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Oov Rejuvenation Mat

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You will enjoy flowing movement sequences with the Oov that will reduce stress through calm breathing, enhanced circulation, and fascial glide in this Mat workout by Elizabeth Larkam. You can use this efficient class to prepare for meditation, sleep, or more rigorous exercise upon awakening. Practice this class before the other Pilates Anytime Oov classes for improved balance and strength.
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Hi there. I'm Elizabeth Larkam. So delighted to be at Pele's anytime with Amy havens. We're here to share with you an Ooh rejuvenation sequence known as Rejuve oof for short. We're going to aim for 20 minutes here, so it will be a brief time together. The intention is to, uh, to relax, to enjoy the sensation, to revel in your neuro mile Fashional system, finessing your proprioception and honoring your interoception. Here we go. Come to lie on the side of your waist so that the OU is cradled in the side of your waist, wrists your head, and bend up both knees as it's comfortable.

Rest your ceiling arm over a year, thigh, and then begin to rock your pelvis, ceiling, ilium away from your ribs and towards your ribs. So you lengthen the top waist and shorten the top place. The bottom waist comes off for you or away from the youth. And it's snuggles into the move to more of these. Inhale towards your ceiling.

Long exhale from your ceiling lung as if one could inhale and exhale. Slide your top thigh forward a little bit and slide it [inaudible]. Exhale to slide forward and BA twice more forward and [inaudible] rolling over the uh, Ooh. Now you're sealing leg slides back behind you and roll towards your [inaudible] back, spreading out all four limbs towards an X, like a starfish. All five aspects radiating from center and then bend both knees and come back in to lie on your side.

And then chest bone faces the ground as you inhale. Palms wide, fingers spread, toes spread, making a huge X exhale to come back in. This time we'll go out and stay out a little bit in the Hale extension and rotation and your back arm makes a huge arch towards the youth and towards your head towards the you, towards your head twice more. I suggest mentioned at this moment that Amy is on a small move and I'm on a large one. It could be the opposite, but this is where we are at the moment. Come back in to lie on your side. Push up from here and we'll change to the other side.

So we'll just face me anyway, Amy. That's right. And come to lie on your new side. The OU is cradling the side of your waist. This time for a change, you can have your hand on the top of your ceiling, pelvis on the ilium as you inhale, rock over the head of the greater trow canter so your ceiling, uh, ribs are um, spreading. And then exhale, the hip hike.

Inhale pelvis goes away from ribs. Exhale, pelvis comes towards your lower ribs. Two more as if you could inhale to fill up your ceiling long and to X, sail from your ceiling long. The key phrase was as if you could, yeah. Inhale to here and exhale. Now slide your top five forward.

Rotating your pelvis and lumbar spine forward and rotating your pelvis, lumbar thoracic chest bone towards the ceiling. Exhale, turning towards the ground. Inhale, turning towards the ceiling. Exhale, pelvis and lumbar spine. Rotate as if the belly button could aim towards the ground and inhale towards the ceiling.

Now spread out both legs out long, both arms out long. Roll in the direction of your back, palms wide and fingers spread. Exhale, come back in. Inhale to stretch out starfish style. Exhale to come back in. We have two more. And the second one, you'll stay out. Palms wide, fingers spread, flex your feet, toes spreading. Exhale to come in.

And this time you'll go out and stay out. While you're out here, you make a huge arc with your arm. Appreciating the connections from the axial skeleton. Of course, you will from your sternum across the front of the ribs, across the shoulder girdle, down the inner aspect of your arm to your Palm. [inaudible]. Once again, exhale is your arm comes down and inhale as it comes up, bending both knees, bending both arms. Come to your side, do a pushup and we'll change to the first side again.

This time you'll have the oomph on its side with the small end, uh, towards the back of you. That's right. And the convexity towards you. There you go. [inaudible]. Now the seam of the oof will be underneath your armpit, actually on the ribs below your armpit. So adjust the UHF and probably breast tissue as well, and rest your head on your hand.

Wow. Sinking the floor long towards the floor and then the ceiling long towards the ceiling. So you rock a little bit in this frontal, this coronal plane, rocking over the seam of the oof [inaudible] if [inaudible] this is uncomfortable. Yeah. And do you feel as if you might be occluding a nerve or an artery? What a good idea to change the position of the oof. Because sometimes just because a sensation is intense does not mean it's in your best interest.

