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Day 6: Play with Tempo

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Welcome to Day 6! Today Courtney uses Mountain Climbers as the HIIT sequence, allowing you to play with the tempo so that you can feel the dynamics of the exercise. As you get closer to the end of the challenge, she encourages you to keep the momentum going!

You can add Courtney's HIIT Recovery class if you need a quick cool down after this workout.
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Okay. Welcome back guys. We are in day six. We have been working so hard. Let's keep that momentum going. Standing towards the back of the mat. We're going to sweep those arms. Take a deep breath in. Forward fold. Exhale all that air out. Soften and rebuild. One more time. And Tommy draws in an app.

No tension in the neck and just stocking the bones all the way back up. Feeling our feet. Take back cactus chest, opening, tummy tight. Reach and touch the ground. One more time. Arms, nice and wide. Chest lifted, arms go up and four fold. If you want to hang out here a little bit longer, go for it, right doll it. Whatever feels right for you coming all the way up. We're going to get into our hit circuit coming down onto our knees.

So for today's high intensity interval training, we're going to be doing an exercise called mountain climber. There are three speeds for a mountain climber. Hands go down onto the mat, spread the fingers, shoulders over the wrist, press out. This could also be done onto the elbows. So your first speed is [inaudible] walk in. In your second speed is a jog and and, and your [inaudible]. Third speed is a run in, in, in [inaudible].

You guys can pick what you think is going to work best for you. You can also kind of play with the different speeds as you go. 45 seconds. We're about to get started. Step it back and knees in. Elbows, a little soft, tummy tight, pulling knees to chest, keeping your shoulders over, your wrists and your hips. Low. Drive those knees up.

N. N. N. N. N. N. five four three two and one taking the knees down. Great job guys. Let's do some core work. Lying down onto our back. Tommy stays nice and flat. The legs will come up to tabletop. Avoid squashing your lower back into the mat.

Keep a little bit of that neutral spine, a little bit of that curve in the back while you're up. Hands behind the head. Lower and lift. Every time you come up, you're gliding your ribs down towards your hips. [inaudible] avoid looking straight at the ceiling. Look at your knees instead. [inaudible] inhale, lower. Exhale left.

Adding an alternating reach. Hand goes to the outside of the opposite thigh. Up and twist. Try to keep those hips anchored. We're doing 10 so two more and come on back through. Send one leg straight, bend the opposite knee and and give it a little hug in towards you.

Tommy stays flat, tailbone anchored. Switch the legs so you can exhale for two. Inhale for two or you can just exhale. When you kick those legs long. Don't hold your breath and stay lifted for more. Three, two, one.

Hug the knees in. Lower your head. You're going to keep your head down for this. Next, cross your ankles. Hands down beside you. Press into your hands. You're going to push down to do a reverse curl. Control the down. Control the down, so don't worry about lifting too high. Instead, think about lifting straight up and controlling a nice, slow lower. Five more, four, three, two and one. Nice. Had those knees in. We're coming back up into abdominal section. Try to become a very small ball here.

Pressing your forehead to your knees, keeping the tummy tight. Inhale, sending arms and legs away. Exhale, circle in scoop. Stay lifted. As you reach your arms back, we're doing 10 double leg stretch. The lower you choose to send your legs, the harder you're going to work. Give him a good squeeze in forehead, drawing towards the knees. Three more head down. Cross the opposite ankle over and you've got your last set of reverse crunches.

10 times. Press down. Control that lower. Exhale up. Keep your head down on the mat. Knees up. Five more. Four, three, two and one give him a hug. Send those legs long.

We're going to roll up and over for a quick stretch and we're ready to go back into our mountain climbers. So coming onto all fours, spread the fingers, Tommy's tie. Come back into your plank position, whether it's a quick or slow knees or driving forward. Feel the belly work. 45 seconds. Let's go. Knees and hips, low elbows, nice and soft. Pulling those knees to the chest. Tommy, tight, back, tight.

10 seconds guys. Five, four, three, two and one. Knees down. No joke. A lot of work having to do some upper body work and back body. You're going to be on your knees for these knees together. Come up to a low squat position so the hips are driving back. The chest is forward, the arms are going to reach forward, and your goal is to get your arms higher than your ears. Pulses up, pulling your shoulders down away from your ears.

