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If you have been sitting all day, then this Mat workout by Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers is perfect for you! They focus on moving through the practice, making sure you are finding connections to your body in each exercise. They include fun variations that will feel great like Spine Stretch, Spine Twist, and much more.
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Jul 15, 2019
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Hi everybody. Guess what day it is? It's girl time, girl, girl time. It's always feels like too long. So, um, what this class is all about is us moving together. We get to talk to each other, we get to be together and just sort of move through the practice. So that's what we're going to do. Let's have a seat. I guess we are and get started. So lie on your back. We'll just do our, our traditional warm up or at least part of it. I want to kind of get moving through it a little quicker than normal.

So feeder apart always. We're taking a moment to feel yourself in the mat, in the room, uh, in your moment. Yeah. So the feet are flat, slightly apart. Line up your body to the best of your ability and just kind of, I don't know, I want to say shake, but that's not quite right. I need to kind of wiggle out. Not necessarily the day, but just to check in. So I'm just rocking a little side to side and then I really start to plant myself back on the earth. Feet flat, knees pointed straight up.

I draw some attention to the middle of the inner thighs from there. Rock the pelvis front to back, just a little defined where it maybe level is. And then when you think you know where it is, land there, notice that arch in your back. Whatever it is. We're going to move up the spine and allow the ribs, the back of the ribs to be heavy. So what does that mean? You're not forcing anything. You're just not holding yourself up so much.

Let the earth hold you or the ground hold you for the moment. Notice when you let the back of the ribs fall, what do your shoulders do if they pop way up? Hmm. Interesting. But if it's just cause that's a reaction. See if you can soften and let the collarbones be wide. So then I notice another reaction through the wrist. Mine kind of popped up.

So I'm going to actively press the risk down a little bit. Or at least the palms we inhale, we're not going anywhere just yet. We're sort of marking this exhale and just maintain it. Let go a little more. Perhaps within the flesh, within the body, but maintain it. Inhale and Mary and I agreed to move you a little bit today to move ourselves a little bit today so we will, but never without this kind of first first impression of ourselves. Inhale, we will start with the pelvic curl. Start the exhale. Notice your feet, get to help you. You roll through the low back.

Pelvic Curl

I'm just going to go straight off. If you need to take halfway and come down, that's cool, but I'm going all the way up to the shoulder blades reminding myself about those wide collar bones and they feet flat on the ground. Inhale and exhale it easy. Even don't have to overthink it. We just get to investigate all the way down. Inhale, semi near the original position. Exhale, roll it back up. Sort of this dance between allowing ourselves to stand in our feet, in our shoulders and triceps. In this case. Inhale at the top. Exhale and softening as well. Let's see if you can kind of find that balance in your own body.

I'm like super wobbly today, but yeah, I don't mind. Whatever barley. Almost all the days I, the more I tried to control it, the worse it gets, so I'm just going to let it be too anymore. Let it. Okay. Heading up. I'm holding year and I always forget to use my arms.

I think I learned originally I shouldn't and now I'm like, why not? You can inhale it up. Exhale, come down. Okay, and one more. Almost down. Inhale. Exhale, roll up. Good, good, good. Keep my own pace. It would be a good idea. Let's just hang out for a second here. I think it's a good idea to just check in. Yeah, I'm pushing into my feet, but what am I, what's the rest of my body doing? Can I talk even more? I, I don't mind filling my hamstrings right away. How about, you know, how about if we feel them even more still and pull the knees towards each other without too much going on anywhere else?

All that's good enough in here and keeping that sensation in the lower body, at least initially. Can we start to let the upper body chill and roll down and be like, right, my lower body's got me. I can just relax a little bit. Something like that. I need to hug my knees to my chest first. If your hamstrings cramped or anything like that, just adjust. I think I was anticipating, but it was right on the all right arms.

We'll just go to the tee position or if you're tighter you might go a little lower. That's cool. Raise the legs up to about 90 I've taken to bring in my knees a little closer at the hip joint so it's not quite 90 towards the window or towards us. Inhale, rotate and start that exhale to come on back and the other direction. Inhale. And so if there's any rules, which I'm not super keen on, but this one is a good one. Keep the opposite shoulder down so maybe you stretch a little further. You keep the knees together and you feel that rotation that you can accommodate right now. Maybe instead of rules, we can say guidelines, guidelines.

