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Day 9: Upper Body Blast

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Welcome to Day 9! Today Courtney incorporates sneaky arm exercises that start off simple but quickly start to burn. She also includes a Plank exercise for the HIIT sequence so that you really feel the work in your upper body.
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Welcome back guys. Day nine let's just keep that momentum going. Let's keep that flow happening. We're going to start with our warmup, so standing towards the back of your mat feet are hip distance. Reach those arms out. This is where we connect. Breath and body. That's your inhale. Exhale, forward fold. Let those hamstrings relaxed. We worked hard on the legs yesterday, so you are going to be feeling it.

Take those arms up. Inhale, exhale, forward fold. Let the head and neck just feel heavy. Soften the knees and as you rebuild you're going for that sense of vertical shoulders right over the hips are that little back bend in Zuora. Really good time to find your inhale. Fill up the lungs. Exhale, stretch up and reach down. [inaudible] one more time, feeling the feet anchoring down. Bend your elbows, open the heart. Push your chest through your arms and reach up and forward fold.

All righty guys, rebuild. We are ready to get into our first hit circuit. We're going to do this one in a high plank position, so come on down onto the hands and knees. Spread your fingers. Remember that helps to distribute the weight in the wrists and hands. This exercise can be down on the elbows if you want to modify for risks.

Taking the legs back, there's your high plank position with soft elbows. Option one is stepping a leg side to side sidestepping, keeping the hips as stable as you can. Option two is keeping the hips in a low position. Hop out and hop back in. You don't have to do all or none. You can do some steps and you can do some hops. Let's get going.

45 seconds out in it. Try to keep those elbows soft. Chest is lifted. [inaudible] be careful that those hips don't pike up. So you want to maintain your plank position and and the weakest link and a plank is the low back. So keep drawing the belly in and up. [inaudible] an hour almost there guys. Stay with it.

[inaudible] in and out. 10 seconds, five, four, three, two and one. All right, it gets the heart rate up. It's going to our core lie down onto your back. We're going to take a wide position with the legs, feet wider than the hips. Anchor those feet down onto the mat. Reach your arms up and back. Keep your ribs closed. Inhale to get ready. On an exhale, you'll reach the arms forward, roll up, and then reach opposite hand to foot, ear to knee. Inhale, roll halfway back. Exhale down other sides. So as we roll, we twist, reaching to the outside of the baby toe and take it down.

Try to roll through the low back, up and over and down. Feel the feet anchored into the mat. As you roll down, you're creating length and space in the spine, up and down. One more time like this. Exhale up and all the way down. Nice. Take the arms out like a T.

take one hand behind your head and as you exhale you're going to lift and twist towards one side. As you do, bring the opposite knee in. Inhale as you lower. Exhale up. So I'm pushing down into my stabilizing arm. It's giving me some stability and some assistance in my left. Keep your elbow open as you twist.

That's not just about the knee and the elbow touching. Instead try to get that shoulder blade up and off the map. We're doing 10 here, so we've got two more to go. Now instead of a bent knee, the leg will be straight, so lift up, inhale down, exhale, kick. If it bothers your back to kick with a straight leg, bend the knee.

Keep moving all the way through. Four, three, two and that's one right into the other side. So one arm stabilizes, the other hand goes behind the head. As you lift, you curl, keep the elbow lifted and get that twist in the torso up on an exhale and lift. Exhale. When you come up, push down into that stabilizing arm. Yeah, four more. Three, two and straight leg. Keep going. Kick up as you lift and rotate towards that leg. Yeah, feeling work in those upper fibers of the abdominals and also that low belly as you swing the leg up to more [inaudible] and one legs together, reaching the arms back, take a deep breath in. On an exhale, you go up and you go over. Take the hands back behind you.

Just slightly behind the shoulders. Fingers point forward. Press down the feed, lift up into this reverse bridge position. Sit the hips down, come to a balance tuck. Inhale up. Exhale. Drop the forehead down towards the knees. Inhale up and exhale. Tighten that abdominal belt. We've got five, four, three. Find that stability. Find that balance in that C curve. Two and one.

Well done. All right, we have that hit to go back into. So you guys remember those options. Coming down onto the elbows is always an option. Stepping back into your plank, taking a lateral step or hopping legs in and out. But I want you to work on keeping those hips low. Let's do it. 45 seconds, Elvis soft and an hour. [inaudible].

Think about your back holding you up versus your hands. Slide your shoulders down towards your hips to anchor in to those lats and out. [inaudible] in and out. Almost here guys. Elbows are soft. Heads lifted, counting you down. Ten five, four, three, two and one.

Two down. One to go. Before we go into that last final hit series, come on up to standing. So stand with the feet about hip distance. Soften your knees, focus on vertical, roll your shoulders down the back. Tighten that abdominal about. Take your arms out, turn your thumbs down, and exhale. Start to lift those arms. Now this is an exercise that I put in the sneaky category, which means it's going to start off not too bad, and then before you know it, that burn is going to sneak up on you. Tighten the tummy. You could use lightweights, you could even use water bottles.

If you're wanting to feel more work. Exhale, I'm adding a little combo. The arms will go up and then they'll press back. Your arms are an extension from your core, so every time you push those arms back, exhale and tight med abdominal belt. Keep that neck long guys. Free of tension. Five, four, three, two and one. Palms down. Small circles. Whenever we introduce a circle, stabilize through the center, up and around, up and around. Slide your shoulders down just like you felt in that plank hit.

