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Day 3: Plank it Out

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Welcome to Day 3! Today Courtney invites you to find the blend of breath and movement so that you can keep going when it starts to become more challenging. She alternates between HIIT sequences and different Plank variations so that you can work your entire body in a fun way.

You can add Courtney's HIIT Recovery class if you need a quick cool down after this workout.
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Welcome back to day three, guys, we've been working really hard. Uh, let's just keep it going. Uh, for this one, we're going to start off of our mat. So if you're using the mat, just come on off. Um, being on a harder surface will help a little bit with balance. Let's do our warm up again, just getting that blood flow in that breath moving in the body. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, flex down, soften the knees, rebuild. You might even notice that after doing this warmup for three days, that you're feeling a little bit more reached towards the earth.

A little bit more flexibility as you ragdoll it, anchor into those feet. But soften the knees as you stack the spine. This time, cactus the arms. Bend the elbow, pull the chest up and through the arms. Keep at, tell me, pulled in, reach up and dive down. Just find that blend of breath and movement, because that is what's going to keep you going. Bending the elbows, looking up, kind of like that. Stretch you do first thing in the morning, reached down, soften your knees and rebuild. Coming all the way up. All right, so our high intensity interval drill is going to be an alternating lunge up.

Let me show you what you'll do if you're not going to add the jump. So one leg goes back opposite arm comes forward as the leg lifts, the arm drives up and then you come on back down. So there is your option one, option two you'll add a little hop off that standing leg and it doesn't have to be big. Just press the earth away using the ankle strength and glute strength. We're doing 45 seconds. You have two sides to do, so it's probably gonna work out to be about 12 per side for 45 seconds. Here we go guys. How are they alternating? Arm goes. Think about a vertical jump straight up and up. Driving that arm up, sorry.

Yeah, and I'm going to switch sides. Stepping that opposite leg back and leg up. Get that back knee low to the ground. Four more here guys. Two and one. We made it. All right.

We're going to take it down to the mat for a low plank series to get into our core. Drop those elbows down. Elbows are right underneath the shoulders. Step the feet back, feet together. Pull the abdominals and keep the chest lifted. Rock forward and back. Don't let the bum go up and down. Just forward and back.

[inaudible] think about the abdominals rapping three-dimensionally. Tightening from the back to the front. Five more. [inaudible] four if you were standing up, you'd be doing calf raises. Three to [inaudible] and one knees down. Reset those arms.

Think of your arms like a number 11 lift your knees up and tap them down. Every time your knees come up, Tommy draws in. [inaudible] five, four, three, two and one taking the knees down. Press it back. Take a breather. We're going to go right back into that low plank position. Elbows right underneath the shoulders. Tommy tight. Curl those toes.

Under this time we're going to rock forward. Round. Look towards the toes. Lengthen and lengthen. [inaudible] so this is not about driving the hips up. You're trying to see. Curve your spine tightening those apps for [inaudible] three, two and one. Take it into the side so your elbow, it's right under your shoulders. Stack your feet. Use your top hand to help you come up.

Finding your side plank position, hip dips down. And now we're doing 10 keep rolling your bottom shoulder down and back. Dip and lift. Five, four, three, two. One quick little mermaid stretch and we're going to go right back into it. Taking that elbow down, stacking the seat.

This time, thread under the hips will lift a little as you reach under and twist. Five, four, three, two and one. Give yourself that mermaid stretch up and over. [inaudible] feeling instantly where that's working in the body. Swing those legs around the other side. Elbow comes right underneath are stacked.

Give yourself a little lift that those hips down and up. So feel like you're lifting from underneath like something's pushing your hips up. Stable shoulder, down and away from the ears. Three, two and one. Stagger. Stretch and thread the needle. Elbow down. Sock the feet and reach under for 10 that's five if stay lifted, four, three, two and one. Stretch it out.

Breathe it out. You're ready to get up and jump. Let's do it. So again, I prefer to be off the mat for these so I have a little bit more stability. One foot back that knees down. Keep your chest lifted so the opposite arm to leg will lift and step or out of hop about 12 to 15 each side. 45 seconds. [inaudible] six seven drive that knee up.