Hip Rotation

It's kind of a good guideline to keep yourself anchored. Just feels that does it. That word. It does guidelines to live. Bye. So what we're trying to do is keep our knees together and you could do this with your feet on the ground too. And as we reach over to the one side, the knees are still lined up. We'd brought a center to the front or to the window in here and exhale.

And even here, even though my arm's technically arrested don't, don't you kind of can't you or maybe you can't. I'm on the computer a lot. So when I reached my arms really far, I can get this semi neural stretch and I'm not trying to strain for that, but I am. I am encouraging a wide reach. Last one. And before we get really into [inaudible], take the hands behind your legs. Press your legs into your hands so they can be totally together, slightly apart.

It's up to you. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up as you press your hands into your arms. And what I want to do is just get a rocking motion just to kind of whatever else your lower back might need, your body might need or your mind might need to go. Right. We're really doing this. Okay, one more. I'm going back down. So don't worry about balancing and put your feet down. Stretch yourself out, Iceland long on your mat, beyond your mat.

Rolling Like A Ball Prep

And then take the arms straight up to the ceiling, reach the arms straight up and just drop them to a couple of those. That one more time for three notice Mike. Awful. And then we inhale. We're just lowering the arms. Exhale to bring your head, neck and shoulders up. Press your arms as if you're pushing through a solid, but then act like you really going to get up. Like I want to grab your arm. Oh Wow, that was good. And then back down. Before you do that again, think about pressing the back of your legs into the ground. So really realizing that leverage can actually help the upper body.

Shoulder Shrugs

So thigh bones down, not just the lower leg. Inhale, exhale, collect yourself. Curl up and back down on this next one. Just think about lifting that right leg, let's say, and we actually will, but not yet. As you curl up, we will let it float already. You're ready to go. Exhale, curl up and there, right like a float up and you're reaching for it. You could almost go into a teaser, but we'll go back down and stead in shoulders or back down on the mat. Exhale, think about the other leg. The left leg, you're already ready to lift it. The opposite leg presses into the ground.

Chest Lift w/ Arms Reaching Forward

Curl forward, lift up. Okay, and down this 10 leave them both down, but think about lifting them both as you curl up. Leave them on the ground with curl reaching forward from there. Just raise the arms up. Keep the body otherwise the same. Exhale down. Inhale. Keep your energy looking forward and up and exhale.

Nice long body. Inhale, exhale down. Inhale the arms up and just let your upper body go down. Either do that again or I'm going to do it with both legs. Lifted three, three breaths. Once we get there. Inhale, think about lifting and both already you're ready to go. Exhale, curl up. At a certain point your will just hover off the ground and we inhale the arms up. It doesn't have to be high. Exhale, push them down though. As you continue to energize yourself forward. Inhale and exhale.

Hundred Preparation

Inhaling up and exhale down. The arms go up. Everything goes down. Stretch all the way back and from here we do our roll ups. So your feet together or apart. You choose. Here we go. Wait, I'm turning my arms in so the palms face each other. Here we go. Inhale, exhale up. Oh, that was a hard one today. Reach joy forward, pulling the belly back and we take it back down. Finding that spot, finding all those spots. Inhale, arms up, head up.

Roll Up

Exhale. Got To love those days when you know you working for it. Inhale and exhale back down. You could also bend your knees, which I'm finding I want to do today. As I inhale, lift up, I then exhale to go forward. Staying as connected as possible. Taking it back back one more time. Apple stay up when we get there, but however long it takes us to get it, let's get yourself over rolling like a ball. They pull my pants up. You can pull your pants up. I'm going to do the same.

I always feel like that's a judgement. Like if your pants come off, you didn't do it well, I'm not sure it's true, but oh, I didn't ever have thought to think of. I don't like that. I just pulled my pants up there much wiser than I. All right off we go. Either needs together apart. I'm going together as tight as I possibly can. Elbows wide head is low. We initiate and go. Inhale back, exhale up, pause and inhale back. Exhale up. Finding those connections, you know, especially right down the center line.

