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You will find connections to both sides of your body with this Mat workout by Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers. They encourage you to let go because you will still be able to find support where you need it. They are dedicating this class to everyone who has been impacted by the natural disasters in the Santa Barbara area in a way to show support for the community. They start with a brief explanation about the Bucket Brigade and then move onto movement at 3:03.

All of the proceeds from this class will be donated to the Bucket Brigade, which is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping clean up the mud in the city of Montecito. If you would like to donate to the Bucket Brigade, go to their website to learn more.
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Apr 21, 2018
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Hi, welcome back to girl time, girl time. We're so excited to be together finally. Um, so, um, this time we're gonna bring you a class with a cause. Yeah, absolutely. So as you know, there's been fires and mudslides and disaster and road closures and all sorts of things that have impacted our community and its residents. And so what we're doing with this class today is we're going to donate all the proceeds to a group of local volunteers called the bucket brigade. And what these people do is they get together on the weekends and they dig and just as much as they need volunteers, they also need money for shovels to help feed their volunteers for large equipment. There is a lot, a lot, a lot of mud in one ceto that needs to be removed and this is been going on for months now.

So we would like to show our support for our community by donating the money from this class to the backup and aid. And um, if you are interested in supporting them, there will be a link on this class. I can, I just want to add, um, so much of what has happened since January 9th is, um, the infrastructure has been, they're trying to rebuild that so that we can get to work. So then we can have our friends and family and teachers come back and stay in hotels. And so that's where the energies and the water systems are all being focused on. But there are too many of our friends and local family that are not able to even get back to their homes still. Um, and when they do the help that they need to even get in there and to take things out. And that's what we're trying to support is the ability for people to find what they can still to be back in their homes, at least to, to retrieve things. Um, and to just show our support.

I think that it's all of what you just said, but, um, I think it's hard to comprehend if you're not here. And so, yes, we're, we're gonna provide that link and we'll hope that if you, um, look into it at all, that you might feel the desire to also donate. Besides take this class a lot, like again and again and again and again cause it's also gonna be really fun and like I said before, we're just so grateful to be together and we had a long time where we were literally separated because we had to be there, we had no choice. So we're happy to be back in the studio. We're happy to provide support for our community. And let's just move. Thank you. So here we are. Glad to be back.

Glad you're with us. Same. You ready to move for sure. Okay. Sit Up, sit up. The engineers, put your feet down in front of you using the hands at the back of the size. Did you get a little energy, a little lifted energy? Close your eyes if you want. I'm closing mine and just take a moment here. I just need this in the beginning of my movement practice almost always just to breathe and connect and most of all let go.

So inhaling and XL feeling that you could create a sense of elongation or lightness or ease in your spine and exhaling and letting whatever you need to let go of. Go and inhaling with gratitude for the opportunity to be together and to move our bodies and to support our community. And exhale hand. I'm opening my eyes. Now we're going to breathe in and start moving. Exhale, Tuck the tail under. Keep the shoulders as they are around the spines, deepen into that position and lift up and exhale, draw in and around.

Taking the gaze down just between thighs to the mat and inhale, lift. And thank you for all of you. Exhale again, two around who are here, moving with us in support of of our support of our community and we are grateful for you too. And let the arms go in here and exhale. Tuck the tail and around the spine, bringing the body down to the mat. Feel the lower back imprint. Inhale, exhale, roll that, lift the or take the arms open and exhale, bring them forward and roll back. So just letting each movement link seamlessly to lift.

Exhale into the next, moving through the positions and round and roll back. There's something so comforting and moving as you know how to, even if it's been awhile, I was like, yes. And Press and in here lifting, reaching o, opening the hand from the back of the room towards the OSHA roll down that side of the body. Hicks hair come through center. Inhale, reach across the anyway, exhale, roll at that side of the body. Sit Up, open the arms out to the side and to the back of the room in here. And exhale as you roll down an open and a cross, uh, and open freedom and rot and around and open. Reach across, uh, ease and okay.

And rotate around and open, uh, cross, uh, and gratitude. Open the knees. Reach the arms overhead. Take the body forward for a stretch. As you roll up through this spine. [inaudible] her roll down. I'm grateful I got back up. Okay. Going down, going down parts.

