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Day 10: Put it All Together

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Welcome to Day 10! You made it to the last day so Courtney rewards you with creative combinations that will get you moving! She also includes unilateral work so that you can embrace the asymmetries between the two sides of your body.
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You made it. This is the last day of the challenge. Day 10 it is going to be a tough one. We're doing it together. Let's get started. We're going to warm up just like we always do. Guys. Swing those arms up, breathe in and exhale. The breath is the key to it all. So when you are feeling tired or fatigue, you gotta breathe. Inhale tight. Metonymy reached down.

Let that back body lengthen, soften and rebuild. Adding that little back bend just to get that extra breath and filling up the lungs, opening the shoulders and diving down. One more time. Arms up, back bend. Push the chest through the arms. Pull the elbows down and back. Reach and flex. All right. As you rebuild, feel your weight evenly into the four corners of your feet.

We're going to need that foundation for our hit circuit. I'm going to give you two options. One is to jump in, one is not so take a seat in the center of your mat. This is a combination of rolling like a ball and rising up to a standing position. So option one is cross your ankles. This will give you a wider foundation. When you come up, find your rolling like a ball position. Inhale, rock back, exhale to the feet. You can use your hands to help you rise to stand. Squat back down, Chris, cross and rise to stand. That's option one.

Option two, no crossing of the ankles, a little bit more zest to get yourself all the way up to a vertical position and a little hop at the top. All right guys, we've got 45 seconds. Let's get started and take it down to the mat. Here we go. Rock back and you're up. Rock and up. Hop and sit.

Roll back and use those abdominals to rise up. Try to keep the distance from your chest to your thighs, the same as you rock almost there. 10 seconds. Inhale down and exhale app. One more time. We did it. All right.

We're going to go into a high plank position for our core series. Spread the fingers. We can take it down onto the elbows. If you'd like to modify feet together, we're going to walk one elbow down. Then the other walk back up through the side. You started on and down and then start with the other side. Elbow, elbow, hand, hand, elbow, elbow, hand, hand. If coming up onto the wrist is not your jam today. Stay on the elbows.

Hold the plank. We're almost through elbow, elbow, hand, hand, elbow, elbow, hand, hand, two more sets down, down, up, up. Good. Take it down. Sit back, take a break. We're going to be drawing our knee to our opposite elbow. We're going to pull the belly in and up as we do and step back. So as the knee crosses the body, pull, navel in and back.

You're reaching for your elbow or higher. Three more and one and take it back. We're going to take that new cross to a combo so it starts off the same. Rise up the knee comes across. You're going to extend the leg, pivot, reach up, use your back to stabilize your shape. Hand goes down, leg goes back, knee cross, pivot star and take it back.

Pivot, open. Look up at that top hand, take it back, pivot open and take it back. Knee comes across. Arm up high plank. One more. Each side, man. Down and down. Good. We're going to pivot to a side plank position. Stay here, stack the feet, reach your top arm up. Little lifts for ten nine, eight seven six, five, four, three, two, one other side. Stack the feet.

Feel how strong your back is here. Lift from underneath. Push up, push up and up. Five, four, three, two. One quick little break. We're coming back into the side. Plank position again. This can be done on the elbow or onto the hand.

This time stagger your feet. One foot forward, one foot back, hand behind the head. Pull the bottom knee and twist. Tap the elbow to knee. We've got 10, nine, eight, seven scoop as you pull that knee in. Five, four, four, three, two and one more guys right into the other side. So stagger the feet. Find that foundation around from underneath. Top. Hand goes behind the head. Bottom knee comes in as you scoot halfway there two more and take it down for a well deserved break.

Rebuild. And we've got those rolling hops. So find a seat in the center of your map. Notice if you're using momentum, you'll know you're using momentum. If your spine goes clunk, clunk versus rolls to try to find that role. Crossing the ankles will help you come up feet together a little bit more challenging. 45 seconds. Here we go. Sit and roll. Swinging those arms back will help give you that.

A little assist to lift up. Inhale down. Exhale up almost there and heel down. Excellent. Hi seconds guys. Thank him for it. One more we did it. Okay, so coming into our mermaid legs.

So find your legs in this Z position. Hips heavy, not necessarily both hips down, depends on your body, but feel rooted in those hips. Lift your chest, open your arms, rotate away from your legs, placing your hands down onto the floor. The further you walk your hands forward, the easier it's going to be to get that back leg to come up. You want your knee and your ankle to be the same height as you lift up. Notice if this knee starts coming forward, you want to keep it behind you.

So at the same time that you pulse the leg up, you're reaching your toes towards the wall behind you and up five, three, two and one. Keep the leg lifted. Pulse back and back. Try to square off those shoulders. Draw the belly in and up. Pulsing back, keeping the height of the leg. Five, four, three, two combo. One up, one back, up, back, up, back. Good. Up, back so we can feel that connection in the side.

Booty working all the way up into that middle back. Three push. Two, push one push and take a stretch. We do have one more thing to do on this side, so little recovery breath and right back into it. Placing the hands down. So taking the hands a little wider than the shoulders for these.