Rolling Like A Ball

Yeah. One more. I'm going to put my feet down just to back up a tiny bit because I know I'm going to want to and I get there picking up the right leg, extend the left leg out, butt up. So I've pinned my, ah, sorry. The left leg out. What did you do? We're like, it doesn't matter. I've got my arch on my knee and we're just going to rock back and forth for three back and forth. Hold when you get there. Woo. Back and forth, trying to keep the shape and just sort of seeing where you are with that one more switch. Some pretty messy is where I sort of shocked myself with that.

Rolling Like A Ball Variation

You're not messy here we go back. Oh, this one's different. Oh, it's very different. I'd like to do sometimes just to make the connection to that inner line. It's not always easy for me. This is three switch again, we'll go down and stay down and do a few of our single leg stretch. And off we go. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. I'm pulling in Colos cause I wanna force the breath out and plus it just feels good to me today. One more cycle.

Single Leg Stretch

Okay. Both knees in for double leg that hold them in close. Go ahead and lift the tailbone today. Bring your upper body closer to your knees too. So it's not just lifting your hips, but both ends. As soon as your legs go out.

So does your tailbone go down? Off we go. Inhale out. Exhale, pull in, hold, squeeze everything out. I was wide. Inhale and exhale as if the air were solid. Push the arms through the air in all directions and reach into more [inaudible] holding one leg up. Other like out. Let's go to the floor with that legs like we did earlier and this pulse. Pulse switch. Pulse. Pulse.

Double Leg Stretch

Yeah. I said strong. One more time. Both legs up. I'm not going to do devil leg today. Hands behind your head. Bend journeys. Rotate toward the front, the window, the ocean and crisscross one one. Exhale two to look. I'm counting like you are, am I?

Single Straight Leg Stretch

I'm not sure. I don't know. Just keep going. I'm just VW. I was just enjoying being told what to do for change. That's nice. That is nice actually. How about one more breath cycle? Hover. Yeah. Out. Out. Bend your knees in. Hug your knees to your chest and let's just either will roll over his narrow.

Criss Cross

Should we just set up that steer all over rollovers? Why don't you take it? Okay, so taking the legs out, finding the place where they can be supported with the low back on the mat, lift the legs up and then feeling the arms on the mat. Reverse curl, bring in the legs parallel to the ground, flex the feet, open the feet, shoulder distance apart. Maybe they'll go down a little lower and then exhale as you push back with your feet. Roll down through your spine. Feel the tail and the top of the head reaching in opposition to one another. Pelvis comes down, feet point legs come down to come together and lift.

Roll Over

We take it over and we flex the feet separate and go down. Feeling the energy through the legs to the back of the room or to the back of the body rather down together and at. Exhale over in your open and flax and take it down. We'll do one more like that. Just exactly the same. Coming over, standing in the arms, feeling that the weight is not directly over the top of the neck, but instead supported by the shoulders some and then we'll take it over one last time, left and over. Flex on separate. Keep the feet soft.

Actually, I just changed the feet, so let the feet be soft. Roll down as your pelvis comes down, lift your head, lift your body, reach for your fee and then know how sneaky. Thank you. So we'll go into some spine stretches. So I have my feet about as wide as my madam and take my arms out in front of you like wider, wider, fine. Inhale, lift, tall. Exhale, Chin comes into the chest.

Spine Stretch Forward

The spine goes down and forward and as the spine goes forward, the abdominals pull back. Inhale and exhale as we lift up, pushing the feet away, feel nice and fluid through the spine. Lifting the head of the very end. Inhale and exhale. Chin comes down, abdominals pull back. I would like to feel that my feet and my abdominals are always pushing opposite to one another. Inhale and excellent. Or reaching the arms forward. As the spine travels through, the upper back comes through the shoulder blades.

It's a nice way to get a little bit of an upper back stretch and exhale, go down. Yeah, Phil, there's a lot of shoulder pinching happening in polarities and I'm trying to move away from the, let the shoulders separate. Let the upper back find it. Stretch one more like that extra to go down and XL two lifts up. We're going to take it into some spinal extension here so we go forward for years.

