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Day 5: Classical Flow

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Welcome to Day 5! Today Carrie teaches a classical flow that will get you moving. She reminds you to take your time and to take care of yourself so that you can continue to enjoy the challenge!
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May 18, 2020
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Hi, everyone, welcome to day five. We're halfway there. Now, if you're starting to feel a little sore and like maybe you need to slow it down a little bit, remember, you don't have to do a new class every day. You could do the same class a few times and then jump into this next class when you're ready. So take care of yourself, take your time.

You're supposed to enjoy this, it's supposed to be fun. Today's class is going to be a classical Pilates flow. So we'll start lying on our backs. You can sit to the front of your mat, arms reaching, inhale, prepare. Use your exhale to guide yourself down to the mat.

We're gonna bring the feet close to the seat and go through just three pelvic tilts. So with an inhale, lengthen through the front of the body, create space between your low back and your mat. As you exhale, relax all of the muscles of the back that took you there, deepen through your middle, and it's a tiny tuck. Again, inhale, lengthen through the front of the body, drop the tailbone down, lift the lower back, exhale, relax all of the muscles of your lower back that took you there. Deepen through through your middle and tip the tailbone up.

One more time, inhale, lengthening through the front of the body. And exhale, creating a connection of your breath to your abdominals as you find your pelvic tilt. And stay there. All of the muscles that you feel working right now that took you into this pelvic tilt, into this tuck, I want you to try to keep those muscles strong as you elongate now into neutral position of your pelvis. We're gonna take the legs and lower them down to the floor today.

The belly stays pulled to the back. Don't lose the creation of, the connection you created in your core just a moment ago. Take a big breath in to prepare. This takes us right into our hundred. Draw the chin into the chest, send those feet off the mat, pump the arms, inhale.

And exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Let the breath in. And let it out.

Breathe in, tight through the center. Breathe out and squeeze every atom of breath from your body. Inhale, and exhale, two, three, four, five. Two more breaths, in. Breathe in, and out, two, three, four, five.

Heels to the mat, arms to the ceiling, arms to the wall behind you. Lift your arms to do your roll-up. Inhale, peel it up. Exhale, stretch. Inhale, take it back.

Exhale, stay strong as the arms reach back. Inhale, peeling up. Exhale, stretch. Inhale, take it down, again, float the arms. Inhaling, up.

And exhale, deep in through the middle as you stretch. Inhale, takes you back. Three more today. Inhale, and really get all of the breath out. Think of creating a horseshoe shape through your body as you yearn for the wall in front of you.

Inhale, take it back. And then you're the boss of your body going down, not gravity, take your time. Two more, inhale. Exhale, reach it forward, find that horseshoe shape. Inhale, take it back.

And you control to the mat. Last and best, inhale, peel it up. And exhale, you stretch. Inhale, take it back. And exhale all the way down.

You can get your pants back on. (laughing) And I'm gonna scoot down my mat just a little bit, as well. All right, so we're gonna go right into the rollover next. So let's take our arms back. From here, big breath in.

Exhale, we're gonna circle the arms around. We are gonna press these hands into the mat. Flex at your ankles, sink the belly to the back, just like we did in the ab class on day one. Deepen through the middle, and you're over. Open the legs, roll down.

Lower the legs close to the floor if you can. Close them, take it over. Open, let the inhale bring you down. Close the feet. Exhale, roll it over.

Open, inhale to the floor. Close and open, reverse. Close the legs, let the inhale send you to the floor. Open. Close.

Inhale, roll it down. Last and best. Exhale, over. Close, we flow right into the single leg circle. Right leg's high, left leg's down, cross the body.

Inhale, hold. Two, around, up. Just three today, reverse it. One. Two, around.

Exhale, take it around, three. Hold, scissor switch. Quickly cross, exhale, one around. Inhale. Reverse, three times.

