Class #3796

Spine Corrector Flow

30 min - Class


Flow through movements that feel good on your body with this Spine Corrector workout by Meredith Rogers. She is joined by Kristi Cooper for this quick full-body class that includes challenging abdominal work. She ends the class with gentle stretches that will give you more length and mobility.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector

About This Video


Hi Christy and I are here to share some workout time with you. I will be teaching Christy, we'll be adding her inspiration and um, and cure commentary if she feels like it. So anyway, ...


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Oh loooove! Can't wait to do that one!
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Thank you Meri and Kristi! It’s been a crazy week and this felt like a massage for the mind and body. I also appreciated your joy and humour! More girl time please... xx
Thanks gals!!
Yeah, Kristi Cooper, more girl time!!!
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Thank you!  A lovely workout :)
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uuhhh.....I should also do this every day!! Thank you, lovelies!
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Lovely class - what a treat!
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Thank you for another spine corrector class! Those stretches so felt SO good. Great ab work too. Love all your classes
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Awesome class, thank you Meri and Kristi💜 my back feels so good now
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Just fantastic, as expected! Also super-refreshing. Ab work on the Spine Corrector is my favorite...  "I have to do this every day"
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Just a great balance between challenging ab work and delicious stretch and mobility moves. “I should do this every day!” :) :)
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