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You will get your sweat on in this advanced Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She teaches Colleen, who is an excellent example of how your body can move if you keep up with your Pilates discipline. It's an energetic class, complete with fun variations to exercises like Criss Cross, Grasshopper, and more.

If you need help getting to this level, try Monica's 30-Day Revival Challenge to work your way up to more advanced work.
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Welcome to my get your sweat on workout today. It's an advanced class with Colleen Ferguson and Coleen is an excellent example of how your body can move if you keep up with your politeness discipline. If you need a little help getting up to this level again and you've done it in the past, check out my 30 day revival challenge and that'll start getting you geared up to get back at this level. But we are going to have fun today just really hitting the pavement and doing a hard advanced workout. If you have any injuries, please leave out the exercises that you need to and we're just going to have a lot of fun, a lot of energy, and we're going to really sweat. Sound good? Good. Okay. So let's start with your Pilati stance.

Good and one arm over the other. You're instantly gonna bring your mind to your body, drawing your powerhouse in and up. Put One foot in front of the other and lower yourself down to the mat, keeping your powerhouse. Lift your bottom back and extend out. Good and roll out nice and long. Great. And we're going to start with the hundred and advanced position.

So you're gonna end with the an exhale. Go ahead and lift the legs and length in the arms and start in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Good. So you're really focusing on pulling your belly in to the manager only warm up exercise, right? So if it's your only warm up exercise, make sure you're pulling in your belly, warming it up to your back, your reaching your thighs, Hmong, and you're stretching those legs long, long, long yet you're drawing the arches and your inner thighs and your pelvic floor and your lower belly into the mat. And exhale, two, three, four, that's about 70 in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five in do three, four, five. Excellent. Your lower belly all the way to my finger here. One more. And exhale, pull your belly into my fingers. You roll down this bone and you lower those legs and you roll down the head and reach your arms up and back for the roll up.


So the arms come up head and exhaling all the way forward. Pull back a heavy weight with your powerhouse. Rolling the lower back down first and reaching back. Arms head scooping in that waist and reaching as. Send your hips that way. Pull your belly in the opposite direction as you articulate and arms.

Roll Up

Use the upper stomach as you exhale. Good and reaching back. Draw Rod and pull that waste board into that pool and into the mat and stretching. Let's do four more. Exhaling, reaching and squeeze those legs together. Reach them. Draw the lower belly. Let's try to get rid of any hops on the way up. Polo. That was better. Yes, and rolling back that lower back. Feel the back of the thighs. Press down, see if that helps. And two more arms had pushing these down as you scoop in. Good and reaching and rolling back. Send those legs.

Lower back, middle. We've got one more ad, arms headed, scooping and reach and rolling back. We're going to pull this, keep the arms lower. Shoulder height, drawing in. We're going to go into the roll over. Press your arms flat and squeeze the legs over. One solid unit down to the mat. Push back on the ball of your foot. If you can separate and now come down reaching the feet, stay flex and over. So they're pointed on the way over. Flex here.

Roll Over

Separate flex. Keep them flex and pull your hips away. And one more in this direction. Beautiful pressing press. And now reach the arms long. Let's go for the reverse. They click open and over and squeezed together and rolling down. Stretching and open.

End over and touch and squeeze on this last one. How long, how low can you go? Can you go lower slide. I'm on the mat over. Thank you. And squeeze. We want to challenge ourself in these exercises. Let's not keep it as just a advanced mat. Let's really tweak it and we're going to lower the left leg.

Stretch the right one towards you and cross around up. Kick me around up. Kick me yet. Kick your ankle around up, and don't forget to open a little. I want you to draw a full circle on the ceiling of full circle. One more full circle. Reverse open a little. Reach out around, up. Good. Open her hand up to me. Yes, reaching around one more and switch the legs and cross around up, drying that waist around it. But I want to see that scoop around, up, working the obliques even to around up. I love the neck.

Single Leg Circles

I love the arms. Reverse one. Reach out from that hip more. Reach it out from that lower back. Reach it where the leg starts. One more I think. And bring that leg down. Roll up for rolling like a ball. Lifting your bottom forward. Prepare. Let's see if you can cross your hands and grab onto your wrist.

You can either [inaudible] exactly in. Tuck your ears between. Beautiful. Give me a nice breath and as you exhale, don't start but expand your lungs. And I need this round. Pull your waist away from your lower your thighs. Come on, give me space. More space, more space. Good. And now go for it in with the air and exhale. Beautiful Coleen.

Rolling Like A Ball

And with the air, exhale and with the air, touch the knees. If you can exhale to the mat behind you and lift those hips up. Yes. And Xcel. Stay controlled. And on your shoulder blades though too. And exhale ears between those knees. One more. Feel the hips lift and up and rest your feet down.

