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Flow through movements that feel good on your body with this Spine Corrector workout by Meredith Rogers. She is joined by Kristi Cooper for this quick full-body class that includes challenging abdominal work. She ends the class with gentle stretches that will give you more length and mobility.
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Hi Christy and I are here to share some workout time with you. I will be teaching Christy, we'll be adding her inspiration and um, and cure commentary if she feels like it. So anyway, we're going to do a full body workout on the spine corrector and not too much time. Let's do it. So we're going to slide down, sit down into the front. Nice to see you. Nice to see you as well. Taking the arms forwards. So lifting the spine tall and taking a breath in. As we exhale, we'll begin to roll back towards the barrel.

As the middle of the ribs come over the top of the barrel, we bring the arms back, take the body backwards over the barrel, take the arms out to the side. As they reach a t, the head comes up, the arms reach forward and we roll through the spine to come all the way up again in here. You can lean a little forward. Actually. Exhale, roll back. Okay. Okay. Reach back. Take the arms around. I'm just waiting for my sternum to crack it may. I hope it's loud enough for everyone to enjoy with me and sitting tall and two more XL. Rolling back. Taking the arms back.

My back on the barrel feels like my spine. Actually you reached your creed. Creaky roll. That so important to go backwards these days. Let's do one more back. Should get a little easier every time. Yep. Reach out. Reach around, reach for Rola. Once we arrive at the top, we'll reach up and place the hands behind the head and then rolling back.

Create a straight line in your body, so from the head to the pelvis from that place. Take the body back and then back into the straight line. Oh No, you have that. Looking back, I warn Christy and I'll warn y'all that there might be some difficult ab work ahead. I hope you're up for it. I sure am. Inhale back and I weren't her. I might give her a lot of grief for it. An exhale up and I said, I don't mind. It's fine. And lifting each time. We just find that nice long line taking care not to send the head forward, but instead to think about the head staying in the hands.

We're going to do four more. Oh, okay. Good. For us, this is actually my favorite thing to do for my abs. I actually love this one. I just know how hard it is and comes after it last you. It's harder to do and talk at the same time though. I just, this is the last time we're going to come to that a long line. We're going to go forward and back to the flat to the flat.

Forward into flection. Okay. Back to the flat forward into flection hall doing out the abdominals and back into flection and back like you're trying to get over your knees, right? I'm not actually, I'm kind of slimming, just bringing the shoulders over the pelvis if I think about it clearly like that. Cool. Thank you. You know I gotta do. Yeah, just kidding. I decided I didn't think about it, but that for, I'm going shoulders over the pelvis when more kind of like the top of a roll up. If we were to go to there and to reach forwards. Yeah, like that. And then we're going to lift all the way up.

Put your hands on the barrel pushup and just sit back so that you're on top. You'll just be perched on the edge. That's kind of the amount of space we have there. We're just doing this so that we have freedom for the spine. I've stepped my legs all the way together and I'm going to push my shins back against the barrel. Take a breath in.

We're going to do a double twist to the ocean. So we go twist to with center twist, twist center. So as you're going in through that rotational moving, you want to feel the work traveling up and down the spine. You want to feel the work happening from the trunk and you can enjoy this little bit of a break. Before we get back to doing some more challenging hour, we'll do two more to each side. Center center, and last one to each side. Okay. And then down we go.

Shift your feet as needed. Roll back on the bureau. So you find that same straight line from the straight line. We're going back or coming up through center and then staying just on the bottom rib across to one side, back into the center and over the top just to the bottom rib across to the other side, finding center and going back. We're going to do that five times to each side. Huh? Across center and 10 I want to interfere. Well, I said five times to each side now. He said, so you're good at math.

That's congratulations. Not always. This is number three. Oh good. That's what I thought. And number two. Okay. There's a surprise on number one, an exciting surprise, Christie.