You got five, four, three, two, and reverse those circles up and around. They don't have to be big. The emphasis is that up, up, around and up. Knees are soft. Spine is vertical. Five, four and three and two and one turn, one Palm up the other Palm back. Keep your elbows soft and just alternate, pushing back, pushing back, feeling those shoulders, feeling that back body. We have 10, nine, eight, seven. Fill a chest open. Six, five, four, three, two and one and flip those arms down. Definitely feeling that work, right? Yeah, back to her. Hit. You're ready for it. Last one. It's going to be the best one. Hands are down.

Tommy's tight. So gravity is trying to drop your hips down lower than your shoulders. You're going to stay engaged. Here we go, guys. Let's get started in and out, keeping those elbows soft. It doesn't have to be just jumps or just tap.

So at any time you can change your tempo, but keep moving and and out shoulders right over the wrist. Almost there. Big finish guys. Last hit for today's workout. 10 seconds. Five, four, three, two, one and rest. Okay. The good news is we get to lie down, so we're going to lie down onto one side.

Sending your arm long rest your head. We've been in this position before. Oh, we're just changing up a little bit this time. Use your top hand to help stabilize. Stack those hips. Keep your legs connected. Exhale both legs lift. Inhale, lower. Exhale both legs lift.

I want you to feel like your top leg is getting a bit of a break and this work is being initiated by your bottom leg, so you're pushing your bottom leg up into your top leg. We're feeling it all the way through that side body from your top hip up into the lot. So that whole side is working three more, two and hold. So we're just balancing on her hip as we do a slow swim. Keep the height of the legs. Legs are straight.

This is a good time to relax through the head. Neck and shoulders. Slow, swam, no movement in that low back. We've got five, four, three, two and one. Stack the legs keep the top leg lifted. My challenge to you is get that bottom leg up to meet the top leg and it's not toe to toe. You're getting that inner thigh up. Shh, squeezing thighbone to thigh bone. Inhale down. Exhale out, shoulders relaxed.

Five more here guys. We're working right around 10 reps and lift. Don't let that upper leg drop one more and take it down. God, you're going to bend your bottom. Nian try to get that bottom foot close to your hip. You can hold onto that ankle or just keep that foot down your bottom leg lifts. Keep those hips stacked, pulsing up and up and up. So now we're working our inner thigh on that lower leg.

Don't let it touch the ground just up. We're doing 20 of these pulses up. We're halfway through 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Take it down. Awesome. SIM both legs long before we go into their side. Roll onto the belly. Bend your knees, heels to bottom. Reach your hands back. Go to the inside of the ankle and grab a hold versus the outside and both sides. Keeping your size anchored to the mat. For now, push your hips down and just start to lift your chest up on an exhale.

Press your feet and your ankles into your hands and begin to feel those spies lift. We're not going to rock. We're just going to hold belly down to the mat. Chest is lifted, neck is long. We're holding for 10 the more you press into the hands, the stronger you're going to feel in this pose. Just drop those shoulders down and forward. Try to narrow the knees. Three, two, and one. Great work. Guys. Take a stretch and you're ready for the other side. So we're going to lie onto the opposite hip. Find a nice, comfortable position. No need to be uncomfortable when you're exercising.

Use your top hand to help you. Hips are stocked with legs. Come up and down both legs working together. Exhale, app. Good. So this exercise would be easier if we were to rock back. We are not going to, so you got to keep that top hip stacked right above the bottom.

Exhale, lift. Be careful of tension creeping up into the neck. Legs squeeze together. Three to stay lifted and slow swim. This is not about speed. This one's about finding the stability in the pelvis, in the spine. Keeping the height of those legs as you alternate. Kick, kick, kick, kick. Five, four, three, two and one. Only. The bottom leg lowers. Lift the bottom leg to meet the top inner thigh inner thigh.

Squeeze. [inaudible]. You got this guys and her thigh to inner thigh. Five more, four, three, two and one. Bring your foot down. You might need to assist the foot.

You might hold onto this ankle the whole time as you go into your lower leg lifts or you might prefer keeping the hand down up to you. Now that lower leg is staying up, so we're not tapping the ground. We're just pulsing up and feeling so much inner thigh work. Our inner thighs help us to get into our deepest abdominal, so this is a real good time to feel that low belly connect and up. We're going for five more. Four, three, two and one. Take it down and rise on up. We made it day nine.

Done. One more day. Okay, I'll meet you there. See, on day 10.


Lina S
Days 8 and 9 are up to now my favorites! Thank you!
Nicole C
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Thank you so much for these! I had two surgeries last month and was cleared for exercise on Jan 1, so I started this Jan 2nd! It was a great way to get back into my routine, with shorter, but still intense, 20 minute intervals. 
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That standing arm sequence was deceitfully hard! What a burn! Another great short workout.
1 person likes this.
Please add the HIIT link to the description of this class. I noticed it was missing the first time I took the class but thought maybe someone else would mention it.   Thanks~
HIIT Recovery that is!!  The HIIT series was definitely in the video. LOL
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Loving this challenge....already planning on making this an early morning workout as a regular session as it’s fast, effective, and energising.....and easily fit into the very limited mornings I have before work with two little people! Thank you for this! 
That was lovely, thanks
Brydie L
That was a great quick work out. Thank you
Love these ideas.
Francesca A
Great short intense work outs. Very effective. And this trainer is lovely. 
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