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Amy Havens leads you through the original 34 Mat exercises Joseph Pilates conceived and taught as seen in his book Return to Life Through Contrology. She encourages you to practice moving through this challenging sequence with efficiency by using breath, control, and ease. She gives thorough cues so that you can focus on the sensations and benefits in your body.
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Jul 27, 2020
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Hey, good morning, everyone. It's Amy again. And I wanna thank you for coming to work out, and come move with me live again in my house in my den. And it's a beautiful morning here in Santa Barbara, the sun is out. It's out every day but there's no clouds, or marine layer today.

And I think we're just gonna go through as you know, cause you're here, is working through the list and the return to life list, is what I'm talking about. And let's just move through this list of exercises, with breath with flow with ease. You know, I'm a big teacher about ease in your body. Again, I just yeah, let's just let's get moving. Okay, so we're gonna get through it.

If there's something that doesn't work for you, just don't do it. I'll do my best. I have my little friend barking at me again, in the background. And there's something about the consistency, of the Pilates method. That is a really beautiful anchor to me, and I think most of you know me that are watching, I like to go off and do different things, and experiment and get creative, I'm love creativity.

But there's something about this list of exercises, that is always home to come to really, so here I am in my home, I'm in at home in here, and you're in my home with me. So again, thank you, to everyone around the world, who's watching, it's such an honor to come, and move with you and you with each other. Okay, with that said, let's go ahead, and just start flat on our back. And now we're gonna start, just with a little bit of breathing and focus and awareness. I'll do my best to queue, so that you don't have to look up at this monitor, or your screen, and here we go.

So where I want us to focus right now, is that space on our backs that infamous lumbar region. And as we're breathing in, let's see if we can fill up, that negative space with the expansion of the the rib cage, side to side and back. And if that allows you to move your pelvis back, in a little bit above, that gets pulled back, I should say, into more of that posterior angle, let it. If it the exhale pulls you back into that posterior angle, I would say let it, because that we know that place of mystery, and a lot of these exercises, where we want that fluidity of rolling, the mystery of that spot. So we'll take a few more breaths, inhale through our nose.

And exhale and just feel the back of your body, get more comfortable down in on your mat. So your back of your head may have more weight, your back of your ribs, the sacrum, the back of your thighs, your butt, your heels. And on this next exhale, I want us to reach the arms nice and long, roll your ears forward, pick up your head, neck and chest, raise your legs to a comfortable level, arms a little bit higher, let's go into three, four, five exhale, three, four, five. So with these arms and legs that are reaching long, we also wanna include that waist line long, the lumbar waistline long. Get comfortable down there, get that back down in the mat, into three, four, five exhale.

Use all the cues you know wide collarbone, wrap the thighs, breathe big. Remember efficiency, like last time. Okay, everyone rests lower your legs, arms, head, neck and chest. Take your arms overhead stay integrated, lets go in for a roll up. I'm gonna take my arms out wide today for a moment.

And yep, and roll yourself up. Its okay, the mystery in the lumbar region, right. So as you're rolling up and over your legs, externally rotate those arms a little bit. Let's pull some attention back in that lumbar spine, and then start rolling backward, trying to keep the legs where they are, they might slide back a little bit. Let's just see what they do.

I'm only taken two or three reps of everything this morning, by the way. So lift that spine up, and bend it forward over your legs, lifted up, bend it forward over your legs, breathing in and rolling yourself back. So if you need to bend your knees, to make that a little more successful rolling up, please do so, I am doing that today. Lifting the spine up and bending forward, up and bending forward, up and bending forward, up and bending forward. Stay here just do a little bit of pulse.

Meaning we will lift that lumber up and forward, and a little bit of pulsing, to see if we can get some more stretch down there. Four, three, two, one rolling back, we're moving into roll over everyone. So as soon as you get yourself down, lift your legs up, take a breath in rollover, reach with a space behind you. Flex your feet, open your legs, you can drop your toes to the floor if that feels good. Roll yourself down your spine, I want you to increase that weight of your shoulders back.

