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Use your muscle memory to deepen your practice with this Mat workout by Monica Wilson. She continues on from her Magic Circle Mat class, using what you established in that class to help you on the Mat. She focuses on building strength and creating connections in your entire body.
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Apr 08, 2020
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Hi, I'm Monica Wilson and I'm here again with my friend Lindsey. We are going to be doing a mat building off of another mat class that we did with the magic circle, completely toning our legs, leaning the mountain, firming up our buttocks. But most importantly we were thinking about strengthening our body, our balance and injury prevention, which of course leads to all those beautiful benefits. But today we're going to try to keep all of that muscle memory that we established with the magic circle and use it to get deeper and more work out of our plots, Matt. So let's start a intermediate advanced mat. Really focusing on our legs. Here we go.

So we're going to start in a plotty stance facing me. There we go. Start hurting and are going to have the feet and apply his stance. Feel the weight of your feet. And if you had a magic circle between your ankles, could you feel those outer thighs engage from the back of the thighs, lifting from the back of the knees and the seat. Starting to smile a little bit as engaged and have that ripple effect of it.

Lifting your chest in an up. Great. One arm over the other. And go ahead and keep that lift in your body as you lower yourself up. Let's cross one foot in front of the other chevre. One good, but now lengthen the tailbone as you lift in your powerhouse. All right, so we're going to lower down. Yes, great lift, great. Lengthen, beautiful, and lowering yourself. Lift your bottom back. We're going to get ready for that. Hundreds. So stretch on out, hugging both knees into your chest.

Take a big breath as you lift your head and then exhale into the mat as you press your arms down actually, and reach those legs long into position. So we had a magic circle before you're reaching out, you're pressing. Reach those arms longer on the mat and scooping it. And let's go into three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Alright, so we've got the upper body, our powerhouse powerhouses, pulling up a more importantly feel as if your hips are squeezing a circle between your ankles and you're reaching that thigh bone out of the hip. And then see if you can get the back of the thigh and bottom to engage a little bit more in lengthen down, maybe even lower them down as you pump your arms and then lift them back up from your powerhouse. So stretch it out.

Find where they begin with the back of the ribs and XL, lifting them up. Let's do two more like that. Reaching out. This helps with the teaser that we did last time. One more time of finding the back of your legs and where that begins and pulling them and this time lower all the way down to the mat and reach your arms up and lower your head and we're going to get ready for that. Roll up. These are reaching, pressing down as your arms lift up and head and exhaling forward.

Gorgeous scoop in it. So pretend you're squeezing that circle and rolling back. We started it with the roll up last time, pressing it between your inner thighs and reaching your arms back, arms head, exhaling up, stretching, using the stability of your lower body and rolling back to strengthen your powerhouse. And of course you get those beautiful long lean legs and arms head and exhaling forward. So the back of the thighs are firmly pressing into the mat. You feel the bottom squeezing and the hips pressing and lengthening the lower back, reaching your tailbone. Good and arms good. And three more arms head scooping in and up. Beautiful.

Keep the lift in your lower belly and rolling back. Sending your hips to your feet, sending him, send him. Good. And we're going to do two more arms head. Excellent. Reaching forward. Good and pressing those hips, lengthening them, stretch them down. Strong legs like you have a circle in one more time.

Then we're going to be thinking ahead about the next exercise, which is the roll over and rolling back and we're going to keep imagining that we have a magic circle between our ankles. We're going to press our arms down, squeeze the legs together as if you have that circle and bring the legs right on over. We're going to open those legs, flex in the feet and roll down. Keeping that symmetry powerhouse stays on the mat as we stretch the legs. Squeeze that imaginary circle and over. Yeah, open and full. Relaxing. Damn good. Pushing those heels away. Push and keep your powerhouse in as you reach those lies out in school.

He's one last time with the legs together. Open and rolling down. Stretch, stretch. We're going to reverse it so the legs are going to come. They're going to click. They're going to open and come over with flexed feet. Beautiful and squeezed together. And here you really want to squeeze your inner thighs together.

Squeeze that imaginary circle rolling down through the tailbone. Stretch and away. Flex the toes all the way to the floor. Squeeze the legs together. Find those outer thighs. Find those hips in the vice. Can you feel your powerhouse? Pull those legs to you one more time. Open and flex and over.

Beautiful and squeezing together. And how close can you get those ties onto your chest? Yes. Stretching, squeezing, squeezing. Great. Let's keep our right leg lower. The left and stretch the right leg. We might not have. Go ahead and grab here. Might not have a nice magic circle treat here, but we have a nice pool and let's stretch it over to your left shoulder as well. Keeping that turnout good. Your left leg should feel really solid into the mat.

