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You will flow through a workout on the Reformer in this class with Meredith Rogers. She uses minimal spring changes so that you can keep moving from one exercise to the next. By the end of the class, you will feel buoyant, light, and more alive.
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Jun 28, 2019
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Hi, thanks for joining me today. We're just going to do a nice reformer flow, so if you're ready for that, I am ready as well. I've got the box set up on the reformer and we'll have one blue spring attached to the springs. We'll stand just at the edge of the reformer. In fact, just to step back from the edge of the reformer, we'll take the arms out and up as the arms lift.

Lift the chest lift, create a sense of lightness and buoyancy in your body as you bring your arms back out to the side, allow them to soften as they come down towards the thighs and inhale on the exhale, we'll bring the chin into the chest. Using this first roll down just as a check-in, you're checking in with your body. I'm checking in with my body. We take the body down towards the floor, pause, and in here as we exhale, we push down into the feet. We roll up through the spine, checking to make sure that we're equally balanced over both of our feet. When we find ourselves back in an upright position again, where we can again, take the arms around and lifting, lifting, lifting the chest and buoyant and light.

Take the arms wide and down, allowing the body to come into an upright position. And then exhale, bringing the chin into the chess and articulating the body forward. Feeling that the legs are supporting you. The weight of the body stays a little forward over the toes. We feel the feet energetically pushing into the floor as we lift through the center of the body, extending back up into a straight body. We'll do that one more time.

Reaching the arms around Anna who just a moment of breath, oh moment to let everything else that isn't a part of the this movement. Practice fall to the wayside and rolling down, bringing our focus inwards and in here and exhale, lifting or, and then once you arrive up, step in to you're quite close to the um, reformer. Reach down. Place the hands on the edge of the box. And in here as we exhale, we'll roll the spine down. And then e long eight the body just reaching a ride over the top of that foot bar. Exhale, roll through the spine so we ripple back through the spine.

I'm all the time pushing the box away and inhale, reaching out and down, doing the pelvis, spreading the sitting bones and XL rippling through again, tucking the tail under and bringing the box back towards the body. Let's do that one more time. Reaching out and down and in here and exhale, rolling the spine up. Once we come all the way up or transfer both hands over towards the left side of the box and then as we go first into that flat back, then we'll lean over towards the hill left, opening the right side of the body and then exhale, rolling back through. We'll do that one more time. Reaching out and down. Elongate. Stretch the right side of the body and exhale, rolling back in.

Okay. Once we bring the box and we transfer the hands over to the right side of the box, the pelvis stays square as we take the spine over and across to the right and then her rolling back in. And one more time. They're reaching out and down across to the ry left side of the body. Gets this stretch XL to come back.

Once you arrive back in, we'll take one hand on either side of the box. Again, square the balance, the weight over both feet. Take the spine down low. Might have a little bit more room than you did when you started. That's the intention. Exhale, articulate back through, and then once you arrive at the top, just find a flat back. So the arms are pressing the box away. Shoulders are drying down in back. We stand on the right foot. Send the left toes onto the floor behind you.

That lift that left leg into hip extension, bringing the leg in line with the pelvis and then down. Exhale to lift. Inhale to touch as the left leg lifts. The right leg energetically pushes down into the earth and lift and we'll do four more to make eight and three. I'm giving you the number that I'm intending so that you can make sure you're honest with your counting. I'll try and be as honest as I can with mine. Lift that left leg and pause. Bend your right knee and straight.

Keep lifting the left leg as the right knee bends and straightens in here and exhale. This is forward. We're going to do six, five and straight. And one more time. Bend one more time straight and step the left foot back in. Square the spine. Square the pelvis, take the body down. Yeah, and then roll through the spine to bring the box back in. Okay.

