Class #3683

Foot and Ankle Strengthening

35 min - Class


Work on the alignment of your feet and ankles in this workout with Debora Kolwey. This is the first class in the series demonstrating the work that she does with her 85-year old client, Helene, with small props such as the Foot Corrector and Toe Corrector. These small but detailed movements will help you become more aware of the muscles in your feet so you can feel more grounded and stable.
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Yoga Block, Reformer Box, Magic Circle


Okay. Should we start with the, with the tow corrector? Okay. Go ahead and put your hands by your sides and you can use your arms as much as you need to to help you keep your back up. ...


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Super mindful and helpful. Thank you!
very interest, but where is possible to buy the foot and toe correction? Thanks
Maria ~ Here is a link to some of the props for feet at Balanced Body. I hope this helps!
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Thank you Gia
I enjoyed the material presented and your cueing. I have a question about intent of where the Center of Mass should be when Gia is performing the relevees and plies at the end of the Cadillac while wearing the toe corrector - do you want her to be able to let go of the Cadillac ( at the end of the exercise) when she’s on relevee, with straight leg and be on balance?
Thank you, Debora.
Thanks for your question and interest. Remember Gia is standing in for my client who is 85 and quite bent forward in her gait and even in standing tends toward pressing forward into the front of her hips and standing back on her heels. She also has a lot of inner ear issues; balance is shaky. So, for Helene, I use the toe corrector to give her the support to stand with her feet straight ahead and a bit wider than hip width not only for stability but to activate her glut medius and other hip muscles, (not flexors). She holds on, obviously so balance itself is taken out of the equation, but to encourage her to stand more surely on the back line of her legs and hips. The intention in this case is not to be able to let go. I wrote more but it was too long! Let me know what you think
For the toe corrector exercises, do you make any adjustments for clients who have extreme bunions? I’m wondering if the natural focus on how the toe corrector is pulling on the bunions makes it more difficult to attain your goals.
I have not found that. I do, however, have a toe corrector that is quite light. There is the black one that can put a strong pull on the tendon but they make a red one that is lighter and that's the one I use with Helene. You can adjust where you place it; more distal or more proximal. We do all kinds of work, both manual and active for the feet and the ankles, as well as hips, (to improve alignment and the forces, load, going through) and the coordination of all of this is important, as they all impact each others' function.
Lovely to watch thinking of your 85 year old client. Really liked the detail and precision. I’m going to watch again and do the class myself. Thank you.
Hi Debora, I love tutorials like this and you do them especially well. I tried the functional footprints for the standing exercise with toecorrector - to really find the alignement and found that helpful. Maybe you could sometimes add your thoughts - why you aim for something. It is such a particular work and I do not always get your idea behind it. But I will watch again and maybe pick it up in the second run. thank you!

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