A little more down the middle please. Excellent. Press your arms down by your side and now we're going to cross to me. But then read all the way down. Around. Up. Yes. Cross around. Cross around, up chorus around. Yes. Two around death. One around, up and reverse.

Reaching out of that hip member in your sidekicks last time that hip liked to hike a lot and reaching actually was your left one that liked to hike too around up. One more time. So make sure that like doesn't hike. Yes. And hug the knee in and slide it on the mat. Really using your hamstring and glute to stretch it out. Good and hugging in the left and straighten that left leg, stretch it good. And keeping that left hip from hiking. Send it away from you.

Square off your box and then cross it to your right shoulder for another little extra stretch. You might even use that left hand to push that left hip down in a way. Ah, that's it. That's it. That's it. And now press both arms down leg is right by your nose. Cross high to your right shoulder.

Reach all the way down and good reach all the way down and up. Get to that ankle and up to more stretch all the way. That's what's going to release that hip and reverse reaching down around them. Good cross that whole leg, man. Let me see it. Really reach over there. Good and cross around up.

One more time from that powerhouse and enough hug that knee in good. Both legs long. They're both stabilizing like they did in the roll up. Inhale, lift the head up and they keep lengthening away. As you roll up, lift your bottom forward. And we had the circle on the outside of our knees for rolling like a ball, which made you find your outer thighs in it and maybe opened up your lower back a little bit more. So let's think about that as we balanced with our feet up. Pull back in the waist. Think about pushing out on those outer thighs, opening that lower back and inhale, rolling back. Exhale, rounding up. Great. Inhale, love how you're keeping that round. Lower back.

And exhale. Inhale, lifting the hips almost over the shoulders when you come back. Let's give it a little left. Find those hips, yes and two more. Inhale, finding those hips. Heels closer to the seat on this last one in with the air. And exhale and hold. Good job. Rest your feet down.

Lift your bottom back a little bit and prepare for single leg stretch for the start of our series of five. Good right hand on ankle, left townie. Lift the head up, send that left tip and it's no hyper extending knee. Instead hamstring and glute pressing down. There we go. And switch. Yes. Again, you went to the knee. Let's shape the leg instead. And switch. Yes.

And switch. Nice and switch. Good and left. Android. I love the scoop. Your square and super even. Let's make sure the leg that's going forward is down the middle of your body though. Yes, and switch. Good and down the middle of your body and down the middle and last one and grab both ankles and you're going to keep your knees close to your ears. Pressing dad. Now pretend you can grab onto your ankles. Don't reach back.

Reach for your ankles. Grabbing on here are those from. Yeah, and grab onto your ankles, pulling them in one more like that. Reaching, squeezing the CES and pulling in. Now find those same legs, but reach your arms back towards me. Scoop in all the way your fingertips. That's what I'm talking about.

And in good and reaching. Find the seat and exhale. Three more. Finding that good. Remember that circle was between your ankles and press and out and reach. One more time.

You're going to end with the air and exhale grabbed the right leg. It's all the way up. Good. This one is pressing one, two and switch. One, two, one, two. Find that scoop. Release that hip flexor. There we go. Don't forget to touch the ceiling now let's switch to tempo. Right. Left, right, left. Reach out, reach up, reach out. Yes.

Stretch longer, longer, longer. Last. Set both legs up. Hands behind your head. Sorry. And we squeeze a circle as we went down and we relaxed it as we pulled up. So press relax. It come up higher. Press. Thank you. Relax. Now opposite. Relax.

And then press your new guys together. Relax and progress. One more time. Come up another inch and now bend the right knee. In fact, Ben both knees to stay in here coming up. Take your left shoulder and elbow towards that right knee. And I want you to feel how stable and square your pelvis is. Now keep drawing. Nope. Stay there.

I mean keep drawing your right knee towards you with that stable pelvis and extend the left leg squeezing away. But nothing changes here. So good. Both elbows to both knees. Yeah. Stable. Stay up. Stable pelvis and you're going to stand the left leg long. I'm sorry.

The right knee long. Yes. Stable. Yeah, and come center both on your own there. We're going to send your left. Good. But this is staying on the mat. Yeah, and center. That's sometimes the hardest thing on the crisscross and last time to realize that the power comes switching. Yep. From keeping your pelvis nice and squares.

If you had that circle and hug your knees into your chest. Hallelujah. Sit on up. We're going to do spine stretch forward. That's what was great. As we get a little break there, we're going to see light under your bottom as you exhale, head down and rolling forward. Beautiful, gorgeous stretch, stretch and lifting off your seat and rolling this part before your head yes in with the air and exhale down. Let's exhale dad, dad, fill up my hand a little bit here and then inhale, rolling and exhaling down. Always lifting off the seat. We also went over the feet a lot last time and rolling up. Yes.

