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Moving into Side Support

30 min - Class


Build up to Side Support in this Reformer workout with Amy Havens. She shares her approach to threading the exercises so that you can be successful in this challenging exercise. She adds the Foam Roller at the beginning to help you connect to your center quickly, and then moves on to work the rest of your body so that you are collected, organized, and ready.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Foam Roller

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Hi everyone, I'm here for reformer workout. And today, I feel like doing side support, the one arm balance side support. So, I'm gonna build it, I'm gonna do what I wanna do and give y...


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Ok, Amy, I've got a confession. I don't love side support stuff on carriage that isn't loaded. I usually teach the baby star on knees with the super, fun step off to go to the other side; but I have to say, I really loved this approach. Great reminders leading up to our apex pose of what we need to be doing with all our bits and pieces. Thank you for this! Really enjoyed.
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Thanks Amy, I loved how you built this class!
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Great info! I am wondering if you have any tips for overcoming the fear factor. I end up doing a lot of this side work on my knees. Also, thanks for giving Peak springs! I know the equivalents by now, but appreciate you noting them.
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great workout! i love the thinking and the connection between the exercises until getting to the end. to the peak! thanks!
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I also loved the build on this class. My obliques will feel tomorrow I’m sure! Thanks Amy!
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First time for me! Thank you for the confidence to do it - not perfect but felt great!
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Masterfully cued from start to finish. The detailed instruction is truly remarkable. Thank you for the 30 minute masterpiece.
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That was great, Amy, thank you! I loved the start on the soft foamroller!
In the end I had to do a red and a yellow on BB, - it was a little tricky to get on but much more do-able for the movement.
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I rarely do full side support because it is so challenging. (I often stick to the knees.) This was a great way to lead up to it and I did it! Yay! Thank you for another great class!
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Thank you so much Amy. I loved this class definitely repeating it. This class is my first one to myself to practice daily ( life happened Pilates practice went bye bye) .
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