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Get Sweaty Mat

50 min - Class


You will get your sweat on in this advanced Mat workout with Monica Wilson. She teaches Colleen, who is an excellent example of how your body can move if you keep up with your Pilates discipline. It's an energetic class, complete with fun variations to exercises like Criss Cross, Grasshopper, and more.

If you need help getting to this level, try Monica's 30-Day Revival Challenge to work your way up to more advanced work.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Wow! Love it! Fantastic class! Thank you Monica and thank you Colleen!
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Great advanced class, well instructed and performed by Monica and Colleen. Would like to practice more times in the future.
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That was amazing! Colleen you were beautiful and Monica your cueing is so helpful.
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sweaty as promised! such a great challenge . thx monica
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Colleen is awesome! I made it through but would probably give myself a C+. The shoulder bridge stuff is tough for me. And the roll over into standing. Holy cow! You definitely were not fibbing when you said this was a very advanced class!
I loved this class so much! Thank you Monica. I thought i had invented the transition from (What I did was) Control Balance to Shoulder Bridge with a double stag leg. Extending the top leg ready for kicks. LOL I learn something new everyday thanks PA.
Colleen, you are the bomb :)

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