So that come up, go across, hold there. Yeah, go forward and back. Side forward and back for, I'm not coming quite as high on this one. Flexing. Yeah, flexing for sure, but not all the way into that position. I think this is five. We come into the middle, we get to go all the way back and then up across. What I love about this is pushing back into the barrel. You're taller, so maybe it doesn't feel the same. But if I think back with your pelvis, with my everything into the barrel to now, I can feel it. Yeah, this is the last one. Okay. We're going to come to the center and take the arms forward.

We're going to roll back. We're going to stretch back. We're going to open around, roll forward, sit up, sit on the top this time. Organize yourself so that you can, again, we'll be kind of perched on the edge. I have my knees just over the lip, so I don't, I mean that's just how I, how I organized for my height. But this is a does that I'm finding a little bit more forward if I can dig my heels. Yeah, whatever you need to do.

You could even sit right on the top and just have your knees bent. So whatever. Um, got it. So we're going to sit, talk with the spine stretch forward and how that goes is breathing. And as we breathe out, we'll drop the chin into the chest, we'll pull back through the abdominals. Imagine the barrel is still back for you to push into back there for you to push in, to reach out towards your feet. Take an inhale and then exhale, bold the spine back up, stacking up bone by bone, by bone, by bone, until you're back up over the top of your pelvis. I again, inhale again, x out, Chin tucks into the chest, the spine comes down and forward and we take an inhale. We pushed the feet away. We lift the spine up, letting the shoulders just rest on the back, no pinching.

We don't even have to shove them down. Let's do to roll down. You might notice that as you go each time you might get a little further maybe, and then one more excelling, going down, reaching through, inhale and lifting. And then we're going to add three with some spinal extension. So we go down first. We take the body out, long flattening out through the spine, reaching the arms towards the ears, go back through flection, and then we'll roll straight back up to sitting up straight again. We'll do that. Three years is your favorite exercise XL to roll down?

I like it a lot as well. It's nice here too with the legs kind on. The downloads fit a little easier. Yeah. Okay. Going back and coming up, can we milk the last one if this is the last one? Yeah, we're going to do two more. Okay. So, okay. And then Chrissy, I'm going to let you decide when we go into the last one. What we're going to do, so I'm going to just leave it up to you, but I'll take us through it. Thank you. Okay, so we'll go down. Christy apparently has her own idea of what's happens now, so we come out into our extension. You're here, don't you just want to gently pull the shades and arms back and reach into something. Shoulder blades back. It's pretty small.

I'm not trying to raise the shoulders, the kind of don't care about that either. It's just back and all the while I've got my heels in the ground reaching forward. How bout five, four, keep reaching and three, watch your ribs, Christie. Two and one get longer. Just think it. Exhale round. Forward, Rola and that is both the beauty and the pain of sitting at a desk for too long today. Thank you. Back Down. Bring your feet back together. Hands back behind that last set.

We go back [inaudible] we find the straight line in the straight line. We do rotation, we come to center, we do rotation, we come to center, we go back. I like to think lift up of squeezing the two sides of my pelvis together, my two hip joints, outer hip joints and three more take six for you. Thank you. And back two more on the last time which is coming. We're going to add those little pieces of flection here. It if we go across, we go what? And two pushing back into the barrel.

Three, four. This time we're not going over the back in the center. We're just coming back to the straight line, rotating the other directory and a lift. This is the very end. So you have that to look forward to. Three, two and one. I think it would feel nice to come into the middle to go all the way over the back. One more tie. I like to work hard, don't get me wrong and then and then roll all the way up and then we'll come back up onto the barrel one more time into that city sitting position.

I'm going to do the same thing where I just put my knees over the edge. Could do bent knees. We're going to do a saw. I'm going to try it a little more forward, but I may back up cause I like this tree. Okay. Because I'm like not on the top. I'm actually down on the downslope of the barrel as well, so I might be hinged a little bit and that's all right. I don't know.

I think you look pretty straight up and down to me. So we're going to go to the ocean first. Are you ready? Here we go. Twist. Take the opposite. Hand to foot. Reach the arms away from one another to lengthen the spine up on the diagonal and return to center. Inhale, rotate. Feels good up here, Huh? Exhale. Reach in. How? Reach the background back in the front.

