Class #3866

Back Care Mat

30 min - Class


You will focus on your posture and mobility with this Mat workout by Tracey Mallett. She teaches a class designed to help you overcome the things that negatively impact your spine. She includes exercises to help you open your chest, stabilize your trunk, and work your mid-thoracic spine.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

About This Video


Hey guys, Tracy Mallett here. The next 30 minutes is dedicated to your spine. Yes, you are only as young as your spine. We all need to take more care of our flexibility, our posture, today's society. ...


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Absolutely fantastic ball exercises for the spine ;I feel relief through the whole spine specially on my mid-thoracic;thank you Tracey
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Great class, thank you.
Thank you! :)
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love this, - wonderful speed, great cues and enough challenge! thank you!!
Great class...I love that you knew I had put my leg down for a cheeky rest whilst you were explaining 😜 your giggle especially getting off the floor...great start to my day x
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loved it felt really good :)
Needs to be done daily! Love the ball and your classes! Thank you 
Beautiful sequence Tracey 💖 Thank you 🙏 
This will be my daily stretching routine.
ADORE this so much!  This is the perfect self-care mat class for a tight back/body.   What a wonderful class! Thank you dearly!!!
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