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Class #3593

Day 4: Total Upper Body

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 4! Today, Tracey focuses on the upper body using Hand Weights to give you a challenge for your arms. You will learn how to stabilize in your standing center work and then you'll progress to the Mat with more core and upper body exercises.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights (2)


Hey guys, <v 1>welcome to day four. We are going to work on our total upper body. Yes, we're going to work out arms and we're also obviously going to work our core two. We are go...


@Tracey Mallett this workout is beautiful and very hard and also very beautiful music, different from the others, you're always the top
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This work out was on point. Just a well rounded work out. Thank you think its my fave.
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Gosh, that was such a beautiful workout. Well-balanced. Detailed. Even without the weights my arms are burning. Very very good. Thank you.
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This was my favorite so far in the series. Thank you!
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One more gorgeous workout, thanks...
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Feel so fortunate to have this challenge series. Agree with Mariagrazia, the music was terrific. Thank you.
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“A perfect little workout” indeed!
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Loved this workout. Thank you!
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Tracey this is fantstic! I love it!
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Oh. So. Nice.
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