Class #3309

Reformer for Tech Posture

60 min - Class


Keep your posture fit and strong with this Reformer workout by Sally Anderson. She starts with a Mat warm up to prepare your body for the movements that you will do on the Reformer. She then goes into exercises that focus back extensors and alignment to help combat the "tech posture" that has become so common.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Mat, Hand Weights, Magic Circle

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Hi, I'm Sally Anderson and I'm taking you through a reformer workout today with the help of these lovely ladies from down under in Australia, Lanette and Victoria. So Lanette is the di...


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Thank you for this amazing workout. I appreciate the precision in cueing. Excellent!
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Thank you so much for this perfect class. I really enjoy your style of teaching Sally. You are calm, well spoken and highly knowledgeable.
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Sally, your cueing is perfection! Thank you for a great workout! Loved using the weights and starting on the floor :)
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Thank you for the great 'feel good' class. I appreciated the cuing and the focus not only on the back extensor but also on the pelvis! Wishlist has Tower and Wunda Chair on it :)
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Excellent. Please do more like this.
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Great cues!! Great work!
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Beautiful class with excellent cues! Thank you:)
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Thank you for a lovely class, Sally! Very articulate, easy to follow cues.
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This was such a therapeutic class. Thank you for this present.
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how fabulous is this class - really loved it thanks sally
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