Circle your legs. Let's just do one more, legs open this time. Rollover with legs apart. Bring your legs together, flex those ankles, take a breath in. And then slowly roll yourself down.

Give some time for that lower back to stretch, lower back. All right, anchor your pelvis. Take your legs up into the air, extend your ankles, and lower one of your legs down. Doesn't matter which one single leg circle. Let's do two in each direction, squaring off your hips, cross that leg, circle it around and hit the ceiling top.

Cross and exhale around, that's it the other way. Breath with motion. Pause, feel that lumbar anchor down, and stays anchored as you switch those legs, to the other direction, here we go. Cross midline. Circle, cross and circle to the other way.

Remembering that the arms and shoulders, don't circle with us, they stay safe. Will circle around, take that leg up. And then everybody just take that leg down to the floor, for a moment. Bicycle both legs at the same time, bring your thighs toward you. Hands on your shins, pick up your head, neck and shoulders.

Press yourself in. You know how I like the circle images. So get yourself into a small little circle, kind of shape right there right. Now roll yourself up. Bring your hips closer to your heels.

Stay in that ball shape. Open your knees this morning. If you're feeling or tonight, wherever you are, if you're feeling like your low back is a little tight, and I want you to pick up your knees towards your shoulders. Let's do four balls today. Here we go.

Roll back, roll up. Work with what you have going on in your body at all times. One more. Pause, place your feet down, put your hands behind you, and move your hips up and back just a tiny bit. And let's roll ourselves down.

Pick your knees up to your chest for single leg stretch. I'd like you to place your hands on one shin, pick up that head, neck and shoulder girdle nice and curled. Extend the other leg with a good contracted butt. And let's just take form changes today. Ready, pull this leg in, pull, change, hold that leg in, and pull.

One more just feel the word deep in the stomach. And again, that lumbar on the mat. Okay, both knees in. I'd like you to take your knees about shoulder width apart, the shoulders are back. Let's take double leg stretch just twice.

Make them count, here we go. Stretch yourself long, take that lumber onto the mat. That's a breath, circle those arms, press your hands down on your shins. Just one more, inhale down with that lumbar spine. Stretch your waist more.

Stay there, stay there, don't rush. And then circle in, press. Okay, spine, stretch forward, bring yourself up. Again, move your hips back a little bit. Why don't we really get detailed about where the feet are?

Right in the front corners of your mat. Flex your ankles, see that place, then that's where they stay, it's kind of nice. The good type A position, meaning put them there and keep them there. Okay, twice for spine stretch forward. Now let's take a moment and really lift that lumbar.

Okay, breath. Lift, keep lifting it and stretch it forward. Go deep in the work of the abdominals. But remember, they're long in and up and wide. And then as we roll up to sitting record, try to get taller than we started.

Every practice of Pilates, you have to keep thinking about, coming up, going into the exercise with integrity. Right and that flexion is gonna set us up, beautifully for open leg rocker. So, think about that exercises coming next, so you set up for open leg rocker, is your back where you wanna be able, to roll smoothly through it. Leave that exercise with integrity, knowing that the next exercise needs integrity, right. Open leg rocker.

So what I would like us to do from here, is contract the abdominals deep. Roll back, turn your hands out. Now, extend your ankles, get far enough back on your sacrum, that you could easily pick your legs up. Try to pick them up, hold on to your legs now, and press the back of your legs against your palms. Stay in your curve back.

Keep that lumbar stretching. Let's do three open leg rockers. Why am I not counting even reps? Which is because I don't want to, you don't always have to do it. One more.

Hold your position how to go, pretty good, I think. Close those legs, next one is our corkscrew. So if you can keep your legs here, try it. If you need to put them on the floor, that's fine. Let go roll down onto your backs you were getting warmer, that roll should be a bit easier.

Now I'm gonna do the full rocker or the corkscrew today, with including the roll over elements. If you'd like to go there you can, if not, your hips are down on the mat, and you're just doing your clockwise circle, counterclockwise circle, but I really feel I need it. So I'm going for my full roll over, with my shoulders together on my back. Pick one side of your spine, you're rolling down that side. Right doesn't have to be big.