So that the ball of the foot stays over, not rolling out. And two more exhaling to have him filling up a little bit of that left side. Good. Good. And one more time. Let's pull back like that. Yes. Lifting up and exhaling down. Stretching, stretching. Beautiful. And inhaling up.

Good. And we're gonna prepare for open like rocker. Yes. Good. And we're going to stay here. Draw the wasting of, go back a lot more. Yeah. There you go. And find those strong hips. No. Weeble wobbling. Wobbling in the hips. Come on up. You got it. That's it. That's it. Try to relax the feet. Good.

And we're going to look at my cross. We're going to come right back up. [inaudible] and in with the air. What do you find that's tightening up? Exhaling. Can you name it? Okay. And, and hip flexors. And two more scooping it. Go ahead. And one more. Good. Now come here. Bring your feet down if you can. And knees open.

You're going to stay up. We're going to stay up. Bring your feet down onto the mat. You've got it. Hands, arms between the legs. Yep. And on top. Press the ball of the foot of both feet on the mat. Yeah. Good. Let's get out of those hip flexors. Good. Beautiful waist.

Okay. Find the communication here. The energy. Push the ball. The foot heals up. There you go. Square box. Okay. All of that's there. Now keep the left foot pressing down as you extend the right and really feel yourself. Pull into both sides of your powerhouse. Bring that foot down and extend. Pulling in. Good.

So you didn't pull in. Pull back. Ah, and press down good again. I don't see any tight hamstrings here. [inaudible] and down and here. PR poop. Send that right. Ah, so the hip went behind you a little. You pulled it under. You pulled in. Excellent. Bringing it down. Now can we do both? Pulling?

Excellent. You can do it good and down. Not so wide. Just about the width of the mat. Pull back, pull back. Remember that feedback? Send your left hip underneath you for me. It's going opposite. Stretch it to me. You're getting there. Good em down one more time. Find the ball of your feet. Find both.

Sit bones are kind of forward towards me. Good. It's your last one here. Ready? First it's here. Draw that in. Good. Good. Legs are not so wide. Good. Stay there. Squeeze your legs together. Keep the legs there and walk down your legs. Getting ready for corkscrew. Keep them long. Do you see how your left hip on to hike?

Cause you're going to keep sending it. Oh that's good. That's good. So you had to see that it would hike and that's what would send it off. Very good. Perfect. How's that? Feel better. Good. All right. Take your shoulders and head just a teeny bit this way. Excellent. And let's get ready for corkscrew. So pretend you're squeezing that circle.

Bring your legs over Jack. Knife up and we're going to come down the center and you're going to go [inaudible] to the right around squeezing an imaginary circle and a good and coming down. If you can keep your feet in left, go left around and up in a plotty stance, I think you would feel better and rolling downs to try not to let those toes touch as you circle around the are you not you together as one in union and coming down. We're going to go to the left and then we'll do one more set. Finding those outer thigh, squeezing that imaginary circle and one more time through the ribs, through the waist to the right around stretching better and up. Really even and last time down, down, down, like tower and over left and don't lose your energy rolling down. Yeah. Straight down. Not to any side. Set up just like that for saw up.

We got feed open, good and plant that bottom and cement and you're going to twist to the right and the left hip had to stay and exhale. Don't forget to exhale down to your right foot, but we're going to keep that guy. Yeah, and your sip on Stace into the mat and inhaling up. Beautiful and tool chest and exhale. Lindsay is making all of this look really easy, and the corrections go right into her body. But these are her corrections. She is an instructor, a very good instructor, an advanced [inaudible] student, probably does some super advanced exercises, but we all have things that our body likes to do a little differently and we all work on them to get stronger, more balanced and up.

And one more. And that magic circle really, really translated in her body. And inhaling up. Now remember we're going to squeeze your legs together. Those are bent. We're going to squeeze them and we're going to flip over. Yes. And we're going to prepare for our dive. So we're going to press our pelvis into the mat. We're going to lengthen.

Good, beautiful, beautiful. We're going to pull our belly and we're going to lift up [inaudible]. And on the count of three, your arms are gonna shoot for near in. Pretend you have that magic circle between your ankles. One, two, three, arms, four legs, up, arms, up, legs. Squeeze up, arms up. Find that circle. Good. Find that circle. Yes. Find it one more. And that's enough.

Really good. Beautiful range. Beautiful range. Good back. [inaudible] good. Alright, now we're going to do single leg kick and double leg kick. Good up onto your elbows. So the first thing that we did was we pressed evenly together and then we brought your right heel. But what we're going to do today on this one is lift both legs up. Oh, let's try that again.

