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You will move your entire body with this quick Reformer workout by Meredith Rogers. She shares the exercises she likes to do when she has 30 minutes or less to work out. She keeps the number of repetitions small and maintains a nice flow so that you can maximize your time.
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Apr 06, 2020
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Thanks for joining me today. I'm going to do the things that I love to do when I have 30 minutes or less for myself and my body. And if you'd like to join me now it's the time. So we're going to start laying on our backs and I'm have my Springs set up for foot work. So my spring of choice for footwork's, usually three reds or three reds in a blue. And I'm going to rest my arms next to my body and I'm just gonna let, I'm going to take a minute cause I think even if you just have 20 minutes, 30 seconds of grounding is important to add. We in here and we do a pelvic curl so we feel the feet on the bar, we articulate through the spine, lifting up, up, up, up, up, creating that nice long line and then lowering the body bone by bone.

Pelvic Lift

So we're working through the spine segments. [inaudible] I don't know about you guys, but this is might be my favorite. Palladia is exercise. Honest and again the lifting up, feeling the backs of the legs engaged in the hip extensors, working to support the way to the body. I had a rolling down thinking of sending the spine down longer. I'm always thinking or watching for shifting side to side shifting.

I thinking about if there's more weight over one leg or the other or the one side working harder than the other and having back down. Just going to do one more like that. Inhale, exhale, getting the spine moving, getting the body warm, duh and inhaling and exhaling to come down. The next thing we're going to do is a little bit of spinal rotation, so I like to hold the frame of the reformer, but if that's not comfortable in your shoulders you could certainly just reach up and hold onto the pegs where the straps live. Lifting the legs up into a 90 degree angle. We'd take that pelvis over to one side on the inhale and then come back through center and reach up Sukkot over and back to center.

Table Top Hip Rotation

So thinking always about the depth of work in all orientations, being aware of where we are in space, inhaling across exhaling to center in Hillingdon cross, excellent a center. We'll do one more in either direction and then a really nice quick way to get your abs tired if you like. Something like that is to churn yourself so you've got your shoulders over. That just is one of my very favorite things to do. So to give you the back of my head feeling supported enough on the carriage, but taking the spine into extension India and then lifting into flection. I just have my lower legs relaxed so my thigh bones are sticking straight up out of my hip joints and I'm just doing spinal movement or working deep on the way up and then I'm thinking about Ethan trickily contracting or working on the way down. My sternum just cracked on fact, which is one of the benefits of doing extension abdominal work and it feels so good and lift and back.

Abdominal Curl w/Extension

I have to eight reps is usually enough for me. 10 is tough. We'll stick with eight for today. We come up. I like to take my hands to my knees, reevaluate my position and make it as good as I can. And then hands go back and we just not take the knees down and back. Both knees down. I'm keeping my low back connected to the bed. Inhale and back.

Double Leg Lower Lift Variation

Inhale and back. The head is heavy in the hands. The shoulder blades are wide. We'll do three challenging the down with the legs too. We'll hold at the top. Take the hands to the knees. Again, reinforce the position. I do this because I get tired and I like to help myself so I can make it better. And now hands come back. We take one leg at a time, so in the hip extensor working to press the leg down towards the floor.

Single Leg Lower Lift

We'll just do two more. And usually by about now I'm pretty fatigue, so I like to hold my leg as I go into my rotation. And usually when I do things like this where I'm holding, I'm not holding to make my, make it easier, make myself work less. I'm holding to make it better to find the right place to really dig deep and we'll do three and three, two and two, one on one and I recommend taking a stretch back at the end and then hands to knees and just rock up coming around onto our backs for some footwork, heels of the feet on the foot bar. I like to have my head wrapped up if I'm working on my own because it makes it easier for me to see my feet.