Down, lower those legs come up and over the opposite side, of your spine and take a moment, lift that lumbar, up toward the ceiling, and come down the opposite side of your back. Remember what's not moving are their shoulders right, and they head, circle your legs around. They're centered up the top. Rolling down the center of your spine. When you feel your pelvis, touch the mat, lift your head, neck and shoulders.

Roll yourself up to sitting. Open those legs again into the corners of your mat. Let's go for the saw, okay, open your arms wide. Take a moment before you go to your saw, and expand your chest. And let's bring the shoulder blades together on our back.

Okay, slowly, we're only doing one saw each side today, we're gonna make a count. They all should count but fewer reps. So as you start turning toward the right leg or left leg, the opposite arm stays behind. I really want you just to rotate and turn the chest. Now the back arm, we know palm faces up, the other arm comes around, that front arm shoulder blade can now protract a little bit, to allow us to get farther forward to that front foot.

As the back arm reaches an opposition, everything should be integrated from arm, back arm, stomach to your spine, the lift of the lower back, as you come up the same integrity movement from your chest. Shoulder blades are together behind your back, you turning to the other leg, the front arm now the shoulder blade can protract, the back arm stays retracted, and you're trying to stretch in opposite directions. Lift that stomach up and over your legs. You're not dropping your chest down. You're resisting dropping.

Come all the way up and sit facing your thighs, just open up your chest. Hopefully that felt like a good saw today. And let's move ahead into swan dive, okay. So I'm just gonna circle myself around, and end up on my tummy here. Now I did say swan dive, I'm gonna do just three of the little rocking swans, with a little catch in between.

Do the swan that serves you today tonight at this moment, whichever, wherever you are in the world, okay. So we're starting, but before we get going, are you as long as you can be, if not get that in your body. Feel that, start at the tip of the ears today. Roll those forward and I mean backwards, as your nose goes forward. Yeah, keep thinking ears rolling back.

You're rolling your chest up. Remember, don't look just straight forward. Keep going. Now before you rock, it's that your back is pressing back, toward your legs, your head is back. Now when we dive, try not to look down to the floor, stay look looking up, here we go.

Dive, catch, roll, catch. One more roll, catch. And then come all the way down the eyes, and tip of yours should be the very last thing, that lead you down out of the exercise. Single leg kick. Bring those legs together tight.

Up on your elbows, press those elbows down. Engage the legs so much, that you can lift them up off of the floor. Look straight forward if not a little bit up. Let's do four kicks each leg here we go, kick, kick, and lower. Kick, kick and lower.

Second set, nothing would break your body position, in your upper body. Nothing Keep it up, last one on this side. Last one in this side, turn and put one of your facial cheeks on the mat. Now because I have a microphone on my body here, I won't have my face completely flat, but I want everyone to do so. Hands on the small of your back.

Do what you like you can interlace your hands, or you can stack them. Do what works, take a breath, we're going double leg kick. So both feet come in three kicks, one, two, and three. Take it slow, though, take it slow, I want you to explore the feeling of reaching more forward, with your chest then how high up you're going, more forward, turn to the other way. Kick, kick, kick three times with those legs.

Remember, there's the legs go down, the chest begins to rise, but it's also going forward. Let's do one more each side. Shoulder blades are definitely together here. When you kick, the shoulder blades get wide, two, three legs down, chest goes forward and up, other side and kick, kick, kick, and reach the chest forward. Reach it forward, now stay there.

Interlace your hands if they're not already, and see if you can squeeze your shoulder blades together, on your back. Release, it's fine a little interlude of a, rested cat stretch or a child's pose just for a moment. Keep things wiggling, keep things moving, breath deep. Roll up to kind of a looking forward, towards your mat space in front of you. Good and we're moving on.

My sweet little puppy, neck pole. She's not happy. Someday she'll be in the room with me, but today she just wasn't quite ready. Okay, neck pole. I'm gonna take my feet apart.