I love that first and then we reach back with the arms. Take the back out long. Pull the abdominals back, support yourself there. Pause here, take just the arms back for five, four, three, two, one. Take it back forward and rural. Back Up. I can read Christie's mind. She's saying to me in her mind, please let us stay there for longer than you want and go, Oh, you're right Megan. I read it. I know me so well. I can hear it.

Spine Stretch Forward w/ Spine Extension

Every chow. Here we go again. We find that length. We keep the head between the arm. Take just the shoulder blades back or the arms. I guess the arms will come with the shoulder blades. Thank you. Think about it. I have her way last time.

Take it all the way down and roll all the way up. We'll do one more. Is that enough Krista? Never be. Yes, men are two. One is good. Okay, one more then I'm going to do something that I think you'll like next after that. So we take that arms get a little lower every time I reached the head through the arms and press five, four, three, two, one. We take it back down. Bring it back. A have a tiny gift for you, Christie.

We're going to do this position one more time with no arms, so we go forward. Okay, we go in the back extension. We'll leave the arms out. Now the arms come with us and we're just not doing the arm close. It was like where are they going? So now I want you to just let your arms drop. They'll land wherever they do on your body. I want you to use your arms.

I want us all to use our arms to try find a flat or back a better position. Then we're going to let go and take the arms forward. We're going to take the arm closest to the window, to the ocean, to us. Bend it now as it goes behind you, look at it, but reach out in front of you with your other arm. Reach for me. Try to call my spinal cord. You're welcome Ben. The back arm in reach forward.

Spinal Rotation and Extension

You'll love it. I, yeah, the other way. So each, so the arm reaching forward takes the spine further into that extension and then we bend and we take the arm back through. It feels good. Huh? Feels like that'll work too. But yes, each reach, reach, reach, leaning. And Ben's like the opposite of everything else I've done today. Okay. Well I know I'm not proud of it, but too little. I don't know what to say besides I'm saying thank you. Enjoy yourself please.

We're going to do one more to each side. Thank you and forward and one more to the back and four and then we're going to take the body through. You're going to roll the body up and when we get to the top, we're going to take those, say that God to pick mine up. Right in my brain. I'm thinking we're going to take those tight hamstrings. I'm going to bring me to the set. They're going to do some spinal twisting hands behind the head.

Press the head into the hands. Lift the spine. The legs can be bin or a straight. Here we go. It's a double pulse pool. Pull Center, bringing out the spine with the breath. Okay. I like to think of getting longer and lighter in the middle.

Spinal Twist

I have another, I have another favorite thing to share with you. Okay. I do it all the time. Yeah, these days. So we go towards this way. Now I go right elbow. Right knee. You go left elbow, left knee, you go into flection, come back up. So your backup in your rotation and find center and then you rotate the other way. Lift up and over. So what I like to play with in my own body here in this exercise, roll back up and find center is that each time I can go a little further down my leg towards my ankle with my elbow.

Spine Twist w/ Flexion

Okay. And then back and since you're hand rotate and over lifting her and since you do at least one way to eat sy and up and center and one more [inaudible] yeah, and center. And then we're gonna open up the feet nice and wide. Your hip flexes. Okay. This is the last thing. Okay. Nice and wide with the feet. Okay.

Goodness. I had been and that feels good and side bend. Hmm. And back. We're going to do this six times three to each side. Two and back be the only person that pull out is, I know that can count. Oh No, no, no, no. Don't go. Don't kid yourself that I can count. Oh, okay. I'm saying it out loud so that you'll count. Forget it. Okay, last one. And then we're going to see, make any good. Make a change.

Side Bend

We're going to go turn now. Go into reflection, come back up, find center. I'm actually going to the center this time center over and then straight forward, theoretically, theoretically, both elbows were up like opposite each other. Yeah. It theoretically, if you could do that in your body. I can't, but I'm aiming at the center of the Mat in essence. Got It. A little bit for me. More of an addict or stretch. One more time. Oh, last one for the day.

