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Find ways to keep up your strength after a back injury with this Reformer workout by Meredith Rogers. She follows up on a previous class where she was just coming back after hurting her back. She uses simple movements to help you find the details in the work that can help support you when you need it.
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Hi everyone. A while back I filmed a class when my back was out and I showed you the types of things that I was doing to ease my way back into my movement practice and I got so much really beautiful feedback from so many of you and such encouraging words of support and I want to thank everyone for that. This class is intended to be a follow up to that. I am much, much better how would even say back to normal, but these are the sort of simple things that I've been doing to keep up my strength and to make my way back into optimal health. So you can use this as a followup to that class or as a class on its own. It's up to you, but that's what it's intended to be.

Pelvic Tilt

And here we go. We're going to lie down on our back. Okay. Bringing the arms long along the side of the body and just taking a moment here to feel the feet hip distance apart on the foot bar and just to settle in. Feel the length of the spine from the base of the skull. The back of the skull all the way down to the base of the pelvis and you long gate in between those two places feel that the arms are reaching towards the heels and the heels perhaps are dragging downwards on the bar.

So it feels like a circle of energy between the heels and the fingertips. Bring the awareness to the breath and the inhale. We allow the ribs to expand to the back and to the sides and as we exhale we lightly work through the center of the body to support the connection there in here. As you exhale, Tuck the tail under, allow the low back to flatten into the reformer and then inhale, reach back, taking the spine into gentle arch and exhale, drawing the abdominal. Then our how in the spine to flats and into the reformer and in has you reach back in arch.

One thing that feels okay for me now because I just feel like I can move a little bit more quickly and I don't have to be nearly so careful about about how, how I'm getting myself set up. But it, it's a very nice way this too, to just get the pelvis and the lower spine moving and now we're going to take it up into a full bridge. Inhale, exhale, flattening the spine, standing evenly on the feet, and then just begin peeling the pelvis away from the reformer, sending the knees forward and the heels back, the fingertips forward in the head back in here, and then exhale. Feel that again, that reach backwards of the head as we peel the spine back down. Working to bring one bone at a time into the reformer underneath us, dropping all the way down into a neutral alignment. In inhale and exhale, flattening the spine, stepping into the feet, pulling the heels back so it feels as though we're trying to pull the carriage into the stopper, which isn't difficult because I have springs on the reformer set up to do foot work and inhale, so they're assisting me in that carriage stabilization, but it's nice anyhow to to create the work necessary to keep the reformers still, even if we have a little assistance. Inhale and exhale, standing in the feet, standing in the arms, elongating the spine as it lifts out of the bed of the reformer, pressing into the top of the position. Inhale and then exhale, softening the throat, the chest, the middle back, lower, mid back, and working down through the base of the spine. Let's do one more inhale and exhale. Peel up, holding ourselves up at the top. Inhale, we're going to step into the right leg without shifting the pelvis at all.

Pelvic Curl

Lift the left leg up and touch the bar. Excellent. Lift the leg up and touch the bar. Exhale to lift up and touch the bar. Just Abel Asing the spine here as we stand on one leg one more time. Lift up as you play. Set foot back down onto the foot bar.

Bridge w/Single Leg Lift

Can we do that without creating a lot of shifting in the pelvis or in the spine as we stand on the left leg and lift the right leg up and touch. Exhale, lift and touch. Exhale, pulling the leg up from the center of the body. Here's our last two and down last one and down. Stepping into the bar. The most challenging parts for me is when I'm having to step down or change sides and really trying to look for stability there. We're rolling down the spine now, imprinting it back into the reformer and as we come all the way down through the pelvis, let's reach the arms around, hold onto the pegs, lift one leg than the other for the spine.

