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Power Arms

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You will feel the burn in your arms with this standing workout by Tracey Mallett. She combinations that use your entire body, but she uses the Theraband to add resistance for your upper body. Her creative variations will show you how much you can do with this small prop!
What You'll Need: Theraband

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So let's work our upper body. We're gonna really focus on our arms and we're gonna use the band for this 'cause it's so easy to travel with. Fold it up, put it in your handbag, put it in your suitcase. Voila, you can work your arms. So let's grab 'em.

A medium resistance band, this is a green one in the therabands but you kinda want like a medium resistance would be perfect, all right? Shall we get going? All right, so let's grab your bands, we're going to fold it in two, just like this. (upbeat music) And I'm gonna wrap it around, and I'm gonna take my feet into second position here. I'm just gonna go down, and up.

So you're in that second position. (upbeat music) Now bring the hands up, so we go up and down. Up and down. Now as I'm doing this, I'm opening the arms up. (upbeat music) And away.

(upbeat music) Four more, four, three, two, hold it here. We're just gonna go side, center. Side, center. So while I'm moving the body I'm also working the arms and the back. You're pressing the arms away from each other, so you pressing away.

The hands away from each other, okay. (upbeat music) Hold it here, we're just gonna do a little figure eight, just to warm that body up and your arms to get ready for some arm work. So make it a little bit bigger. (upbeat music) Bring it up, hold it here. Open out just a little bit.

Now bring it up over your head, we're gonna go press, lift up, press, lift up. So one arm is directly over your head and the other arm is pressing down towards the floor. (upbeat music) And of course we've gotta work those legs at the same time, right? (laughs) Down. (upbeat music) Now switch other side, press down.

Beautiful, so you're depressing your shoulder, those arms are starting to feel the heat. (upbeat music) Just give me four more, that's all, Four, three, two. Now right then left we go, right, left. Press down, press down. Now we go into a side bend to incorporate those obliques, side bend.

Good, so you're looking in the direction where your arm is pressing down. (upbeat music) Beautiful, come forwards, back. Now I want you to get deep into that plier, I'm just gonna hold it a little bit tighter. Now think of the elbows going to directly to the sides of your body. Let's go a little bit deeper.

Now think of your shoulder blades being drawn together, so our focus now is in the back of your shoulders, your middle of your back, got it? A little bit deeper. Now we're gonna pick up that tempo, here we go. Back, back, back, back, squeeze the shoulder blades together, elbows high, you're gonna feel those deltoids, woo oo! Four more, four, three, two, hold it here, we press, press. Just tiny, can you see I'm pressing out and in, the elbows are high.

(upbeat music) Looks simple but it's not simple. (upbeat music) Take the tempo up, out, out, out, out, out. All right, give me eight more, feel that burn. Go, eight, seven, a little bit lower. Woo, four, three, two, woo.

Take it down. Bring the legs together. Grab that band, place it underneath your right foot. Come back into a lunge. Hold it here, now we're gonna go down into a lunge.

So you're working the opposite arm to the leg that's bent. So I've got my left hand lifting up and down. Of course this is working your deltoids, your arms. And of course the legs. Good! Keep it going.

(exhales deeply) Breathe. Now it's gonna get a little hard, you go one, open, front. One, open, lift up. One, open. So you can see I'm going in to a row.

(upbeat music) Squeeze that scapula together. (upbeat music) There, let's go a little bit deeper into your lunge. (upbeat music) Four more. (upbeat music) Three, two. (upbeat music) One more.

(upbeat music) Hold it here, switch quickly. Place it, make a nice fist. There you go, ready? Up and down we go, up, up. Down and you can add that lunge.

Add in that lunge with it. Hips are square and lifting. Lifting, up and down. (upbeat music) You've got those hips facing forwards, woo! Lets just do four more. Four, three, two, one, ready?

We go out, forwards and back. One, forwards, just what we did on the other side. (upbeat music) Keep you hand level with the shoulder, so it's not too high. (upbeat music) Row. (upbeat music) Really draw the shoulder blades together.

(upbeat music) Four more. (upbeat music) Three, two more, two. (upbeat music) One more. (upbeat music) Hold it there, release. Beautiful work, all right guys.

So you're gonna put your feet together like this. (upbeat music) Now press the elbows back. Can you see my knees are bent? And I'm just pressing the arms back. So I'm working the triceps, back.

Press. (exhales deeply) Now this time let's take it up and hold it up, up, press, press (exhales deeply). Do a little press up. Eight more here. Seven, six, five, four, three.

Now we're gonna hold it here, we're gonna bring it in, in and out. Woo!, in and out. Now our palms are facing outwards. My palms are facing outwards and I'm trying to bring my hands together. And I'm gonna go a little bit deeper.

Press those hands up. Feel that burn in those arms. Four more, four, three, two, one. Bicep curl, quickly go into that bicep curl and squat. Now pitching the body forwards, the abs are pulled in.

Pretty easy with that bicep curl. Just give me four more, four, three, two, one more. Release, a little bit longer with that band. Curl in, now we're gonna go right then left. Right, bring it in.

Left, bring it in. So you're going diagonally forwards towards me here. And your elbows are pointing into your ribcage. Turned out, now right then left. Right, left, right, left (exhales deeply).

Pick the tempo up, we go (exhales deeply) beautiful. Four, three, double, double arms. In, out, in, (exhales deeply) breathe. Those arms are on fire. (upbeat music) Last time, take it down, stretch it out, beautiful.

(upbeat music) Grab your bands, take your band forwards like this. Take it with the foot, nice and wide. Bring the hand over and we're gonna go over here, so you got that nice tricep extension, you in that squat and your elbows going up. Good, just go a little bit deeper, pick up that pace. Go, press, press, press, press (exhales deeply).