We're gonna come up a little reach for me and down and up. [inaudible] and Dan. Three more times only at the little up and down and do more. Lift and down. And last time, lift Dan o though way down and organize getting ready for a pelvic crawl. Okay, so we're in our pelvic curl position.

We feel our weight on our feet and then we start flattening the spy and press down into your feet. Roll the spine up, arms long, hips high. Inhale and exhale. Breastbone falls shoulder blade soften. Neck lengthens bone by bone, comes into the mat individually. Reached the pelvis down in here and flatten the spine.

Soft in this shoulder, soft in the arms, reaching with the arms and in here and Xcel as we lay the spine back down, piece by piece by piece by piece. And inhale and exhale. We're rolling. Okay. Hips up in here and Xyz roll down. I had in here and x, Y, z.

Your role at staying lifted at the top, lifting the right leg up off of the floor and inhale and roll the spine down. Okay. And roll the spine up and roll the spine down. Trying to find the center of the spine and roll the spine. Three more. Excelling to roll the spine down and roll the spine at inhale and feel that there's energy in the arms.

Energy reaching out through the head and lift and too [inaudible] and lift. And last time [inaudible] and lift in a hole, the lift and see if as you put your right leg down, you can do so without shifting the pelvis. Stay lifted. Lift the left leg up. Inhale and exhale. Peel down [inaudible] and peel back. Hips up high. Inhale and exhale. Peel down. Just got my shoulders lifting off the mat, checking with your as a you if you so desire. And if you don't, that's okay too. Exhale roll down.

So we just move our bodies, eh? I think there's two more. Am I right Chris? Yep. One more after this and say, Eh, last time roll down. You're gone down. Are you going up and going up now? Okay. And then we hold at the top and we're going to take the leg down and we're going to reach our arms overhead, lifting the hips up a little bit higher there. And we're gonna peel down as we roll down.

Christie's going to take it away at the bottom, but we're stretching milk it. No, get someone pulling on your arms. Someone's putting under tailbone. Once it's down, once you are down, exhale and curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Bring your arms with you and reach forward. Stay there. Check shoulders. It's almost like they're being pushed backwards. Reach further.

Inhale, go all the way back down. Just kind of feeling your self in the space. Exhale, curl up again, trying to keep it all connected, but sometimes that makes it feel a little too stiff for me. So going with what Mary said, go ahead and go down. Um, just come up. Maybe don't overthink it. Xcel do three more. So let me be some sense of my head lifts, not necessarily just with the arms and go down again, but it starts to roll up. You feel some length in the back of the Nike.

Feel that semi articulation there. Reaching, reaching, reaching. Think through the inner thighs a little bit. Come back down one more and we'll go up and stay up there. Reaching it, reaching it, stay here. Just inhale and then exhale for a while.

I told God, inhale, raise the arms up when you need to breathe in. Exhale longer than the inhale and press down, down, down, down, down. Take the arms with you. Yes. When you run out of air, just let the arms float up, but he's not changing Xcel from somewhere on anything. Our upper are impressed when the air's gone. It's easy to just float the arms up, fill up the lungs, try not to fall back. Float your body a little too loaded. Try. I'm thinking it. I don't know if it's happening. It kind of feels like it though. One more time. All the years out. Inhale, take it all the way down with your upper body, but the arms are to a t position. Palms up. If you can get them to the floor, do rest them on the floor and then just notice your shoulders pop up.

Mine do naturally some thinking to press them down a little to the back of the shoulders are down. Even if I have to lower my arms toward my hips and then reach the hands, arms longer from there, pick up both knees, put them together, let's let them come a little closer than 90 degrees. So it's not a tabletop per se, but it's a little more resting. Take the knees toward the window, inhale to rotate, keep them together. Take a moment to look at them. Both shoulders are still down. Exhale, come back to center and backside.

Maybe you feel a heaviness in the bones so that it's not this mechanical thing that it might look like. Keep going to the window, but more suppleness involved. More freedom, more ease. If you want to challenge it, I'm not sure you need to, but if you wanted to you could flip the arms up and really reach longer trying to get a neural stretch. I'm going to leave him down cause I'm feeling like I liked the earth right now. I want to be on it. I want to keep it still. And I do mean that in every way to the back.