Now this doesn't get to go down as we [inaudible] try to keep squeezing your inner thighs together as if you're pressing that circle. There we go. This is really important how we are here. Yes. And let's take that right heel in one, two and switch and one, two and switch. Now when you kick, we lost our pelvis. Lift those legs. No losing one, two and switch one Jew. So it's not the foot that you're depending on. Let's squeeze that. There we go. And kick, kick and your bottom looks beautiful.

We just got to keep working and lift your chest. Step good and left two. That's it right too. And last time I left to now I just kidding on the right. Can you lift the thigh up off the mat as you kick do and last time left with that and that's enough, right cheek on the mat. Good. When you lift your thigh up, don't lift this part up. That's the tricky part.

Bring your hands a little higher, but very good effort. And that's how we get somewhere with all of that effort and good spot. Here we go. Squeezing down. We're going to lift both legs up. Nope. Nice and straight head stays down lifting. Beautiful. That's great. Stay like that. And three kicks to your bottom. Kicking. One, two, three legs. Press down as you lift.

It gives you power to backbend up and switch this presses you lift the thighs up and we kick three times one, two, three. We press down as we lift two, three and one more. Set and pressing down as we lift and kick two, three and lift two legs are down as you lift to press the legs down to help. Ah, that's gives your upper body work and now switch for the last time looking the other way. And you're going to really press Nope, we have none of this down. This is down, so there we go. Three kicks like that. One, two, three.

Thank you Lindsey. That's it. That's it. Round your back and sit on your heels. You gave me a lot there and I appreciate it. That was the difference I wanted to see. Nice. Okay, so now we're going to flip over onto your back for net pool. Good. Start with your feet as close to here as you can and your hands up behind your head. Stack your spine, find your sit bones. Pull the toes back. The circle was between our arches.

We want to press with those inner thighs and outer thighs and we're going to hinge back taking these with you and now roll down when you can and in with the air and exhaling. Good. And inhaling up and lifting. Yes, finding this and this back of the ribbon. Back of the seat. Beautiful and right back in with the air and exhale and inhale. Try to imagine that magic circle you're pressing, reaching your from your hips and the next Hill round in the rest, down to more in with the air. Exhaling all the way forward in how? Sitting up tall. Press with your hip. Send them. Don't leave that. Send that.

Yes. And rolling down. One last one. Lindsay in with your exhaling in heel, sitting up tall and lifting and stretching both legs, stretching away, pushing with that imaginary circle. Ready for Jack knife. You're gonna hug your knees into your chest. Extend them straight up so they're a 90 degree angle. Take your hips just a little bit to the right. Thank you. Good. All right, so we're pressing that imaginary circle. Outer thighs are working, inner thighs are working. Draw that belly in and fold over.

And Jack my foot and controlling down. Keep squeezing that circle. And we really worked on keeping the toes right over the eyes and you did beautifully and two more right on over and Jack and I thought good. And we're going to keep working on squeezing that circle right over our eyes. Yeah, she's like, I'm not going to touch on. Okay. One more time. Here we go. Over and lift and reach.

Energy is up nice and long and lean. Excellent. Good job. All right. Lower your feet down. Nope. Sorry. Bend the knees and lower your feet. Great job. Yes, shoulder bridge. We did it with the magic circle where you had to make sure your tailbone and st were down cause I don't want you to grip in these guys, right? That's it. And we pressed with our inner thighs, the side of our legs, and then we used the little lower belly to curl up and the hamstrings and glutes to start curling up. Now using the right muscles, curling more, more. That's it.

Now maybe bring your feet a little closer to you in a little more in, there we go. Lift up the hips even more. Put your hands underneath your hips for shoulder bridge on the mat. Slide your right leg down the middle of your body. Keep that leg long in three times. We're going to kick it up and flex it down and kick it up and flex it down and kick it up and flex it down. I love how your hip stayed even return that foot.

Are you unable to keep your foot flat? Nope. Okay. Okay. Extend the left leg on the mat. Yes. And could get up and flex it down and kick it up and reach it out and one more reach and put the foot back and shake out your hands as you roll down your upper back. Lovely articulation. Good job. Let's sit up for spine twist. Sit on up. The legs will be together this time really squeezing. Good, flexing those toes. Nice. And if we had the magic circle, it didn't move at all.

You did great with that. So we're going to X. Take a big breath. I apologize. An exhale as you twist, taking the right waste, waste, waste, and you're coming center on that when your left foot didn't have, you're going to fix that and twisting. Exhaling, drawing up. Yeah. And center. Now we're going to keep that left leg behaving as we exhale. Twisting, twisting, yes and center. Beautiful Lindsey. And exhale.