Lift your bottom back and take your right knee with heel and good. Stay here. Redone. Stay right there. Good. Reach this leg long. Reach it, reach it. Keep it there like a teaser and roll down with your right knee on you, on your chest, on your chest. That's very hard. And switch. Good switch. Switch. Good.

Single Leg Stretch

I want a deeper scoop cause I know you can thank you and reach that. Die Long, longer out of that hip. Reach it out. Squeeze that SI reach at long. We're gonna do one more set after this and grab both ankles and send those legs long and scoop. Good. And reach and scoop. Good. Two more. And then we're going to do the, take the arms back further. Actually lower, lower, lower. Thank you. And up one more. And now we're going to the advanced version. So reach out, hold the legs there.

Double Leg Stretch

Start circling your arms and pull yourself together and to more reach. Hold the legs and pull yourself together. One more light. That reach. Start circling from your powerhouse and pull in single street like up and one, two, good. Reach the ceiling and switch. Touch this young with those feet. Reach them out of the hips, out and now nice and quick. It's right and left and right and left. Here we go. Pick up the tempo. Yes.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Swinging, anchoring the lower back down into the mat, reaching those dyes. Last set both legs up, hands behind your head. Reach up and out. Lengthening that waist end up. Reach up and out and up. Reach up and out. And now this time come up slowly tumor and come up slowly.

Double Leg Lower Lift

One more. Play with the temple, little and last time and bend that right knee. Twist up to it and over to the, I love how your waist is staying glued. Draw away from me on this last set. And then we're going to do the full advanced version scooping. And now we're gonna move over onto our, take the left hip with you scooping, scooping, beautiful and pull from your senator. Go to the other side, pulling in, and you're going to take the right hip with you.

Criss Cross

One more set calling. Pull into your mat to go to the other side. Yes, squeezing. This is like the teaser twist on the one to chair scooping in and drawing in the last time. Take that right hip, right over. Fantastic and draw roll right back on your low back. Hug the knees in you. Get a teeny break. Good. And sit up by Lovett spine. Stretch forward in with the air. Exhale down.

Spine Stretch Forward

So we're gonna move with our breath. Sam Axial, you need to take a breasts. You roll up, you need an exhale so you roll down and expand those lungs more. And you're going to inhale, lift every vertebra away. Exhale, forward expanding. Come on. More expansion in those. Yes, thank you. And in with the air up. One more. Showing me more lungs. Exhale. Get that upper c curve. Come on.

Expand. Yes, yes, yes. Very nice. Good. Grab on. He arches inside of your arches. There you go. And just give me even more space as you exhale here. And now inhale, roll up your back. Keep pulling this back. Think about rolling this back just a little bit more. Come on a little more into here. Now those legs just float up. Yes, and use your powerhouse to come up as much onto those sit bones as you can.

And here we go in with the a roll back. Exhale right up. Come on ant, two more. Don't hang out too long, right back up. That's it. One more. Come all the way up. Staying here. Slide up to your fingertips, your toes, just keeping them open. And three more like that. Rock right up.

Open Leg Rocker

Good and use that powerhouse rolling evenly through your spine. One more. Rolling up. Bring those legs together, holding onto your feet or your toes even better and roll in back and exhale right on. Up, up, up, up, and two more legs are long and work and use that powerhouse. Feel your body getting sculpted. One more at rolling up. Beautiful. Leave the legs there. Roll down your upper body. Bring your hips over your shoulders for the advanced corkscrew legs.


Extend up and twist as you go to the right around and right on up and twist. As you go down to that around and I think you have a lot more in you twist, reach all the way to the right side and then over all the way to the left, you're not going to the sides very much. Rolling. Reach. Oh, thank you. Calling all the way to the right. Yes, and up. One more set. How far can you reach to the right? We should have floor reached to the left and it's up.

And one more to the left. Try to sweep the mat. Think of airplane on the Cadillac and up and roll down like your tower. Sit Up for some good in with the air. Empty the lungs. Beautiful in with the air. Twisting and exhaling.


Good in with ear twisting and exhale, span this lung in with the hair twisting. And exhale. Squeeze the air out of this and one more set. Exhaling. Feel this hip down. Stretch, stretch, stretch in one more and come over to this side. We're going to leave this hip here. Hat's it. Nice quick transition for Swan. Squeeze your legs together.

Flip over and you're going to start by coming up into that neck roll, sending your hips, lifting and on the count of three, Start Your Swan. One, two, and arms forward, legs, up, energy, legs, up, arms. Feel the back of the thighs, arms back of the dyes. Shoulders enjoying. One more. Very nice and rounding. Rounding. Good. Very good. Go into single leg kick. I want you to really lift up onto your elbows. Head Up. Good. Send those hips along. Sorry. I scoop it in. I, we need a lot of light here.

