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Day 4: Feel the Heat

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Welcome to Day 4! Now that you're starting to feel the heat, Courtney takes it up a notch with sequences that will work your full body. She introduces a new HIIT sequence and then moves through each part of the body with challenging exercises.

You can add Courtney's HIIT Recovery class if you need a quick cool down after this workout.
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Welcome today for. Okay, we've got more upper body core booty and hit training to do so. Let's just get started. We're going to start with our warm up. That's where it's at. It's all in our breath. So find a place to stand. Feet hip distance. Swing the arms up, take a deep breath in. Exhale, let it all go and just ragdoll soften the knees and Ribel. Feel those abdominal muscles working and back muscles working to stack your spine. Tummy draws in as you fold forward.

Just kinda ragdoll here. Knees can be soft. Am a rebuilt cactus arms. Inhale, arms up. Just wake up that back body. Squeeze your back, reach the arms and fold soft knees take you up. Stocking the shoulders right on top of the hips last time. Arms up, bend those elbows. Push the shoulders forward. Reach and flex. All right guys. Feel rooted in those feet.

Remember that when we're doing those high intensity drills, a lot of that work comes from our feet, comes from our back body. So we have two options for our 45 second drill. One includes jumping, one does not. If you're not going to be doing jumping, you'll be stepping back with your foot, crossing the foot behind your front foot and bending both knees. We're going to call this a curtsy lunge and then come up and go over to the other side. So here's option one. Keeping those hips square hands are on the hips. You can feel it. They stay square. Option two is we're going to do a hop and a skater lunge, reaching opposite hand to foot.

You're going to propel yourself to the other side of your mat and tap your toe down. We've got 45 seconds. You pick what you're going to do. Let's get started. Tap. Get those hips low, reaching the opposite hand up and sitting in those hips down towards the mat. Failed that side. Booty work is you push side to side. Abs in and out. Yeah, chess lifted.

10 seconds for five, four, three, two and one great lion on your mat. Let's get into those abdominals. We're going to extend the legs out in front of us and cross one ankle over keeping the hips anchored. Take your hands behind your head. Exhale, curl up, dropping itch, and curl up for 10 filling your ribs, glide down towards your hips. Keep those elbows open and fully exhale, healing the tummy. Flatten. The next time you lift up, you're going to bend your top knee in the leg that was crossed over and take it down for 10 supporting the head and the hands, keeping your lower foot anchored. Adding a straight leg [inaudible] elbows wide. Focus on the app, not the down three, two and one both feet down on cross those ankles.

One Rola exhale to go up and over. Roll halfway back and control the down. Opposite leg crosses over. Curl up lower and lift. Focus on the lift. And so feeling those fibers of those upper abdominals work as your ribs. Close knit together.

And then as we add in that lower leg, we feel how the lower fibers work to pull the leg towards the chest. We're doing 10 and a straight leg kick keeping the lower leg anchored. Five, four, three, two and one both feet down on cross those ankles in rural Iowa, over the thighs and back down. Good. Find the center of your mat. Hands down beside you. Float those legs up to tabletop for corkscrew.

We're going to send the legs long roll all the way up and over and then the feet will turn to one corner of the mat. My hips will stay online with my shoulders as they roll down one side of my spine, sweeping the legs through center. Pausing toes should be in line with the chin XCL coming up the other side and finding center. Then turn the toes to the other side of your mat. This is not shifting in the butt. Just swing those feet a little.

One side rolled down your hips. Stay in line with your shoulders. Stop with those toes are in line with your chin and you're drawing a circle with your toes on the ceiling, down and around. [inaudible] and try not to Kerplunk down and around. Good and up. [inaudible] and down and around Paul, navel to spine as you come up and then finish my rolling down the center of your spine and hugging those in. Okay. Curl up. Send both legs towards the ceiling. Take one hand behind the head, reach to the outside of the opposite foot. 10 if it bothers your back, bend your knees, but keep reaching up.

[inaudible] three, two and one other side. Try and get that entire shoulder up and off the mat. Three, two and one and the knees. A little break. We got a double toe tap coming up and then we're going back into those lunges. So curl up, send in both legs to the ceiling. Reach both hands up.

Exhale, reach to your toes if it bothers your back, then your knees a little, but keep reaching up. [inaudible] three, two and one of those Neesan. [inaudible] rock yourself up. Alrighty. You have two options. One is to jump and one is not to step and cross option one or go to your side to side jump. Let's do it. 45 seconds. Go up and over, get your hips low but keep your chest lifted. Fill in those glutes as you push off to one side, reaching down opposite hand to foot [inaudible].