Once there we find that flat spine position again, bringing the body parallel to the floor, trying to stay equally weighted over the arms as we send the opposite leg back. Lifting that leg up and down as the right leg is lifting. The right pelvis stays facing straight down towards the floor. The left foot pushes down as the right leg lifts sa I believe this is for, so that makes for more and down and three and down to down last time, holding the left, holding the leg up, bending the left knee and stretch, keeping your arms long and straight. Reaching the box forward all the time. Here's our halfway point number three and reach and three stretch and to stretch and one stretch.

Stepping the right foot back in, squaring the pelvis, squaring the shoulders, taking the body through, and then curling the spine to bring the box all the way back to the stop or once it arrives there, we continue up onto our feet and we walk around to sit down onto the box. Okay. Taking a hold of the ropes above the hardware, sitting right in the center of the box, taking the arms out in front of us. Inhaling on the exhale, we'll let the pelvis rotate under. We'll start bringing the body down towards the box.

Okay. Once we feel the low back, connect to the box, we'll take an inhale and then exhale, curl back. Ah, bring the shoulders over the pelvis and lift the body up tall in. Exhale, Tuck the tail ender. Roll the body back, bringing the box forward. Okay. In here.

Staying heavy in the feet as we now exhale and roll up. Keeping the arms nice and close to the thighs. Nice and close to the box. We'll do that three more times. XL. Taran okay. Inhale to pass. Exhale to lift. I'm using the lower leg, my lower leg to push against the box two more times.

Rolling the spine down and rolling the spine up on the last time, which is coming up. Now we're going to pause at the bottom for a little while. So here we go. XL Roll Down, connects the lower spine into the mat, lift the right leg up and ah, ah, and Ah, ah, and down. Last to, up and down. Last time up. And as the right leg goes, we get prepared to lift the left leg. It comes up right away. Four, five reaches down to touch, pull from the center of the body and reached down, keeping the trunk. Very stable here. He controlled last too.

Yeah, last time. Now we're going to alternate for five. This is a little trickier. Five, four, four, three, three, two, two, one and one both legs in the air. Now both legs go down and back. Any amount your amount is determined by your ability to control the pull weight of the legs as they move away from you.

Keeping the low back connected to the box. We have two more. Yeah, one more [inaudible] now it takes us a slightly away from the body. Keep them there as you roll towards your thighs, lifting all the way up with the spine and then place the feet down. Bend forward, hang up the straps and scoot to the very front of the box. Lifting the feet up off the reformer.

Roll down into the double leg stretch position so we have the hands on the knees. We've got the body in a nice lifted position. We go into the double leg, stretch out and back in hotel. Recheck filters. Circle and connect the hands to the knees. [inaudible] keeping that very focused in that flection position. [inaudible] form or in back. Controlling the position of the spine. Three out in, back out and back holding onto the right knee with both hands.

Left leg goes out straight for five, four. I push my knee into my hand to help myself manage the height of my trunk. There's three, two last one. Now on the next set of five we're going to take this straight like down, bringing the bent knee into the body too. So we just change the positioning slightly.

Two more. Yeah. Last time. Both legs in. Use your arms to help you find a little bit more connection or just have a small break. Hands behind the head for the crisscross. Rotate and her keeping the chest lifted throughout. Okay, one more like this. And then we take the straight line down into the frame. [inaudible] lifting the chest.

Three more like this, keeping the elbows wide. The head just rests in the hands. Here's our last time in both directions. We come into the center, take a hold of the knees, send the knees a little forwards, use your arms, use your abdominals or roll back up. Place the feet down. I'm come all the way up. Are you warm?

I am. So we'll take the box off. We'll put it up towards the back of the reformer or wherever you like to put your box when you're not using it as where you'll put your box. And then we'll set up some springs for foot work. I like to choose three reds in one blue spring. You'll choose what you like. Once the springs are set up, we'll come all the way down onto our backs. Okay.