Once you've done that one to the back, let's do one more front to the window, one more to the back and then we'll settle on the center. Just sort of checking in. Even now when you give back to the center, just hug the knees into the chest really tight. Let your butt come up and just give yourself that sort of hug. Lift your head and neck and shoulders, however you need to get a rocking motion going do and then start to contain the ball. We're just back and forth. We're going to go into a rolling like a ball even here and just doesn't know the timing. It doesn't matter if you kick butt.

Eventually try to bring the heels in and keep them where they, they start. If you feel confident without our semi confidence starts sliding your hands down toward the ankles and we'll go, I don't know, former roll back. Keep the heels near you and Mary and I are in the habit of keeping the knees together. I think I'm a little more challenging, but you can keep them apart too and go deeper. One more [inaudible] uphold. Okay. Feet down.

Just good up back enough that you can drop into a diamond position and for more of a warmup, arm over arm. For our sit and tall, I've leaning forwards of check yourself out. We're going to rotate to the window. Inhale, exhale, extend the arms opposite each other into that tee position. Again, inhale, sit taller, reach or twist further. Keep those feet connected. Exhale, come back to center. Refold the arms and if you can remember which one was on top of the switch it other way. Inhale, exhale, extend. This is where I really focus on kind of pressing of the foot, rotating into, into the back. Inhale Taller or further ise. Help. Exhale, come back to center. Just a couple more.

Just sort of feel like we need a tiny bit more of that. Exhale, extend. Inhale, rotate further or taller and exhale back to center. Kind of keeping in mind that if you're not sure if your arms go ahead, extend if right here, if you, when you twist, it's just an arm addition and additional change. It's not really do anything. Make it your spine. Make it from the column of the middle. And then back to center from here, just extend the arms out, turn the palms up and we'll just do a little devil exhale, kind of slow.

Go all the way to the other side and exhale again. So we're inhaling as we change swing and now do swing kind of just side to side. So you don't even have to do the devil I felt just swing. But keep those arms opposite and just kind of almost sprinkler. Like I'm thinking of the dance but we won't do that till we could but that would be not fun. How about just two more one each way.

One and here's two back to the center. Close Up. The knees will roll back slowly into deviled egg stretch. So here we go. Finding the physician and I, I've since watching a lot of, or listening to Deborah lesson a lot. I am bringing my tailbone up more than I ever did and then doing my best to get it down as I extend the legs. So here we go. Double like inhale, reach, hold, circle back around, finish the knees coming in. But then you can give it the hug and squeeze out the breath. Inhale, expand, exhale, bring it in. And part of the point there for me, maybe for everyone, is to use the shape of the body.

Use the legs to squeeze out the air. Let's do three more, just a little quicker if we'll go one still hitting every part and two, here's three. Hold it and take your right leg. Extend the left, really pull the leg in. Now you can feel the stretch of the left and I focus a little more on trying to find the back of the leg. Switch it just so you can feel that side to really hug. Keep the hips square. Now we'll go quicker. Two inhales or one long. Inhale. Now exhale. Use your body to kind of assist the respiration in the same way the respiration helps your body. Let's go out out. One more cycle in, in. Keep going, but do that rotation.

So we'll go hands behind the head and oh Ooh. It takes longer to really finish it. Wring out the air and out. Keep pulling the way in. But don't let your body, everybody fall back. One more cycle here. It starts in, in, out, out pool. Both knees in marijuana. You take it from here. So we're going to stretch the legs forward on a high diagonal.

Lift them up in here. So roll the body over, flex the feet, separate the lanes and push through the heels of the feet is you now imprint the spine back down. One at a time. Bone at a time, standing on the arms point the feet, legs come down together and the lift x Oh to go over in her flex and separate, maybe lower the legs down if that feels appropriate to your body and your situation today. And then feel down. So important I think to make choices in regards to how you feel in that space, in your space right now. Okay, so we'll make some suggestions and you do what makes your body feel happy? I don't know. Down you don't bring the legs down and together and keep 'em together. Lift up.

Separate them there. Roll over. Flexing clothes. I did, I wanted to do something with that. Wasn't it, but this, I'll fix it. Here we go. Then a roll down points. You surprise yourself in over and over. It's good, delicious, flack, separate, roll down.

