Class #3783

Class 3: Release

25 min - Class


You will find a release in your body with this gentle postnatal class by Georgia Burns. She starts by rolling out the tense spots as well as breathing so that you can start to rebuild your core muscles. She then demonstrates how to massage a c-section scar so that you can release the adhesions that have formed as a result of your surgery.
What You'll Need: Mat, Small Tennis Ball (2), Bolster (2)


Hi, my name is Georgia and this is the third class in a six part series on c-section and traumatic birth recovery. On this class, we're going to focus on releasing. So I've got two ten...


I love the way you address the pelvic floor, thank you. Woman’s health after traumatic are expected to get on with it without proper guidance...I had C-section 14 years ago...I still have sticky bits surrounding the scar and wonder if it is too late to start on loosening hardened tissue layers? Many thanks!
Senada it is not too late. You can start scar massage now and it will help to loosen it. Let me know how it goes!
Hi Georgia, love this playlist. Your approach is so gentle and safe, and your voice is so calming. I will definitely be incorporating some of your ideas and movement into my pre and post natal classes. 

I wish I had this when I had my son 19 years ago away from home without family support -going through an emergency C section, and having loads of challenges breast feeding him. The pain and tears I had to go through after being sent home a few days after being cut up is something I do not wish on any new mother. Thank you Georgia for reminding all new (and not so new) mothers that we have to love and care for ourselves!
Joanna Thank you. This means a lot to me. Isolation has become the reality for so many women. We are lucky as Pilates Instructors that we can give support. 

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