Swan Dive

Okay. Before you begin, keep the tunnel under here and lift the thighs and [inaudible] knees up slightly off the mat thing. Cue and keep them up off the mat as you do your single leg kick. Now we'll do eight sets. Good. And they're going to pass each other. So right to left to good. Really try to keep lifting the thigh off the mat, the knee off the mat so that the toe is pretending like it can touch your head and you're lifting your chest up with your powerhouse. One more set, really important because we're going to do grasshopper. That's enough, right?

Child's Pose

Facial cheek on the mat hands. We're going do double leg kit as if we're doing grasshopper. So we're going to press down. We're going to note, we're going to do a straight leg lift as if you could lift your legs all the way up to this ceiling. Then bring those toes all the way to your head. Keep lifting the thighs up, lifting up. Then extend with the thighs and knees up as they come down. Oh, and then lift two, three and switch. Good. Well, I didn't see a left. We're going to live like we would in the grasshopper.

Single Leg Kick

Pull those two hose to your head. Lift them long and let's clap as you come down and stretch two, three and sewage. Log all that. Work up to your head. Lengthen, keeping light onto your thighs. Good and clear. Lap as you come down. I know I'm adding a little variety here. Spicing up your mind here. Pull it and keep those ties off the mat as you extend them. Clap and then lift.


Great job. Go ahead and round your back and sit on your Hill's. Not a normal double leg kick, but we need to change things up sometimes. Let's flip over four neck, pull heels all the way to the front hatch and hands behind your head the whole time. Lifting up off the seat and rolling down great and in with your look. Your chest. Exhale, scoop it in and good. Inhale, sit up tall, lift up off your seat and exhale back. You're going to push your feet away. Push your hips away, length in your lower back in with the air.

Child's Pose

Exhaling all the way forward to your knees. Inhale, roll up from the lower bed in the middle and push your head into your hands using your [inaudible] powerhouse. Push those feet, push those feet three more in with their excellent scoop all the way forward. Inhale, lifting off the bottom, stacking up your spine and use that powerhouse to lengthen the neck, linkedin, linkedin. We've got one more time in with the, you're exhaling all the way forward and you're going to use your bottom to push your heels away and pull your belly into. Come back, rolling back, but push your feels way. Push them, push them. Extend in both directions. Let's go into Jackknife arms by your side. Bend the knees into your chest and lengthen those legs up. Good. Press the hips together and they're going to go over your shoulders and up to the ceiling. Good and coming down. I think Coleen, we're going to keep this shape.

Neck Pull

I want you to challenge yourself to go from here to here, so we're not going to drop our feet this time, so we're going to use our hips to go there and then right up. Good and calming down. Excellent. Let's do two more like that. Hips over and up, up and coming down with the toes over your eyes. One more. That little difference makes a huge difference in your body and coming down and I'm sorry. I want you to do that advanced transition for the next exit.


So one more. We're going to go over and lift and now put your hands under your hips and we're going to try to be really quiet as we transition. We're going to keep lifting those hips up as we put our toes on the mat. Separate your feet. We're ready for shoulder bridge. You're going to on the mat, extend the right leg down the middle of your body, a soft point. You're going to kick up and flex it down. Stay on that leg and do two more.

Shoulder Bridge

Lift the right hip up and one more as if your hands aren't even holding in. Return the right foot. Lengthen the left leg down the middle and kick it up and flex it down and up and lengthen all the way from the top of your hip. One more and return the foot. Take your hands away, shake them out and roll down one vertebra at a time. And we're going to go into scissors and bicycle. So draw your knees together and curl into a ball.

Lift your hips over, put your hands underneath your thought, your hips. This is a little bit lower with the ribs for me. Just draw in a little bit into here and then extend the legs up as much as you can. Really reach for the ceiling. Keep your left leg where it is and reach the right one away. Okay, so and then switch. Go ahead. Some a little bit. Getting in her business here because we want them to go in the opposite direction. But you don't want this leg to go any here. So keep this one here.

High Scissors

And then how low can you take this? Like I'm going to let go. That one. Don't move that one anymore. Just take that one lower, lower, lower and switch. Yes. Work this hip lift. Oh yeah. Now Coleen, Sean, what she's got and one legs reaching to the ceiling. What one's region? And one more time. One leg legs reaching up rather than through your nose and up.

And you're going to take your hands away and roll down in between. You could do it up the whole time, but I prefer to give us a little bit of a break and we're going to do bicycle. So know that you're cheating yourself out of some good strength development. If your legs are going too much this way, both legs up and we're gonna reach the legs up as you reached the right one out, down, down, down, and then bend in the left. I want you to resist bending the leg. In other words, take it as low as you can before you bend it. Reach it down as low as you can.

High Bicycle

One more. Let's reverse. So left down. Good. Can you touch the toe to the mat? Can we touch lower? Yes she can. Can she touch the lower one more. Can we reach last time? Right there we go. And both legs up and lower down.