Placing the heels of the feet onto the foot bar, bringing the arms straight down next to us, taking a breath in. Exhale, pressing down into the foot bar with the feet as we roll the spine up, letting the abs have a little break from being in deflection. We take the body into hip extension into spinal extension, and then we roll down thinking about softening the throat, softening the chest, reaching the fingertips away from the shoulder blocks, keeping the carriage at the stop or all the time and come all the way down. Inhale and Exhale, Rola feet, pressing down, hips lifting up. Inhale and Exhale, rolling down. Really maximizing the curvature of the lower spine as you move through that space and inhale and exhale, lifting up.

Okay. Hips coming up nice and high and exhale to roll down. We'll just do one more. Inhaling and exhaling and inhaling and exhaling. She's the last one, making the spine longer. As we lay it down onto the bed, I flexing the feet. I'm going to lift my headdress.

I like to be able to see my feet. You can keep yours down or up, pressing out and coming back, pressing out. Equally weighting both legs. I say that all the time. It's because it's mostly a reminder for myself, well for everyone, but I try to remind myself all the time to really try to work both sides of the body evenly. Then we check in with the arms, check in with the back of the ribs. Both of those parts of our body should be down and anchored. We'll do two more here, out and back and out and back.

From there we'll move to the toes. Keeping the feet in parallel, pressing out and back, pressing out. You feel that you're actively pulling the reformer in. So it's not just the work on the outfit, it's work in both directions. Using the foot work to continue to warm up our body and in out and back. Four more times. Oh, three more times.

Two more times and last time. Okay. Coming all the way back in. Bringing the heels of the feet together, continuing that rhythm out and in. Stretch and resist who lengthen in contract? [inaudible] oh two five more out. Fully extending the length rapping from the back of the lane.

Last two and one coming all the way back in. Once we arrive at the stopper, we'll take the heels out to the outside of the bar, flexing the fee, actively feeling the inner thighs engaged. Press out, pull in, stretch and resist so they feel the back of the legs. We feel the insides of the legs as the legs are straightening all the way we feel, the fronts of the legs working to control the extension of the knees. [inaudible] we bring our awareness to our breath. We continue to breathe.

Okay. Continue that rhythmic movement of the carriage. We'll do three and back to and in last one out and in from the bottom. Come to the toes wide on the foot bar. Keep that inner thigh sensation happening reachout and in her reach and in [inaudible] creating length through the spine is the knees are bending, creating length through the spine actually all the time.

Okay. And five and for bringing the carriage back, softly touching every time. Three and two. Heres our last one coming all the way in. Back into the center of the foot bar, hip bones, distance apart, sit bones, distance apart, pressing out, full articulation of the foot under and down. And the rhythm that I like to work with here in this exercise is a down to pull more on three and down. Two. Pull more on three in app. Feel that you're working as you're lifting your heels all the way up through the back of the leg. I don't know. I've lost count. I'm sorry about that. We'll do four more and hope it's close to 10.

Here's three. Wrapping the toes over the foot bar as the heels lower and one from here. We'll bend one knee, one heel drops, both feet meet in the middle to change keeping the pelvis and the spine very controlled as we alternate through the fee, bringing awareness to the center of the body, keeping it everything in our focus, everything engaged. And we'll do five more. Inhaling and exhaling.

Yeah, inhaling and exhaling. [inaudible] and last one, giving ourselves a stretch at the bottom on one side and a stretch at the bottom on the other side. Okay. And then bend in. We're going to do a single leg exercise. It may be too heavy, so if you need to adjust your springs, feel free to do that. Now I'm going to breathe it and just keep the spring that I have.

We'll set the left foot on the bar, send the right foot down, fairly low over the foot bar as the left leg straightens. The right leg comes up. Open, close, bend in, reach down, press out, lift up, open, close in, reach down, press out and lift up. Open, close. Bend and reached out. As the like opens out to the side, we keep the opposite side of the pelvis very grounded. [inaudible] five more open, close and bring it down.

And for pal, this stays heavy and all the way and three open, close and back to open, close and back. One more open, close and all the way in. Once we arrive at the bottom, we'll place the right foot on the bar on the heel. The left leg goes just above the foot bar. Anchor the pelvis on both sides. Press out, lift, open, close Ben and her, each and Ben. So as that leg comes up and out to the side, we're just navigating how to control the opposite side of the pelvis. The connection into the heel of that pressing leg is very helpful to focus on.