Arm forward. Okay. Open and center. Are you, where are you looking again in hill reach? I take my eyes just with my hand kind of past my ankle joint, my outer ankle bone up and then sent to forget sometimes. Oh, right.

So basically, I guess what I think about is just keeping my head organized with my spine. I don't turn my head, it just comes with me. Thank you. Huh? Not the only way to do it. Just the way I'm doing it. After this, Christie, we'll do one more on either side, which is to get it in awhile and read lift and center today. Anri left and center.

So let's go down onto the barrel and turn onto the side. Okay. Just very simple side over as we'll come all the way over the barrel. Sit more towards the front than the back and stretch that leg out. Straight hands come behind the head.

Creating a straight line will exhale to lift up. Creating that long line. I'm, I pull my head away from my foot and my foot away from my head and then down XO to lift and I'm concentrating. Okay. All right. Talk to you right now. That's okay. I'm concentrating too. So important. Try keep the head with the hands rather than trying to lift the head first. We're going to do four more. I believe that makes eight asking me, I'm just saying it out loud so people can, um, if I'm incorrect, let you know yet. Let me know.

And also organize their own experience, meaning if they needed to be even on both sides. I want you to be even on both sides. I just sometimes don't count my way there. Sorry. Last time you're going to go all the way down. Now you can do one of two things. You can either let your head rest in your hand, your bottom hand, or you can just let your head hang and lower the bottom arm onto the floor. We're going to take the top arm up overhead near the ear.

We're going to take the arm back and as the arm goes back, we're going to allow the pelvis to lay back on the barrel. The arm's going to reach around as it comes down towards the thigh. We'd be in to bring the pelvis more upright and come back to center. We're going to do that three times. Here's number two, lean back, push the leg away from you to emphasize the stretch and then center. One more time. Reach back, pushing the leg away to emphasize the stretch and then come back.

And then guess what? Let's reverse. Go forward with your body and then again, let the pelvis come back, lean back, let the back open. Come back to straight. Lean forward. You're welcome and back. You're my best friend right now. I am. Yup. And forward and back. And then once we line up again, just take your bottom hand and hold onto your upper wrist and pull on it and push your foot the other way and then help yourself up to sitting with your hand on the barrel. Then the leg that was straight, sit up and then just take that, uh, the arm that was on the bottom. I right your left and we decide then simple, simple.

That might be the only time in our working out history that you went faster than it was. Well, thank you. You're welcome. There was always a surprise. Love it. Let's turn the other way. So again, lining up to a straight line from the foot all the way down to the head. We'll take the hands behind the head. Reach that leg. Super Long. Inhale, exhale. Create a straight line with the body.

It doesn't really feel like a huge movement. And then down it feels like one, but it is. And then lift. So I'm lifting about from my armpit to the bottom of the ribs and it's not, not very, not very big, but definitely is um, effective. [inaudible] but it's exerting. Moving. Oh, what did she saw it? This is our halfway mark. Number four.

Okay. Oh, birds traveling back on the barrel for more and back. Okay. Theories and back, making sure the head stays in line with the spy last too and back. Here's our last time lifting up and back and here is where we'd take the bottom at, warm down or use the hand to support the head. If that feels more comfortable for you. We're going to take the arm back, we're going to lean back, let the pelvis roll open. Bring the arm down, bring the arm around to the front, end up overhead. Keep it that a straight leg, reaching away. Lean back, let the pelvis roll and then bring the arm forward. And one second again. Up.

Lean back, reach back, reach back to the start position. From the start position we go to the front to the back. That's a good one. I like the other one better. That's funny, Huh? I don't know why. This is our last one though. Okay. Wow. Okay. Okay. Once we come back into that straight line, we'll use the hand to help ourselves up to sitting. We'll bend the reg that, oh, I forgot. Sorry Christie. So we take the arm in the bottom, we take the top arm in the bottom arm and we pull. I had forgotten that. This is why I need Chrissy to come with me everywhere I go and keep me honest.

