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Back Body Reformer

40 min - Class


You will focus on the back of your body so that you can engage the front side of your body better with this Reformer workout by Kristi Cooper. She jumps right in with a warm-up designed to release tension. She then moves into more traditional exercises, adding in movements to help improve your posture so you can stand taller when you are finished.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hey everyone, it's time for class. Um, we're just gonna jump right in. So I have the reformer already set up even for the warm up on four Springs. This one has five, so I have what we ...


Thanks, Kristi. As always, just what I needed! :)
Loved it!  Exactly what I needed this morning!  Thank you!
thank you Kristi! Just what I needed this evening! :))
What a nice start to my day! Love your cueing (I say "butt" too when I teach -- good to see I am not the only one ;). Thank you!!!
Loved this class, it reminded me of 16 years ago in your teacher training class!! 🙏😗
I love your classes, Kristi!  More, please!!! They always just feel so
good.  :)
Great session :):):) thank you !!!!
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Love the clarity of your direction. 
Just joined you for this one Kristi and my body feel loads better than it did 41 minutes ago! ...many thanks
Felt great and flew by! 
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