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Day 5: Full-Body Flow

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Welcome to Day 5! You're halfway through the challenge and Courtney encourages you to keep it up! She works your entire body in different positions so that you will feel stronger and more balanced by the end of the class.

You can add Courtney's HIIT Recovery class if you need a quick cool down after this workout.
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Hi guys. Welcome to day five. We are halfway through or a 10 day challenge. I know you're feeling it. I am too. Let's get started. We're going to start with that warm up that we love and we know. Arms go up, focusing on breath. Take a deep breath in. Exhale tight. [inaudible] stretch the back body, soften the knees and rebuild. Take your time here coming all the way up. Deep breath in.

He could always stay down here a little bit longer. Just kind of rigged all it. Try to roll one bone at a time. Let's open the chest, open the heart, get ready for the deep breathing with those hit circuits. Arms up and dive down. As you rebuild, try to keep your weight evenly distributed between the front and the back of the foot. Last time. Cactus, those arms. Take a deep breath in. We'll tail talk while you're here. Reach up and reach down.

Soft knees and rebuild. We're going to start with that hit circuit and I'll give you an option in case you don't want to jump today. Hands can be on the hips. We're doing a side step, feet together and go as wide as you can. The other side, so you're going to one side and to the other. If you want to amp it up, you're doing eight jumps from one side and landing on the other 45 seconds. We're ready. Let's go up and over. So we're pushing from the glutes to get as much distance as we can. Side to side, up and over.

I'm swinging my arms down just to get a little bit of momentum, a little bit of assistance to get my body to the other side of that mat. Stay low, keep your chest lifted and keep breathing. It's a lateral hop or a lateral step. Up and over and up and over. Landing light, landing soft toe ball, heel, 10 seconds guys. Up and over. Five, four, three, two and that's one. Awesome.

Let's get into the core with a high plank. Stand towards the back of your mat. Lift your arms up forward, fold and walk it out. Hands are right under the shoulders. Nice long line with the spine. Chest is lifted. Lift a leg, rock back, rock forward, lower down, leg pull, push and land. Try to keep the hips level. And if you are standing on your feet, it's as if you're doing calf raises up, back, forward, down, lift, rock forward. One more each side, Tommy, drawing in and up and take the knees down.

Sit for a moment, relax, and we're coming right back into that high plank position, spreading your fingers so you can evenly distribute the weight of the upper body into the hands. We're going to draw neat opposite elbow and step it back. There's a little rock forward. As the knee crosses the body, try to pull the abdominals in and out. Push down into the hands. Keep the chest bone lifted. Exhale, twist one more each side and sit it back again. So just a quick little break in between those sets to reset the upper body.

Coming right back up to that high plank position. This time we're going to step the arms wide. The body will rock and then step the arms narrow. We're going to start left, right close, left, right, and then we'll alternate. Right left, right, left step, step in, and step. Step in, in left, right, left, right, right, left, right, left, and take it down. Nice job. From here. Let's turn around. We're coming into an abdominal toe tap, so fingers point towards the feet. Hips lift up, one leg, opposite arm. Reach up and tap.

Exhale as you reach for those toes and up and up, pulling the leg straight up and reaching the hand to meet the opposite toe. Five, four, three, two and one and nice work. Guys, send those legs long. We're going to come into attendance. Stretch. Hold the hands. Go down just in front of the hips, round the spine, pull the tummy and push down through the feet. Push down through the arms, the hips come up and we're holding for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one. Great job. Coming back up to our second hit circuit. So our option, if you don't want to jump, was a lateral step. You still want to get that distance in between the feet.

If you're adding the jump swing those arms back 45 seconds. Let's go up and over. Stay low, but keep the chest lifted. No tension in the neck. Press and press, toe ball, heel. If you're working on a mat, you can use the mat as your guide.

How far you're going to jump. Try, jump a little bit wider each time. As you get tired, just turn up the volume on them. Use it. Keep going. 45 seconds is not too long. We got this. Almost done guys. Nothing over. Five seconds. Four, three, two and one. Awesome. Alrighty. We're going to get into our posture and back body, so take a seat. Take your legs a little wider than your mat. Option one is straight legs.

Option two is bend the knees a little bit or sit up on something to help you find your very best alignment in your upper body. Arms. Go out to the side, palms down. Inhale as you rotate to one side legs. Don't move three pulses and come back to center. Lengthen pulse, pulse, and come on back to center. Lengthen. This should be challenging to sit up this tall and maintain that position back to center feet.

Don't move to three and one, two, three. This time as you twist, bend your elbow. Squeeze your back. One, two, three. Back to center one to look back at that elbow. Lengthen. One, two, three. I want you to feel some opposition as you dig that elbow back.

Opposite arm reaches forward. One, two, three. Last time, one, two, and three. Come on back in. Bring the feet in. Turn your fingertips forward. This time when your hips lift up, we're going to keep our weight shifted back over the arms for tricep dips down and up and down and lift. Your chest stays open. Tommy stays tight.

Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift pointing those elbows straight back to modify since your hips down onto the mat. Otherwise stay lifted in that haver. Let's do five, four, three. Keep shifting your weight back over your arms too and that is one. Nicely done guys. Take a seat. Some the legs long, finding your long straight legs. Hands go back just as they did before. Sending those hips up. Reverse bridge and sitting down. One more time. Strong upper bodies.

You push down to lift the hips up and send those hips down. This time, push up, stay up. Three kicks, one, two, three other side, one, two, three and take a seat. We're going to do that two more times. Press down with the arms. Lift your hips up. [inaudible] leg down and take a seat. We're almost there guys. Hands go back.

Chest is open. It's the back body that's lifting you up. Oh their leg and take a seat. Nice job. Pivot. Turn for a side. Plank. Hand is down by the shoulder. Cross your ankles. Stocking your hips. Top hand comes over. The closer your feet are to your hands, the more of a bend you'll get in your side. Plank on an exhale, hips come up, arm reaches overhead. Inhale, reach to the sky. Exhale, thread, and he'll look up and exhale. Take a seat, make small adjustments. Set up the exercise by activating through your back.

Then come up and over, lift up, reach under, lift up and take a seat. One more on this side. Roll that shoulder down and back. Find that strong back body and then you're up. Reach to the ceiling, thread, lift and take a seat. Swing the legs around, crossing your ankles, hand down, shoulder, back on an exhale. You lengthen up. Look up at that top hand and twist.

Come on back through and take it down. Set the shoulder overhead, lift, reach. Thread your back up and take it down. Last time, up and over. Lift arm through, arm up, and take a seat. All right, for back up into our head. Let's get those heart rates up again. You know your two options, 45 seconds.

Go lateral hop or step. Use that mat as your guide. Push from that side booty and land light. Keep breathing apt to go over. Get those feet to connect.

Each time you land up and over almost there. Guys, this is your last hit for today's video. Push through it, uh, and press last 10 seconds. All right guys, big finish here. Five, four, three, two and one. Okay, we're going to finish today's video. Standing up. You can stand on your mat or if your balance is feeling a little Rocky, come on off. We're going to do a single leg challenge. Square off the hips. Send one leg back behind you, soften and your standing knee. Start extending at the hip, squeezing the seat and then hinge forward.

Find that place where your body feels like a capital letter. T and hinge backup. Standing leg is going to stay bent. Inhale, take it forward, exhale up, and you can feel the muscles between the hipbones tightening. Take it forward and up. I want you to feel like the only reason the chest is going down is because that back leg is lifting up three more. So right now we're feeling that standing glute too.

Lean. Lengthen. And on the next one we're going to stay up in that T bend your standing knee and straight men, eight seven, six, five. Can you lift that back like a little higher for three two knee, right over toes. Keep the deep bend. Pulse. The back leg for 10 reached toes away from crown of the head for three, two and bring it on in. Feel it. Let's do the other side. So Ben, you're going to send your opposite leg back.

Hands on the hips. You can feel that they're going to stay square. Start lifting the leg. It's that leg coming up that tells your chest to go down. Find that capital letter T position and tap your foot to the floor. 10 hinges. Your standing knee is soft, Tommy's tight.

So our stability in the standing exercise comes from that abdominal belt tightening. Try to keep the hips pretty level, pretty square, getting a lot of work in the muscles of the foot and ankle as well. Tilt and lift. Inhale as you lower the chest. Exhale as you lift on the next one. Let's keep our hinge.

Eight single leg bends, one, two, three, four, five, six, two more. And then keep that bend and pulse that back leg up. Go for the length. Tighten the tummy. Five, four, three, two, and one. Rosanna. Awesome job guys. We're halfway through or over. Halfway through. We got this. I'm going to see you next time for day six.

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I loved the standing balance challenge. For sure, the glutes are working!
Another class, another hit. Thank you
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Love!  These are all so fun and really nice to do every day with you.  Most times I add them to a workout but on some days it's all I can fit in between teaching and running a studio-and it's the perfect little workout snack.  You're wonderful.  Thank you so much for your creativity and constant inspiration.  
So great! I'm feeling it!
My butt is so sore! 😂
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I have a challenging arm to torso ratio with quite short arms and found the Tendon stretch, abdominal Toe tap and even triceps dip just weren’t working what they were supposed to. Any props or tips you can think of to help this?
Loving this series!  Is there an alternative/modifier to the bridge toe taps?  
Loved it!
Laura I'm also curious since I could barely get my butt off the floor
Laura Lynne Hi ladies! Thanks for taking my challenge! For the tricep dips try using the edge of your sofa. And for the tendon stretch (omg it’s so hard, right?!?) try two yoga blocks or two really thick books to prop your hands up a little higher. Enjoy! Xx
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