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Seamless Mat Flow

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Let go of distractions and thoughts that don't serve you with this flowing Mat workout by Meredith Rogers. She invites you to commit to your movement practice so that you can deepen your mind/body connection. She uses breath and simple movements to link each exercise together so that the class feels seamless.
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Jul 06, 2020
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Hi everyone, welcome to my house. It's a little surreal this, I've been Zooming a lot, and, but in regular Zoom I can know who's with me, but I did have a chance to have a quick look at just a few of the comments, and there are many of us from many, many different places in the world. So I'm so grateful to you all for coming to my house and joining me today for this, yeah, let's just get some movement in, right. That's what we're all here for. So with that, coming up to sit on the mat, taking the hands to the knees, let's go behind the knees, behind the thighs, and I like to start with my eyes closed.

I do it every time. So, the benefit of that, to me, is to, especially now that we're all on our screens, is to just take a moment to let the idea of being on a screen dissipate, and taking a few inhales, and just using this moment of just stillness to connect mentally into our physical space, to let go of any distractions that we might have in our homes or in our lives or in our minds, anything. Just give ourself time to commit to our movement practice for a little while. We're gonna open our eyes, we're gonna have a world-wide, collective big breath in, and we're gonna exhale, and as we exhale, we're gonna round our spine. So what I like to do is I like to squeeze my thighs towards one another, and I also try, at the same time, to pull them apart with my arms, two oppositional things, and inhale, lift up, and exhale, rounding the spine, knees pressing together, arms trying to pull the thighs apart.

There's a lot of work in just that simple action. And inhale to lift up (inhaling), and exhale to round (exhaling), and lift up, and reach forwards, and exhale to go round and go back, go back. So as we go back and we feel the low back come into contact with the ground, with the floor, we're gonna inhale and open our arms wide to our sides, and we're gonna press our arms back forward and inhale, and now as we exhale we roll back up, we create a round, long spinal C shape, and then we're gonna lift our body, lift our arms, open the arms out to the side, stretch across the chest, and then take the arms forward and round the spine and go back, feeling the feet anchored on the ground, feeling the low back come into contact with the ground, inhale, open the arms, exhale, press the arms back towards the body, inhale to pause, and exhale to lift up, and then lift the spine and reach the arms up. Get a little longer, a little taller, a little more open, happy, I don't know, and take the arms forwards and go back, (sniffs), excuse me, and open, and exhale back, and inhale, pause, and exhale, lift up, reach up, lifting the back, open the chest, arch the back a little, and reach for it. We're going one more time. Go back.

So I like to try to make each movement fit into the next movement with breaths so that it feels like one move just becomes the next. So we're lifting the body, we're opening the chest, we're reaching out with the arms, and we're reaching the arms forwards, and rounding the spine, and now we're going down again. We're gonna open the arms, again, inhale. Now this time, as you exhale, take your right arm across towards your left, and then open back to the center, and then take the left arm across to the right, and open back to center, and continue. Alternate, center, alternate, center, and across, when can we stop, you say, I'll tell you when, but not yet, and center, and across, and center, and across, and one more, across, and across, and center, and bring the arms down, reorganize so that your pelvis comes to your feet, or closer to your feet.

I like to take my feet about six inches away from my sitting bones, feel the feet anchored on the ground, on the earth, and then we're gonna flatten the spine, and we're gonna roll up. So when I stand on my feet, of course I'm standing on the floor, but I like to always remember that beneath the floor there is earth, and inhale, and exhale. We're softening the chest, bringing the back down into the ground, just, it's just a very grounding idea for me, connecting to the earth. Come all the way down and inhale, and as we exhale and lift up again, we notice that we've got equality of weight over our feet. So are you shifting from side to side, do you feel one leg working harder than the other?