Five more ads back and in for back and in theory. Oh, did I? Okay. And in two, ah, back and in one word up, uh, back. Okay. And En bend that knee, take the feet down or the knees down over the foot bar. Maybe wiggle in a little bit so you can use your knees against the foot bar as you lift your arms up, lift your head and chest and roll the spine up.

Up, up, up, up to take the foot bar in your hands to lift the chest up and back to reach down and adjust the springs. I'm changing to one red and one blue. We come back down. Yeah, no. Same way we came up. We reached back for the straps. Once you have your straps in your hands, you could step back up onto the foot bar.

Sudden the arms just over the shoulders. The legs are gonna lift and they're going to come out into a diamond shape. Take a breath in. As you exhale, we'll lift the body, stretch the legs out. We'll hold here and lift. Three, two, one arms. Begin lifting the feet. Come back together. The head comes down. Exhale, lift and stretch. Hole. Press for one, press two, press three. Bend the knees, lift the arms and lower the body air again. Exhale, reaching between the legs, pressing out to the side. Lift one, lift to lift. Three, bend the knees, lift the arms and come down to more XL. Reachout lift. Press one, two and three.

Bend and come down. One more. Exhale, lift and stretch the legs. Press one. Press two, press three. Then the knees lift. The body lifts the arms, bring the knees together. Separate the hands. Exhale, head and chest up, legs open. Go out straight. Open the arms and the legs and pull back in hill.

Everything stretches. Everything comes back together. Four more here, keeping the term nice and connected. Three, keeping their arms just level. Full Body. Okay, one more. Bend the knees. Lift the spine. Lower the body.

Place your feet into the straps. Okay. Sorry. Can't quite get my strap to get on very quickly today. Going into a frog position. Stretching the legs out and bending. Just some basic hip work.

Okay. Keeping the feet flexed. Yeah, pulling back through the abdominals as the legs reach out straight. We'll do two more and last time when the legs are straight, the feet point, we take them down all around together. Press down and away. Out, all round and together. Press down in a way.

Ah, really focusing on the back of the legs all round and together. Would you? Four more here. Oh, it's all rounded up theory out all round and up to our round and up here, their last one down. Ah, all around. Up at the top. We'll take it through the rivers. Open, press down and together. Stretch. Wail away from the body. Well, the ways, it's like your legs are trying to reach in the opposite direction as the carriage is moving. As the legs come towards the body.

The policies very heavy. Yeah, we're really lubricating the hips. Last two. Okay. I had one more.

Okay. Ben. The right knee, bringing the right heel up, the left fi's, the left eye goes out and then pull from that straight leg to come to center. Then the opposite side. So we alternate sides. One leg bends in one leg stays straight, but the thigh bones, the femur is separate evenly to one another. Okay. Okay.

What do you just a few more. Three more to eat side. Again, as you're coming back to center, you're focusing on polling from the street. Like, here's to pulling from the straight leg and two last time [inaudible] and last time if your headrest is up, reach back and take it down. Starting with the legs as they are bringing them up into a vertical position. As we exhale, we'll roll the spine up, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting, separate. Take the body back down all the way into the neutral pelvis and then bring the legs down and together from there we take the legs back up. Now here as we're articulating this spine, we use the back of the legs to keep the carriage still is where you roll the spine up open.

We'll use the legs just enough to keep the carriage still as we roll back down, standing evenly into the arms, lower all the way down and bring the legs down and together we'll do two more. Inhale. Huh. Okay. XL, articulate this by, it was in the back extensors. Inhale, open. Exhale to articulate the spine down.

Okay. Coming all the way. Taking the legs down and together. Last time lifting and uh Oh, hang the spine up. Okay. And rolling the spine down.