Excellent spine twist. Fantastic. Rolling up. Flex those toes. Arms out to the side. Lift up your sternum and exhale in with the air. And exhale. Beautiful. Nice job. Moving your shoulders from your powerhouse and your arms.

Spinal Twist

One more set. I love how your feet are staying together. They're not sliding past each other. Beautiful and relaxed. We're going to do sidekicks. Lie On your right side, facing this way. Make yourself one long straight line from your elbow first to your feet. Slide back just a little bit for me. Good.

Flex your feet and then since your feet are in alignment, take the front, top one and just bring it in front and then slide the bottom one under it for measurement. Good. And now place your hands exactly. We're in the neck pull position. One hand over the other and your belly is pulling in in the back of the ribs are in alignment to push your head into your hands. Let's blow her that leg for a second. Beautiful placement, right? Pull this in a little more, but now I need this to reach longer, slightly longer than your bottom leg. As you lift it up, turn it out a little bit and now could get forward and could get back.

Good and four to make sure you're not shrinking in your waist. You want to touch every wall. You want to reach out of that hip. Good. You want to stretch and reach and love how you're staying. Really stacked. Three, don't shrink in that hip region longer than your bottom one and one more. And we're going to do up and dance. You're gonna kick up and reach.

Forward and Back

Try to keep that hips stacked and outer thigh, inner thigh to outer thigh, inner thigh squeezing. Last one, SKU old and five little circles just to warm up for our Grand Ronda, John, that we're going to do and reverse. Lengthen it. One, two, sip coffee, boy. Five great. Why don't you place this hand in front of you for ground round [inaudible] you're going to lengthen and lift. Beautiful forward up to your ear. Rotate in your hip as you go behind you in two more reaching it longer than the bottom leg up to your ear, rotating that hip, reaching that hip one more time. Forward up to your ear. Rotate that hip, reach it behind you and those legs squeeze together. Reverse back of the thigh, up to your ears. You rotate to your nose and down so you squeeze back. It rotates in your hip as you bring into your ear to your nose. One more time.

Lift and Lower

Let me make sure I see your nose. So your where is your, when you write here, turn it just a little bit more. Thank you and great. I want you to squeeze both legs up off the mat, roll onto your powerhouse, onto your belly, and let's lift those legs up higher and 20 beats. One, two, three, four, five, six. Relaxing the upper body, relaxing the chest after 20 beats, squeezing those inner thighs together. We're going to keep the legs up and roll to your other side. Excellent. Scoot over a little bit. Flex your feet again so that you bring the top leg just in front of the bottom one and then slide your bottom leg underneath. Justin front though, not too like touching. Yes, there ya go. Good.


And then both hands behind your head. Good. Nice alignment. Again, we're going to reach this leg out of your hip as we lift it and we're going to kick forward for one good. And the powerhouse scoops in and you use the back of your thigh and your seat and scooping in God and you really want to feel the ribs are working to stay stabilized. Your plot is boxes just square and it's one on top of the other. So that elbow barely moves that 10 already know.


Yeah. I was like, Dang, I thought I thought I had that set. Good and up and squeezes the funniest thing and up. I can't count, but I can talk and I know the timing and up and squeezing and too nice. One more inner thigh, inner thigh hold and five little circles warming up for our ground. Ronda Zam and reverse and a little behind.

Forward and Back

A little in front three, two, one and now place that hand. Good reach it long could get forward up to your ear. Rotate in that hip as it goes behind you reaching. Touch that wall, touch that wall longer than your bottom leg. As you go forward, up to your nose, up to your, rotate in that hip. Feel the stretch in your abdominals because you're pulling them in and up. And one more in this direction. Very nice calling.

Lift and Lower

Really good extension and range of motion and legs together. Reverse back, rotating in your hip, ear, nose and four and two more. I'd love for when you get to your nose for it to be a little bit more at nose level. So it's going to be more here. And then back one more back. Yes. And let me see that. Very nice and good. All right, let's lie on your back. We're going to do to some teasers. You can bend the knees into your chest and shake them out if you want.


Good. Good, good, good, good. Alright, we're going to go ahead and let's start off with teaser three. So you're going to extend the legs, make sure you're centered. I love that. Okay. And reach your arms back. All right. And we're going to lift up your head and toes at the same time. Ah, and roll all the way up from your waist. Lift your arms up to the ceiling and roll back from the waist, from the waist and squeezing this down and head and toes at the same time.

Teaser 3

Beautiful. Beautiful. And then from the waist, those arms lift and there's a connection of these two right here. That's it. I love that connection. One more. And scooping it in and in. Now we're staying here and we're going to do teaser two right now. So I had a little out of order there and you can do more scoop. I know you can and you can touch the bat.

Teaser 2

Come on up and to learn more. And now everything down. Ah, nice job. Good. Stay down there and go ahead and bend your knees. Good. And I'm, we're going to do, we're going to roll up just normal oats. Extend the right leg. Sorry. Good lengthening those hips. Come up in a regular teaser, reaching, reaching, reaching. Good.