Eight more here, we go eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, release. Grab it, go press. Now you've got your thumb it's lifted up. So you opening through your chest, you're pitching your body forwards, get down, lift, lift. (exhales deeply) You're hitching a ride.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, release, circle out. Woo oo, circle it out, circle it out. Let's go to the other side. (upbeat music) Get nice and strong, bend your knees. Take it over, over.

There's no wrong way or right way of holding a band, just hold it. Okay you can wrap it around your hand if you want, I just kind of grab it. (upbeat music) Good, keep it up. Now we can go a little bit faster. Pitch down a little bit further.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Step it back so that foot is there. There we go, take it back, up. So you're hitching a ride, take your hand forwards, and pitch your body way forwards over that front thigh. Open up through your shoulder joint and thumbs up.

(upbeat music) Good, you got it? (upbeat music) Up, up. Four, three, two, one, woo, drop it down. Circle it around, circle around, give yourself a shake. (upbeat music) All right how we doing guys?

Pick up your band. Okay, we gonna double your band up again. (upbeat music) Make it nice and tight. Okay I'm just gonna step touch here, we just gonna move. Overhead, now press.

you're pressing down. (upbeat music) So the elbows are going to the side, press. (upbeat music) Four more here, four, three, two, one, step out, turn your toes. Out, we're gonna come down here. Now watch me, we go over, over, press up, down.

Over, press up, down. Pick it so we go up, down, up. (upbeat music) So you're opening your hands away from each other. Your core, your back, your arms are working. Four, three, two, one, hold it here.

We go three, two now spin it round, up. (upbeat music) Come on press open. I wanna see you press, open. (upbeat music) Ready, press, open. (upbeat music) Press.

(upbeat music) Come back, ready? Other side. Down. (upbeat music) That band is tight, it's taut. It's not slack, if it's like this we're not doing the work, we're not working our back.

We gotta open the arms, we're resisting our hands, down. (upbeat music) Triple pulse, three, two, now spin, open. Now spin that back leg, up, down. Open the arms, open your chest. (upbeat music) Your arms are on fire guys.

(exhales deeply) (upbeat music) One more. (upbeat music) Woo, come back. Open, release, bring your legs together, march it out. Good job, all right. We are going to place your hands on the ends here.

We're gonna put your feet in the middle. (upbeat music) The hand is gonna go onto your hip. Right here like this. The other hand is gonna go shooting up, so right here, we go shoot up, so that band is on the outside of your arm, here. Now pitching the body forwards, so it's like a overhead press.

(upbeat music) Now release, other direction. Palm is facing out. (upbeat music) Last time, switch, make it a little bit longer. And let's do overhead, hand on your hip. Ready, up and down, up and down.

(exhales deeply) Good, one more, turn it. Ready, lift, lift, press overhead. Woo!, keep that body pitched forwards. It's getting hard, isn't it? (upbeat music) Last time, woo, come forwards.

All right last but not least. Those arms are gonna look beautiful, in your nice tank top. Summer's here, will be here very soon. Now we're here, we're crossing, open. So I'm crossing the bands, my palms are facing to the back wall.

Going deep, that's it, knee bend. (upbeat music) Now pulse it, three, two, one, lift up. Press back, now squeeze that booty as you come up. (exhales deeply) Squeeze, woo! Two more. (upbeat music) One more.

(upbeat music) And up, take it nice and wide, release. Take it down, stretch it out. (upbeat music) Slowly pick up your band. Release it, woo, how you feeling? We've got one last little combination to go and then we're done.

All right so double it up. (upbeat music) Take it into second position. We go right, left, up, press back. Right, left, up, press back, boom. (upbeat music) Got it, pretty easy right?

(upbeat music) One, two. (upbeat music) Last time. (upbeat music) Hold it here. (upbeat music) Push back, push back. (upbeat music) Four more.

Four, three, two, and one, take it forwards. Hips back, press. Knees are going back, the arms are going with it, oh yeah. We've gotta finish up strong you guys, finish it off. Let's go, woo.

(upbeat music) Go (exhales deeply). Eight more, come on guys, go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Woo ho ho, stretch out those hips. How'd you guys do, good?

Bring the legs together, just keep that band to the floor, march it out, stretch the hands over your head, hands behind your head, rotate, center. Rotate, center, reach your hands up, take the hand behind your head, nice and wide those legs, side bend, awesome. Switch, so the number one key with that band is you're always resisting your hands away from each other, or we're depressing your scapula, to really work that back. So put your hands forwards, just arch and release. Arch and release and then roll yourself all the way up.

Bring your feet together. Awesome work guys, it's a lot of power in that band isn't there? Keep it up and I promise you, you'll get those arms. Nice cut (murmurs) arms. All right guys, see you soon.

(upbeat music)

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As usual Tracey, Awesome workout - really feel back working after day sat in front of computer! And in 20minutes! You are right - no excuses! Thank you!
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What a great class Tracey!  Just the right amount of time - gets the job done so I can get going with my day!  Thank you
Cynthia G
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Twenty minutes well spent.
I need those tights!    Where can I purchase?  
Lina S
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What a fun class! Thank you Tracey!
Cynthia G
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Even better on the second time through.  Thanks.  Just not sure of the cue to depress scapulae down.  But as I said, 20 min well spent.
3 people like this.
I'm used to going to a pilates class 4-5x times a week.  I have a toddler and a 9 year old and haven't been working out since we hit pause in NYC.  I'm trying to carve out 20-30 mins in the day from now on and this was perfect. Thank you for this!

3 people like this.
Wow, awesome workout in only 20 minutes!  Loved it!
4 people like this.
Love your energy❤️
Melinda Y
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Wow! What a great class. Glad to have found your class!
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