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Magic Circle Mat

50 min - Class


Focus on control with this creative Mat workout by Julie Driver. She starts with a standing warm-up to encourage good breathing patterns and to get you into your body. She then moves onto more challenging exercises, including variations to Single Leg Kick, Jack Knife, and much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Hi. Thank you for joining me. I'm Julie driver. This is the beautiful Amy havens. And we're going to do a magic circle class. So we're going to start standing as you can see, and we're...


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Loved the different ways to use the circle!  Thank you for a great class! (I also enjoyed the giggles and the realness of getting into positions). :). Happy New Year!
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Loved this class! Time passed so quickly. Yep. The giggles were the best.
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Delightful!  Thank you, Julie. Very intelligent use of the circle in classical exercises.
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Really enjoyed this class with the creative ways of using circle to help enhance the traditional mat work. Well taught with cute giggles. Thank you
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Cindy Thank you so much for watching and I'm glad you enjoyed the class! I've a feeling some of the outakes may end up in a blooper reel!
Terrip88* I think this was the most I've ever laughed while filming this! SO glad you enjoyed it!
Mj  Thank you for your feedback, it is always good to know that a class is enjoyable! 

Beverly Thanks Beverly, so glad you enjoyed it!
Fun and thorough...great class with fin variations that enhance and support spinal connections 
Such creative variations! Loved this!
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