Bridge w/Single Leg Lift

Twist will go towards the right on the inhale and exhale, so working within our range that feels comfortable on your back if you're coming out of an injury. Certainly want to be sensitive around range, but if you're feeling good as I am starting to feel, we can really work into that range now exhaling to come back and I find what really helps me in this pro process of stepping back into what feels like my normal body is just the reminder to be patient, to go easy and to really look for the details in the work to really look for the support in the work and the strength that can be found in the simplicity of the movements selected. We'll do that one more time to each side in here and Exa and inhale, gently moving the spine and exhale. Then to lift the head and chest, hold the back of the legs, roll up, turn to the side and put the pelvis just at the front end of the reformer. Then roll back onto the reformer, letting the feet drop down towards the back of the legs. Hands. They're going to come behind the head here, reaching the scapula up in forward to cradle the back of the head. Inhale, take the back over the top. I'm keeping my, my upper back extended, but my low back and middle back on the carriage. Exhale to curl, inhale to go back and Xcel to curl. So when my back was feeling challenged, one thing that was very difficult for me was to go into extension.

Spine Twist

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm really enjoying being able to work that range. Again, I think it's a very important range to consider. We'll do three more like that. Inhale back and exhale to lift. Inhale back and exhale to lift.

Abdominal Curl w/Extension

Taking the whole of the size, deepening into that position, checking that the tail is down, checking that the low back is supported and flat on the carriage. Let go hands come back behind the head. We're going to lower the toes towards the ground and pull back in. Now the amount is that the toes go down is directly determined by the ability that we have to keep the lower back connected to the reformer. So again, a very simple movement pattern, not necessarily very easy but simple. We'll do three exhaling to lift and excellent.

Double Leg Lift and Lower w/Bent Knees

So lift and down one. Excellent to live. Reach again for the back of the size reach again, one. Once again, just reinforce that flexed position of the spine. Hands come behind the head again. We'll take one foot down and alternate. Okay.

Toe Taps

Pulling one leg towards the body as the back of the leg presses the other leg down towards the floor. We'll do four and four. Three and three getting the abdominals and nice and warm too. One and one. Both lakes. Can you come up? I again, we can reach behind the thighs, reinforce the position, rotate towards the left leg, holding onto that leg and we're lowering the right leg towards the floor. Exchange Science.

Toe Taps w/Oblique Twist

So I'm using my arms to really get a nice supported position there. I never ever use my arms to make something easier. I always only use my arms if I want to take some care to find a really, really solid position. Let's do four and four breathing, three and three. Two and two. Last time.

Last time. Bring the knees in. Take the hands back behind the head. Once again, just allow the back chair reach over the edge of the reformer, taking a stretch through the front of the body and then lift the head and chest, hold the thighs or the knees and come back up. So let's come back down onto our back. Okay. Place the heels of the feet onto the foot bar, flexing the toes back towards the knees, anchoring the pelvis and press out.


Once again, I'm going to put my hands on the front of my pelvis, on my ass and bend. And so I'm just feeling for equal pressure in my legs, feeling for the neutrality of the position. You want to keep that tailbone down, but we also want to make sure that we're not doing that effort by lifting the ribs or the center of the body. So the back is nice and stable. I like to imagine that I'm velcroed to the reformer and that nothing in my legs can happen until the center body connects and starts working. Let's do three more out and pull out and pull one more out and poor.

We'll do five little pulses here to maintaining the strength in the legs too. And one come back and move onto the toes, pressing into the bar with all 10 toes. Press out and ah, and back breathing. Feeling the length in the neck. You can also feel under the hands for there has to be engagement in the tissue underneath your hands and the bowl of the pelvis. We'll do four more here out keeping the heels nice and still three and then two and then one more out.

Heels - Pulses

Back in pause and pull. Two, three, four, five and bend in. Swivel the heels together to touch. Pressa wrapping the hips and wrapping the hips. And I'm trying to again find connection to the center body before efforting in the lay eggs, we'll do four pull back. I play a little game with myself where I try to make it more difficult to come in than it is to push out.


One more bending in and we pull to deepening in the abdominals. Every pulse press, Huh? Bend and take the feet to the outside of the bar. Feel that the inner size are sliding towards one another. So that there's an energy between the legs as we stretch in.

Toes - Pulses

Then bent, stretching, then bend flexing through the feet, breathing with each movement. Last five and pull back four and pull back three and two. One more. Bending in, pausing there. Tiny pumps. Five, four, three. I'm trying to go deeper into my abdominals with each pump. Press out and bend in.

Pilates Stance

Come up onto the toes, keeping the knees out or the feet and knees out and then press and press working the reformer as become in reaching and resisting. Okay. Focusing inwards, focusing on breath, on intention, on inner strength as well as out or strength for three last two. Okay, one more. Come back in. Little pulses, five, four, three, two.