Don't you hate that when you're like, wait, that wasn't going to do. Oh No, I think I did. Oh, so now lets them, I bring them together. I'll just change it all the time. I don't know what I'm doing and just keep moving. I don't know what you're doing. Tell me what you're doing. I'm just a little rolling down with my legs together. Okay.

We're going to do one more, but we're going to separate the lengths. The lift them up and roll over. They're going to stay apart. We're going to flex the feet. We're going to roll the die. The rule, the spine, and as the spine comes down, lift your head, look between your legs. Hey. Hi. Reach for your feet and down. Fine. Stretch forward. Lifting tall.

Yeah, and [inaudible] and exhale, bringing the head forward and just rolling the body forward, wringing out the breath and then just rebound. So feel the ease, which with the width, which the spine can just return an inhale and make it look so easy. I do okay. And around so I'm trying to make it feel easy and if it feels easy then it'll look easy. Okay. So if you want to try to make it look easy, make it feel easy. Okay. Let's see if that's helpful. Yeah, there you go. How'd it feel?

Good. [inaudible] I'm good. So that's like something that I'm playing with for a long time. How can we do good movement but like make it less work. I just need to want it. Okay. Okay. Less work. Yeah.

Float in your body. Cause we were really like what percentage of we are, are we water lack a lot of percentages and the water. A little less water tequila but yes, but so like can we be kind of like we find that blend c cause there is a lot of boring fluid in our bodies. Can we just work with it? Roll with it? Yeah. Nice. One more [inaudible] in here and list and list them as we lift. We'll just let the arms come out to the sides. Nice and easy. Inhale, twist. And we just breached down.

Let use the ear to listen to the knee. And I bet your knee has lots of great advice and center and twist and reach down. Listen to the knee and Rola and center man and listen to the knee and reach out and ease and twist and reach through and lengthen up and center. And let's do a couple more twist. Yeah. And get longer as you said, set up and center and twist down.

And when you know me, you know that a couple more means that we have more to eat. Psi. Yay. It feels good, Huh? And Center and over town and uh, and yeah, center. And then bring the arms forward. One more time. Roll down and take the ankles or the shins or wherever you can reach your feet maybe. And then just use the arms to pull the body long.

So you're using your arms as an assist for finding a nice flat back. From there. Let the arms float off, bring them out to the side, and then just press them back and back. And as arms go back, it's not as though you're trying to bring your spine more forward, perhaps more or less long, more upright. On that diagonal line, we'll do three, two, one. Sit all the way up. Bring the hands behind you. Slide your feet, or step your feet together, pressing up through the middle of the back. Inhaling, exhaling, pressing down into the heels to lift the hips in a long line. And then hips come down.

Okay. And exhale. Press the legs together fresh. Ah, [inaudible] all the way down. Three more times. And then Christy will take it away. Uh, and center, Middle Back. Push the mat away there and down. [inaudible] Center, middle of act, which they have. So a lift. Okay.

And Dan and the, Huh? The arms come up, take it forward just for a quick stretch or release forward and then roll yourself up. Bring your knees with you. Bending to hold on for him. We might have to scoot forward for OpenLink rocker. So it's been awhile thinking that [inaudible] okay, do this, right. Let's talk it through. I find that that spot that you know you want to hold onto and then put the resistance into your hands but also draw the belly back. Extend your leg closest to the window.

Recall we can even start [inaudible] so good that there's those long arms. Again, if I only my legs were as flexible as my arms are long other side and Andy. So we'll do both. I'm not looking at you cause I need to just sort of know I can do it. I used to be able to ha and Ben both. We'll go a little quicker now.

Same side. Just go one like up, bring it back other than they got. Bring your fac where I'll call both legs up. We'll keep it there. I like to pull my legs into my hip sockets. Talk about freedom. Now I'm not working then to roll back. I'm going to pull them out, pull them up. Here we go. Roll back. We'll come right back up. Push the legs back in the hip. Socket and extend extent. Didn't make it, but I did. You did. And pull them up or maybe that doesn't work for you, but it does for me. It's sort of just this like ignition and again, if it's feeling easy, grab higher, grab your toes. I'll be right here.