It's true. And then the few times I can actually count. Okay. So then we take the opposite arm of the one that was on the bottom and me just side Ben. They're all reaching for each other. Okay. And then making our way back up. We're going to turn so that the body is face down on the barrel and do a little back extension here. So I like to be just around where my ribs are, my bottom most Arinze, but you can decide where you like to be.

The feet are flexed with the toes tucked under. We'll take the hands behind the head and take the body down over the top of the barrel. Okay, so from there, press the head into the hands. Come up into back extension. Take the arms forward. Yeah, Ben arms and bring the hands back behind the head and take the body down. So there's the bare bones of the movement. We're going to inhale. Lift the head into the hands, find a lifted spine. Exhale, stretch the arms. Inhale, bend the arms.

Exhale, take the body down. We'll do three more. Inhale, lift up. Exhale, keep the legs energizes the arms reach. Inhale the hands come back, exhale to go down and inhale. Exhale, take the arms, bring the arms back and take the body for the last time. We're going to make a little change. Lift up. We'll do the same thing, so arms go overhead. Now from here, I want you to bring your arms out to the side and towards the sides of the thighs. Lifting the chest even more, and then back just into irregular, back extension. Arms to the sides, like pulling straps.

Arms come down to the size. Pinky fingers, face in, palms face down, arms come back out. We'll do that three more times. Here we go. Lifting up. That's us really. I know. I like it to keep the back of the leg energized to lifting up. And one more am catching my pinkie reaching for this. Oh, and then we're going to take the arms outward. Good.

Just gonna put the hands on the barrel from here. Come down onto your knees, push up, sit in rest position with the arms just resting over the top of the barrel. Hmm. Okay. When you're ready, we're gonna roll the body up and then what I want is to do, Christie, is just pull the barrel forward enough on the mat so that you have room for your head and shoulders on the other side. Yeah, exactly. We're going to go over the top. Oh, look at me thinking I'm all tall and then come back to sitting in the barrel and then reach back. Reach down and take a hold of the handles. Slide yourself back.

So going into the scissors, bring the, let's say bring the right leg towards the body, the left leg down, focusing mostly on really extending through the back of that left hip. Almost like you're going to lift your pelvis up off the barrel. Then find center. We'll do one more slow on the other side. Just get that feeling and find center and then we'll speed it up quite a bit. Poor, poor, find center pool. Poor.

Find Center and reassure each find center. Bottom leg is the focus trying to make our body in the center of the scissor. Four poor and central. Let's do two more. T each direction. [inaudible] one more to each. Sure. Action. And then into the bicycle. So we start with the right leg down, left leg back.

We bend that right knee, dragging the toes over the tip of the barrel and then cycling. So we're reaching down through hip extension. Finding the edge of the barrel and coming through back through the scissor shape each time before bending the bottom. Me, we'll do one more. I think that makes four probably and four and then back through the first scissor. We reverse it. Less knee Benz and reached reaches down as the top line comes back.

I couldn't quite get that reach. Wear it out, but you guys know what I mean. Bend and reach down one legs coming straight back. We'll do two more to each side. Okay, and last one to each side. I should seriously do this every same. I was just thinking that both legs come back up.

Let's externally rotate the hips, pointing through the legs, open the legs out like you're pushing something heavy away with your legs and then squeeze the legs back together. Inhale to open. Exhale all the abdominals and like you're using the center of your body more than anything. Three more times, man. I flex my feet coming off. I can. You could do whatever you want, Christie. I don't mind. There are no rules. Last two. I'll try to one more. We're now going to go into the helicopter. So I'm going to point my feet again.