Spine Twist w/ Flexion

Okay. I'm going to hand it back over to you. Oh, okay. Then let's put the feet still straight. We'll go on to open leg rocker. Oh yeah. My favorite exercise and the most best I, well let's just like what does Dana Santee say? Overlook the ugly cause I don't have to do it validly. It's okay. All right, so let's just start your roll back. We roll back, we send the legs for, we're going to lift the legs and it feels like we can to grab them, roll with it, go back, come up, see if you can land it and go again. Something I, I probably said to you before, but it might help today is I think I've lifting my legs up out of the hip socket and then right here I push him back in and somehow that usually helps me connect a little deeper into my body. So somewhere here, I kind of plan for that back extension. Even though the low back is still somewhat rounded, pushing lights into hip sockets to grow tall, pulling them out to create the round about one more after this. All right, this is bring it together and go and decide some side like, so let's face front this way. Yeah, no, I'm going to go all the way down onto my upper arm or really it's, I'm slightly lifted there, right? So like slightly in front and I'm practicing keeping my lower heel down.

Open Leg Rocker

I know that's common for a lot of people to do, but it's not easy for me. So I'm practicing keeping outshine, Huh? Yeah. I said I'll try. Okay, good. I'm gonna leave the top hand in front of me and I'm going to pretend like I'm proud and I'm gonna make this look. Good tip. Take the top leg up and for now keep it parallel. Just kick forward, kick, kick, sweep it back and you can flex forward and point it back and three. Right. That means you're counting, if I say it four, here's five, Emily, 86 and six. Take it to the back, way back and just check here. Are the hips still stacked?

Forward and Back

Are you overly rotating anywhere? Ideally, hips are not changed much. Bring the leg back together this time. Turned it out. We'll kick it straight up. Kick up, flex and bring it straight back down or slightly in front up. Kick it down. This is where that heel can help or what I'm trying to work at.

Lift and Lower

I think that was three up and reach longer each time. Two more. One. Here it comes, and now circle for five, six, one kind of quick, two, three, four, five and reverse it. Or One, two, three, four, five and six. That's going to be it for now. Turn onto your abdominals and for now put your forehead on hands. Legs are parallel and long. Shoulders down. Pull the belly up. Reach the thighs and of course knees off the ground.


Let's just do those little beats, but can you lift your thighs higher first? I'll just do 50 10 59 I don't know what, where that number came from. Here I go. I'm already on four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Let's go ahead and come right up from here. You can put your legs down, but keep them energized. Come right up and to a single leg kick butt. Mary, I'm not going as high as we can. I've got my elbow still in front of me. A bet on a bit of a diagonal and either pumps this or I'm going to at least my fingers together. Once again, now that you're here, extend your chest forward a bit so maybe you could see the wall in front of you.


Hover the knees again and we're going to go right into the four inhales to four exhales. It goes one, two, three, four. So devil. Inhale two, three, four and exhale two, three, four. Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale, two, four again. Last one here. Finish the exhale. Both legs out straight. Let's come down. Turn your face away from the window. Lace the fingers behind your back as high up on your back as you can.

Single Leg Kick

Cheek to the floor. Elbows down from there. Re lift the belly. Elongate, lift or hover the knees. We kicked three times for Devil EQ. Stretch, kick, one, two, three. Extend everything, including the arms looking forward. It doesn't need to be high. Other side refold the arms, we bend the knees, kick one, two, three, and a bugle. All I going do four. So here's already three in the way I count one, two, elbow down. If you can. Last one here, kick one.

Double Leg Kick

Kick to kick three Stewart at long. Keep the legs long. Keep the belly up. Take the arms out to a t and then just turn face the window. All the way down. Line up. Your body says pretty straight. Let the feet come a little bit in front of you. And lift. I had the top arm down. So lift top, leg and parallel. Let's kick it forward.

Forward and Back

We kick one, one, and back we flexed, kick, kick, sweep three, three and way back. Getting the longest arc. You can. Two more harder on this side for that. He'll hold it back there. Take the stretch, check yourself out. Then bring the legs back. Stack 'em, turn the top leg out, kick straight up. It's up. Flex down. Oh, did you hear that? Yeah, sure. Did that all day or fixed four. Yep. But one more time. All the way up and down. And then those quick circles. Six in one direction. Go. One, two, three, four, five, and six. Reverse one, end to end. Three, four, five, and six. Why La? Why don't you take it back? Okay, so let's come back down onto our stomach.

