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VIIT Reformer

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Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT) is one of the newest and safest ways to maximize your fitness results and time efficiency. In this Reformer workout, Elizabeth Larkam uses VIIT to offer exercise variety and frequent changes in timing to keep the risks for injury low. It differs from High-Intensity Interval Training by incorporating rejuvenating movement sequences during each interval. During VIIT, participants choose options for each exercise so they can sustain between 40% and 90% effort through the duration of the workout.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Jump Board

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Welcome to Pilates Anytime. I'm Elizabeth Larkam, thrilled and delighted, honored to be with Kristi Cooper. Pleasure's all mine. (laughs) a little nervous. We're bringing you our first...


You two are super the chattier ones who always pipe up in a group reformer class and keep people smiling. I love the rotational work, and I think you should copyright that VIIT, Elizabeth!
Have been waiting for this one to come out because you get so many creative versions and angles which our bodies really need. Elizabeth, do you find a particular formula helps to build a VIIT class? Meaning body positions to follow, supine, quadraped etc and starting from feet and working up through the body and then return to the start again?
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I love this class! I like the use of the diagonals and the mix of jumping.
Question if anyone knows: Other than the roll up in leg straps would this workout be Osteoporosis safe?
Today is a holiday in South Louisiana - Lundi Gras but I'm going to go to studio to do this workout! Thank you to the ever creative and always inspiring Elizabeth Larkam :)
Terrip88*, thank you for checking about the appropriateness of this class for osteoporosis. You are correct that Short Spine Stretch which is loaded thoracic flexion is contraindicated. In addition, the quadruped abdominals with hands on box that involves thoracic rotation is also contraindicated. Options: you may keep the jumping sequences and replace the thoracic flexion and rotation with related excerpts from my Reformer 2017 class. Caution in terms of sustained weight bearing through wrists Very best to you!PS: my next VIIT reformer class that posts next week has options that are safe for bone health
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Thank you so much for your quick response! I'm excited for your class next week but will follow your options above for this class.
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I've always enjoyed Elizabeths unique approach to the Pilates work and her creative, inspiring cues. Such a gifted and delightful teacher I always learn something new from her.
Sounds good Terrip88*. Let me know how it goes for you. And write back when you have questions
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Super fun, very creative, and lots to learn and digest. I really enjoyed the conversation between Elizabeth and Kristi - it added both good humor and good things to think about. Thank you for a wonderful class!
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