Exhale all your air and in with the air. Big breathing exercise. We're going to squeeze all the air as we lift up and in with the air and exhale, beautiful, stable. Lower body means it's working like crazy. All right, let's lie down on our right side and we're going to do our sidekick series. We don't have a magic circle, but we're going to pretend that we do, right?

So what did we gain out of that? Let's bring the legs straight there. Straight with our body. Good. This was your favorite hip and V. it's looking a lot better already and I want you to flex your feet and bring the top foot in front and then slip the bottom one under that. That'll be your alignment. Okay? And relax the feet from there.

So we worked a magic circle. So pretend you're squeezing it right now, God and drawing in the bottom leg. Still working. We're going to lift this leg up. Just that hip level. Good. How's the waist? Does it hang into the mat or do we have a little light lift in the waist? Too? Good. And we're going to reach this leg so long it reaches out to the ocean and you're going to take it forward and back. Straight back.

Good and forward and back and reaching and back and forward and back. And three more reaching. Find the outer thigh and two scooping in and one and scooping in and legs together. Good. Now I want you to put your left hand right here. Don't let that hip move. Usually outer thighs. If you are separating that circle and then up to your ear and back in.

Don't let the hip move. Keep it right there as you go up. May not go very high and squeeze, but I want you to find that instead can feel that difference and don't let him move. It likes to hike. Schoolies dad as if you're squeezing the circle. One more. Good. All right. Now I want you to bend that knee and put the foot down.

Yes. And we're going to do some inner thighs circle, so we're going to squeeze here, grabbing on, grab onto the ankle with your left hand. Thank you. Either in front or behind, doesn't matter. I want you to bring it forward and I want you to bring it up, up, up, and then back in and down and forward. How's that powerhouse? Okay, good. And we're going to do two more big inner thigh circles one more time and then we're going to go the other way. That means back to me then up to the ceiling. All the way forward and yeah, and for more good up. Don't lose all of this. That's it. Keep this hip reaching right here and back around.

One more. Yes. Good. And now both legs long. So your alignment is super, super important here. Good. We're going to squeeze and we're going to lift both legs up. Holt, two, three and down. So as if the circle right when we press a both, we lift and down. We press, we left. Now hold. We also did a little lower beats, right? So lower the bottom leg and two. Let's do five and four and hold. How's that waist?

Did it go down into the mat? Are we keeping it reached the legs long, big scissors. Straight leg. Bottom leg is straight. You can do it. You can reach that. Yes. Keep this one a little bit from lifting. Make that bottom leg reach back. Oh, I love it. And there one more. Bottom leg back and one more top leg back. And now reach him for, but don't lower them alignment. Give me a quick Manhattan walk. Here we go. Inner thighs. One, two, three doors. They switch I guess.

[inaudible] inner thighs. That's it. Fine from the knee up. Not from the knee down. Yes. Keep going. Keep going. I love it. Keep going. Keep going to one ad. Yeah, nice shot. Squeeze them both up. We have our pretend magic circle roll onto your tummy without lowering those legs. Make a small pillow for your forehead. Good.

Sliding that over just a bit too. Good. Squeeze my hands. Let's lift the legs up and then open them as wide as the mat. Then all the way together, all the way together. Squeeze my hand. Open them as wide as the mat and then all the way together. Now find that same range of motion but really quick. Here we go. 21 two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Quicker, quicker, quicker, and one, two, three, four uses left hip to come to the right. One, four, three, two, one. Hold the legs up other side. Don't lower them.

I'm watching you and now bring them forward. You can either flex, but, or do you know where to go from here? That's good. Yes. Good. Nice. Nice. Nice. All right. We've squeezed as if you have both squeezing a magic circle. We're going to lift that right leg up. Just a hip level, a tiny bit lower. Reach it all the way to the wall.

This time you're hitting this ocean and we're going to kick it forward and back as you kick forward. Don't allow the needle roll down towards the mat. Keep it looking slightly up towards the ceiling. Super important and back. Let's do four more reaching, cut and forward. Nice. I'm just trying to give you some ability in here. Two more, not really doing the whole sequence last time and I'm interested more in the leg lifts and legs together. Now put your right hand on your right hip and pretend that that magic circles back on the outside of your legs.

And you're going to push with the outer thighs as you lift and then you can lift it up as high as you don't move that right hip and squeeze down and push and squeeze down and find that out of tie in. Squeeze. And how about the bottom leg? You make it work to push it into the mat and down. Two more. Up and down. Last time pushing it up and down. Nice job. And now we're going to bend that top leg for some intense inner thigh circles, right? So we're going to bring that leg forward to me, but then up to the ceiling and way back and down.