Pilates Stance - Pulses

Reaching out and coming back and we're going to move the feedback in towards the center, keeping them just hip distance apart. Reach out, take the heels under and connect that heel raise all the way through the back chain of the body. Cross the hips through the upper back, which is heavy through the back of the skull, which is heavy, but try to find some lightness in the feet. Pushing the bar away. We do four and three, two and one. Let's alternate the feet.

Heels Wide Second

Now pushing into the foot bar with the bent knee foot. The foot that's attached to the bent knee pushes actively into the foot bar as the opposite heel draws under for a stretch. We'll do five more here. [inaudible] four [inaudible] three [inaudible] two [inaudible] one and just stretching that heel underneath the bar. Bending at the knee, continue to reach the heel under the bar, reach back to a straight leg and change reaching the hill under the bar, ending the knee, feeling this stretch.

Heels Wide Second - Pulses

Travel a little higher up and lower down into the Achilles and up into the belly of the calf. Stretch the hill down underneath the bar again, come all the way back in and reorganize the feet so the pads of the feet are on the bar. The toes are reaching over. The top of heels are reaching down as though you're trying to hold the bar with your whole foot. Press out, heels, reach under, and then heels continue to reach under. As we feel the stretch across the feet, press out, heels reaching under. Continue to feel that heel reach as your toes wrap over the top. Stretch the top of the feet, stretch through the killies. Oh, I'm getting a little cramped. I have to wiggle my toes and here we go again.

Toes Wide Second

And then last two ribs are heavy. Yeah, eyes are soft coming all the way in. We're going to take the heels out to the outside of the foot bar. Let's just take both knees over in one direction. So pressing into the top hip with the back of that top leg, coming back to center, changing signs, stretching into the front of the hip.

Toes Wide Second - Pulses

[inaudible] coming back to center, taking the legs and wrapping the knees over the foot bar and her. Bend the knees. Squeeze the foot bar, lift the arms, lift the head and chest and roll the spine up to change springs. I'm going to take it down to one red and one blue. And then articulate. If this articulation work doesn't work for you, you could always just rock yourself up and back down. So once we're all the way down, we'll take the straps into our hands, find some tension on the springs.

Heels Lower Lift

Bring the legs up into a tabletop position. In here. As we exhale, we're gonna curl the head and chest, reaching out towards the foot bar as though you could touch and then lift the arms and then bring the head and again acts to lift up, making sure the lower back is coming into contact with the reformer and then lifting the alarms. Using that lift of the arms to challenge the height of the torso and head comes down and three more x to lift. Lift that alarms and bring it down. And two more. X how to lift. Really energizing the alarms. That's what helps us lift as high as we can.


Here's the last one. We're going to hold it up. Stretch the legs out straight and bend. Reaching past the feet and cha pull back and her recheck. Pull back, lifting higher. Two more. Bending in. One more.

Toes Parallel

Bending in this time. Bend install for the lower spy lifts up, curls up off the reformer, lower the pelvis and lower the body. This time as we exhale, we'll send the legs straight up into the air. We're going to take the legs down. Lift the legs to 90 cruel, the pelvis up, curl the pelvis down, take the legs down, lift the legs nice and simple. Moving the spine from the center of the body. Three more down, a little pelvic Kirra and down. Two more. Down and back. Little pelvic curl. And then last time down and little pelvic curl and down.

Spinal Twist

Bend the knees, lower the body. Take the feet into the strapped. Just keeping it simple. With our hip work today, heels together, toes apart, pelvis anchored. Again, powering the movement of the legs first from the center of the body, press out and bend. Press out and bend.

Roll Up Variation

Putting a lot of focus into the squeeze in the heels that drag in the press of the lengths. Yeah, the breath. Of course, it all comes back to the breath. [inaudible] we'll do three more and Paul to Mars, stretch out and resist. Stretch out into circles. We got down around to get down, out, around in touch.