One. Three, around, hold to transition for rolling like a ball. Send your right leg up to meet your left. Bend your knees, and rock up. We're gonna go right into rolling like a ball.

Five repetitions today, inhale. Balance at the top. Again, inhale takes you back. Exhale, try not to wiggle at the top. I'm having a hard time with it, so okay, it's, we're gonna be all right.

Here we go again, inhale. Steady your shape at the top. Two more. Ooh, that was better, Carrie. Okay, one more, inhale, take it back.

Exhale. And bring your feet down. Scoot back. As you bring your right knee into your chest, you're gonna roll to the mat, extending your left leg out, right into single leg stretch. Breathing in and out.

Use the belly to pull the knee back more than the arms. Breath in, both knees in, exhale, we pause, double leg stretch. Inhale, exhale, around. Again. Around.

Inhale, three. Exhale, around. Inhale, four. Exhale, around. Inhale, five.

Exhale for scissors, right leg up, left leg taps one, two, exhale. Inhale. Breathe in, and out. Inhale, exhale, one more set. Both legs up, hands behind the head today, lower lift.

Inhale, exhale, lift one. Inhale, two. Exhale, you lift. Three. And up.

Maintain your curl when your legs lower, don't lean back. Five, bring them up, and the knees criss-cross. Inhale, and exhale. Inhale. Exhale, one more set.

Inhale. Both knees in, head comes down. Rock yourself up. Extend your feet out, right into spine stretch. Chin to chest, reach, three, two, one, three counts to come up today.

Two, three, again. Chin in, one, two, three, lift it up. All right, I want you to start to anticipate. Open leg rockers coming up next. This is our open leg rocker shape.

Deepen through the middle, find that connection, inhale, lift. Two more. Find that feeling so that when we do open leg rocker, we're ready for it. One more. Reach, two, three, and up, two, three.

Let's be fancy. Shift back, bring your legs to your hands, and we rock. Inhale. You can't panic on open leg rocker. You've gotta just flow into it.

When we panic, all the things that make it hard get harder. So try to just relax and float back into it. And then steady your shape at the top. Two more today. It's just like spine stretch forward right here.

Last one. Flowing right into corkscrew. Zip the legs together. We'll do a beautiful teaser transition. Float your arms, roll down, turn your palms to the mat, right into corkscrew three.

Big daddy corkscrew, legs are up. We tap the toes over, or we lean the toes over to the left. We're rolling down. We circle. And up.

To the right. Rolling it down. Hear the shiver (laughing) the quiver in my voice. To the left, roll, that's an inhale. And then it's an exhale.

To the right, inhale. One more full set. To the left. Use that breath, to the right, inhale all the way down. Exhale the rest of the way up.

From here, roll down. We're gonna slowly lower the legs all the way to the floor. Find that deepening belly to back, belly to back, find that connection from day one. Draw the chin in, look at your toes. Peel yourself up, right into saw.

Inhale, rotate, exhale, reach towards the little toe. Breathe in as you rotate all the way around the other side. Exhale. Inhale, rotate all the way around. Create opposition through your arms, really reach forward, reach back.

Find the deepening of the belly that we found on spine stretch. And reach. And lift. And we roll over to your stomach for swan. Flowing right into, and inhale to come up.

Exhale takes you down. Again, inhale brings you up. Exhale brings you down. Once again. Inhale brings you up.

Exhale takes you down. Bring it up, push up to the hands and knees. Quick counter-stretch. One exhale takes you into that stretch. The inhale's gonna bring you onto your belly again.

We're gonna flow it into a swan dive, hands hovering under the shoulders, three times. So we'll come up, inhale. Trying to pull with your hands on the mat to give yourself some momentum. Exhale. Inhale, one.

Three, sit back on the heels again. Big exhale there. And now we come forward. Legs in front of you for spine twist. Arms reaching out, nice inhale.