I'm pressing out on my ankles, as if I've got my wall unit mount strap, across my ankle supporting me. Elbows are wide shoulder blades are together. Start to tip back to back, I'm still an extension of the spine. Now when I go to roll protract the scapula, you want your scapula wide on your back, to be able to roll down smoothly. Now rolling up if you can keep your hands behind your head, wonderful, I'm still working on it, yes, I am.

Bend down. Roll up to sitting guys we'll take it one more time. But as an extension, we want scapula together. Lean back proud chest. Right when you decide to go to flexion easily, smoothly, gracefully, widen the scapula on your back, and roll yourself all the way down.

Okay, wonderful, let's come around, and we need to move on, I need to move on my mat, just a little bit for some scissors and the bicycle. So roll over, it will roll over. Place your hands on the back of your lumbar spine, or higher up your back, higher up your back, allows you to get your legs up a little higher. Just take your time. Okay, we don't wanna sit the weight on the wrist, so you have to lift your body up.

Now, for little legs changes, I'm not going big scissors, I need to control some of my range. Part of what I work on in music, these high scissors and high bicycle, is keeping my weight up off my hands. So sometimes if I use my big range of my legs, I sink down on my hands. So start to make a bicycle movement with your legs, and ask yourself, can I get up off of my hands? What would it take?

That's not a question. Your head down. Think about lifting your backbone up to the sky. Let me know how that works. Only verse your legs four, three levity.

Remember how I was talking about levity last time. Okay, we did it, unwind, everybody come down, just roll to the mouth for just a moment. Good we're moving into shoulder bridge. Now shoulder bridge, let's not do it, with the hands underneath the small of the back, or back as I could have done in a transition there, unless you want to. I'm gonna keep my arms here, but I'm definitely working on keeping up the chest open, and the scapula nice and stable on our back.

Okay, so knees together, hips up. Let's get the hips up now before we take a leg up. Think about a longer sternum, and get some of your body weight up your back a little bit. It's not by over arching your back, but it is by extending okay. Take one of your legs up to the sky.

Flex that foot, let's lower down. You can go to the mat, I think point your foot lift, two more flex lower. Got to keep your body weight up on your shoulders, a little bit. Right, don't let your butt drop, it's gonnna make it harder to get your leg up. So get your bodyweight up on your upper back a little bit.

Use your arms to help you with that leg. Flex to lower point to lift three times. Lower and lift, lower lift, put that leg down, pause for a moment. Keep those hips up, but feel your back working. Feel your back muscles working against your spine.

Now I want you to flex your spine softly, to roll down out of extension. Pick up your head, neck and shoulders. Pick up your knees, your chest, flex your spine, into that little ball. Roll up to sitting tall, move your hips back. We're going for spine twist.

Flex your ankles together. Legs are sharply together. Take your arms out to the side. So again, we're going into that arms, spine twist, shoulder blades together, everybody. Let's just take a breath where we are, returning our chest on our arms, three pulses, one, two, three.

Other side, twist through your chest, one, two, three, I'd like to do it again inside. Try not to bring your arms with you. It's a weird idea. Just your chest, chest two, three other side. If you like looking around to the back arm you can, two, three and then stay looking forward.

Lower your arms. Okay, Jackknife. I wanna move my hips forward that feels good to me today. So have more room behind me, roll down, take your legs up to the ceiling. Take yourself to a roll over.

Now you be good to yourself. Be nice to your neck, touch the toes down quickly to the mat that go down and up, lift your thighs a little bit. Do it again, touch the toes kind of quickly. And then squeeze your bottom or squeeze your butt more. Remember, you can use your arms, to help leverage you up a little bit.

One more time, touch the toes down to an up. Roll yourself out. Roll yourself out of your Jackknife. Wonderful, come up to sitting hope that went well. Let's do sidekicks.

Get down on one side, remember elbow in that back corner, hand behind your head, legs in the front corner, the other hand behind your head, interlace your hands, think that your hand position, we just did for neck pole. So we have a chest that's really open. It's not that we're thrusting our ribs, they're different. The ribs are relatively stable, cause you're engaging your core your abs, but you can emphasize your chest being more open. So let's take the thigh up.