Lift and Lower

Oh, press into the forums and pushback, bringing the hips back towards the heels, stretching the arms out in front of us. I was taking a moment there. Stretch the spine, and then let the pelvis lean over to one side of the feet and reach the arms in the opposite direction. Give yourself a little hip stretch. I, it's a hip stretch for me anyway. Hmm. So if you don't feel a stretch, I'm sorry, but it's a share with me for me. And then lean the other way and then come back. Take the arms way out in front as far as you can reach tech. Tuck your tail under. Roll the pelvis up off the feet. Start to take it forward into like a down stretch shape. As it drops forward, the chest lifts up and back.


And then to lift your abdominals back up into your spine and push back towards your feet, but not onto your feet. And then we'll do that again. The tail under roll forward. Feel the abdominals helping you, support them, the lower back. Support it. Lift the chest through the arms and then exhale around the spine to sit back towards the feet. Okay, Christie, you look like you're okay. I'm going to scoot myself forward so my feet are on my mat. We're going to bring this hands under the shoulders and the knees under the pelvis we're from. They're going to go into a cat stretch rounding first, the lower spine pushing into the floor with the knees in the hands, coming back into a straight back and then lifting the chest through the arms into an extended spy and then coming back to straight.

Child's Pose

We'll go through that three times. Exhale round the spine and back and reach out and back. Last time, low spine rounds straightens upper spine extents body comes back to straight. We're going to come into a plank stretching one leg than the other. Leg back, supporting through the center of the body. We now bring the right knee under the body and back. Left knee under the body and back.

Spinal Flexion and Extension

Building up some energy to take with us through our day and back two more times through both signs. Okay, one more time through. Okay. Both legs straight pelvis lifts up the heels of the few drop down towards the floor. Let stay here in bend. The right knee. You're welcome. Thank you. Me Too. Gotcha. No, you're welcome, Meredith. Good.

Cat Stretch

And then both feet down. Lift the heels, roll the spine back forward. Point the right foot. Lift the right leg up and then down too. And then down. Keeping the body nice and supported. This is our last one. We're going to put it down. We're going to once again, lift the hips. This time both heels draw [inaudible]. One more time. Lifting the heels.

Plank w/ Knee Bends

We're all can get really round as you're coming through. Let the head Kevin Laugh. Lift the left leg fine. Four, three, two, one. Set that foot down. Lift back up, pressing down through the heels. Walk a straight leg in. Walk another straight leg. Again, continue to see if you can walk your straight legs in until you find a place where you feel that you can balance over both feet. Your feet are no level with one another. Take weight out of your arms.

Down Dog Variation

Take the knees and allow them to soften. Let the body hang forward over the [inaudible]. Thank you, Meredith. You're welcome. And now from there, let's take the field of feet in the floor, pushing the floor away. Create heavy energy in the lower body. Very light energy in the upper body. So we have a base of support and some ease with which to move forward.

Plank w/ Toe Taps

Take the arms up, lift the chest, take the arms out, and we'll just do that one more time. Take the arms up, lift the chest, take the arms out to the side. Turn 180 degrees around. Take a big step forward. Thank you. Thank you. Yep, girl time, girl. Time.


That was beautiful, thank you! Due to circumstances, my first class in months. Perfect start! You are awesome ladies!
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Really fun class :P 
What a gift for a Monday! Thanks ladies.. the class was just what I needed.
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I adore you both and wish to see you together more often...thank you for this fun and effective class...
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Aaaaawwww, Girl-Time yeah! Thank you ladies! I´d like to see more videos together......(Mat please) LOL
Thanks everyone for spending time with us.  Kristi Cooper EVERYONE wants us to be together more....including me!!
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Love the classes where you are together!! Thank you soooooo much!! This class is brilliant!!!
Kathleen B
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Love Girl Time Classes!!! Great class. Great flow. More together teaching, please!!
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Love girl time! Thank you!
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Loved the class. Would love notes😊
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