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Melted Pilates Tower

50 min - Class


You will feel taller, lifted, and stable after this Melted Pilates workout on the Tower with Hallee Altman. She starts with an assessment to see how close you are to your ideal alignment, then teaches a few MELT movements to help eliminate stuck stress. She then adds traditional Pilates exercises on the Tower to ensure that you are working from your center.

Note: You can find the MELT Soft Half Roller that is used in this class here.
What You'll Need: Tower, Half Roller

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Hi, my name is Holly Altman and I'm here with sue Heitzman, creator of the melt method. And today we are going to show you a melted Polonius apparatus class Sue's going to be demonstra...


I just went to the link to order the soft half roller. Shipping at the least expensive shows $62 for a $45 half roll. Is this correct?
Yes, this is correct from what I see as well.   This is what I found if it helps.  I have not purchased though.
Paula,Terrip88* I have both the Melt full roller and the OPTP blue and aqua half roller.  In my opinion they are of similar densities.  Hope this is helpful.
 Very much so!  Thank you.  
Thanks so much!
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Hi Gals! I'm sorry to say that sometimes the shipping expense is a deterrent.  If you don't own any rollers, this link is to the MELTed Pilates bundle, and may give you more bang for your buck dle
The one thing to note about the OPTP rollers is that their full roller is a 6" diameter, half roller a 3" diameter.  The MELT roller is 5" and half is 2.5" inches.  I notice the difference less on a half, but there are a few moves: bent knee press and rib length (from my MELTed Pilates Mat) that the .5" is noticeable.  Be sure to adjust or consider the cues accordingly! 
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Hallee, so great seeing you teaching Sue on Anytime. Merging MELT with Pilates is always brilliant!
Thanks for the clarification Hallee and also for the great class! :)
Thank you Sandra and Kristi! I’m so glad you enjoyed class! Sue was a joy to teach!
Excellent class!  Loved it. Your cues were perfect and easy to follow.
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