Extend the legs so it's totally straight. When the chest goes down, the back leg lifts up, making a little Seesaw and when the chest comes up, the leg goes down. For those of you who are used to doing our Swan exercise, she kind of remind you of that. Inhale down, exhale up, inhale and exhale, always keeping this bit of thoracic extension, a little up stretch sensation in that T spine. Try to push evenly through both hands for more. Three, two, and one. Cross the leg over. Give yourself some love. That's instant gratification right there.

You can feel exactly where you were working in already for the other side. So finding your mermaid legs. Hips are heavy. So feeling this sense of anchoring in the lower body, lift in the upper body, rotate away from the legs and place the hands down. The further the hands come in front of you, the easier it's going to be to get that leg off the mat. So you find your position. We're lifting the leg up and up.

The knee is in line with your hip, so don't let the knee come forward up, up. This is a great time to feel that rotation in the spine, right? It's detoxifying to be in the twist. This is a great time to feel our breath coming into our back and into our sides. Whatever you need to do to distract you from the fact that your glutes are on fire. And then keeping the leg up, pulse back, the knee and the ankle are the same height. Shoulders down, neck is long.

Five, four, three, two and one. The combo goes up for one and back for one lift and push up and back up, back lift. Push five, four, three, two, one and [inaudible]. Good, nice little recovery breath. Inhale and exhale, coming right back into it and we'll extend the leg. Okay, so again, try to keep that foot in line with your hip. Rotate through those shoulders and through the ribs. Hands a little bit wider than the shoulders. The leg comes up and the chest comes up. Inhale, try to keep that leg in a hover position.

So even though it might just tap the ground for a second, it's not going to rest the glutes. Work the whole time. Inhale down, exhale up. Try to square off those shoulders. Inhale down, exhale up five, four, three, two and [inaudible]. One and bring it in. Cross the leg over. Give yourself a little hip release. Little hug, a little Levin, cause you know what's coming up. You know what guys? It's going to be that last hit of this challenge.

So let's bring it 45 seconds. You're rolling and you're hopping or you're rolling and you're standing or you're doing a combination of those two. Inhale back and you're up. Swing those arms. Okay.

And rise. Push it all the way through to the end. Oh, almost there. 10 seconds to go. Oh, I got one more in me and exhale.

Yes we did it. Okay, big finish guys, take your feet wider than your hips. Sink deep and low into your squat. Tell me, pose in and up. Take your arms to Jeannie as you pulse. They want you to think of your spine in a neutral hinge forward, sending your hips back. Why do you need your tail feathers? [inaudible] 10 more pulses. Nine, eight, seven six five, four, three, two and one. Put your hands on the hips from a squat position.

You'll step one knee down, finding a low lunge. Take the foot back up, but stay low opposite leg down. That's our flow here. Step lunge, low squat, lunge, step lunge, low squat lunge. Try to keep those shoulders over the hips. Step lunge, low squat lunge for [inaudible] three, two and one rise up almost. Sarah, we're going to get into the booty a little bit more. Come into your low lunge position. Take the hands behind the head. I want you to think of your spine staying very stable.

That front leg stays bent. You lean forward, lift the back leg, find your balance. Come back down to your lens. You're doing 10 okay. I want you to drive that back leg up using the strong glute. Inhale down. Exhale, app light, knee tap and kick. [inaudible] four, three, two and one.

Okay. All we have to do is the other side. Alrighty, we're back into that low position. This is a great opportunity to feel muscle asymmetries. Embrace some. We're not supposed to be boring. Symmetrical. Inhale down and exhale up.

[inaudible]. So the key to the stability is anticipating that you're going to feel wobbly and tightening here before you take that foot off the mat. Inhale down, exhale up. [inaudible] halfway through, five, four, three, two [inaudible] and we made it guys 10 days. Amazing job. Do it again. Keep doing this challenge over and over.

You're going to get stronger and more toned. You're going to feel empowered. Just keep doing it. I'll see you back here guys for another set of 10 days. Bye.


....and done!!! Thanks Courtney, you totally rock and made my Christmas Break totally productive. Blessings!!
Yes! I feel so good, am definitely going to repeat these workouts
Thanks Courtney! Loved the doable times for ea day.
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10 hardworking and oh so enjoyable days! The 10th class was definitely 2/3 or 3 for my body. Ready to start all over again when  my friend who introduced me to Pilates Anytime 10 years ago arrives for a visit tomorrow! 
Great challenge! Love your teaching Courtney’ and LOVE these 15-20 min workouts!! I got behind and did 2 one day!
Fantastic, that was a great challenge and I will definitely be doing this again.
Woof - that was a tough one Courtney but feeling so much stronger and yes, definitely more toned. Will be repeating through January to see how things change.
woohoo! That was amazing! Thanks, Courtney!
Thanks Courtney!  First time of ever completed a PA challenge!  
This was a great challenge. The 15 min workouts made it absolutely do-able. And 15 min felt like a workout! More Courtney!!
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