Class #3746

MELTed Pilates Mat

50 min - Class


You will experience the combination of MELT and Pilates with this Mat workout by Hallee Altman. She starts with an assessment so you can see where your body is in space. She then moves onto traditional exercises, using the Half Roller to help you rebalance and rehydrate your body.

Note: You can find the MELT Soft Half Roller that is used in this class here.
What You'll Need: Mat, Half Roller

About This Video


Welcome. My name is Hallee Altman. I am joined by Gloria and Angelique. Today you are gonna experience MELTed Pilates, the beautiful marriage between the MELT Method and classical Pila...


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Truly amazing class! I was amazed the first time I got off the roller and felt like I was sunk into my rug from the ribs down.  I definitely felt the difference after each sequence.  Your cueing of the exercises and the percussive breath was also very helpful for me.  I am excited for your next class, but will be repeating this one frequently!   Thanks very much and happy to have you as a new teacher!
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Thank you for such a warm welcome Lori! I'm thrilled that you gained so much from class!
Thankyou... that was excellent and felt so good for my body. Look forward to more classes from you Hallee
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Thank you Vicky! Keep your eyes out for one more class and one mini tip!
Excellent - have been wanting this combo for years and have simply been "playing" with my rollers for years.   Felt so good to be taught and taught WELL. :) 
Thank you Debbie! Keep playing. MELT and pilates is a beautiful marriage!
Thanks for sharing this great class. I Always feel my right side disconnect on my roll downs. By the end of class I was able to connect. Definitely adding this a few times a week to make my body much happier. 
woo hoo! Mary, that is major! I'm thrilled that you noticed a change after just one class!
This was a fantastic class! I travelled quite a bit a couple of weeks ago and was still struggling to get my body back in balance, this really made a big difference today. I feel so much better. Thank you! 
Thank you Kristi! I’m thrilled that you feel better and enjoyed class!
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