Three Maurine. Another little trick is to try to keep the arms in the physician. They are, but you can kind of lighten the grip in the back right here and then we commit. Whoa. It moves you though. Last one. Back to come up and I'll bring the feet together. Bend the knees, press the hands into Sharon sayings. Yup. Or whatever side. Yeah, we're doing that one teaser prep. Okay.

The hardest teaser of no roll down the, if your legs were there as best you can, we're just going into the shoulder blades. Come back up in here. I almost imagined I'm separating my legs into my hands. I'm not, but that resistance, that outward resistance kind of keeps me centered somehow. And [inaudible] let's try exhaling down. So inhale, exhale, rolling away. I keep those shoulders with you in Hila one more like that.

Extend the legs. You can hold on to him wherever you want. Don't worry. Don't worry. All right. You're going to take the leg closest to the front, crossing [inaudible] over. Just bend it. Come down, twist and face the back here. Let's do this a couple side Benz and then we'll go into some sidekick.

So place yourself where the heel of the hand, the hip and the heels themselves are pretty much in line. Let's just go shoot yourself up into the side. Plank first. Innercise together. Nice long line as best you can. Then it's as if something from underneath the waist lifts you up. That sh arm pit comes closer to the hips.

As you make that rainbow shape come back out to the long straight line. Bend the knees and come down lightly. Touch. Go again. Just two more. Up, lift and over. It's not so much the hand it's involved. Of course. Come to your long line and down. I'm gonna encourage the legs, specially the inner thighs up over, over more. Take a quick peek at your hips. How much are you rotating? Try to keep it in line and then come back to the straight line or the tee and down we go. Pull the knees in first and just get that upper arm of the Bicep as close to your head as possible. Takes me awhile to get here.

So I'm going to stall and then just to side bend, it's an up and over side bend. It kind of feels crunchy or small, but don't let to hurt and then go all the way down to your elbow, just for the side, a kick sort of bit of a prep. So that will go for the stability and the freedom of the leg on top. Lift the top leg, reach it long and we'll kick forward, kick, kick and sweep back and take a couple ever so slow or maybe a little slower than you normally would and now a little quicker just so you get some sense of, I'm about to toss the leg, but mostly the body is still, yeah, let's do three, three more. One, one and way back. It's alright if you rotate or if you move the upper body, you have to last one coming up. Hold it to the back, way back there. Now I would check the hips that you're not leaning back on them, that there is stacked or even slightly forward. Take the top arm, reach it, reach the top like further back by pushing the thigh bone back, not the foot.

And now lift the thigh one, just six to make them good. Three it still bind you four there's five and six. Just bring it in and we'll just come up and switch sides. So top leg over crossed over the ankle or the other one? Yeah. Yup. Right sideband.

We lift up first into that straight long line. Then as if someone held you or you've just lifted yourself at the waist, you can look down at the hand. Try not to lock the elbow side t and still ready to go. Lift up, lift up and over to the side. And one more time. It's like all one exercise in a way. Just three movements.

Let's lift back to the t, bring it down before the feeding closer. Is it right up top? You're gonna adjust the legs if you need to for any reason. Try to get that bicep near you. You stuck so tight I feel. Yeah, that's definitely the bicep part. I always want to tilt my head it no, so if you can't get there, it's all right.

Just try to keep your arm straight even if it's outside, then do your side bend that we could do it. But for now we go into our sidekick sort of that prep, just getting a little more lubrication through the hips. Nice triangle of space between the body and the mat and kicking forward. Kind of slow for the first couple and then we'll do six after that. Just feeling for it and it's not so much that I get front and back. Sorry.

Here we go quicker now, but not by a lot. It's that you feel that sense of separation almost from the Femur to the hip joint. Three or four more or something like that. I don't know. Okay. Say Three, huh? Three. Two. Okay. One. Hold it back, hold it back, hold it back. I think it's worth looking at because every time I'm sure it's straight, I've bent it cause I can fill my hamstring. But you want to go for a straight top arm, take the rotation, press the thigh bone back further then lifted six, five, four. You always look prettier than me.

It's in your face. You're like a ballerina. This is it right here. I know we want to stretch but we're not going to do cause we didn't on the other side. Why don't you take it my lovely. Okay, so kind of up and we'll just bring the legs in. That best straight leg in for the mermaid. So the arms are going to reach out to the side and are reaching, reach across, reach for each other and then around the spine. Bring the arm around. Oh you're welcome. Lift your chest.