Let's just do from back three times, legs we're going to come front, front, and back back three times. Front, front, back, back, and front, front, and back, back. And together. How about three up and down, and up and flexed out, and up and flex down shoulder blades together. Reverse your footwork, flex it to go up, point it to come down.

Flex it to come up, point it down, one more, run up and down. And then three little circles, keep your leg, and turnout one, two, three. Make sure you really brush your heels. Brush the heels, brush the heel and rest. That's all I wanna do with the sidekicks, rolling to your tummy.

Press yourself up to a little cat stretch again. And then we're gonna move on to do the other side. I'm gonna move my body around on my mat, so I still face you all, and I have to adjust my cord like so. All right on our elbow. Legs are forward.

We have our hands behind our back head, and our shoulder blades are close together. We've got a nice sense of openness in our chest. Here we go. Thigh comes high, hit pipe, flex the foot we did three, one, two and back for two, and front for two, and back. We know we're pulling the stomach in as the leg comes, thing teaser cause that's what's coming next.

We know it, turn the thigh out, coined up, flex it down. Point it up, flex it down. Right and then the bottom waistline, is spread long on the mat here. Flex the foot, kick up, point down, kick up, point down. Kick up point down.

Now we have our three little circles, adjust your chest, make sure it's open, three circles, you really rush those inner thighs together. And three circles other way. And one, two, and three, and legs can come down. Okay, come on up to, I'm gonna move my legs around this way again, everybody, just one more check. Get moving on these chords, move around.

Get teasers, don't worry we got it. We got got the teaser. We're only doing teaser, we're not gonna do all the teasers. This one's plenty, we know. All right, how about we approach it with openness.

We're gonna come back on our sacrum, get onto your sacrum. Just like we went into open leg rocker. Our sacrum is this really cool little platform, in a way think of it's like a platform, you're resting on it not resting. You're, balanced on it. Now, reach your hands up, set that frame, let your legs come up to kind of parallel that position, you're still on your sacred nothing happened.

Can you lower your legs to all the way to the mat, and stay on your sacrum. How about two more of them. So you're not coming off your sacrum. It's like a Pat Guyton told me, this was part of her training. She taught to me, Amy, it's your pop point, pop, P-O-P, you pop on your sacrum.

There's another way to find that position, and I can show you another time. We're definitely resource some of paths work, because you'll find it okay. Legs stay up, we're gonna take our hands behind us. Fingers face away. Hip circles over onto one hip.

Circle your legs pretty low, circle around to the other side and lift. Ideally, you could take your legs higher, right, but let's do one more. See what happens, on the way around, you got to use your body. Bring those legs up, up, up, other side around. Think man down.

Bring those legs up, up. Okay, swimming, turn this way. Get right around. Now again, just like I did before swan, let's not rush into swim. Get a sense first that your body is really covering, all of the surface area of your mat.

Right my all of it, mainly your trunk. So walk the trunk higher. Stretch your legs back a little further, elongate the lumbar, raise, your head and chest, engage your button, lift your legs, raise your arms up and go for a swim. One more breath cycle. When everyone relaxed down, let's come back into a cat back.

Place your hands under shoulders, press yourself up, you may need to readjust your position. And I really do want us to take a nice breath, and neutral spine and then round your spine into cat. Enjoy cat for a moment. Wide shoulder blades but they're not elevated. And let's move into more of that cow back the extension.

So sits bones open heart your back and lift that sternum up. One more time into cat back, round tail. Down to head down is under your scapula, are generously wide but they're not elevated. And see if you can then find your extension, where they're scapular going to have to come together, on your back. And then neutral spine.

Leg pull, we're ready. Step your hands forward if you need, step your legs behind your front support. Hold your body very steady, hold, pick one leg up, lifted. Let's just pull that leg today three times to the ceiling. We have a pulse, a pulse, a pulse, step it down.

Other side, brush and pulse, pulse, pulse, leg down. Now, let's try to transition today. I'm gonna walk my hands toward you. I'm gonna pivot, this arm has to come around. I'm gonna need to sit down because I can feel my shoulder.