Hands in Straps - Reach Forward

I always like to challenge myself to make the legs work at the exact same rate. And if you've heard me talk about that before, you might know and that's sometimes a challenge for me as a think you can be for a lot of us. Well I'll do four looking deep into the details. Three to find the integrity in our work. Yeah, I feel as important [inaudible] so it's not just about making shapes but feeling into the shapes maybe as an idea, as my idea open, lengthening the legs away, the body and then keeping the pelvis incurred as we lift up, open reach down to come together and lift and open, reach out. And so I've said this so many times, but I'll say it again. It's, it's not the advanced work that is the end all be all goal.

Hands In Straps w/Double Leg Extension

It's this very focused simple work that prepares us and makes us able to do the more advanced movements. Okay. Keeps us healthy and strong. We'll just, you chew more like this and one more. And then on that line with the heels just in front of that, we'll take the legs out and pull back together. Imagine zipping the legs together right through the center of the body.

Hands In Straps w/Double Leg Lower and Lift

Imagine that you have something heavy to push heavier than the springs even so that you're working into the spring tension, but you're also creating additional challenge for yourself. [inaudible]. Okay, so we'll just do three more like that. Drawing a straight line across the horizon, noticing where the arms and shoulders are, noticing if you're gathering tension in your neck, and then let's bend the knees. We'll do a variation on the short spine today, so keeping the head down, stretch the legs out, stray, bring the legs over and I'll allow the weight of the springs to lift the spine up. Bend the knees, bring the heels right up into the hips, and then roll the spine down.


I find with the heels close to the hips, it oftentimes gives me a little bit more opening in my back rather than so much of a hamstring stretch and press out folding in half. Letting the springs assist the lift of the spine, bending the knees, heel tight into the hips and peeling down, peeling down, peeling down, working into that lower spinal stretch. And then we'll just do that twice more. Letting the springs help us and assist us into that lift. Keeping the arms long, the neck long the heels tight to the seat and lowering down and you're reaching at one more folding in half.

Leg Circles

Finding ease in the position, ease in the body and bringing it down. Once we arrive all the way down, let's take the feet open, bringing the arms on the insides of the knees in an effort to open and stretch the hips. Pressing the knees out, pulling down on the ropes, pressing down and back through the hips. And then maybe rocking just gently over to one side, going into a deeper stretch on one side and then find center rocking over to the other side. Deepening the stretch on that underneath of both sides, really and center. Let's do that one more time to each side. Over. Okay.

Lateral Open Close

And Center and over and center and then bringing the soles of the feet together. Taking the hands to the insides of the knees and simply pressing the knees out and away from one another. [inaudible] again, we could rock to one side and center the other side, [inaudible] and center. And then we'll just take the feet, slip them out of the straps, come back in. Could either rock yourself up or once again you could reach and Hook your knees over the top of the foot bar, lifting the arms up, lifting the head up and Oh, rolling. I got stuck, but that's all right cause that happened sometimes, you know, pull the back up, lift the chest. Imagine trying to pull the bar apart here as we get a little bit of movement into the upper back.

Short Spine Massage

[inaudible] okay. And then we'll come off to the side and down we're going to remove a blue springs who we just have a red spring. Okay. And then we'll come up onto the reformer onto our nice. So let's take the Lessig back up against the shoulder blocks and put the right foot up on the foot bar coming forward and pressing back through that left sigh. Just pause here and take a couple of breaths in and out, in and out.

Hip Stretch

[inaudible] in an out [inaudible] from there, let the front legs start to stretch out. Trying to take the pelvis straight and trying to lengthen out through the spine. Flattening out, lifting the chest, breathing in and out. And then as the front knee bends, the left leg continues to reach back into that hip flexor. Stretch, pausing and breathing as we come in over the foot bar over the foot with the knee. Yeah, and then once I again stretching that straight leg long, I'm doing my very best to square and to flatten my back.

Roll Up Variation

I realize that perfection is elusive, so forgive me for my infor perfections when they are eyes and coming all the way back in. I'm gonna just six change legs. Their right foot goes up against head a. What's that? A shoulder block against the shoulder block. The front foot steps up onto the foot bar.

Hip Flexor Stretch

We get a little bit of energy back through that right leg as we press the carriage back, working into this stretch to the front of the leg. Breathing in and out. Yeah, and then taking that straight leg back. Does anyone ever feel like they live in two completely separate bodies? That's how I'm feeling at this moment right now.