Okay. Once you arrive at the bottom, bend your knees, remove your feet from the strep, step down onto the foot bar. Come in, hang the straps up and come up. We'll take the red. Uh, excuse me, the blue spring away. So now we just have one spring. One red spring will come up onto the knees.

Yeah, keeping the right foot up against the shoulder black. Bring the left foot up onto the foot bar and pressed the pelvis forward for a hip flexor. Stretch pausing there and just breathing a couple of eh, as we go into the hamstring stretch, we want to think about the left sitting bone pulling back towards the inside of the right heel. Get as straight as you can. Better to have eyes than no eyes. For this one, you can rest assure that I'm doing my best to be squared, but I'm pretty certain that I'm not perfect. And then as that front knee bends, we reach that back leg back, maximizing the stretch through the front of the leg. Pause into the hip flexor stretch again. Hold for a couple of breaths.

Yeah, we'll take the hamstring stretch again. [inaudible] well come back in once we're all the way back and we'll if the right arm up, we'll side bend, bending the left elbow further, increasing the stretch in the right hip flexor and probably in the right side. We'll come back. We'll take the arm and we'll switch. Tucking the toes under, getting that foot right up against the shoulder block. Stepping the right foot up onto the foot bar.

[inaudible] finding the hip flexor stretch. Taking a couple of breaths here. It's stretching that right leg out, bringing the right sitting bone down and back towards the inner left heel. Creating a lengthening idea around the back extensors, whole lengthening process and the back extensors. And then as that right knee bends, the left leg continues to reach back, back, back, back, back cause we come all the way back in.

Okay. Breathing. Yeah. And then once again, pressing out. Okay.

Once again, bending back in. Once we come in we'll take the left arm up. Using the right arm. You can bend your right elbow to pull and stretch to that left. Tip that left side body coming back, placing the right foot back up against the shoulder block, bringing the pelvis forward for the down stretch. Push out and take the chest up and back.

Press out. Feel the backs of the legs helping you to support the position. Lift up and back. Press out. Okay. Lift up in back to more press. Yeah, lift up in back. Last one.

Presser. Keeping the gaze forward all the time. Press up and back and then rippling through the spine and come into around. Back position. Take the legs out and back in, out and back in, out and back in last two. And then we'll combine those two movements so we bring the carriage in. We come into a flat back, take the carriage back, bring the body through the down stretch.

Keep the carriage at the stop or as we around to sit back flat in the back. Push out with the legs, bring the spine in and up. Keep the carriage still as you round back, straight in the back. Press out with the legs, bring the carriage in and up, or the spine up the carriage in. Let's do one more round. Extend. Take the carriage back, bring the body up, and then tuck the toes under. Arrest the forearms on the bar and sit back into rest position.

Taking a couple of breasts here in and out. [inaudible] and then coming back up. Stepping up onto the feet, placing the heels halfway up the shoulder blocks. Push with your arms to take the weight of the body back into the legs, finding the up stretch position. Inhale, the legs go back. Exhale, they come back in, they go back and back in. One more. Back and back in, and then pivoting around the shoulders, bringing the body into a plank position and back into an up stretch, into a plank. Back into an up stretch. I'm still on that one red spring that we shifted to for this stretches back into the app stretch and then back into the friend support plank forward over the foot bar, and then lifting up in, back into the AB stretch, back into the AB stretch to through the long stretch or coming forward over the bar and back into the UB stretch when position.

We'll do that once more down, all the way through and lifting. Once you arrive back at the top, placed the heels of the feet down onto the reformer. Once again, lengthen and find that long flat back. We'll take the carriage back and in, back in, back, and in. Transfer the right hand closer to the center of the bar. Take the right leg out to the side, up around, behind you. Square the pelvis. Lift the right leg. Take the left leg back and in, out and back.

Lifting that right leg one more out and back. The right leg comes around to the side, comes back down. Bring the right hand across. Bring the left hand towards the center. Take the left leg around and back and that right leg goes out and pulls back in, out lifting the leg as you bring the carriage and one more out and back, like comes around to the side. We step into the feet. Take the hands away from the foot bar.