Inhaling, and exhaling, letting the throat soften, the chest soften, keep breathing, right, we need to keep breathing now, all the way down, through the spine to a neutral position of the pelvis, and inhale, and exhale, flatten and then curl, lifting up, reaching up. Think of sending the knees forwards, towards the toes, and inhale, and exhale, coming down, the spine and the head working, reaching away from one another energetically, and down, and inhale, and exhale to lift up, and we're gonna lift the left leg up, and we're gonna touch, we're gonna lift up, and we're gonna touch, we're gonna lift up, we're gonna touch, holding up high with the pelvis. One more after this. So now lift the leg and bring that ankle over the right knee, and now take the pelvis straight down, so pressing the left knee back so we get a stretch there, or I do, because I am not very flexible in my hips, and lift back up, and drop the spine straight down, taking the stretch, and lift back up, and go down, and lift back up, and go down, and lift back up, one more time, go down, lift back up, uncross, stretch that leg straight, and then reach down, bend the knee in, reorganize so that your pelvis is nice and level, we'll go straight to the other side. We pick up the right leg, up and touch, and lift up and touch, and lift up and touch, and two more, up and touch, and last one, up, taking the leg out, the knee presses towards the ground here as we're lift it, and then as we're taking the spine down, it presses away while this comes straight down and comes straight back up.

So we open up through the hips. Straight down, and straight back up. I don't know about you guys, but I've been doing a lot of running, so thank you for joining me in my stretches which I'm, desperately need, last two, and up, and last one, that's what's been keeping me sane, that, and this. So we go, we reach the leg, we stretch it straight, we reach down, fold it back in, level out the hips, and inhale, and roll down, all the way, all the way, reaching the arms, reaching the arms towards the heels, and then as the pelvis comes down, take the arms up, reach back, and interlock the hands behind the head, keeping them all but lifted just off the floor. Step the feet all the way together to touch, and now as we inhale, we'll lift over to the left, we'll take the knees to the left, keeping the knees aligned with one another, and then we'll come back to center, and we'll take the knees the other way, and we can come back to center.

So what I'm practicing noticing is that as my knees go one way, my elbow and my scapula are reaching in the opposite direction, and center, and in these simple movements, if you've ever taken class with me, many of you have I believe, you'll know that the movements that I appreciate almost the most, maybe the most, are the simple movements, because I believe that in these very most simple of movements is where we can connect to our greatest depth, and I don't know, that's what I'm always looking for, the greatest of depth. This is the last one to each side, so we've gone left, and now we're going right, and we're gonna come back into the middle, and we're gonna pause there, and we're gonna feel here the feet pushing down into the ground. So I want you to imagine that your feet are actually glued, so stuck to the mat. We're gonna lift the head and chest and as you do that, I want you to imagine that you're trying to pick those stuck feet up off the ground. Yeah, makes it a little different, sensation is a little different.

Inhale there, and exhale as you go down, right. You push down with your feet as you lengthen your spine, and inhale. I have my legs together, I'm squeezing them tightly. We're gonna lift up, finding the chest lift. Maybe we feel here that we can pick those feet up.

We're not actually picking them up, and then we're gonna go back down, and we're gonna do that three more times. So lifting up, keeping the head heavy in the hands, keeping the elbows reaching out wide, sticky stuck feet, trying to lift off the mat, and down, and two more. Lifting up, and elongating the spine as we take it down to the ground, and one more, lifting up. Now, take your hands and hold behind your thighs, curl a little deeper, bring your hands back behind your head. Now my friends, we are gonna lift our feet, but not a lot, just two inches up and back, and keeping the back connected, two inches, up and back.

I think I cheated, that was higher, so the smaller is the harder, small is hard, two, and down, and one, and down, and take your hands behind your thighs again. So we're gonna prove that, or we're gonna test that hypothesis. Hands come back, now lift the legs all the way. I think it's harder to do little. Good, lift all the way, and as the thighs are coming to the chest, the chest is pressing to the thighs, and down, and curling, and down, and curling, and down, and curling, and down, and now take the body all the way down.

You're welcome, guess what? There's more. So what we're gonna do now is we're gonna lift the head and chest back up, we're gonna take ahold of the thighs again. We're gonna find that nice, committed shape position, we're gonna take the hands behind the head. Now, we're gonna do three. Rotate to the right and do sticky stuck feet trying to lift, and center, and do that the same, the same to the other side, one, now center.