Exhale, twist, one. Think about leg day. Remember how we pulled those pantyhose on tight? That's the feeling, pull up through the legs, don't be afraid of your legs and hip flexors exercising. Inhale, center, one.

Inhale, exhale, one. Inhale, hands to the mat, right into jackknife. Nice, dynamic pull of the belly to the back. Roll it back. And lift, and come down.

See if you can hover your heels. Again, over. And up, and roll it down. Again, inhale, up. Exhale brings it down.

Inhale, up. Exhale, down, last one. Inhale takes you up. This jackknife flows right into our first teaser. Draw the chin in, ooh, and you're in that teaser.

From here, take it down. Let's go legs to the floor, arms overhead. Lift the arms, inhale, teaser it up again. Take it down, exhale. One more teaser.

Inhale, bring it up. Exhale, take it down. We roll to the stomach, going right into a nice, challenging prep for our leg pull front. So from here, dig the toes, pull the bell up, all ready, press into these strong arms, and you're there. Exhale, one, together.

Lift the leg, exhale, together. Switch, exhale. Inhale, switch. Exhale, back. Switch.

And we hold, fancy transition, pike your hips up a little. Put your right hand underneath your left. Put your right foot in front of your left. Now you just press your hips up. You spin around, turn the fingertips to face front, and we lift.

One, two, three, four. One more set, is five, and six. Send the hips to the floor. Reach forward and stretch. Roll up.

Scoot forward a little bit on your mat for boomerang. Take one leg, cross it over the other. Today, try to avoid hooking the feet. See if you can squeeze your legs together, crossing one foot over the other. Hands come down into the mat.

We're gonna use them as a tool to send our body back. Exhale, rock it over. We open and close the legs. And this comes up like a teaser. Inhale.

From here, open the arms, reluctantly lowering those feet to the floor. Take two fingers behind your back, lift them up high. Lower the arms, circle around, and you're up. Zip those legs together and go. Open, close.

Inhale. Up like a teaser. Circle the arms back as you reluctantly lower those feet. Big stretch up, and then big circle around. Inhale, lift it up.

Exhale, over. Open, close. Inhale. Open. Reluctantly lower.

Big lift, big circle. Bring it up, finish it out. Open, close. Bring it up. Circle.

Reach for the fans, reach up high. Lower. Circle around. From here, pull yourself right into your seal start shape. Clap your heels three times.

One, two, three. Take it back, one, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Think of using your inner thighs for those claps.

Keep them contained and strong. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three.

One last seal, one, two, three. Take it back, one, two, three. Bring it up. Place your feet on the floor. Let's reach the arms out, deep breath in, exhale.

Stretch over, and come all the way up. We did it. Yet again, we made it through another day. So thanks for joining me for day five and I'll see you tomorrow.

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MaryBeth C
Fantastic flow! Felt very natural. Thanks Carrie
Absolutely loved this, Carrie! Feel 100% energised - will be doing this class often.. thank you for all the lovely classes and your joyful teaching. Here's to the rest of the Challenge!
Yep I am also feeling energized! I procrastinated a little bit doing this because I knew 100s were going to be the very first exercise since it was a classical flow . Glad I got it done! 
Danielle A
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So good ! The flow and challenge concentration everything was included :) I love the part in open leg rocker when carrie said glow into it if you tense up like all hard parts will get harder - so true that’s with life too !
Thank you, enjoyed it!!
Tracey R
Loved that!! Thank you Carrie, really really great class! Can’t wait til tomorrow’s :))
Yvette O
Love love love truly was a classical flow and fast too! it was hard to keep up your like speedy gonzales!
Holly J
2 people like this.
This is my favorite so far. I’m up to Day 7 and have added this one after the ones for the last two days. And I finally did the 100 with legs straight and lowered. I see myself repeating this one regularly. Thanks, Carrie!
Loved it!, sweaty pilates! Feeling my lower abs after yesterdays side bending class too!
Another great class...thank you so much
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