Allow the knees to bend and rural up onto your feet. Yeah. Oh all the way, and then stepped down. I'm going to sit on the reformer still using the one red spring, taking the legs through the shoulder blocks. Keep the about a hands with the space behind you on the carriage.

If your legs don't fit through the shoulder blocks, feel free to cross one over the top of the other. The arms will start straight out in front of us. We'll bend the arms, bringing the hands together just down from the sternum. We'll exhale in, roll back. Keep the carriage still. Take the arms out, push back through the arms. Then keep the carriage still as the spine comes forward over the legs, lift the arms, circle the arms all the way overhead, laying the spine down, and then roll up through the spine.

Inhale, elbows, bend, hands come together. Exhale, the goes back in here. We take the arms down in y, x. We take the body forward, bringing the arms behind us, lift up, rotating through the shoulders. As we come around to the front and then rolling up. I feel that I'm just a little crooked, so pardon me as I shift and maybe I'm just crooked inside of my body and that's a high possibility. Exhale to roll back. Okay. Arms reach, spine comes forward, arms come back, arms come up and around, forward all the way and then up. This is our last time in here.

Exhale to roll back. [inaudible]. Inhale to take the arms. Exhale, bring the arms back, take the spine forward, reaching the head forward. Lift the arms, bring the arms around, lift the spine up, bringing the arms out in front of us. Bend the elbows. Keep the upright position of the spy. Then as you exhale, bring the arms down towards the sides of the body, keeping that 90 degree angle at the elbow joint. Inhale, do a little bit of flection as you pause and then take the body back. Reach the arms up, lift the body, take the arms down, inhale to bend. Exhale. As we go back, the arms come down to the sides of the body.

There's an inhale to find a little flection and exhale, reaching the arms forward. Lifting the spine up and back the arms. Come with us as we sit up. Let's do two more. Bend and roll back. Pause en in here. Lift up and back with the body. Reach forward, keeping the elbows parallel and coming all the way up.

One more time. Inhale to bent. Exhale, roll back. [inaudible] in Hila. Pause left. Reach forwards. Sit all the way up and take the arms down. Hang the straps up in, turn around. [inaudible] so we'll sit right up at the very back towards the shoulder blocks. [inaudible] taking the straps in the thumbs, bringing the arms just below the chest.

Take the arms forward and I level dropped the fingertips down. Turn the palms of the hands away from one another as the arms lift up, and then take the arms out to the side. Inhale, bend, Xcel. Send the arms up and forward touch internally. Rotate Palms. The hands face away. And then as the arms come out to the side and down the palms of the hands, face forward two more times.

Reach forward and down as the arms lift. Feel that the spine lifts more and then reach out to the side. End Down last time. Reach forward and down. Lift up. Okay. [inaudible] and bend. Yeah. Inhale. Exhale. As the body goes down, bring the arms down next to the body.

Then in one movement, take the body into back extension. Arms overhead in internal rotation. Sit all the way up. Open out to the sides. Inhale, bend the elbows. Exhale. Articulate the spine down. As it comes down. The elbows draw. Reachout. Lift up and open out to the side. Two more times. Keep lifting as the elbows bend. Exhale, roll down.

Arms down. Reachout lift, done and around. One more bend. Articulate down, arms reach, spine reaches, spine, comes up, arms come around and down. Let's hang the straps up and grab the box. Okay, well, so I think I'll just take the foot bar down. I don't think it's a big deal, but we'll just move it out of the way just in case.

So we'll put the springs on. We're going to do side overs and we'll pick up the box from where we left in. [inaudible] bring it back to the reformer. [inaudible] come up onto the box, take the strap over the foot, turn onto one side. Okay. Excuse my backside. I always like to do the side that's most difficult first. And this is the side that's most difficult for me.

So that's why you see my backside first. Here we go. One Hand and the other hand behind the head. We go down and find a straight line. Go down and find a straight line. Go down. And uh, we'll just do this twice more.