Like my two sides. Never even met each other and come all the way back in. Pausing for a few breaths. [inaudible] and then taking the pelvis straight back, squaring the pelvis as best you can, lengthening the spine as best you can and then bending in and we'll just bring that like back down. So we're on both knees now. Both feet up against the shoulder block, both hands on the foot bar, bring the pelvis forward and through. Press the carriage away. Stabilizing the spine or holding the spine stoves.

Down Stretch

We just changed the shape and the arms exhaling to press out. Inhaling to lift up. It's a good idea just to keep the gaze in the same place. Now it will change. It will shift as the carriage is moving. But what I mean or what I'm trying to emphasize is that we're not looking down to initiate the movement. We just continue to keep the eyes forward, to keep looking out into the distance, lifting up feeling as though we're lifting up away from the foot bar.

We'll do two more. Yeah, yeah. One more. Okay. And then we'll bring the feet together behind us and just let the forums arrest on the foot bar as we take the pelvis back towards the heels. Let's roll up through the spine, turn around, reach down for this straps. Hold just above the hardware, bringing the arms just in the size of the body, the sides of the front of the size of the thighs, and then pressing back and forward pressing back and forward feeling as though you're positioning yourself in such a way that just holding your balance in this position feels like it requires some effort.

Chest Expansion

So it's quite easy just to lean back and let gravity help, help you balance. But let's try to see really forward right over the top of the knees and use that as a challenge so that we have to create our own sense of support. We'll do two more here. One more. Okay. I'm gonna sit down, hang up the straps.

I'm an exchange my red spring for a blue spring. Reach forward placing the hands on the frame of the reformer, shifting the shoulders forward of the hands and the knees slightly back of the shoulder block. So my thighs are on the shoulder blocks, but my knees aren't round the spine and then think about deepening the flection of the spine to bring the knees through the arms or into the arms and back. So we're working hip, this association, spinal stability. Hopefully we're all feeling the work coming from our abdominals. I oftentimes just think of trying to deepen the curve of the spine and allow in my mind the legs to follow through with that action.

Reverse Knee Stretch Round Back

Rather than focusing on pulling from the legs. We'll just do two more and back deep and stretching the spine and back. And then we're walk up to the risers with the hands. Just going to sit back towards my heels today, finding a nice long position of my back and pull forward and release pull forward. So quite obviously the more difficult part of this action is as you're stretching the spring. But can we make the release of this spring equally difficult as we resist the arms back to straight, keeping the abdominals lifted up into the spine.

Tricep Pull

[inaudible] try not to let my skin touch my top. That's the fun. Another fun game. I like to play fun for me anyway. One more. Reach back, lean down in between the arms, maybe allowing the knees to come a little bit further away from the shoulders and finding a stretch and then placing the arms back down. Coming all the way back into the stopper and turning around. I'm going to keep that same spring, the blue spring there, sliding my feet up against the shoulder blocks.

Kneeling Arm Circles

Sit down on the feet to pick up the straps and then come back up into the knees, onto the knees, taking the arms forward in a holding the orientation of the spine, reaching the arms to touch both sides of the room. Exhale using the front of the body just to stabilize the spine in this position to keep it nice and steady. Okay. And around we'll do three more reaching. Why opening the chest [inaudible] one more. Yeah.

Then taking the arms around an up and down the front, around and up, down the front. Exhaling as we stretch the spring. Inhaling as we close the spring, let's do that twice more. The nice and free in the shoulders. Last time. Yeah.

All the way back. Sit back down. Replace the straps turned to the side. Coming into the mermaid position, I'm going to exchange the blue spring for red hand comes down onto the bar just to the side of the body and then from there we'll reach out keeping that spine nice and long. On the exhale we'll rotate keeping the spine in a long position, bringing the hand to the bar, using the arms to increase the stretch in the spine. Come back in here and lift back up and in how's rechat exhale as we rotate the body, dropping that right shoulder blade down or whatever shoulder blade of the hand that's on the bar and reach out and come back.

Mermaid w/Rotation and Extention

And I'm so grateful to be in a place where I feel as though I can work some mobility in my spine again rather than just trying to hold it still. It was a long time where I just stayed still. This is the last time. Go out. Inhale, exhale to roads. Hey, reorganize the hands so that one is on either side of the bar and then lift the chest through the arms as you come up in extension towards the bar and press out. Come up in extension towards the bar using the arms to square the shoulders. We'll just do one more recheck. Come back and lifting up. Lightening up out of the pelvis, push at, bring the and back to the center.

