Class #3633

Self-Care Reformer

45 min - Class


Find ways to keep up your strength after a back injury with this Reformer workout by Meredith Rogers. She follows up on a previous class where she was just coming back after hurting her back. She uses simple movements to help you find the details in the work that can help support you when you need it.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Thanks for this beautiful class. I love your cueing and thoughtful movement!
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Nice group of restorative classes. Thanks for filming them. So glad you are feeling better!
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Meredith, this was completely lovely.
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Meredith thanks for this amazing class!
More pleaseeeeee
Thanks ladies!
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That felt great! Loved every minute. Thank you! :)
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You never disappoint! Glad you are better Meredith!
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This was such an enjoyable class Meredith Rogers. Very relaxing movements. Felt great! Thanks so much and best wishes with the recovery!
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Thank you Meredith Rogers
Don’t get in the practice on myself these days and my ribs and hips are now troubled so this helped ! Time to book myself in at my own studio :)
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such a great class - can you mention springs as well? I get confused which spring to use sometimes. Thanks!
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