We'll keep it simple on this one down and uh, last time down and ah, reach down. Either put your elbow down on the headdress or if you can comfortably reached to the floor with your arm. Do that. Take the left arm or the top arm overhead. It happens to be my left arm. Find a stretch. Sure.

Take that arm. That's free towards the front of the reformer. Hold onto the reformer as you roll your top hip backwards slightly. Keep energetically reaching through the foot, the leg, come back with the pelvis, lift the hand off the floor if that's where it is so that one hand is on either side of the frame and use both arms to help you orient the stretch towards the back of the body. Okay, and then carefully bring yourself up out of that position. [inaudible] change science.

No, I can see you lifting the leg up into the strap, hand behind the head, finding a straight line and then going over the box and how it's over the box and out and over the box. And I'm smiling because I love this exercise. Last one. And then we go all the way down. The hand comes down or the elbow can come to the headrest. Whatever feels better to you. The right arm can reach the top arm can reach, sorry, elderly pushes out in the opposite direction, so the fingertips in the toes reaching away from one another.

We'll take the hand towards the front of the reformer. We'll let that top hip roll back. [inaudible] we'll come back around one hand on either side of the frame and then we'll stretch the back of the body [inaudible] and then when you're ready, make yourself make your way. Make yourself, make yourself come up. Make your way up. Let's come off the box. We'll turn the box back long ways. Again, it can go either to a blue spring or a red spring. [inaudible] we're going to do the breaststroke, so if that helps you choose your spring, I prefer red, but that's just a personal preference, so please feel free to make your own choices.

We're going to take the loops of the straps in the thumbs. Pull on the box, put your hands on the corners, come onto the box with your body. Take a minute to make sure you're straight on the box, and then bring the arms into a bent position with the elbows reaching down into the straps. From there, we're going to take the body out, reach the arms forward, bring the arms out to the side and around, and then drop the elbows close to the straps. As the elbows bend in, recheck, take the arms around and then elbows drop in as arms reach down, reach at lifting the back as arms, reach around and bringing the body down to oh the way around down last time. Act up all the way around and Dan and then [inaudible] churning the hands to the box. Step off to the side again, carefully bringing the box back to the stopper will come full circle and finish the way that we started standing in front of the reformer.

I would use a blue spring for this next thing. So if you need to adjust, do so. So from an upright standing position, maybe take just a moment and notice if you feel any different in your body. I definitely feel more alive in my body at this particular moment. And here we go. We take the head down, we allow the arms just softly reach out in front of us, find the edge of the box, and then reach the body down. He longed gating. You may find that you have more room than you started with. I definitely do. And then rippling through the spine. We're just going to do this three times.

Just another check-in like we did in the beginning, checking in at the beginning, checking in at the end, reach out and good. Here's a last one. Reach Long. Create even more space in your body space you didn't know you ahead and lift back up. Once you arrived on your feet in the carriage comes to a stop roll up and we can just continue bringing the arms up into the air, towards the ears, feeling that energy that we are looking for in the beginning of the session. And then Nice, soft. Allow the arms to open, gathering even more energy as they come down to the sides of the body.

And hopefully we can carry that energy through the day. Thank you.


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Love you so much🙏🙏🙏
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Hello, Meredith, nice to see you. I love your classes.
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Can’t wait to do this! I have missed your classes and I wait patiently everyday for a new one to pop up! You are the queen of Pilates Anytime!!!
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Great workout and fantastic flow!

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Thank you! Wonderful flow- worked the whole body. :)
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Great class.  Loved how everything flowed seamlessly.  Thank you:)
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I was on a holiday in London (with no reformer) when this class first posted. Finally today I was able to do it! Felt great after not being on a reformer  for two weeks. Thank you! As always I love your cues and your flow.
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I love how basic her workouts are - but ending with a hard move like breaststroke 👌🏻
Thanks so much for taking class with me and sharing your sweet and generous feedback!
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Lovely as always Meredith, appreciated the rowing back and front x
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