Teaser Variation

And Go ahead and come down. Good this time. Soon as you lift your head, start twisting over your bent knee. So we're going to be twisting this way, twist more, reach, reach, reach, come center and come down. Switch legs at rolling up. Scoop, scoop, scoop. Good. So that's easy, right? So as soon as you start lifting up, start twisting, twist more and more and more. That's it. Come Center and Dan. One more set of those switched legs and scooping in regular and calming down and keep the waist pulling in. But twist your provided choice. Drive.

Pull the waist in more and more ways. Thank you. And Center. Yeah, don't use your lower back to twist and scooping in and down and scoop and insert twisting. Pull the waist in. More of the belly. Belly. Yes. Thank you. And down. Great job. Good. [inaudible] I want you to lengthen the legs on the mat and we're going to, we're gonna come up and you're going to circle the arms one way and the legs the other. Okay. And scoop it in. Good and circling. I was just going to have you come into regular teaser and reverse and reverse. I like you to stop all the way center though. Pull pulsar. Yes.

Teaser Circles

And then the other way. Thank you. She said her. There we go. And roll down. Good job. Come on up. [inaudible] and we're gonna lift your bottom forward and I want you to do hip circles. Good. Keep your arms where they are and I'm going to just help you stretch a little bit because I want to see that lower back. Nope, I don't want to see that.

That's why I'm helping you today is I want to see that sink almost to the low your waistband to the mat like you're about to do. Rolling like a ball. And that's what draws your knees. Come on, scoop it in. More and more. More than lift the legs up to me. There you go. And I'm going to give you a stretch. I know it's so nice and I'm going to hold your shoulders stable as you go to the right and pull all the way up to me and left.

And I'm doing this. If you draw your lower belly and more. Oh, thank you. Calling and left, Eh, one more set. Beautiful and left. Good job. All right, you can slide back to straighten your legs if you'd like. And then just a note to stretch forward over those legs. There you go. Are we good? All right.

Hip Circles

And we're going to do a quick transition over to swimming. So flip onto your belly, reach your arms long in one direction. Reach your legs behind you. Now once you to, before you even get going, press your pelvis down your pubic bone down, lengths in your hips to lift those thighs up. And let me see a tunnel that you're going to connect to your arms as you lift both arms up off the mat. Yes. Now lift your right arm and left leg higher. Good. Lift your head a little more out of the water. Excellent.


And now let's go. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Can you touch the ceiling with those feet? Come on and exhale. Two, three, four or five. Use your belly to lift up higher. Lift up to the ceiling. I love how square you are and rest. Melt into the mat. Round your back and stretch. We're going to go into leg pull down and leg pull up. So keep your body here.

Child's Pose

Reach your arms out long, plant them, Tuck your toes underneath you. Good and lift into a solid planks. You're squeezing your seat immediately in square and down. Good. And we're going to lift up the right leg and we're going to rock it back in the ankle and come forward and switch. Press down a little lower for me. And good. That's the nice line. And switch.

Leg Pull Front

I don't want to concentrate so much on lines cause I want you to really work hard today so we're not going to nit pick, but you want to feel in your hamstring and glute when you lift up as high as you can yet. And here you want both in your hamstring and glute good. We're going to bring the right hand to your left as you keep your hips up high. As you switch to leg, pull up and hips her up and we're going to kick the right leg up and we're going to switch to the left. That's it. And you're going to take the writeup and switch to the left one more right and left. And now bend the right knee under you for kneeling. Sidekicks, go God. Put the left hand behind your head.

Leg Pull Back

Reach this leg long before you lift it up to give yourself some good stability and could get forward and just go for it four more times. Lifting it as high as you can, but emphasize the knee that's on the mat. Keeps squeezing your right hip over that knee. Feel that one more time. That stability that worked that hamstring. Good. Now hold it straight and give me five circles. Lifting up from here. One, two, lift. There's a fire right here. Come up above it and go the other way.

Forward and Back

Circle yes. Three work on that stabilization. And I want you to do bicycle here. Kick it forward, bend the knee, taken it back, extend and two more. Your right hamstring and glute should be on fire. If not, keep squeezing it forward. So it is reverse. You really want to work hard here and the top leg, it's laying thing out of that hip. Try to lift it in lane. Zen it out. I think that was your last one. Bend the knees tall.


Sit Up tall and you'll up tall. I should say good other side. Go ahead. Nice reaching. Let's take. Thank you. Good correction. This what? Just a little fart towards me. [inaudible] and prs that forward good could give forward and squeeze it back good and forward. So keep trying to take that left hip.