So the foot's not actually lifting, two, and center, two, and center, and three, and center, holding the pelvis still, three, and center, now we take a break. I don't know if you need it, but if you do you're welcome, and if you don't, I'm sorry. So now we go, rotate right, now lift just an inch, and center, rotate left lift just an inch, and center, and right, maybe three was a little ambitious for me because we have one more thing to do. Here is one more. Oh, a little, just a little, Meredith, and center, just a little, and center, grab your thighs.

There's only one more thing, here it is. We go back behind the head, and we lift the thigh all the way as we rotate, proving that this is the easiest. I don't know, maybe it is. Maybe it's the hardest for you, who knows, but I hope you're having fun, 'cause I am, and that's what matters, I think, the most. And center, last one.

Over and center. Take your arms forward, stretch your legs out long, take your arms all the way back. Take your arms out to the side, bend your right knee, bring your right knee across your body, come to center, stretch that right leg up, flex the foot. We're gonna lift the pelvis, take the leg across the body, swing down, around and center. Lift the pelvis, like with a spine twist with a straight leg, down, around, and center.

Just one more today, down, around, and center, and we reverse, using the leg on the ground as an anchor, coming around and down, and cross the body, finding that stretch. Just one more for today, cross the body. Once again, bend that knee, stretch that leg across the body one more time, come back through center, take the leg out straight, bend the left knee, bring the left leg across the body (exhaling), come back to center, stretch that leg up. Oh, this is my tight side. We're gonna flex that foot, cross lifting the pelvis, swing down, around and up.

Notice a relationship between the center of gravity shift and the abdominals helping you to control that. Last time, we go in the reverse. Go out, go down, come across, find center. Go out, down, across, and one more. Go out, down, across, and bend, taking the leg across the body to the right again, breathing, coming back to center.

Stretch the legs long. Circle the arms over head, lifting them just off the floor, turning the palms to face each other. Breathe in as we lift our head and chest, breathe out as we roll through the spine, lift your backs, send your arms out to the sides, so extend, and then go back into flexion, and go down. So reaching the arms, reaching the legs, finding articulation in the spine, and taking the arms and the spine back. And lift the arms, the head, the chest, taking the arms just to the thighs, and curl through the spine, shoulders over pelvis, and open the arms, and then re-round, and go back, and down, and letting each movement, even where there's pause, connect into the next movement so it's a seamless movement experience.

Reach forward, it's round, and we'll do two more, and back, and inhale, and exhale, and inhale, open, and exhale, reach, and this will be our last time, and lifting up, and coming up. Flex your feet, stretch all the way forward over your legs (exhaling). Lift your body all the way back up again. Let's take the hands behind the head. Press the head into the hands, and we'll go into our rotation.

Let's come towards me first. So we'll go rotate, and center, and rotate, and center. I like to have my hands behind my head for this because I like the feedback that it gives me, pressing my head into my hands as I rotate my spine, pulling out with the elbows, pulling down with the shoulder blades gives me a little upper back sensation which I enjoy, so thank you for doing it with me. Choose a different thing if you wish. So we rotate, rotate, rotate.

Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go right, center, roll down, reach up in an arc, rotate left, center, roll down, lift up in an arc, get all the ranges of the motion of the spine, rotate right, center, roll down, reach out, rotate left, center, go down. See what feels good. I don't think I've done this before like this, but I like it. Rotate right, and center, and go down, and out, and up, and the other way, last one, and go down, and out, and up, and take the hands behind. Bending the knees, putting the feet down on the mat, pressing in to the hands, standing on the feet, we're gonna lift the pelvis just off the ground, then we're gonna articulate through the spine, so we're using the backs of the legs to lift the hips up.

Once we get there, we're gonna send the knees out over the toes. So we get a little shoulder stretch, hopefully most of us are getting a little bit of stretch through our, the fronts of our legs, and then we're gonna go back down, and we're gonna inhale and we're gonna exhale and roll up, using the backs of the legs, lifting the chest through the arms, and then lean, and then lean back and go down, and again, go up, and forward, and back, and down. Just one more time, and articulate, and go forward, and back, and roll down, sit down. Bring the legs together, reach around for the ankles or the shins, drawing up in the our ball, think of depending the abdominal connection to float the feet rather than just leaning back, and then rock back, and balance, and rock back, and balance, and rock back, inhale, and balance, and rock back, inhale, and balance, and rock back, inhale, and balance. Let's do two more.

