute media is right now. Your obliques are stabilizing. Put Your scapular down. Push out off the mat. All right, let's do four more because I feel like an extra burden you already go. Three, two, hold it. Bring it down. Shell position and again, back now I'm going to suck in those apps and I'm going to round. I've been open now. Arms are straight. We're going to go back now. Focus on sucking those abdominals as much as she can.

Slight posterior towel. Sorry. Slight posterior tilt. [inaudible] if do eight more. Feel those arms. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one. Ooh. How do you guys feel? Grab those mans. Grab your mat. So your masters, this direction going to come into the center of your mass again. Now we're going to work more on your core. Now you're going to reach the hands forwards to here.

Scroll down. Then we're going to go west. The Bra line might here and then we're going to exhale and roll back up again. Now we're going to add a little bicep curl. So he goes down to here and then you extend. Does she come back up again? Okay, strive there.

Go down here. Lifts slow and controlled. We're going follow my rhythm. Now we're not going to go down as far for two counts. We go down for two. Oh, so minimize your range of motion cause we go on a little bit faster. Two counts down to counter.

Well more ladies and gentlemen. Two more elbows. Hi. Totally hear Oprah. Take e four lifted. Ready Bicep Co. We're going to go and hold, reached the hand pack and open.

Try that again. You're ready by Seb Cole. We go down and hold and just take the hands back and over. Bring it back up again. One more for good luck. Ready? C curve wholly here. Take the body forwards. Open arms up and over on road.

Cross. Whoo. Those arms of dying isn't that good? Good. Three, two and one come down. Flex point. Point for me to take the weights to one side. Paul did that. Roll all the way up.

Scoot down band and we're going to gently go into a lovely secret. We're going to massage the spine in rolling like the ball. You're ready. Find your balance. Decra lets go. Inhale, exhale. Keep that seeker three. Let's take and do it with your eyes closed.

I sometimes like to close my eyes any freely. Focus into the core. Your center of your body shows how everything else. No negative thoughts. You can do this. This is about you. One more guys. Totally. Here.

We're going to go flex and point and I'm trying to pull my head to my shin. Good. We're going for a little bit more flexibility here. Last time. Hold, extend scissors. Bedevils double. Now breathe and pull the leg of stretch out those legs. Good. Let's do four. More like this. Four, three, two and one more.

Bend the knees. Royal Silva. Opposite live. Holy here. Good. Think of Marie Magnum out that leg. Try and pull. Use Your upper body strength that you were just gaining from that way. Did work out. We just did to increase your flexibility.

You guys are going to get really strong. All right, hold it here. Guess where are we going to roll back down again with control whole. Take the hands behind your head holding here. Ready. Go. We go too. Can we add a little rotation guys who are now remembering this rotation?

Your pelvis is still trying to get your shoulder over to the opposite hip. Good. Breathe. Three, two and one wall and your knees. Hold the here. There. We're just going to open and close. Open and close. Open and close. Open. Take the hands all the way up over your head and take them back and cradle the head. Once again.

One Open in together, one it together. So you're opening. Think of this is the flexibility and cowork. Perfect little workout today. You've got your upper body, lower body and a little bit of call and flexibility to finish it off. That's a perfect workout. All right, you got two more guys? Ready? One open, wide last time. One that's holding here. Flex the feet, little pulses go. Eight, keep lifting up. Cool. Three to hold it.

Come back in slowly into a diamond position. Take your hands around your knees, lift up a little bit higher. Slowly roll up, feet down in your diamond position. Reach and stretch and reach and stretch. Extend your legs, reach and stretch. Reach and stretch. Come forwards. Re Stretch. Flex the feet and slowly release your toes. Roll yourself all the way up. We're going to come into your center of your mat.

From here. Place your hands forward. Be hit with the pops. I want you to press a shoulder blade down in a way. Really pulling those abs in that neutral spine. Reach out to the crown of the head and center yourself. Curl the toes underneath.

We nearly finished one last challenge to finish off for the day. We got to curl the toes underneath. Then we're going to elevate the knees. Am I going to hold it there? We're going to pull the shoulder blades down even more and we're going to pull in those apps and we're going to reach out to the crown of the head in opposition to tail ball goes back in opposition. Hold it there.

Feel that shake. That's good shake. That means you're getting stronger, you're being challenged. The body doesn't get stronger. If you don't challenge your body at DePaul more for three, two and Juan, that's lift up your tailbone up, press back into a downward dog position and hold it. That nice work guys, hold that stretch now asking for a lot. A little flexibility goes a long way in your day. Try and get your chest. You're actively stretching your chest to your thigh, your heel down on the floor or three, two beautiful. Opening your feet to your hands and roll yourself all the way out.

Beautiful. All right, we're going to lift up over head and Oprah and now we're going to go into a lovely squat. I'm relief and Oprah squat relief. Let's try that again so we go and open and now squat forward. Send your weight back. Beautiful Hannigan lift, reach. We're gonna hold it here.

Take your toes off the floor and do the little pulses. Pulse. Think nice and strong. Get your way into heels. Three, two, one. Paul, just helping to take you back. Folding to take you back.

Folding to say, keep back. Active flexibility here guys. You know I'm a big fan of active flexibility down. We're stretching. We're also building strength and heat in those legs down.

Think of the hamstrings doing the work. Hamstring down. Can we hold the hair one more time? We need you. There we go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Lift it up and see if we can go onto our tip toes. Find that balance. Come down. Now we're going to walk it out. Send it back. I just walked through the feeds. It's going to get that heart rate back down.

Yes. When you're walking your total body with control, your heart rate is elevated so you are burning calories. Just because we didn't do any hit training today cause me to say you didn't burn a lot of calories there. The more you put your mind to the muscles, the more they're going to work. The more calories you're going to burn and the better results you're going to get. Two, eight more. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one a. Come to here. Take your right leg, take it behind. Press the pelvis forward and see if he can balance here and hold that stretch.

Tilt the pelvis forward. All right, go for the other leg trying to balance. Tilt the pelvis forward. Quads, the hamstrings. Needle a lot of tender loving care. Please believe me. Lots of stretching goes a long way. All right guys, take it the second position or shout and just go right then left, right, left, right, left.

Four, three, two, one. Hold it thou hole down. Skip out on the stretching and I know you guys were waiting to get out. Do you want to get out into the big wild world? I'm keeping you right now to strap. You'll be grateful for. I pray.

Okay. All right. Take it down. All right. Finish off with our lovely Rola. All right, let me do, I roll down to finish off with and then I'm gonna let you go. Okay. Ready? Send to you mind and body. Xcel roll down and roll all the way. Uh, how great do you feel? That was a great workout. I'm about you. I've got my heart rate up. I felt my upper body work hand. Am I cool?

Got a great workout and I got to stretch at the end. So we remember guys specking important. All right, I'll see you soon. Good job guys. Keep up the great work.


Mariagrazia I

@Tracey Mallett this workout is beautiful and very hard and also very beautiful music, different from the others, you're always the top
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This work out was on point. Just a well rounded work out. Thank you think its my fave.
Gosh, that was such a beautiful workout. Well-balanced. Detailed. Even without the weights my arms are burning. Very very good. Thank you.
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This was my favorite so far in the series. Thank you!
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One more gorgeous workout, thanks...
Lisa V
1 person likes this.
Feel so fortunate to have this challenge series. Agree with Mariagrazia, the music was terrific. Thank you.
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“A perfect little workout” indeed!
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Loved this workout. Thank you!
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Tracey this is fantstic! I love it!
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Oh. So. Nice.
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