Class #3692

Articulate Feet and Hands

30 min - Class


Create whole-body movement flows in this class for articulate feet and hands with Elizabeth Larkam. You will wake up the foot pad pressure sensors that clarify your standing balance. This will create new coordination patterns to stimulate your brain/body connections.

This is a great class to use as a preparation for a full workout.
What You'll Need: No props needed


Welcome to Pilates Anytime. I'm Elizabeth Larkam and I'm so happy to be back with you. (cymbals chime) I've spritzed my mat with Soul Support. You might think it's S-O-L-E support, it's actually S-O-U...

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Thanks for this. This work has been very important in my life over the past few years and has made a big difference in my mobility. I do some of it every day. Thanks for teaching me,
So happy to hear from you Lori that these sequences are helpful to you🙏
I enjoyed this a lot! My feet feel "empty", featherlight, "windy", and ALIVE. All the stale lymph got flowing :) It even opened a bit my head synuses - I have a bit of cold and mucus at the moment...
Thank you so much for your gentle and sensitive but deep work. Always an inspiration!
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Amazing class. I am feeling my feet nice rested and relaxed.
Grateful Katra for your articulate insights. So glad their class helped you feel well.🙏
Sounds good Maria!. Happy to hear that this class is beneficial for you🙏
I used to do part of this a while ago and a couple of pieces I kept up because they are in the karate junbi undo and this is more complete. Thanks for the reminder.
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After working on my feet, I sat for a deep meditation. Definitely soul medicine. Thank you Elizabeth, a wonderful way to get into feet, hip abdominal, visceral, fascia
Good news Kristina that this sequence serves as a reminder of your previous practice. This class includes new variations that were not in my 2013 Foot Festival.
Inspiring to read your comment, Praveena. I agree, regarding Soul/Sole movement medicine
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