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Abdominal Burn

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Challenge your abdominals with fun combinations in this quick Mat workout with Tracey Mallett. She starts immediately with Plank variations and then she moves onto other sequences that target your core. She also plays with tempo to change the intensity of each exercise. Have fun!
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Let's work the core. We're gonna start with some plank work. You ready? All right, let's get down onto the floor if you're not already there. We're gonna get into a plank.

So we're gonna start with our hands forwards like this, hands underneath your shoulders, curl the toes underneath. From here, we're gonna step out into your plank position. Hold it there in that nice core. Now if this is too challenging, you can always come down onto your forearms and do it on your forearms, okay? Just minimize the range of motion a little bit more with the legs.

I'm gonna do it up onto a plank right here. Hold now, so take your leg, we're gonna lift the leg so it goes in, back, in, back. And again, press, cross, and back. Cross, now we're gonna add onto this. So it goes cross, hold, press back, lift up.

And again, cross, hold, press back, get the hips down. Now we're gonna go a little bit faster. So go one, two, cross. One, two, hip. Cross.

Hip. In, back, you can feel those obliques. One, two, back. (breathes deeply) Breathe. Two more.

One more. Hold it there, bend the knees. Come back. Stretch. All right, stretching those wrists.

So we're gonna go back again in four, three, two, bring your hands down, lift yourself up. Ready? Step back. Now, opposite leg goes across, and back. Across. Slower is harder.

You gotta really control it. (lively music) Now we're gonna add on. One. Hold. Press down.

Lift up, and again, cross, hold, press down, lift up. One. Hold. Now we're gonna try and go with the rhythm of the music. Ready?

One, down, press. Cross, press. So you're hinging at your shoulder joint as you come back. Breathe. Two more.

One more. Hold it here. Bend back, Child's Pose, whew! Flex. Ready? 'Cause we're gonna go back again.

All right, you're here. Now get yourself into your quadruped position. We're gonna push away from the floor. Curl those toes underneath. Now from here, we're gonna go into a little hover.

Hover, hold that hover. Hold it. Bring it back down. Ready, and again. Hover, those abs are engaged.

Bring it down, two more. Hover, hold it there. Now it's gonna get a little bit challenging. We step it out. Step, step, in, in.

You're leading with the right leg. Step, step. Step, step. Step, step. One more.

Out, out. In, in. Bring it down, come back. Circle those arms. Ready?

Go back again. Scoop out those abs, push away from the floor, curl those toes underneath. Ready for the hover? Hover. Hold it here.

Now we're gonna move with the left leg now, the back leg. We go left. Out. Push away from that floor. Breathe, come with me, guys.

You can do this. It's challenging, I know. That's when the results start to happen. One more. Come down, pull back.

Circle the arms. Circle the arms. Come forwards, back again. One last exercise on here. Ready? Go into your hover.

Scoop out, hover, rotate, kick. Take it back, we're gonna go back the same direction. Rotate, kick, and back. Rotate, kick, and back. Rotate, kick, and back.

Rotate, kick, and back. One more, rotate, kick. Hold it here, drop it down, circle. Got one more side to do. Ready?

Curl the toes underneath, hover. Ready? Turn, kick, hover. Turn, kick, hover. Turn, kick, hover.

(upbeat electronic music) One more. Hold it here. Beautiful work, and back. Challenging, hold that stretch. All right, guys, we're gonna flip around.

Bring your hands underneath your knees. We're gonna roll down slowly. Knees up, hands by your side of your body. Lift those legs up. We're gonna go into a nice little curl.

We curl over, bring it back. Exhale, curl. (exhales deeply) Now when you're doing this movement, it's all coming from your core. Press your hands into the mat. Core, back. Lift, back.

Now we're gonna be adding onto this. Now hold it here, knees in, press out. In, over your head. In, press out. In, exhale. (exhales deeply) In, press out.

So you got that exhale in. (exhales deeply) Over your head, press out. Deep into those core muscles, the lower abs. The more you exhale, the more you're gonna work deep into those lower abs and reach out. Pull the abs in. Never let them poof out.

Pull in. Can we do four more? Four, three, two, one more. Hold it here, hold, lift. Hold it here for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, drop the leg down, lift that leg up.

Reach it over, press, press. (exhales deeply) Breathe, press those arms down. Just move that body. (exhales deeply) Four more, exhale, four, three, two, one. Hold it here, lift those hands up. Join, hold it.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, bring it down. Lower the leg, go. (exhales deeply) Breathe. (exhales deeply) Gotta exhale to draw that belly in. (exhales deeply) Four more, guys, ready? Go, four, three, two, one more. Bring the hands up. Last time, guys.

Ready? Take that leg out. Hold it. Now we're gonna go up for two, lower. Now I'm not going down very low. You can see that.

I'm keeping my head down on the mat, trying to minimize the head, neck, and shoulders, and really focus on your core. Keep it small. If this is too challenging, put your hands down on the floor. Good, exhale up, inhale down. Exhale using your abs.

Inhale, drop it down. Three more. Beautiful, two more. One more. Hold it here, frog it out.

Take the hands behind the head, lift it up. Now we're gonna go rotate, tap. Back to center. Rotate, tap. Guess what we're working?

The obliques! Ready? We're gonna go a little bit faster. Let's go, we go tap, tap, tap, side bend, tap. Got four more, guys, go. Four, three, two, pick it up, go, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Lower your head down. Frog it out. Frog. Lift up. Press away.