Switching sides, opposite foot comes back. Get that knee low to the ground. Yup. We got this push down to rise up. Final five, four, three, two and one. I know you might want to sit down but we're not.

We're going to do an upper body and back sequence standing so on the mat, feet together. Bend your knees and just lean forward. I had a nice long line. Some the arms back. You want your hands to be higher than your hips, palms facing as you pulse up. Now these add up really quickly. If you feel like you need to add a little something, you could absolutely do.

Lightweights in the hands, even water bottles policy, not keeping the shoulders open. [inaudible] Tammy tight. Keep posting up. Just turn your palms up. Arms are straight and higher than the booty. Just focus on lifting. [inaudible].

Take it into a circle, up and around. Energy from head to tail here. Really starting to add up right about now. [inaudible] reverse your circles. Squeeze from the back. Your arms are just an extension from your back, so feel the work right around those shoulder blades. Three, two, one. Turn the palms and bend your elbows. Keep those elbows lifted. Press back, little bend, fully extending, keeping those elbows high.

[inaudible] knees squeezing together. It's a great time to remind you of that core activation. Five, four, three, two, one. Leave your arms straight. Overhead reach and back behind. Reach up and back and back. Sort of like our hug the moon.

Back. Five, four, three, two and one. Rise all the way up. Good step towards the back of your map. We're gonna do a walking plank. Swing those arms up. Four fold. We did this in the warmup. Hands. Meet the floor. You can bend your knees if they're not meeting there. Walk it out and walk it back.

And again, walk it out. Find that alignment and walk it back. I'm alternating. What hand I start with. So right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left and then left. Starts [inaudible] one more with the right [inaudible] and left [inaudible] and soften those knees and rebuild. I mean all the way up. Good work guys.

Factor those lunges last time. So one foot's back. That needs low alternating arm rises. Adding your hop about 45 seconds. 12 to 15 on one leg. Drive that knee up. Feel how those abs help to get that lift for more this leg, sorry to [inaudible] sending the opposite leg back, leg up, chest lifted, shoulders relaxed.

Five, four, three, two, one. Hi. Yay. Let's get into those glutes. Come onto your hands and knees. We're going to come into a rotated position. So drop an elbow down and roll your chest open. One knee stays underneath the hips. Opposite leg lifts up.

Look forward over your shoulder. Tap and lift. Remember to pull the belly up as you lift that leg. Pull the shoulders away from your ears. No tension in the neck, down and up. Five, four, three, two. Bend the knee and flex your foot. Kick up and back. Look for that FID. You want to see it over your shoulder.

Scoop and kick. [inaudible] five, four, three, two [inaudible]. We're going to hold that leg up. Point the toe pulses. You got this. Create an imaginary floor. Lift higher than it lifting. Lifting last four, three, two and take it in and down for one. Great job.

We've got the other side to do. So you're going to come down to the hands and knees drops the elbow. Pivot your shoulder open, send your leg back, look for it behind the filter down and kick. Nice straight leg. This side might feel already fatigued cause it was working to stabilize you down and up and up for more.

[inaudible] three, two and one. Bend the knee and foot's flexed. Exhale, kick up. [inaudible] driving that heel up and back. [inaudible] and up. Four more and then we're going to pulse three [inaudible] and hold that leg up. Big finish guys up, up and up. Not down. Just up five more. Four, three.

Can one ring it all the way in and come on back up. Nice work guys. We are getting so strong. Stay with me. I'll see you for day four coming up.

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Lina S
I like the plank variations and the back sequence is pretty challenging too! Thank you!
Why can’t I unlock this?
Sharon ~ A new video will unlock every day. Since you signed up for the challenge today, you just have access to the first class and the second class will be sent to you tomorrow. If you would like to change this, you can go to your challenge settings to backdate your start date to unlock more videos. I hope this helps!
A doozey!
Awesome. Great express workout.
Another great challenge!
1 person likes this.
Think that was the hardest one yet!
That was great! A fast, tough workout!
Why do you look back and rotate the hips on the leg lift series at the end?
Courtney Miller
Trudi Thanks for taking my challenge! The shoulders, hips and cervical spine are all rotating approx the same degree for this exercise. Looking at the foot helps to keep the head lifted and the neck in line with the spine.  See you on day 4! 
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