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Class #3922

Day 4: Feel the Heat

20 min - Class


Welcome to Day 4! Now that you're starting to feel the heat, Courtney takes it up a notch with sequences that will work your full body. She introduces a new HIIT sequence and then moves through each part of the body with challenging exercises.

You can add Courtney's HIIT Recovery class if you need a quick cool down after this workout.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome today for. Okay, we've got more upper body core booty and hit training to do so. Let's just get started. We're going to start with our warm up. That's where it's at. It's all i...


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I'm grateful for this Holiday challenge. Thank you for having an option with no jump. Even if I have a foot injury, I can do it. It feels great!
Loved those courtesy lunges!
Still lovin’ it
Very fun! Love a challenge!
My favorite one so far...definitely heated up...LOVE it. Thanks!
Love these workouts! Thank you Courtney.
Love this challenge! I'm a new mom to a 3 month old, and these workouts are so nice and quick for when my kiddo is napping. 
Great burn for the buns!!! 

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