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Stretchy Feel-Good Mat

25 min - Class


You will improve your flexibility with this Mat workout by Meredith Rogers. She focuses on stretching, making sure to address your entire body. This is a great class on its own or you can add it to the end of a more intense workout.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jun 12, 2019
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Hi there. Thanks for being here. This class is just basically to get ourselves a little bit more flexible. It's an intended for an add on to add a different class or a maybe after a run or a different...


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Meredith thank you soo much🙏These series fo stretch classes became my favorities for mornings and evenings. Can you consider doing a looong one with both cadillac and reformer in one class?  ❤️ 
Lovely thanks Meredith. Just the right length for after a busy day sat at a desk. Great commentary as usual! Hope you are well, Sarahx
Thanks ladies!
Z A I will certainly keep that request in mind!
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Thank you! After my back injury that was a total release and sweetness!
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That felt great after a hot day of yardwork! And I’m absolutely loving the class notes on some of the classes!
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Yum! Needed this! Thank you Meri, definitely returning to this one :)
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Thank you!
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Thank you! Exactly what my body needed today 😊
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That was so yummy! I have a spinal fusion L3-L5, and it felt so good for my back. Thank you! I will definitely put this one in my favorites! ❤️
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Great class!  I took your advanced mat class and then finished with this feel-good stretch class.  Just what my body needed.  Thank you Meredith, I look forward to more of your classes!
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