Lift up. Press away. Lift up. Yes, it's gonna get harder. Press.

Lift up. Press, look at those lovely feet. Yes, I've got my lovely new trainers on. I love these shoes. Definitely inspires me. (laughs) We go reach, and up.

Come on, reach. You can lower those legs a little bit more if you can. Reach. Last time, reach. Up.

Open. Open. Gotta get those inner thighs in when you can. Let's add the core with it. Take it out.

We go three, two, one. Three, two, one. Three, two, one. Shoot in, open. You're like opening like a flower. (breathes deeply) Are you breathing? (breathes deeply) Last time, hold it here.

Reach. Tap, tap, reach to those feet. Press. Hold it here. Go three, two, one, center.

Three, two, one, center, two more. Three, two, one. Three, two, one, hold it here. Reach the arms back. Bring the back leg up.

Yes, not as easy as it looks. We go open. Hold. Open, that core is controlling your body. Watch that hip doesn't lift.

Yes, one leg goes out, one leg goes straight. One leg goes out, one leg goes straight. Yes, my legs are shaking with you. Those inner thighs are burning. We go to center.

Center. Ready? Hold it here. Lift all the way up. Press, reach, reach. Four, three, two, hold it.

Hold. You got it guys, come on. Go, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, hold it. Go, scissor, scissor. Eight more, go.

Bring the knees in. Hold it here. And if you can, resist, hold. We go down, down, down, overhead. Roll, roll, balance.

Go down, down, down, hold. One, two, balance. Two, three more. I said three. Good, and up.

You have two more now. Down. One more. Up. Slide it back.

Now we're holding it here. It's gonna get a little bit more challenging, of course. Ready, go up, up. Take it down. Bring it up.

Bring it down. Come on, you're nearly there. Take it back. You have one more. Go.

Bring it down. Four, three, two, one. Bring it in. Lower down. Slide.

Reach the hands over your head. Your feet are separate. Hands behind the head. Back to little single crunches, just up and down. Pretty easy now.

We've worked the core. We've worked those inner thighs. We've worked total body with those planks. This is a total body segment, all surrounding your core. We're gonna finish it off, some nice, easy burn, just to focus on drawing those abs in.

Up and down. Up and down. Bring the knee in, pretty easy. (lively music) Four more here, guys. Four, three, two, switch legs.

You have four more, that's all. Go, four, three, two, and one. Bring both knees up, head and shoulders come off the floor, and everybody's here. Your knees are over your hips. Your shins are parallel.

Rotate, hold it there. Hold. Switch. Rotate, hold. Back center, hold, and pick the pace up.

Pick the pace up, rotate. Keep both hip bones firmly planted on the mat. You have four, three, two, one more. Back to center, knees to chest. Roll yourself all the way up.

Quickly, onto your side. We're gonna put your leg in front. We're gonna lift up, hand goes out. Now from here, we're gonna shoot into your side plank. Hold it there.

If this is too challenging, put your forearm on the mat now and do it on your forearm. Now I'm working those obliques. I'm lifting those obliques up. I'm holding here. Now if you feel comfortable, you can shift that leg and come into side plank, and hold it.

Look down and lift up. Hold it, five, four, three, two, lift that leg up. Five, four, three, two, one. Press back, stretch, and bring it down, switch. Remember the modification.

You can come down, you can do everything we just did with the forearm on the floor, all right? Let's lift up, lift. Hold it there. So this is where you can stay in this position and just hold it here if you don't wanna carry on. This is a great place to start.

Okay, hold it there. Now if we can bring that top leg to join it, and see if we can arc up, and see if we can look down. Hold it there, let's lift that leg up. Hold it. You are strong, it's all in your mind.

You are strong. Four, three, two, one. Take it back, stretch. Come all the way back. Bring your feet into butterfly position.

Whew, how you guys feeling? Curl back, and roll all the way up. Bring those legs together. Awesome job, you guys. Remember, I know it's challenging at the beginning, but if you don't try, you're never gonna get there.

Just modify it. Do a little bit at a time, take lots of breaks. Get your wrists nice and loose. Remember, you've got to connect with your back, not through your wrists. So really use your back as you're pushing away from the floor with your lats and your serratus and your core, so you can work deeper into the core.

And I promise you, eventually, you'll be super strong and you'll be so glad that you kicked your own booty doing this workout. All right, let's move on.

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Nina S
4 people like this.
I'm really liking this series! Love that you get all of that in 20 minutes :). Look forward to doing them as you roll them out.
6 people like this.
Man on man. So glad that was only  20 minutes. Husband walked in and I said "It's a 20 minute ab workout and it's kicking my bootie, I'm 4 minutes in!
 His reply, "Good luck with that! 
Nice work Tracey.  Love!
4 people like this.
middle name must be FLOW.....perfect transitions.   Thank you thank you!
Tayllor L
1 person likes this.
New favorite ab workout!
4 people like this.
Wow! It’s 5:00am, a definitel wake up routine .. I’m ready for the day. 20 minute routines are awesome!
Suzanne D
1 person likes this.
WOW, awesome ab workout!! Can't wait for. her next one!
2 people like this.
Tracey, thank you for this wonderful routine! It is definitely very challenging and I had to modify some of those exercises but I am definitely going to go back to them. You are truly inspiring! 
1 person likes this.
That was awesome. Can you tell me where your music is from?
1 person likes this.
loved this!
2 people like this.
Awesome workout, love these variations, thanks! 
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