I'm trying to close my eyes to figure out my rights and lefts here to lift it as if there's a fire one more time and now hold that leg long and circle one to keep pushing your right hip left hip forward. Thank you. Yes. Good. Reverse three, four and we're going to do bicycle forward. Bend the knee. We're just going right through them because they are torture. Keep pushing your left hip forward if you can. Reversing it. Yes. Very good. Good for you.

Forward and Back

It's going to mean so much when we do our snake and twist and boomerang. Yes. Up here. Let's enjoy some mermaid. Why don't we come a little bit more this way so we can really slide out little still a little more for me. Alright, perfect. I want to do to sit more on your hips reaching up and over. Yes. Wringing out that air. Yeah, exactly.


And now lifting from the waist muscles and then right arm down, left leg out and slide out. Go ahead. You can go down to the elbow and the [inaudible] and then pulling up, pushing your thighs together. Yes. And lifting up ant lifting over exhaling. He did a really good job of the alignment here and lift. Yes, and this time you can either go to a bent elbow or slide all the way out, but you're trying to stretch away from here and then right back up, up. There you go. I love it. We've got to do effort and reaching over.


It can't always be like the most perfect exercise every time it's important to get the blood pumping. It's important to just go for it. And last one, come on. Work that wasted. Yes. Good. All right, let's go the other side. Do a teaser transition. Thank you. And God and lift from the waist. Empty your lungs empty. This is your temporary little break here. Lift through the waist. Feel how much you lift so that when you do this side, bend the elbow as you'd go out and feel these hips squeezing a gather and oh, that may look like easy peasy for you and reaching over.


Good ad, lifting the waist to the ceiling. Slide out to where you want, but you want to get stronger. So she's going four and up. Yes. I love how you're pushing your feet down and so it's really important to stabilizing. Wrap that arm around your head if you want. Good. It's really important to stabilize with that lower body lifting up and sliding out. So even though it might look like a little stroll, she's really reaching this down and coming up with it. Nice. Good. All right. And let's stay on this side and we're going to do 'em snake and twist and Starr.

So you're going to straighten your legs just a little bit more. Straighten them. We go. And you're going to put your left hand a little bit here. We're gonna do snake first and your right one there. Right? There Ya go. She's with me now. Okay, so we're gonna. I want you to, if I want to see one thing, it's the upper back round a little bit more. When we do our right before you sneak down. So pulling up from the mat, we're going to end with the air.

Snake Twist

Lift up your whole body into a nice bridge and then exhale down. Squeeze those hips down to the mat. Lift your powerhouse up to your sternum in with the air up and twist to come back home. Let's do one more and like lift it up by your waist and exhale like there's a sling. And now, oh, opening in with the air, just delicious. And exhale. Untwisting. Now you're going to bend your knees a little bit more and have your hand on top of your legs for the s twist. Yeah.

Can't wait to see this rainbow shape you're gonna make. So we're going to squeeze the left hip away from the mat and lift it up to the ceiling. So all the way up, let me see this bridge higher. Higher. Good. Now go under the bridge as you ring out those lungs and then face forward again with the left hip stacking right underneath. Face forward. Face forward. Nope. Direct that. Sit. And now open up your chest to the ceiling as you take your hips to Yep.


And then go forward and bet. Yes. Sorry, what would you like me to call this? Oh, sorry. Yeah, that's for [inaudible]. That's cool. All right, we're going to get neither high bridge. Here we go. One more squeezing your hips up. You want a nice bridge here and you're going to ring your lungs as you go under the bridge. Beautiful. And you're going to squeeze that left hip forward and then you're going to open up taking your whole polite Xbox to the ceiling if you can.

And then returning back forward and bending rate. Do you need a break on the side or do you think you can go right into the star? All right, so we're going to bring your feet just a little further back in line with your tailbone. I want not, not close to it, but just more like, okay, go ahead. Yes, good. And we're going to go back into that nice bridge position. Squeeze these hips forward. They're behind your shoulders.


So go one more inch of this or both of them. This one too? Yes. This arm goes down by your side and you're going to kick the top leg and arm forward. [inaudible] and together and now, yes, we'll keep lifting in this hip. Make the work be about the lower hip at. Make it so much that now we're going to do a full circle, right? So everything goes forward and you keep lifting in your hip note. Take everything forward, leg and arm, stay there, and we're going to keep lifting in your hip and you're going to keep wrapping that leg around me and your arm around me. That's it. Nice, good, and undoing. And Go ahead and break it that hip and come down, bending the knees. Nice job teaser to the other side.