It's not allowed to bend. It has to reach long. I like that leg work and hard. Yes. And two very good. And one more and now you're going to go the other way up to the ceiling. When you go up to the ceiling, make sure your knee is still pointing a little bit dead. Don't bend the knee.

We're going to do two more. We're going to reach for me over here. Reach retreat. Yes. That was so good. Lindsey. One more like that. Reaching good and keep the leg long and down. Both legs long. Yes. Place. Yes. Good and we're going to pull in squeezes.

If you have a circle between both ankles, still a nice lift in your waist. I like it. Reaching long. We're going to lift and blower, making it look super easy. Pulling it in and we use the right waist here and down and we're going to pull in and lift and hold. Now the bottom leg is going to go down. Squeeze up one and two and inner thighs and four and powerhouse. Hold. Hold up. Hold the belly. Thank you.

Long legs as you scissor. Big scissors. Yes. Good. Top leg does not need to lift higher. In fact, it needs to reach a little more long to me. Good and for stay a little lower on that top like two more. Very good. Yeah. Yeah. You get it? Yeah. There you go. Last one. Good. Now long leg stay lifted. I want to see that. Lovely.

Reach a little more forward with the bottom. That's it. And it's a quick walk. Quick. Yes. Yes. Strong legs, strong legs from those inner thighs. Knees up, knees up. Three, two, one. And that's enough. Lower down. Lie on your back. Good for you. Bend the knees into your chest. Woo. And shake them out. There we go. There we go. All right, so now we're going to do our teasers one, two, and three.

She's excited. I can tell. Okay. So super pretend you have the circle back between your ankle, see if it helped any, and you're going to reach the legs forward and they probably will lower as you rock up. Okay. And reach your arms back. But draw that powerhouse in. Good. Good. Drawing this in, reaching out here. And we're going to roll up and reach for your toes. So find these, keep pressing down on me. Yes. And then rolling away. See if you can find that pressing with the hips. So good and in with the air and exhaling. Yep.

And rolling down one more and we're going to go into teaser too, and pressing that imaginary circle. Curl up a little further with the upper body. And now from here, go down and up and from. You're not from the feet. One more. That's a good. And rolling everything down. Lengthen arms back. Good. You can do it. And scooping right into here to lift up for teaser three.

That's it. And rolling right down. Good. I want you to find this and on arms and feet. Start lifting as this pulls into the mat and rolling down. Good. And one more time. Lindsey in with the air and from here.

Nice job and rolling down. Great job. Hug those knees into your chest. Good. So if you can find that scoop into the mat there instead of keeping a backbend there. As you come up, you're going to get less from those quads and more into the length and that back line. Super important. Good. We're going to flip over for swimming. Good. Just to revisit, we reached our arms long and you pressed to scoot just a teeny bit. Good.

And you're going to press your right arm into the mat and your left hip actually down into the mat. Squeeze it. [inaudible] as this arm and this leg lifts. But where's the squeeze? Ooh, there's a squeeze, but it all down. Switch. This one's going to squeeze, right? That's it. That's the end. This kind of feels this. All right and down. One more switch. Squeeze.

It's always important to know where you're at. This guy likes to hike a little length in it. Oh my gosh, that was so good. And put your foot down. Good last time. Good. Now can you stay like that and lift your head up out of the water. Lift. [inaudible] powerhouse. And I want a quick swim this time. Here we go. Inhale.

Two, three, four, five. Exhale. Two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. One more. Touch my hands up here. And exhale. Two, three, four, five and melt into the mat. Round your back and sit on your heels. Lindsay, you did that very even. That was awesome. Really, really good. So now we're going to do leg a pull down.

We did it with the magic circle last time. We're going to flex your toes underneath you and walk your feet out into a pushup position. Good. And then lifting up. Good. So she had, she was squeezing it between her ankles and she had to keep her bottom down as she rotated one leg on top of the other. So how that helps us is we're going to lift our right leg up without switching our pelvis at all. Yes, we're going to rock back and we're going to pull forward with that left hip and return the right foot down and the left. Yes. And rock back and forward. So she's just keeping extra stable here.

And she had to do that when the magic circle was between. Otherwise forget about it. And lift the left good and down. See if you can remember that feeling of how much you had to work your bottom. One more set. Yes. And down. And finally the left. Lift your head a little more. My dear. Rocking back. Good and down.

Now we're going to take your right hand to your left and transition to like pull up, keeping your hip. Look at those beautiful hips. Look at that transition. Sorry. Legs long keeping that scoop. Yes. And we're gonna alternate. Right up. Flex down, left up. Flex down. Right up. Flex down, left. Lengthen that hip. One more. Right up and last time. Left. Flex.