So here you are with your thoracic spine inside, bending towards the ground and side, bending towards the ceiling while you are here. Slide the top leg back and the bottom leg forward and then slide back in. So you coax into hip extension, Dorsey flection and bending both knees in. That's my foot, which is squeaking on the ground. Squeak on nice [inaudible] and once again, Hmm.

Now with your top, your ceiling hand, take a hold of your ankle, shin, or good and back pedal a little bit, bringing your leg back and flexing your foot as you've come for us, pointing your foot as you go back, turning your chest bone towards the ground and flexing your foot as you come forward. Turning your chest bone towards your inner thigh. Exhale to go by. Inhale to come forth. Once more, exhale to go back. Now you will come forth and stay forth and change your grip to hold onto the little toe side of your foot. Send your Hugh in my direction, huh?

Tap down to the ground there. That's Sarah [inaudible] and then up towards the ceiling. So fanning across here, sacrum and the back of your pelvis. And then fanning your inner thigh towards the ceiling. Twice more. Exhale to low.

All the while sinking into the floor long. So there's an opportunity for there to be side bending of the thoracic and the lumbar spine. Bend your knee, push up from here and let's take the other side. So now the [inaudible] is in its new location and you come to lie on your side. Positioning the UHF, so it's just right bending both knees. Rest your head on your hand. You might ask yourself, those of us who are joining us for our oof Rejuve, where did these moves come from?

These are the moves I do before going to sleep. It doesn't matter what time zone I'm in. This is a, this is a must do. Exhale to sink your floor. Lung. Inhale side bend towards the ceiling, rocking over your greater trow. Canters sinking the floor. Long inhale towards the ceiling. Twice. More. Exhale to lower.

So if you were thinking, Oh my God, these moves are putting me to sleep, they're working. Exhale and inhale towards the ceiling. Now reach around with your ceiling arm and take a hold of your ankle, shin, or foot. Exhale, turning your chest bone towards the ground. Inhale, thigh comes forward and turn towards your thigh. What's implied is as you go back, that's implied is internal rotation and as you forward, what's gorgeous, what's implied is external rotation. [inaudible] I should say, exhale to go back because the exhalation accompany extension will make the abdominal connection stronger. Okay, and once again with these [inaudible], but if one is half asleep, then you can be forgiven for a few miscues.

Take a hold of the little toe side of your foot and we'll kick out. Tap down and [inaudible] down. What's implied is internal rotation. Then you could come up in the direction of external rotation twice more big toe taps down. Okay. Little toe leads up, exhale to lower or for that matter, X sail to lift as it suits you.

Bend this knee in now and now we're coming onto our front. So the small end of the UHF will be towards the ocean view window behind us. And this is an opportunity to facilitate mobility of the hip joints and a support extension of the thoracic spine. It may seem to you that maybe you got the wrong channel, that this was a trick. Oof. It's fine with us if you want to go there, but you know we're here to work on mobility of the hip joints and the thoracic spine, which is why I predicated that. Okay, so resting your forehead on your hands, Dorsey. Flex your feet, push with your left foot and your left elbow and shift your weight to the right.

Push with your right foot and your right elbow and shift to the left. Now if this is disturbing or uncomfortable to your breast tissue or to your abdominal organs or to your ribs, to your diaphragm, then by all means adjust yourself up or down the oof in order to find a place of comfort. If you don't find a place of comfort, then um, just get off as soon as possible because staying here in an uncomfortable position will not serve you well. It's also possible that a smaller volume of oof would be better suited for your prone work as you wish. Now bending your right knees, slide your right knee up towards your right elbow, and then retrace your path. Take turns now left knee slides to your left elbow and slides down.

Shift to your left as your right knee comes towards your right elbow and come back. Shift to your right as your left knee slides towards your left elbow. We'll return to the right side and keep the right knee out to the side. Now your whole body shifts to the right, so your bent right knee slides to the right and then your whole body shifts back to the left. Inhale to slide your right knee, right exhale to come back. Appreciate that the motion, the proximal motion of pelvis over the head of your femur, um, can be called the medial hip GLAAD or a lateral hip glide and a medial hip glide.

Place this like slide this leg down and slide the other one out to the side. Exhale, the whole body shifts left. Moving the left knee left and bring it back in. Exhale to move laterally. Inhale to come back. Exhale to sly.