Criss Cross Variation

I often sometimes will tactilely hold my pelvis. I can know where I am in space and pushing out. I'm just feeling for the pelvis to be balanced and feeling that there's equal weight on the backs of both sides of the pelvis and feeling the back of the legs working in both directions and just creating a rhythm. We'll do three more, I a last one and then coming in and moving to the toes and just continuing that rhythm that press out and pull in feeling that most of the work is happening from behind the size with the exception of when the knees straighten, in which case we really need to find support from our quads. The spine is long resting on the carriage.


We'll do three, two, one and coming in the swiveling into external rotation, heels together, toes apart, heavy pelvis, reaching and bending, reaching and bending, rapping from the back of the legs, being steady in a neutral orientation of the pelvis, working through both ranges of motion. The last three, I'm from the top. We'll just swivel right back into parallel and take heels down and under and under. We'll do five more committing. Just keeping that rhythm. Same rhythm here too.


What's the rhythm? I don't know. I can't explain it to you, but you'll find it. You'll find your own rhythm. So it's more of a less of a counting and more of a creating the rhythm within your own movement. And I think that's something that's important for each of us to find. So alternating the fee, lifting up in the center and then change. Really reach on your, find that big stretch. We'll do four, four, three, three, two, two.

Pilates Stance

Finding a stretch to hold for a little bit. Maybe intensifying it by taking a hold of the frame and changing sides, eh, and bending the knees to come in, reaching the legs out over the foot bar, lifting the arms, lifting the body, or I can't just do that again after I've injured my back on the mend on the men to on the mend every day, which is amazing. Took a little bit of a back extension there and I'm just gonna reach in and go down to two red Springs and go onto my side. I think side to side work is really important. Unilateral work and we had it in here. Stepping into the heel and reaching out and Ben back in and reaching out, keeping the tracking of the hip to the knee, to the ankle, really pushing from the back of the leg, staying connected and controlled through the center of the body breathing. So kind of sticking with that same rhythm.

Tendon Stretch

We'll do three, pushing and pulling, two and one coming in. We'll return to our back. And what I like to do here is I like to take my right leg was just my working leg. So we're going to take the left knee, cross it over the right knee, hold either the frame or the peg and take the knee across the foot that's on the bar. Doesn't have to be in any particular position. So if it feels good to put it in a different place, please do. And then we come back through center.


We now take the right leg or the pushing leg over the other leg, so it's on top now. And then go a little further into that stretch is through me. A little bit more of a backstretch and then we'll come back into center. And lo and behold, we just take the ankle to the knee and we're right into that figure for a stretch. I have to really be conscientious and adding stretches into my routine or I won't, but I need them. And then we change science. So hip, Tanita incl I just lie. I measure my pelvis with my hands.

Single Leg Press

Make sure it's straight up and down. Here we go. We go out and back in and out and [inaudible] pushing and pulling. [inaudible] checking in with the tension in the neck. If there is any checking in. We're working through the center and then once we finish, come in, come back onto our back. So once again, this time my left leg was the pushing link.

Windshield Wiper Legs

So I take my right knee over the talk, bringing my left knee down and away from my body and then back to center and we crossed the opposite leg on top. Going a little further into that stretch back to Senator Inco comes to the knee, reaching through for the figure four stretch, trying to drop the pelvis down and back and then stepping the feet into the straps, bringing the legs up, finding where we can really anchor in the pelvis and then taking the legs down out around together and ah, ah, it's all round together and just trying here to make really symmetrical movements from side to side, keeping the neck long. We'll just do two more and the last time and together. And then from here we go in the reverse out together and left. Ah, that together. So sometimes just keeping the repetitions smaller than normal is a good way to maximize time.

Figure Four Stretch

Let's do two more here. I had one more feeling that lubricating action in the hips and then bend the knees, take the legs at, fold the body in half. We're heading into the short spy. No, I've heard it be told there are people who don't like this exercise and I'm always shocked to hear, but it's one of my favorites. Bending the knees at the top. It was off limits to me for a little while and I'm very happy to do it again.