And now right knee underneath for your favorite exercise. Oh yes. It's everybody's favorite. Good. I like this alignment. The right heel just needs to hide a little. Excellent. Squeezing the right hip, left hand behind. Good. Reaching out. Lift on up as high as you can and three kicks forward and back and forward and back. One more forward and back in and reach out to. That's ocean view and five circles forward and up. One and two.

And circle and squeeze and forward and two and one. Reverse and backed me. Yes. And two and three. Find that right hip. It should be on fire and five and now both knees together. Squeeze your bottom forward over your knees. Keep finding that seat.

Excellent. Keep your bottom squeezing forward as you put your left hand down. Let right leg out on the mat first. You can keep it down. Yes. And I want this and this flexing and if you're able to get this, I have a hard time getting that angle. I'm gonna want to see it in your the whole time. This one's going to go right there.

Lengthen and lift up all the way to hip level, up, up, up, up. Keep the squeezing forward and five, three, just three so you better squeeze that left hip forward. Imagine that's your left hip and reaching now. Legs straight out and five one from here. Not from the knee. Funnier. Don't circle that. Lower leg. Reverse one, lifting this.

There's a hula hoop around your thigh. That's it. One great effort both knees together. Squeeze that bottom forward. Oh no. Break for the bottom. Sit on your right cheek. A little lovely stretch though. We worked on stacking our knees, stacking our feet and sending that left hip down a little bit more before, before we lift up the right arm. Actually we're going to stretch that. Yeah, you get to start with that God. Trying to release that as much as you can. Energy lifts from your powerhouse all the way to your fingertips to switch ruling to the other side. Yes.

And the right elbow is going to go down to the mat. Good. And then lifting up and switching. Good and over. So we did not have a magic circle on this one. This was a nice treat. But we did think about it as we squared off our hips. [inaudible] and pressing down and up. And one more time each side over and lifting from the strong base and down is this four.

Three. Oh good. I thought so too. And coming back up. Up, up though. Energy. Okay. Now on both knees, squeezing your bottom forward to transition. There's a lot of different transitions but I think Lindsey would agree. We all need to get that bottom. Keep working. Right. Teaser is the alternate transition and I like how that, well, before you take your shoulders to curve. Yes. Send this hip down more.

There you go. Good. And now without curving your shoulders, lift through here. Yep. And give me your hand and lift like that and then curve. Uh, I liked that better and exhaling into here, God and lifting from here, from that strong base and switching, taking your left elbow down as your right arm goes. Good. So we really want a strong mermaid base here and we're going to keep that as we left and switch and trapping. Nice. God. Hmm.

Yes. And lift and switch. One more time. Good, good, good, good. Ooh, I loved that. And then up. Nice job. You can stretch one more time this way. Okay, great job.

Swing your feet forward. We're going to boomerang and I'd love for you to keep your arms down. Just one more count when you're coming back up into teaser. Okay. Okay. Hands by your side. Let me see that boomerang angle and here we go.

Rolling back. You're going to open and close with strong legs and then roll up and stretch your legs forward. Hands forward and hands. Go behind your back and scoop. Use your upper stomach to get your head down to your legs as you go forward. Yes, and circling. Good hands by your side. Here we go.

Scooping in over. You go open. Close. Rolling up into teaser. You want to exactly keep your hands down so that the energy goes like that. Yes. Hands behind you. And now upper belly takes your head this way. As you go down, I think it's your upper stomach that needs us a teeny bit more. Work on that one. And hands by your side, sitting up tall.

And we're going to lift those legs one more set as you go over and open close and keeping the arms down as you roll so that you keep reaching the energy forward until they sweep up into your teaser. Great. And then hands there and then come and down. Great job. Good, good, good. And one more. So sorry to get in your way. Last one. And scooping in and roll in back strong legs back here as if you had a magic circle and rolling up, reaching your arms forward. Good. And then hands go behind Diaz, ALS, trach.

Alright. Flip over onto your tummy for rocking. Yes. And you're going to press your pelvis down into the mat. You're going to grab the top of your feet and you think about how you had that circle and you had stability in that seat and you're pressing your pubic bone down a lot more on your pelvis a lot more. And then I want you to press into your feet, into your hands to lift up. It's like she just floats up and now we're going to rock. And it's rock. Yes.

Still picturing you have a circle. So you have integrity and stability and those inner thighs. One more. Lift that chest. Yes. And melt into the mat. Round your back and sit on your heels for me. Great job. Good, good, good. All right.

