Class #3678

Foundational Mat & Reformer

60 min - Class


You will build a strong foundation with this Mixed Equipment workout by Brett Howard. He teaches Mike, who is new to Pilates, showing how we use the method to create healthy habits that we can use for our lives. Through his clear instructions and vivid imagery, he helps Mike move with precision and control throughout the class.
What You'll Need: High Chair, Reformer, Mat, Mixed Equipment, Moon Box, Triadball, Pilates Pole

About This Video


Love his teaching style
Love your teaching tips :)
Thoroughly enjoyed this and got a few tips. Thanks. Awesome teacher!
This was a joy to watch. Thank you!
I love the very precise teaching.I wish I’d learned Pilates from you .
This was so, so good! Such great detail on every move and so helpful to see how you progressed each move. I love your classes!
Thanks for your slow pacing. Seemed a bit confusing with directions at times for the client. Correcting posture was helpful.
I just love to see you teaching real life clients! I don't teach seasoned Pilates Instructors so it's extremely helpful to watch you set a student up for success using cues and assists. Thank you so very much. I'll be pouring over the rest of your videos!
Always a bit challenging to teach someone new to Pilates, so this is very helpful Your instruction is so direct and comprehensible. Thank you Brett!

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