I didn't know I needed that. You do. So do I. And then push them out away around open, lift up, reach a stretch longer as you go over and then back. Arms up to the sides. Inhale over and comes down. Exhale to bring in the arm around. Inhale, pull the spine through, lifting the heart. Exhale, push the mat away and around the spine.

Open the arm and reach up, lift the ribs, stretch over, and then come back. Hinge first, pressing the foot into the thigh or knee Xcel, reach across. Inhale, lengthen. Let the tailbone s uh, push back and then let the tailbone tuck under moving the spine. And I don't, and uh, and over. And then since Kristy selfishly didn't give us a stretch, I'll give us one to bring the leg across. Now, not selfish, smart Gal rephrased and it's, Christie wasn't smart enough to get that. I'm not offended by it. Oh yeah. Okay.

All right. Should we trade sides eventually? For sure. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So we're lifting and stretching with twist twist towards the Ley dropping down into that hip. Oh, is that, that was a general question. [inaudible] okay. And then kind of center. And so the bottom leg will slide out and come around that top leg. We'll just drop open arms come up. I didn't mean to call yourself as you not self through.

That's probably the one in the most generous people I know. Actually reach over in here and exhale, rotate the body and now reach through. Ah, push away. Open back out, lift the body, reach, ah, rib lift up away from the pelvis and we stretch over any time. Back up, arms out to the side, kind of floaty, right Christie. So buoyancy in the body, look for it. And Ken's down turn, spiral, breathe elongates.

I let my tailbone open and my chest opens. I'm arching, pushing, tucking the tail under, using the arms to create opposition and wind. Reach a drop the hip if the body stretch over and then Ah, yeah I wonder Christie, like when you get into that place where you feel tied in your shoulder, I'll talk to you about it when we come back up and then reach across. So I was going to say lift the chest and round. Is that check to see like when you're trying to take your arm over head that you're not pulling like abducting your scapula. Like if you push through blades all on the outside of the body, then make it easier for the arm to yeah. Yeah. Good.

Yeah. Good. Okay. Thank you. Yeah, you're welcome. So good idea for everyone and then come up. Okay. So let's turn, wait a minute. I know, I know. I'm smart enough to remember that I gave it made such a fuss about giving us a stretch. Okay. Tuesday. Neither of us. Very smart and um, I don't, yeah, that's cool work. It's good.

Yeah. Okay. Chrissy, you win and they, your prize is you get to teach us back extension. Let's stay with it with this for a sec. [inaudible] levity. [inaudible] [inaudible] no, similar. It's still funny. Okay, so I'll just unwind. We'll go face down.

I know it's my call, but do you have a preference? [inaudible] okay. Breaststroke men kind of in the reverse. So if you do the work on the reformer, you'll know it sort of, we're going to start with the elbows near the body says not at goalposts, like position right near the body. Thumb's kind of right pointed to the shoulders, theoretically, forehead on the mat. And the spine as long as you can make it. So for me, I feel like I'm trying to lengthen the front of the hips or stretch the front of the thighs almost more than thinking about drawing the abs in. In fact, I am more gently let the shoulders be away from the ears. From here, try to keep low with everything and if you can keep the forearms on the floor and slide them down your hands to your hips, your elbows will have to lift a little most likely. Then your arms are nice and long.

Now you can even press into the floor to create more of a dart like position or reaching your forehead or not your forehead at the top of your head. Forward strictly look forward. Start to articulate the spine, float the arms up, circle them around, right up overhead, and then from there you'd just draw them from the shoulder blades down where they started and lower less words or maybe the same words, but quicker. We're going to slide the hands down. Try to keep those elbows low. That's that external rotation I'm going for. I do like to take a little bit of press to the floor and keeping my feet down.

Raise the arms and bring them all the way around. You can lift higher if you want to. I'm happy and refold to go down. Here we go. Arms circled down and around. Keep those collarbones wide. Lift the arms up to body. My come up a little. Of course, look forward if it works for you. Focusing on the upper back, extension, rebend elbows and down we go. One more like that. Slide the arms down. Hands Down at me started to articulate through the upper back.

