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Locomotion Warm Up

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You will start to improve your continuity of movement with this locomotion warm up by Juan Nieto. He teaches different locomotion patterns that allow you to move back and forth through space. He encourages you to continue practicing because these types of movements will help you in your daily activities.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi Guys. Uh, my name is Cornetto, um, physical therapist and movement practitioner from Spain. Um, we're gonna do a little warmup. Um, we're gonna use, uh, locomotion patterns in order...


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Juan, that was amazing!  I love it for many reasons, but the most important is that these are movements and motions that we should all still be able to do, but have lost over the years.  I have many ladies who are good on their "backs", but have trouble to lift off the ground using their wrists or legs.  Thanks so much and I look forward to watching other videos from you.  
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Thanks Elizabeth, to film this video was definitely a leap of faith and I'm glad you can find it valuable. I think there's a lot to explore using this kind of patterns. Have a great weekend. 
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great work!
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that was interesting.  I can't see some of my old ladies doing some of the moves but others should be possible.  
Juan, having done the Oov training, I think this is a great extension of that work taken into fuller expression. 
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thanks Juan - great to come across this - simple yet challenging - would love more of this - perhaps a series?
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I love to see this type of animal flow being mixed into our Pilates world! Thank you!
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Me encanta este trabajo me recuerda a animal flow y lo propongo en mis clases de danza con niñxs.
Gracias y a seguir jugando.
Thanks Anna! 😊
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Hi Helen, many times we as teachers create some "boundaries" for our clients. It has been researched that the stereotypes we all have (age, gender, etc.) modify our decision making process. You'll be surprised how much the people can do if they have the chance to expose to the task in a gradual and positive way. People love to feel they can overcome a movement task that seems beyond their expectations. Thanks so much for your comment.
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