Not really ready for that today. Oh, well. Oh, things happen, it's all right. Now, the transition would have been, to not have to sit the bum down, most of you know that. Anyway, here we go, leg pull back.

So your hips are lifted. Let's get the shoulder blades ready. They need to be really pulled together. We need to lift that chest up. And you can lift your legs if you want to.

I'm not because I'm really studying, and good being mindful about not locking my knees out. I'm working on my upper back strength to help hold me up. Yep. And then everyone can come down and less lower, and have a walk in the hands for for a little stretch. Yeah, long ago, I could do the leg kicks.

A lot younger and I could do it. But I was also just locking those knees out. So every time I kicked my leg up, the back of the other knee was like opening too far, and I started getting knee problems. Mm hmm, so I have to undo that, and go back to the work. Kneeling sidekicks, you know, I love this.

So we're up on our knees. Take your hands to your thighs. So first everyone, and I'm gonna show you something from the side. When we're inside, kneeling, I think I talked about it. Almost every class here.

We don't want to be kneeling on our knees with our hips, in flexion and in this hinge. So as you're kneeling, press your hips forward, towards your hands right now. And that's the feeling we want, when we're on our side, kneeling, right. So you should be pretty active right back here, helping depress your thighs forward. So as you're doing that, in your side, come on down.

I'm gonna go to my fist today. And just take a moment to feel your hip extension on both. This one's kind of easy to feel because the legs out. that glute still needs to be active, but it's the one you're kneeling on. Press the hips forward, this might be where you are today.

And it's perfect. Try not to have so much weight on your arm, that it's uncomfortable. You should really be able to pick that up easily. Hand behind head, lift the leg up. Now we're just gonna do front back three times, just a little front and a little back, chest open.

A little front and a little back. One more, a little front, and a little back. Bend your knee, now we're gonna transition, to the other side today. The knee that you're down on, keep extending that hip. lift yourself up yes, other side.

You come on now. I'm going into my fist just working these days. Right take a moment. As the exercises are getting a little bit more intense, stayed the focus right, hip extension, hand behind head, lift that sigh up three kicks. We have from back for one, your head is back in your hand.

Your chest is really open. Nice high thigh. Yeah, that was your three, now wants you to bend that knee again. Let's try that same transition, up and over to the other side. So you're lifting yep.

And now as you come to the other side, we're not doing a kicks again, I want you to come down. for side bend. Side bend today, let's try the hard way. A couple weeks ago, I offered you one foot, in front of the other one, that's always an option, and it's still challenging, but the feet stacked is kind of kind of hard. y'all know that, so hand is on the mat.

Rather than thinking of the curve, side bend, I wanna think long. I wanna again, try to extend my line really long, on this mat here. So this arm is gonna help, press down into those feet. Lift your hips up and go for a long side body stretch, not a little arc, just stretch. Like you're a thera band or of course the springs.

Stretch and smile, it always helps. Now lower this arm to your hip palm down, palm down, look to that hand, bend your knees, and come down onto that hip, that's all we get. You can do another one if you want. I'm good with that one to the other side. Sometimes, less is more.

Almost always so feet stacked shoulder support. This hand is open. We're getting ready for length, right, we're pressing down into the feet, engage the hips, lift the hips up, arm overhead. Bottom ankle isn't resting on the mat, stretch yourself be the spring, be the thera band, inner thighs are working smile, always helps. Rarely does, this arm comes down to the hip palm face down, and I want you to look at it.

And then I collapse a little, ready for boomerang I am, going to turn this way again. Okay, guys, one, what, two reps. One of each with each leg cross in front. Now, before we do the full thing, try this for just a moment. We've got plenty of time right now.

Cross your legs and twist your ankles together. Remind yourself that is not the form, and technique of boomerang. It's really easy to get caught up though, and hook the toes and the feet, no, hook your legs, your inner thighs and your wrap, it's all up here. The magic is up here. I said the arms out to the side.