You're working in the backs of the shoulders, keeping those ribs closed. Five, four, three, two, one. Then your elbows. Keep your elbows lifted. Shoulders anchored. Reach forward. Okay. Not unlike what we did in a prone position in day one.

Work in that upper back. Resist as you pull your elbows back. Five, four, three, two and one. Take your hands back behind you. Keep your chest lifted and open pulses up. Think of this as the reverse of your hundred head reaching away from tail arms higher than your booty. Triceps, working five, four, four, three, two and rise up. Nice thighs stretch, so knees are right underneath your hips. Talk of the tail. Keep those abdominals and ribs closed. When lean back, your arms will reach forward and opposition.

Lean from the thighs and lift. Think of your abdominals working to brace you. So the spine is staying very strong. The movement comes from the knees. Yeah, hinge him back. And four more and up. Three and lift two and left. One more time. Lean and and your app. Sit the hips down. Open the knees wide so wider than the hips for seated.

Squat. Reaching arms forward. On an exhale, you'll curl the hips. Rise up halfway. Tap the booty and come on back up. 10, nine, talk and push the hips forward. Chest stays lifted. Five, four, three, two and nice work guys. All right, you're ready for it. Our last hit. You know what to do.

Make it right for your body on the elbows or a slow walk. Let's get started. 45 seconds. Pull those knees in. Play with tempo, driving those knees through the arms. Keep breathing. Push the chest up. [inaudible] elbows a little soft.

Five seconds guys. Four, three, two and one. Alrighty. Sideline booty. [inaudible] so lie down onto one side. Stretch your bottom arm long rest your head. Get one long line from heels to shoulders. Support your head in whichever way feels comforting. Well for you. Top leg lifts. Exhale to lower point up, heel down. Stay lifted through your waist.

Inhale up, exhale down. Instead of thinking about how high can you go, think about how stable can you keep your hips and spine to more up and up hold leg small circles. Anytime we circle, we have to really work on stabilizing the torso, so no momentum and reverse. Up and around, up and around. Good shoulders, relaxed, [inaudible], top of the foot to the front and top the foot to the back.

See if you can get a little rainbow shape going up and over. Five, four, three, two and one. Bend the knee in. Angle the knee down a little. Flex that foot and exhale you kick up and behind 10 kicks. When you kick that leg, pull the belly in. Inhale down, exhale out.

[inaudible]. How are you doing? Feel on those glutes. Five, four, three, two, and one. Nice work. Guys. Sing those legs around. Find your alignment, stocking those hips and shoulders, supporting your head in whatever position feels best. I like to have my top hand on the mat to help stabilize as I move that top leg, I'm pointing my toe to lift, flexing my foot to lower. I'm trying to stay engaged and lifted through my lower waist.

Reaching energy through the toe and energy through the crown of the head for more feels good to move those ankles after those mountain climbers to, and one we have circles. Circles can be small. They don't have to be big. You're going for stability, so no wiggling and reverse. Now done around abdominal belts. Height five, four, three, two and one. Tap that foot to the front and to the back. [inaudible] you can do these taps without shifting in your back or hips, making that rainbow shape. Five, four, three, two almost there. Bend the knee in, angle the knee down. Flex your foot kick up and back. 10 kicks and press every time that leg kicks back tight in the tummies. Exhale when you kick and back five more. We got this. Inhale down. Exhale up three, two, and one awesome guys, we made it day six it was such a hard one.

Great work. Come on back. We got day seven to do. See you. Then 10.

Ready, Set, Glow!: with Courtney Miller


I nearly didn’t do this when I saw Mountain Climbers - so glad that I did thougbas now feeling refreshed and revitalised - thank you Courtney!
Loved it even when I cursed after every Mountain climber!  It made me feel strong even when I know I will be stronger next time! 

Wow these classes are flying by!!!
Loving it
Glutes on fire.
Love this challenge as its not something I do often.
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oh I think my favorite one yet!  love these short workouts!
very very nice
This one is my favorite! Total body!
I will be so sad when this challenges ends... I love it!
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This challenge is coming in handy again during this time of social distancing.  Thanks Courtney.  Hope you film again soon. 
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My social distancing savior! Loving it Courtney!
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