The nice thing about using the mat is you have a guide trying to jump one side to the other. 10 seconds. Hips down, chest up for five, four, three, two and one. Awesome job guys. Alright, line on our belly. It's worked. That back body, we're going to start by opening the knees up like a diamond feet come together. Hands down. For this version of the pushup, we're going to angle our thumbs to point each other so the elbows will bend wide to the side. Pull the heels towards the bottom. Diamonds with the legs open. Elbows down enough for 10 [inaudible] two, three, one shape down, one shape up.

Be careful you don't lead with the head. Two more and one. Lower the for body down, but keep the diamond shape with the legs. Pull your heels towards your bottom and lift your thigh bones off the ground. Rest your head down and pulse the legs up.

Pulling your heels towards your bottom and pushing the legs app. Your thigh bones should be off the mat. Four more. Stretch your legs out long. Your legs are wide. Stretch your arms at long so you're like a Seastar.

You're going to ask Hill to lift your arms and your legs reaching your arms and legs in and out for 10 keep them lifted. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one hands go down. You press back and we're going to repeat that cycle again. If you want to intensify your pushups, then take your legs straight up, knees off the mat, legs together. Otherwise find your diamond. Here we go, guys. 10 [inaudible].

Open those elbows wide. Chest down, head in line with spine and keep pulling that tummy in and up. Five, four, three, two and one. [inaudible] he'll squeeze, prone. Flex the feet. Pull the heels to the booty. Lift the shape of the legs up. This time if you want to intensify, keep your upper body hovering and pulse up. Try to keep those thighs up off the mat. Tommy drawing in and up.

Pull your heels towards your bottom. Three, two, and one. Stretch out. Find your star shape. Lift your legs, lift your arms. Keep them lifted off the ground together and out. Even though you're lying on your tummy, it is not relaxed. You are keeping those abs pulling in and up. Four, three, two, and one. Sit back. Stretch your back.

Breathe it out. You're doing great. We have a nother hit circuit to do. Let's get it done. You remember your curtsy step back. Your focus is on keeping those hips level and square. Otherwise you're jumping 45 seconds.

Go push yourself from one end to the mat, to the other. Tommy's tight opposite hand, reaching down, sending those hips low. Okay. How you doing Jay? For fuel on that heat. Nice. Final 10 seconds guys. Four, three, two, one, four point kneeling. So four point kneeling for day four.

Spread the fingers. Hands right underneath your shoulders, knees underneath your hips. Cat your spine. Inhale, lengthen the belly. Look up. Pull your shoulders down, Kat, and pull your shoulders down. One more time. You're contracting your abdominals to find the cat and you're contracting your back to lift into that arch. Find a neutral spine, so ribs are drying up. Tommy's up. That curve in your low back is present. Send right leg back.

Stretch it long. Tap it down, down and up. Keep the elbows just a little bit soft head in line with the spine. You're lifting the leg from the seat versus the knee. So see if he can feel that the leg. Send the opposite arm long. Tap them down and app.

Imagine balancing a tennis ball on your low back. Try not to let it roll off. [inaudible] the low belly, pulling up three, two and leave that leg up. Hand goes down. Inhale, swing your leg to the side. Exhale, bring it back. Inhale, try to keep the height of that foot. Your hips might shift a little so you might feel a little side cinch in the body. But try to keep your shoulders right over those risks.

Inhale open and exhale. Pull it back. Keep that leg lifted and Tommy, Pauline in and up. Three and one right and the other side. It's in the leg. Long tap and lift. So by keeping the elbow soft, we feel how our back muscles work to hold us up, not the wrist, shoulder blades pulling down belly and chest bone pulling up. We're doing 10 of these taps and then we're going to add that arm opposite arm to leg. You're going for length here, reaching the fingers away from toes. Okay.

Head up, chest up, five more, four, three, two and the leg stays up. Swing it to the side and pull it back. You're going for height. Keep that foot lifted and shoulders square. Definitely feeling how those abs work to stabilize the spine. Five more. Inhale, kick to the side for three, two and last one one and bring it down as a tough day, guys. Amazing job. Four days down. We're doing great.

I'll see you next time. Day five coming up.

Ready, Set, Glow!: with Courtney Miller


Lina S
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I'm grateful for this Holiday challenge. Thank you for having an option with no jump. Even if I have a foot injury, I can do it. It feels great!
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Loved those courtesy lunges!
Still lovin’ it
Very fun! Love a challenge!
My favorite one so far...definitely heated up...LOVE it. Thanks!
Love these workouts! Thank you Courtney.
Connie Y
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Love this challenge! I'm a new mom to a 3 month old, and these workouts are so nice and quick for when my kiddo is napping. 
Great burn for the buns!!! 
lovin this challenge!!
Is something burning in here? Oh! It's ME!
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