Now, roll back, don't twist those feet, roll up and over. Remember your hips are lifted. Change the cross of the legs, not the ankles, but legs. roll into a teaser, roll into a teaser. See, arms behind you.

Lift them, lower your legs slowly, and your toes also comes down. Can you get your head to touch those legs. Roll up to sitting and reach your arms forward again. One on the other side, so let's breathe in first. Roll yourself back, get through that lower back.

Roll over legs, go cross, cross. Roll to teaser. Look at your ankles acknowledge that, you're not crossing them. But your inner thighs and thighs and quads and glutes, are working. Take your arms behind you, open your chest again, lower your legs, bring your arms up, can you get your head down, lower, lower, lower, undo it and let's come for seal.

Move your hips closer to your heels. Hands come underneath, hook onto the front of those ankles. And I want us all to pick up our legs for a moment. Okay, today, put the bottoms, of your feet completely together. Sometimes will, you know I've heard that called prayer foot.

That's fine bottoms of the feet together. And as you go to your seal, keep lifting your feet up, but also kind of pulling them forward. Feel free to clap, clap at the top, and clap clap at the bottom. I'm going to not do it at over the head. I like to do it not there.

So I want to rollback, roll up clap clap. rollback, roll up, clap, clap. Couple more times, roll back, roll up, clap, clap, roll back, roll up, clap, clap and lower down. Okay, guys, we're doing so good. I need to just wipe the sweat from my head a little bit.

Crab, and I don't teach coming on to the head part of crab. I just don't I know some teachers do all the time, and they're really good at teaching it. I'm not one of those people, but I can certainly help us with the rolling part. I'm getting there, don't worry. I know how to I just don't like to teach it, especially if it can't see you, so trust me on that.

So here we are, we're holding our feet. You and your crab. Pick up your knees into your elbows. Push your elbows against your knees. Now this one, we do want to have time I'm over our shoulders to change the legs, right.

So that requires go ahead, a lift of the hips, you need enough time. While you're in the air back there, keep your hips up. It's not that you roll on to your head. You roll back and you lift your hips up. I'm gonna have us do two more repetitions.

And one more. Hold at the top, hold at the top, hold the top and release. Okay, couple more. Let's turn around for rocking. Once you in your tummy.

We do lots of flexion we've got some deep extensions, extra exercises going here. Now rocking is not for everyone but play along if you want. Okay, on your stomach stretch your body long first. What I'd like to have us all do is bend both knees, flex both ankles and no separate yearly legs, just a little bit. Swan your chest, reach your hands back at the same time.

Hold your ankles, please don't hold the top of your feet. Hold the ankle joint. Engage the opening of your chest, lift your thighs up. Press your shins back into your hands. Start some rock, inhale, exhale, keep the bind of the hand at the ankle.

Shoulder blades are together, one more and release. Okay, we've got control balance, we need to flip back over onto our back. Such a fantastic exercise. All the names are there control and balance. Let's take our hands for for a moment, I want you to roll yourself back into a roll over position.

Now you can put your hands on the small of your back, or higher. If you're still working on this exercise. Don't look at the monitor that's not good for your neck. Flex both feet and put your toes on the floor. If that's not available for you don't do it to grasp.

They have to circle back around, hold one angle, the other leg comes up any amount near. The idea is to be able to control your balance, in this position. Change legs, Change legs. One more, change legs. Roll down out of the exercise.

We need to come up to standing for some push ups. We did it guys. We did a full mat. Take your hands down by your sides. Legs are firmly together.

Shift your body weight just little bit forward, so you're not locking back on your knees. Take a nice deep breath, you can take your arms up to the ceiling if you want. I'm actually just going to take a really slow, roll down, and lift that stomach up. You do not have to do full push ups, but I do want you all to walk out onto those hands, forward steps one two three and you're there four. You don't have to do the push ups.

You can also just put your knees down, and do your push ups if you like. But I'm gonna do elbows. Elbows, I'm still working through a rotator cuff injury. It's been like two years gosh. Oh, and roll yourself up.