The arms will lift and circle forward and bring it back down. Let's go the other way. You're going to lift the head, neck and shoulders. The arms reach forward, circle and back. Way Back. Now you can really look forward. Somehow it's easier that direction. Refold to bring it back to the start at the end, keeping it low, just to more start to lift ups. Shoot everything forward, keep the height. Maybe you can go a little higher, but you don't have to.

It's not about the low back so much. It'll get the work and down. One more time. Start to lift, extend the arms forward. Circle them around. Refold at the elbow. Yeah, and we go from there. Just back your hands up so they're just under the shoulders and you can apply pressure. You can push your knees to take a quick little stretch for your back or rest position.

[inaudible] then curl your toes under. Do you best to keep them parallel so your feet can be a part and needs can be apart, but curl the toes under to get a stretch to the bottoms of your feet. So I'm really pushing back, not really doing a back stretch now. The mixture, your hands are secure enough that you can draw the abdominals and keep pushing on the feet. Lift the hips up to like a pyramid, like position. If you can lower the heels as much as you can, drop your head.

You may need to walk your hands forward. I'm not quite sure yet. I will a little just to be sure. And then from there I'm lifting back up into that high lifted heel and to draw the abdominals into, roll the spine through into a long stretch like position or a plank. As I get there, I flex the feet again, if you're too far out in front, you can adjust it on this next one we draw from just under this sternum. You can let your head drop. Try to just do that part.

It's okay to round your upper back and then roll back through till you get all your back to the pyramid. Then drop the hills down. Okay, some version of that. But to Mary's earlier point, let's just be fluid and buoyant with its, now you just lift a roll through, find the plank, but it's a strong one and you draw from under the sternum. Your head just kind of goes along for the ride. Try not to leave it too far behind and drop the heels, lift him back up, roll through [inaudible] just finding a connection through both sides of your body. Hopefully back to go back. So there's some strengths, but it's not a whole lot of effort. It's the collaboration of it all.

Collaboration of helping each individual aspect of your body that you can name work together and back. I'm going to stay in this pyramid, Norwalk, my feet in or my hands back a little just so it feels cozier. If you want to Shimmy, Shimmy, but maybe walk the legs a little, so one knee bends than the other. [inaudible] find some sort of suppleness to it. I think we're going to wind it down here [inaudible] and then even it out of what feels right to you. Okay. Reading, commit and knowing the front of your body is working a little [inaudible] meaning the abdominals, and just walk your hands back or your feet forward a little if you need to.

Hanging with support, right? That's sort of the challenge. So much letting go, but knowing that you're supported when you do, oh, which I think was a big part of the point of this class community in general, so yeah, I mean even just looking at the feeling the body, you're standing on your legs, even if they're bent, that's cool, but they're supporting you. You can ease up a little bit in your arms, your neck, shoulders, the skin. Right. Let it hang. No one's watching. Shake it out a little bit.

Are you fine with us just rolling out the walking? Yeah. All right, so then I am going to bend cause I need to, yeah. I want to bend to know that I'm securely coming up, but I do have stepped onto the feet. I stepped through the floor, I stepped through the earth and I'm just rolling up and making it feel good. You can go faster and slower. I'm going kind of slow feeling my bones sort of stack, feeling the space in between. Okay.

Feeling the weight downward, but so that when I do, I can feel the levity that takes me upward and let's just take deep breath [inaudible] and exhale. Not to drop, but to stay lifted my mark with that image. For me, it's, it's the rooting into the floor, into the earth so that everything else can be a little freer and I'm going to trust that. Good idea. Yeah. Thank you for being here.


Pilates Emma
Great class .... & even greater that you supporting your community X
2 people like this.
Great seeing you two together again! Always so much fun to wake up and work with you, Kristi and Meredith! I love your generous spirit and am happy to support the Bucket Brigade. :)
2 people like this.
A much needed treat:)
Thank you Kandie!
3 people like this.
Thank you thank you thank you....I ld like to see more videos together...
3 people like this.
I really love your girl power classes and even more if they help not only me and you, but also your community!
2 people like this.
Great class and great cause ladies. It’s always a pleasure of working out with you. Thank you
2 people like this.
Felt the love, thank you
Pascale Perez
Great class, I enjoy it very much as usual
Laurie C
1 person likes this.
Nice class to start the day off!!
Did I miss the link for the donations?
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