Class #3682

Foot to Hip Connection

45 min - Class


Find the connection of your feet to your hips in this Cadillac workout with Debora Kolwey. She continues in her series demonstrating the work that she does with her client, Helene, using the Cadillac and props to find length and support in the spine. She encourages you to move with the flow of your breath so that you can move naturally rather than force your movements.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Yoga Strap, Yoga Block, Moon Box, Wall, Towel, Fitness Ball, Reformer Box, Magic Circle


So we're gonna do a little snaking feet to open up your hips and then we'll get your back, stretched out on the ball, okay? So go ahead and just have your feet together and your knees ...


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Debora, Loved this video, your teaching and insight. I am teaching in Wilmington, NC (since 2009). And I feel so blessed that my training with you, The Pilates Center and Inside/Out studio in Durham, NC have always integrated the subtleties of body movement -- to unlock full movement potential in all areas of mind, body, spirit. Pilates is a pathway to so much learning and growth for each individual--and it is an art to keep that alive and pass on. Thank you! Best, Jennifer
Excellent, a gift for the hips!
Thanks Debora. Great lesson!
I loved your class. Im in Teacher Training 56 and your hands on approach and cueing and tips brought a lot of aha momments. Would you have a class on help with pain when putting weight on bent knees, right side of patella?
Thank you again your great!
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This was sooo beautiful! The way you worked with Gia made me wish I could be your client! So gentle, so precise and concentrated. The video really felt as if I - as the viewer -was sneaking into a private session! You are a wonderful role Model to know how I would like to be as a teacher..! thank you!
wow! thank you so much for your kind words

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