Things take time, don't they? We've got two more sets rounding down. Yeah, you know, little setbacks forward steps, one, two, three, four. How about two push ups everybody? Just do two I can do it here.

One, I can manage my position much better, with my knees down, extend your legs, dive your head, walk back and forth one to get to pick up the stomach, three, four, roll all the way up to standing. And one more time, we're gonna stay down there on this one, roll yourself down. Stomach is up. Walking down, one two three, four, five knees down for me. One push up.

Now I want you to come up on your knees. Take a one foot forward, we're gonna do a really juicy hip flexor stretch. Yeah, just move forward and back. Great work everybody. We did 34 mad exercises.

You just did the list, I just did the list was fantastic. And as you're moving forward and back, you're just getting a nice ease in you're hip flexor. Yeah, let's go ahead and just take both arms up, for a second stretch and just take a congratulations, for yourself, great. Yeah, other side. And I think what happens with the list.

It never gets easier. Nope. It gets more efficient. That's not the same thing as easy. The challenge is certainly still there will always be there, and thankfully it will be, because that way you stay present with the work.

Take your arms up. There's mystery in this work, right. I think that's one thing that keeps most of us coming to it, is the constant quest to discover, what at least for me to discover my potential of moving, with more strength, efficiency and ease and power, but also not too much power that we, you know, we don't move with control, that's it. That's the whole thing, obviously, contrology, we can move with strength, power and control, but not so much that it becomes forceful. But that mystery is and how to do that with grace and ease.

That's why it is a practice. Truly, every time we get the ground, we get down here and we do that order we do that list. That mental discipline, right. And so all the other things, at least with my work, that I present. I'd like to sprinkle any other ideas and play, and softer work sometimes, because I think that also that balance of softer work, is imperative to feeding the fuel for this strict demand.

Okay, that's all for me. Thank you all so much. Next week might be a pajama party. I'm thinking Pilates in pajamas, and it feels good to move in loose clothing, too. So let's just plan on next week as a pajama party.

And I have no idea, we'll probably have some kind of prop involved. So stay tuned, come back on. And I'll see you all next week. Have a wonderful week. Keep moving, keep breathing.

And we're just gonna get through this whole pandemic, just fine. We're gonna get through this and we have each other. Okay, peace out.

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Amy as always love your classes. Like yourself I am finding some exercises a little tricky as I get older, but I simply modify and keep moving. Thanks for the encouragement. 
On a different note, I always leave music on for my little dog  when I teach as its comforting for them. 🐶
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Thank you!  Being a retired dancer myself who came to Pilates through injury, I also go through creative, softer times. I can relate to your words.  While going through The List with you, I was again reminded why I love the mystery of the work. It's hard!  The challenge is amazing!  And like Sharon in the comment above,the exercises are a little tricky as I get older! 
Patti P
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I'm new to PilatesAnytime but not pilates. Lovely class and opened my mind back to truly thinking about pilates. Thank you.
2 people like this.
Big fan of Amy. Not a big fan of rollovers and each exercise had relatively few reps. No sweat. I just I added leg weights,increased the reps, & substituted here and there. I feel better and I had fun. Thanks Amy:) 
love your classes
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Thank you for the class - I so enjoyed moving through The List with you! I will definitely revisit this one. Class #1914 is one my absolute favorites and I'm happy to have this one as a longer version - more movement (& Amy) to enjoy!
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I am an addicted follower of your classes Amy; thank you so much for this and all the other classes sharing with us...I love it
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Thank you Amy! I love the cue  for  boomerang about crossing the legs not the ankles and “the wrap”. I don’t know that I have ever learned that exercise that way so thank you for that.
1 person likes this.
Thanks Amy! This is the first time I *enjoyed* seal! It became more like rolling like a ball, which I always love, and I guess this exercise finally made sense to me. And the cue to hold ones ankles in rocker was so key, finally no knee pain on that excercise. Finally, I appreciate seeing and hearing about your modifications, as I have some of my own that I frequently implement, due to wrist issues.
Chuhang G
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This is an interesting class. I got a good workout but wish there is more flow to the arrangement of the exercises. There were too many changes in position.
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