We're going to go left leg, back, right leg down, left leg, backwards, left leg towards the body, right leg towards the floor. Full rotation, reaching. The legs are around until you're in the opposite scissor. And then back to center. And the same direction again for three more. I should do this every day. I should do all of this every day, but instead I don't, and I'm tight. Two more and last time and back. And then we're going to reverse. So the left leg to the body, right leg to the four big rotational circle around and back to center, right? Like towards the floor. Left leg towards the body. Big rotation, little circle and back though there's a, there's two more seems that I'm a losing my ability to make words. Sorry about that. Last time. Lost in it. So, okay. And then back.

And then what I want us to do is just bend both knees towards the body. Just drop them where they land. Takes a little one leg. I'm taking my right leg. We're just gonna drop it over the edge of the barrel and let it hang. It's a good idea just to stay a little bit focused on being engaged in the abdominals to help support the lower back here, but basically just taking a stretch. Are you holding your other knee? Um, I was just playing around with just letting it hang and then pushing it back into the barrel. I've decided I like it best when it just hangs for me. Yeah.

But um, it's a stretch and so whatever feels better to you I think is perfectly fine. So that one's going to come in, the other one's going to go down, down. That was great for me too. I'm just letting it hang with a bent knee or with a bent knee or whatever that I like. If it feels better straight than mine's not straight, but I'm just like playing with it a little bit. I should do this every day.

I should do for Lottie's everyday. Now that I'm speaking, I don't have to do, she did it all. Okay. So what we're going to do to come down Chrissy, is we're going to just let the knees come in towards the body so the telus rolls off the barrel. You're just going to slide the barrel out from underneath you on enough so that the spine can come down onto the mat. Once the spine corrector the US lands on the mat, we're just going to back up a little bit so that the feet can be just on the barrel and the head can be on the mat. So just finishing the class with just a little spinal articulation, we're going to Tuck the tail, understand into the feet and begin rolling the pelvis away from the ground coming up, bringing the hips in line with the shoulder, sending the knees energetically forward the fingers energetically forward, and then exhale, starting from the throat and placing the chest, softening the chest through the arms, softening the backs of the ribs. Okay.

Allowing the low spine to mobilize and soften and allow the pelvis to return to its original position. And inhale completely neutral XL. Flatten the spine, stand in your feet, lift the spine up. That's a nice high lift. It gives us a lot of room to move through. As we roll back down, we'll just finish with one more like that, giving the spinal one more chance to open and mobilize. Exhaling to lift up. Cool.

In healing to pause an exhaling as you make your way down and then once your pelvis arrives down on the mat again, just allow your legs to stretch out. I'm going to scoot in a little so my knees can bend over the top of the, and I just want us to lay here just quietly for a minute. You don't have to be quiet grantee and I certainly won't be quiet, but to take a moment of quiet in our daily life and just feel the weight of the body heavy, maybe heavy into the earth rather than heavy into the carpet or the floor or the weight of the bones. That changes it. Yeah, seeing if the bones can stay heavy and the tissue surrounding the bones can get soft and just have a few breaths. Breathing in and out. I'm wishing everyone could hear the ocean.

I'm breathing in rhythm with the crashing of the way. I'm gonna just do one more breath here and then I'm going to leave us here on the mat and when you're ready. Yeah. You can decide when it's appropriate to make your way off the mat and onto the rest of your day. Hmm.

Thanks Christie. Thank you, Mary. Jill is fantastic. Thank you.


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Oh loooove! Can't wait to do that one!
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Thank you Meri and Kristi! It’s been a crazy week and this felt like a massage for the mind and body. I also appreciated your joy and humour! More girl time please... xx
Thanks gals!!
Yeah, Kristi Cooper, more girl time!!!
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Thank you!  A lovely workout :)
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uuhhh.....I should also do this every day!! Thank you, lovelies!
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Lovely class - what a treat!
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Thank you for another spine corrector class! Those stretches so felt SO good. Great ab work too. Love all your classes
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Awesome class, thank you Meri and Kristi💜 my back feels so good now
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Just fantastic, as expected! Also super-refreshing. Ab work on the Spine Corrector is my favorite...  "I have to do this every day"
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Just a great balance between challenging ab work and delicious stretch and mobility moves. “I should do this every day!” :) :)
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