Open the position again. Lift all the way back up. Take the hand off the bar. I put my hand on the shoulder block or the handle that's just in front of it and I use that arm to help me just navigate in that direction. Helping myself to just get a little deeper stretch on that side breathing and then we'll come around with the hands and use the arms to help the spine go into a rotational position and then we'll come out of that and change sides. So setting up the legs on the opposite side.

[inaudible] the hand is on the bar. We're working to keep that body in a long position. As you reach out, exhale, keep the spine long as we go into rotation. [inaudible] come back open, lift back up in high, reach out, letting the pelvis travel out away from the foot bar in that effort to keep the spine in a long position and then come back and in letting the pelvis come back underneath the shoulders. As we bring the carriage in, we'll do two more coming around [inaudible] and back and in. This is the last time. Here's what I will set up into that extension with rotation.

He one hand on either side of the foot bar, lifting the chest through the arms, push the reformer back with the back shit and the one pushed up against the shoulder blocks. As you lift the chest in opposition. So recreating a multi-directional energy. Reach out and pull back in feeling that we're trying to stretch the bar in two directions east and west, and reach out. This is our last one coming back through. Yeah, and reach out.

Okay. Take the hand, open the body, bring the body and bring the carriage in. Lift that arm off the foot bar. Use The opposite arm to help navigate the stretch over to the side. Thinking about getting nice and heavy in the opposite sitting bone, the one you're leaning into. And then using the arms on the shoulder blocks to help find some spinal rotation, a deeper spinal stretch, and then unwind and step off the reformer and grab a box.

So we're going to put the box on the reformer long ways. I'll keep that red spring. Okay. We'll get down onto the box. Yeah.


Take the hands to the outsides of the foot bar energized you the leg. So it feels that they're not just hanging down off the box, but instead are just level with the box and then begin pressing out. Feel as though the scapula depression is how the arms begin to straighten. We'll let the head come up. You can keep this small or you can make it a little bigger. It's up to you.

How about your range? We lift the spine, take the spine back down and Ben the arms, pulling the arms apart, keeping the elbows just under the hands. Reach of dominoes. Support the lower back as we move through the upper back into however much of extension feels appropriate to your body. We take it back down and bend to come in. We'll do two more. Reach out. [inaudible] in. Yeah. Lengthen out and not think of going forward.

As you're lifting up. Take the reformer back. Bring the reformer in. Yeah. And one more. Hurry. Chat. Lift. Huh?

[inaudible] reach back and bend and okay. And then taking the hands away from the bar. Allow the legs to relax. Step down off to the side, come around to the friend standing tall, feeling the energy we've created, moving through the body, round through the spine. Hands come to the box. We in the length in the box out. In a way, it's a fairly heavy spring. This you could go lighter, but I like it because I'm going to use that heaviness to really try to stretch my back as I bring my self back into that rounded position and then diving out using the length of the spine to stretch the spring and ripple back in.

Roll Down w/Arm Extension

And we'll just do that one more time. Reach Ja going well, if that feels appropriate to your body today and curling back in, standing on the feet, lifting the arms off the box and up into the air. Yeah. Softly allowing them to open to the sides of the body and bring them all the way down. Thank you for joining me.

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Thanks for this beautiful class. I love your cueing and thoughtful movement!
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Nice group of restorative classes. Thanks for filming them. So glad you are feeling better!
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Meredith, this was completely lovely.
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Meredith thanks for this amazing class!
More pleaseeeeee
Thanks ladies!
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That felt great! Loved every minute. Thank you! :)
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You never disappoint! Glad you are better Meredith!
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This was such an enjoyable class Meredith Rogers. Very relaxing movements. Felt great! Thanks so much and best wishes with the recovery!
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Thank you Meredith Rogers
Don’t get in the practice on myself these days and my ribs and hips are now troubled so this helped ! Time to book myself in at my own studio :)
Cansu S
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such a great class - can you mention springs as well? I get confused which spring to use sometimes. Thanks!
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