We're working at it. We're getting, are you sweating? Are you sweating? Okay, and you're going to take your left hand. Good. And that's it. Maybe just a little bit for that. All right. Okay, so I want to see that scoop and we're going to do snake to snakes in with the air. This is now the easy one. Exhale, after we've done all those, we're like, oh, I love the snake. And in with the air and untwisting and again, so you're going to lift up in that powerhouse. You're going to squeeze down those hips. So all that Tommy work, like single leg kick and double leg kick. That's all coming into play now and bending the knees and untwisting and we're preparing for the twist. Good. All right, so now we're going to create this beautiful rainbow with our body as our right hip lifts. That's it. And then exhale, ring out the lungs and then coming forward, take the right hip and both hips forward and then both hips, trying to look at the ceiling with your chest and look forward again and bending to come home. Beautiful. One more time, pushing as little into the feet as you can so that you can really feel the hip lift and then keep lifting the hip up and opening and coming down.

Snake Twist

Thank you. I didn't emphasize it on the other side, but if you're having trouble with this, make sure your shoulder is directly over your wrist, like Coleen's is went in. Any of these on the twist or the star. So we're going to do the star now. Okay, so we're going to come up lifting those hips. Arms going to stay actually by your side. So she's finding her balance and you just need to push this hip forward a little bit. Both of them actually. Good. And now top. Good. Now the arms going to go forward, but the leg goes back.


We're gonna repeat both. Go forward. I'm going to hold your hips like this. Now. Both. Go forward both. Now lift the leg up to the ceiling and back and wrap it around me more. More, yes, and look behind. Yes. Gorgeous. And then extend out. Bring the arm down and gracefully come back onto the mat.


That was very nice. Oh shoot. All right, we're good in boomerang. So sit on your bottom. Feet facing forward. We're going to cross the right ankle over your left. Sitting up tall. First hands by your hips. Good. And just like open like rock. Or you're going to draw your waist in and up and that's going to lengthen your hips over. You're going to have strong, open, close, and roll into a teaser balance. I want to see more lower belly as those hands go behind your waist.


Control those legs as you get your chest onto your thighs and circle back. Good hands by your side. Use the belly to roll back. Beautiful initiation there. Open close. We're going to want a bigger open, closed next time. And hands go behind you. Good and scoop in as you reach. Reach. Oh, that was fantastic. Calling and reaching. All right, we're going to do the advanced one, right?

So you're going to do the same initiation this time. Bigger. Open. Close. There you go. And Woo. Rolling up the advanced one. Keeps the legs there. The hands go here. And now keep the legs there with your past. Your big circle. Try to touch. Nope, you forgot to circle your arms there. There we go. One more. No worries. Correct.

So it's almost like you're in that dying, that swan position, right? Okay. An initiation. Open. Close. Beautiful. Rolling. Oh right. Hands go behind. Good. Now big upper stomach reaches for those toes as you come down. Very nice. Good. Very nice. Good. Go ahead.

I want your head this way for rocking. So we're going to swing your legs that way. Lie down on your belly. This is for a transition coming up and you're going to bend your knees. Grab onto. That's okay. Good. So this is again, a lot of hip work. I want you to press your pubic bone down and I want you to reach your thighs long. And I want to tunnel under your belly to lift up your head.

Rocking Prep

Okay? And I want you to push your feet into your hands to get your thighs and knees up as much as you can. And now I want you to bring your heels three times to your seat. Bending. One, two, three. Push them away even more. Let's do that one more time. Squeezing one. Get those knees up to three. Push them onto your hands. And now let's rock and breathe and up. Good in with the air. Excellent, good and up. Good. I love that you're not leading with your head.


You're really working your hamstrings and glutes as you walk. One more, and that's enough. Go ahead and round on to your heels. We're going to go right into crab, the advanced transition here where you plant your hands there and you're going to cross your ankles as your knees go through your arms. So your hands are going to stay here and you're gonna shoot your knees through and grab onto your toes. Now. And now we're going to, I want you to think of the Cadillac. And when you do, I'm rolling in and out and I want you to get your knees down to the Mat. Lift your hips up over yet.

Child's Pose

Really work the hamstrings and glutes and that gently touches your forehead. Good. And now we're gonna roll back for crap. Rolling back. I want you to feed your crab and good and staying here. Good. And actually we're going to stay back there so we can learn how to feed our craft. So we're going to roll back and pause for me. Can you pause? Good.


All right. I want you to work from the knee up. So don't work. Don't just open the feet. Can you open the inner thighs and everything to slice your fat? Thank you. And Rolling back up. You had a slice your food lifting. Beautiful. One more set to right and a left. So rolling back.

So the legs open from the hips and the inner thighs. Thank you. And try to keep the relationship or the shape of your foot though. And so they're still going to be pointing towards each other as a cross. Yes. There we go. Monica finally got a cue that worked the air. Nice, beautiful. And we're going to go ahead and sit down on your bottom and we'll transition and try some balanced controls. Step off. Sound good?

So you're going to roll down onto your back. Good. And then bend your knees into your chest. Extend the legs up. And just like Jack Knife, you're going to bring your legs up. Good. Actually don't go over up to the ceiling. You're going to lower the toes, I should say to the floor. If you can open your arms, circling them back to your right ankle. Got It. And extend the left one up to the sand. We're going to do some preps first.