And go ahead and turn around and face forward. Good. And we're ready for seal. So you're going to put your arms between underneath and under your ankles. Good. And focus on getting the energy back in your waist. And same thing like open, like rocker, where you're pushing with the ball of your feet and give your lower back feedback. Good. And then balancing with your feet up with the, um, we didn't use the magic circle in this exercise, but we were able to feel our inner thighs as you clapped. Two, three, so nice from inner thighs and then roll back to three and one.

So let's use our lower belly and our upper stomach and our breath. It's inhale inner thighs. Two, three. Exhale, inner thighs. Eyes down forward. Don't straighten out. That's fine. Give me two more. Pulling in to your back. A nice rule in massage of your back. As we enter thighs on this one, you're going to let go cross your ankles and roll up to a standing.

Let me see that. Nice strong push all the way up to your fingertips is that energy. Nice job. We're going to turn around for our pushups. You're going to do a nice little combo here. Adding some arabesque, little star kind of action as well. Awesome. Okay. Reach your arms. She's like, yeah. Awesome for you.

Reach your arms up to the ceiling. Okay. But don't send your lower back forward. We're going to keep gymnastic. Did you ever teach your assets? No. Alright. Okay. Arms up. Good. And lift this forward like a beam of light. Gorgeous. Roll off an imaginary wall. Yes.

Yes. Walk out into your pushup. We're going to do a set of five. Actually just do a set of three, but first this needs to go down more and engage. That's half the battle. Lift your head up. Beautiful. Opening those codons. Let's do three down, up one. [inaudible] two, three. Great job.

Now can you keep this squeezing and slowly roll over onto your way, right, like you did on with the magic circle, squeezing. [inaudible], keeping that hip forward. Bringing the right arm up. Look at you. Squeezed forward another inch. Gorgeous. And slowly returning without moving those hips too much. They squeeze way down. They roll to your other side, but you have to work them right? Yes, yes. And that left right arm goes up.

Woo. Good for you both. Arms down both feet. Good, good. Walk back into your feet. Excellent. Roll up. Let's bring, yes, that neck wants that roll up. Pressing your hips forward. Trying to keep them over. Okay. Your feet now find that energy. There's has to be a lot of energy up here.

As you keep your hips pressing down into the floor, extend the right leg, right, and you're going to want to be like a Seesaw where your foot moves at the same time as your hand. We're going to try that again. Don't. So we're going to take leg down the middle. Yes. And really find energy in that leg. Find energy. Find energy. Yes. And walking out. That's far enough. God.

Squeeze the hips and down up one. Think of that magic circle between those ankles and how those hips work. That's enough lifting that back leg. That right. Like good. Now pause here. Good, good, good, good. I'm going to come right here cause I want this hip to help you give you now reach your arms forward. Forward, forward, up, up, up, return. Excellent. Excellent. Here, let's take your left. It's the grand finale. Let's bring it home. Yes.

And we're going to find this. Yes. As you see saw, lift, lift, lift. Excellent. Walking out, it's all about your energy and the stabilization of your hips. Press this right hip down a little bit more. Head up. Give me some, that's it. Show me what you're made of. Head up. There we go. One more lift. Yes. Walk back. Lifting. Good. Alright. Reach those arms. Forward. Forward, bringing the leg down simultaneously. Stay there and exhale.

And now inhale, pushing me down as you lift from your seat through your powerhouse and everything you've got, and you did an awesome job.

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Thanks very much !!! Gracias, buscamos todos alguna clase solamente de MAT y sin aparatos para poder inspirar y ayudar a nuestros alumnos en estos días largos de Cuarentena en casa por el Coronavirus.
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This has been a bit challenging for me but still enjoyed it with your loveley instructions and cueing Monica; thank you so much
Rachel C
1 person likes this.
So good! Love that this is challenging and you only need a matt. 
10 people like this.
I especially appreciated you demonstrating with an experienced pilates student who nevertheless benefited from corrections and struggled along with us on some of the more difficult challenges.  Your words of motivation felt like they were directed right towards me as well. Thank you Monica and Lindsey!!
Loved this class! Thank you!
2 people like this.
Thank you, very good mat work! Balance and strength. Just what we need in this time of quarantine.
Monica Wilson
Yes! Lindsay rocked it! I have to give her special props because we filmed this class right after Class #4023, executing the same exercises with a magic circle. It takes a lot of stamina to be able to do both classes back to back! I hope this finds you all well and that this challenging class helps your body and mind stay healthy and strong through this period of isolation. Thank you for all your wonderful comments and connecting with us through Pilates Anytime!
Julie Lloyd
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Awesome class!!
1 person likes this.
Good Workout.  I don't know if I'll ever be flexible enough to do a rollover/jacknife but it won't be because these classes don't give me enough opportunities to practice.  
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Excellent class thank you. It was hard work!
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