Single Leg Press

Rounding down, getting heavy in the hips, bringing the hips down and bringing the feet through, stretching the legs forward and folding all the way in and lifting up, staying long and round and supported in the spine, his knees, band and then going down young Asian of the spine, the thighs, dropping down into the chest, bringing the legs through and reaching through. We'll just do one more folding in half. Well lifting up, bending and then separate the feet and take the soles of the feet towards the ceiling. I a happy baby pulling down on the straps with the hands. I like to put my elbows on the insides of my knees and push out and whilst doing both of those things, I dropped the tail and then a nice sensation for me anyway, if you want to try is to lean a little bit more into one side and then center and a little bit more into the other side and every time you go through center it's nice.

Windshield Wiper Legs

Just check in and see if you can like by coming off center we can go deeper in the center maybe as an idea and then we'll come all the way back in. We'll step the feet out of the straps, wrap my feet over the foot. You can get it up any way you like. I'm just practicing this and I like so much. This feeling up at the top where you're holding the bar and you can lift your back and get just that little extra bit of back extension. No. Well swing your legs around. Take one spring away soon. I have one spring reaching forward for the straps, bringing the arms just in front of the body, trying to find an upright position in the Torsa [inaudible] taking the arms back. So the range in the arms is just in front of the pelvis and just behind, just in front of the palace in just behind.

Figure Four Stretch

And a nice sensation is to feel that the arms are reaching down, but the spine is lifting, lifting all the time and then taking the hands, bringing the elbows into the loops, arms up in front. I take the arms out. Yeah, and back. Great way to open up and wake up the back of the body whilst challenging the strength of all the back extensors and challenging that lifting, sitting up position. I'm thinking elbows for the thumbs back, chest lifting. And now what we're going to do is we're going to open up the arms, we're going to send those elbows a little more forward.

Leg Circles

We're going to take it into thoracic extension, out of thoracic extension and back. Just open the arms and then send the thumbs back, send the chest up, send the eyes back, come back and return in three more of those for me. We'll do it for the day. It's a good idea to remember that we're all one side dominant, so I have to really think about standing in my nondominant arms so that side of my back has a chance to equalize in the work. And then we'll come back. We'll take the arms back, we'll hang the straps up, just sit up on the carriage, take one arm up and then bending over to one side, opening up that side of the body.

Short Spine

And then the other arm reaches over. And then here, if you take a hold of the shoulder blocks, you can get some nice rotation. So I pushed with my back hand and pull with my front hand, but there's nothing to say. That's the only strategy. So we're all a little different. You find something that works for you and lo and behold, you couldn't do it over here with a foot bar, just a little different.

Straddle Stretch

And then standing up, coming to one side of the reformer, putting the neat right back so that shin is vertical, and then taking that side down as far as you can into the carriage, keeping the back extended [inaudible] stretching through the whole front of the body and then stepping into the foot that's on the ground, bringing the carriage back, changing sides, [inaudible] getting the knee or the shin with face straight up, and then bringing the carriage back in. And that my friends is one of my favorite things to do. One of my favorite moving strategies from when I'm short on time. It varies, but I hope you enjoyed that. I did.


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Perfect!! Thank-you so much!  
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Nice combination of work and stretching.  Thanks.
I feel great now, thank you for this awesome flow.
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It made me smile when I received this email in my inbox this morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So happy, and I haven't even done it yet. Starting now...
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Thanks Meredith,  I loved it!  All the moves that make you feel better.  You made my day :)
Erin W
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Perfection! Just what I needed in between all the crazy busy of sitting still in isolation Thank you Meredith, I always get so excited when I see there's a new video of yours available to watch, and this one addressed all the needs.
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That was absolutely yummy and calming from head to toe, THANK YOU! 
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Thank you!! I was so happy to see this posted yesterday, and even happier to do it this morning!!! Iso (I’m an Aussie 😜) is killing me with all the extra sitting, this has helped a lot!!!
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Ahhhhh!  Feel much better now!  Thanks Meredith 🍒     
Michele M
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Just what I needed today!  Thank you Meredith!:) 
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