Balance Control into Arabesque

So we're working on lifting our hips away from our ribs and extending to the ceiling, getting good link and return that foot down. And we're gonna switch and grab our left. So we're working on creating space right here, lifting up, working on lifting, lifting, lifting, and bring it down. Now we can do some step off. This prepares you for the balance control on the reformer. So we're going to put our hands, bend your elbows, put your hands by your ears and you have to use the s this leg, which is her left hip, and we're going to lift up and reach your arms forward and like a seesaw coming up. Good Ad.

We're going to go back down. This is the hardest part for me is to have that upper back flexibility. I'm going to let go here. Just to end, you're going to Tuck your head and try to get the shoulder back down on the mat. Tuck in the head and scooping and pausing. [inaudible] good. Getting your necklace out of the way. Good.

And now let's bring down the other leg. Nope. Ah, yes, you're correct. Good stretch. Lift this up to the ceiling. We're a little off to the side. Why don't we regroup. Let's bring this line down to protect your spine and roll down your bottom [inaudible] and then bend your knees and put your feet down so you can slide your hips over. Shoulders look pretty good. Just a little bit more with the hips towards the good and get right back into that. So we're gonna roll all the way to the floor.

Grab onto that left ankle this time. Good. Beautiful. Now I feel better. Hands back your arms bend and hands by your side. So it's all about lifting up and keeping those hips square. Good. And then coming up, we home your powerhouse. Beautiful. And returning back to the mat. So it's like a see saw, tuck in your head and getting just your upper body. Good.

And now arms by your side and roll on down and go into the seal. Roll on up. That's it. And Clap two, three. And in with the and exhaling, you're going to inhale, roll back to three XL, roll forward, two, three in with the air, two, three, exhaling. Try to clap an inch off the floor behind you. Ah, and exhaling forward an inch off the floor behind you. And forward new one. One. Stand up.


And with energy you want to finish energized. You're going to come on up, walk to the front of your mat. Turning around. I want you to challenge yourself one last time. And with Arabesque pushups, I want you to have your heels off the back edge. What do you think? Too much. Think we're going for it. Kay. So the object of having your heels off of a mat, if you, if you are on an exercise mat, try doing it in Relevate. And the idea is that your weight isn't on your heels, which you might think, oh, I'm not too much on my heels, but when you come up, I can promise you your hips are behind your legs.

So we're going to draw our belly in and keep our hips over the ball of your foot as you extend the right leg up behind you. And now seesaw down with energy, going out the fingertips and walk out into a pushup position into a plank and three down, up. One push both hips evenly, that leg lift into the ceiling and keep lifting it. You really want a lot of work in that leg and we're on the ball the foot, right? And we're gonna reach forward with those arms forward, forward. Oh yeah, I loved it. Awesome. Other leg. Okay.

Arabesque Push Up

Stands back. Good. That's it. And reaching forward for really feel that extension in your powerhouse and walk out with control. Little more control and grace this time. Okay. Stay here. The right hip has the screen. Aha on the left is up to the ceiling. Yes. And three. We were just a little cockeyed. Just getting that going. Last one. And keep lifting that left leg up as you come back.

Keep your way on the ball of your foot and really have your energy reaching out your fingertips. Feel your energy all the way out your fingertips, all the way. Hold it right here. You're doing great. Walked back with your toes a little bit. Rise up a little bit. Come down with it a little bit in control. Rise up and exhale. Inhale.

Turn out the pumps and this time exhale as you lift up through the body, lowering down your heels. And I hope you have a lot of energy for the rest of your day. Great job, girl. Good job.

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Wow! Love it! Fantastic class! Thank you Monica and thank you Colleen!
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Great advanced class, well instructed and performed by Monica and Colleen. Would like to practice more times in the future.
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That was amazing! Colleen you were beautiful and Monica your cueing is so helpful.
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sweaty as promised! such a great challenge . thx monica
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Colleen is awesome! I made it through but would probably give myself a C+. The shoulder bridge stuff is tough for me. And the roll over into standing. Holy cow! You definitely were not fibbing when you said this was a very advanced class!
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I loved this class so much! Thank you Monica. I thought i had invented the transition from (What I did was) Control Balance to Shoulder Bridge with a double stag leg. Extending the top leg ready for kicks. LOL I learn something new everyday thanks PA.
Colleen, you are the bomb :)
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You squeezed me like an orange Monica...I skipped the transition from Control Balance to the shoulder bridge...but over all I loved it so much...thank you
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Wow wow wow. Amazing class. Super challenging, fast paced and fun. Loved every second of it. Thank you!!!
No way this is a level 2/3 class. Much harder than other 2/3 classes. Definitely challenging!
Monica Wilson
Agreed. Sorry I missed that! I think it is a level 3 as well.
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