Inhale to return. Exhale to sly. Replace. Return your left leg. Bend your right knee up to the side, extend your right knees so that you now your whole leg extended legs, slides right and slides left. There's a ground force from the souls of your toes on the left foot, also from your left elbow and that will encourage the whole body to shift, right and the right leg to slide rights. Exhale to sly.

Bend your right knee in and keep it there. And internal rotation and external rotation internally rotate right foot goes towards the ceiling. Externally rotate right knee hovers twice. More. Inhale. So it really is a whole body response that facilitates her whole body organization that facilitates the articulation of your right hip.

Return your right foot in line with your right sitting bone. Slide your left leg out, extend your left knee. Push with your right foot, your right elbow and slither a bit to the left and back to the center. Slide left. Now you've got the squeaker heel and back to the center.

Exhale to slides. Inhale to return. Exhale to sly. Bend your left knee and keep it bent. And here you go. For internal rotation, shift your torso, your ribs to the left, and then an external rotation. Shift them to the right twice more internal rotation and external rotation and internal rotation and external rotation.

Now your left knee is to the left. Bring your right knee out to the side as well. And do you have coming up on your forearms? You have an oof frog. Shifting your ribs left internally. Rotate your right leg and then shift to the right. Internally.

Rotate the left alternate rib shift accompanies the articulation of your femur head in your acetabulum. Once more each side. Now have the idea that both feet can hover off the ground. So both legs in internal rotation and then rock back a little bit on your pelvis. Internal rotation and external rotation. Twice more.

Yeah, and out and in and out. Place your palms on the mat next to the front of the oof. Pressing into the little finger side of your hand. Push up and circle your pelvis as if you were doing a, uh, a pelvic clock. Reverse the direction of the pelvic circles. Articulating your pelvis around the head of your femurs.

Come down from here. Turn your fingers out to the side. Push up. Turn to look over one shoulder if say the left shoulder, not that I told you in advance. Internally, rotate and then look over your right shoulder. Internally. Rotate. Yes. Internal rotation. Just in case you were thinking to yourself, Oh, em gee, are they actually doing pelvic circles on the UHF? Uh, yes.

You saw it, but I thought once was enough for that. Come down from here and turn your fingers the other way. Push up from here. [inaudible] shift your ribs to the right and shift your ribs LEF and shift right and shift left lower yourself onto these move. Hold on to one ankle, shin or foot.

And then take a hold of the other side as well. Something that belongs to you. Rock to your left and hover your right Nia rock to your right and hover your left knee up. Continue this motion rocking from side to side on your oof [inaudible] and from side to side. No easy letting your legs go since it seems to be understood or recognize that spine extension facilitates a awakeness and I got a little carried away there with the fascination of thoracic articulation. Um, so if you were actually doing this to put yourself to sleep, you might be wide awake by now. So it's almost bed time.

Place your forehead on your hands and appreciate during your deep breathing here, your post, steer your and lateral breathing that this, uh, thoracic flection would help to calm you down just a bit. Now, easy slither off few to one side or the other. Make your way up from here. Now, as you might imagine, there's a lot more, uh, luscious material where this comes from. But we promised we promised a 20 minute oof Rejuve and now it's time for you to rest. Thank you everybody. Thank you Amy, till soon. Bye. Bye.

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1 person likes this.
I've been waiting for this to come out Elizabeth!  I will be doing this daily!  Thank you for allowing me to move with you on the Oov!!
Thank you so much for bringing forth another Oov class! 
I just finished this class and afterwards I laid down on the Oov, legs tabletop and hands on the ribcage and my hips started to shake like mad in the typical oovy shake style. I waited some minutes and let it shake and now my hipjoints feel like new! 
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I have been waiting for this class and it did not disappoint! 

I’d also love to see a class on how to add Oov to reformer workouts.  Thanks!
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oh my god  TANTRIC OOV!  I literally laughed out loud and pounded my mat.  A joy as always.
Honorine, where would we be without humor?!? Love that you joined us in laughing. Thank you so much
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deeelish and deeelightful!
Laura Sepulveda
Love Elizabeth's instruction, humor & way with words! Got my Oov groove on- thank you!
1 person likes this.
Really good.  I feel great and am new to the Oov!!
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This is now part of my daily routine . I feel that this class is really great for stress and anxiety My Breath feels restored and muscle tension is now relaxed... or ready for more movement...Thank you Elizabeth for adding wonderful new ways to feel rej”oov”inated with the wonderful Oov ! I really appreciate you💝
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Thank you! My low back and hip tightness has eased after this class - love it!

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