Go back, and balance, go back, balance. Hands come into the knees, we roll down, control, go slow, finding the double leg stretch position, and then taking the legs out and the arms up, and back, and inhale as we reach, and exhale. I like to think about this exercise as a expansion and a contraction, an expansion, so we really stretch out through the arms as we come to the knees, and in my imagination, the contraction is now when we're in that shape, that ball shape, that chest-lift shape, but then as we open everything out, as long as we're staying connected to the center of the body, that's that expansion idea in my imagination. Let's do three and back, two and back, one and back, hands to the right knee, left leg forward. Use the hands on the knee to curl, and then keep the knee under the hands but push that knee a little bit away.

That helps us find our hike. Let's change, we'll go slow for this first one. So pushing down on the knee and also taking the knee a little away from the body. It's more of an energetic thing that it's an actual reality of movement, and we change, so that's what I'm doing, sharing it with you. Now we're just switching, feeling the energy, reaching out through the straight leg, feeling the energy coming in to the center of the body.

Let's do four. Four, curling, three, never letting go of the precision, never letting go of the, we're always striving for our best is what I wanna say. Hands behind the head for the crisscross, we cross and cross and cross and then cross, and then keep lifting as you're coming through the center, keep lifting up as you're coming through the center. Let's do five, and five, four, and four, three, and three, two, and two, one, and one, everybody come to the center, everybody bend your knees so your heels are reaching down towards the back of your legs, and now curl a little, curl, and down, and a little curl, keep the body lifted, and down, and a little curl, and down. Head comes down, arms come down, and stretch the legs.

Now, that little curl we just did is exactly what we wanna think about as we roll over, flexing the feet, taking the legs apart, rolling down, reaching through the heels, reaching through the arms, coming slowly to the mat, pointing the feet, legs go down, they come together, they lift back up, and we go over. My computer's doing that funny thing where it tells me, it does it all the time, I have the very strangest computer. It tells me that it wants to turn off. Asks me, it's asking me to leave this meeting and I'm not ready, so you guys do again. I'm with you again.

I don't know where you are, but I'm gonna wait for about two, three, four, five, we'll do two more together. So we'll lift up, we'll go over, pardon the interruption. I, son talked about me, extremely technologically inept, so just workin' through that, and then feet point, legs go down, together and up, and one more, over, flexing the feet, separating the legs, and now we're gonna go down, we're gonna roll down, we're gonna roll up, we're gonna reach for our feet, pointing through the feet, and then we're gonna put the feet down, and we're gonna sit up, flexing through the feet. You can have your knees bend or straight, it's up to you, but we're gonna go now. We're gonna roll the spine down, reaching out towards the center of the feet, and we're gonna inhale, and we're gonna exhale, and as we lift up, we stack the spine, letting it move sequentially until it's back straight again, and then inhale, the head is the first thing to move.

As we take the body forward, we pull back through the center of the body, we pull down through the shoulder blades, not in a really rigorous way, but just in a soft way so that there's no tension in the neck and the inhale, and exhale as we lift up. So we notice the spine, the vertebras stacking one, and then the other, shoulder blades soft, head up last, and inhale, and exhale, go down, down, down, down. What I like to do, maybe this will feel good to you too, is I like to push out with my feet. That's possible, even if your knees are bent, and I like to really reach forward with my arms, especially as I'm moving through my mid back. It helps me find the stretch, and then lift up, and let's do one more.

So rounding forwards, and inhaling, and lifting up, and going forward again. This time we do the same thing we did with our legs together. We find that flat back position, pressing back through the arms, we go down, and we lift up, and go forward, and reach out, and go back down, and lift up, and go forward, and reach out, and go back down, and lift up. We'll do two more, go forward, using the breath, inhale, to link the movements, exhale and lift, one more time, go down, go out, bend your knees, try to get a little straighter in your back. Now see if you can keep that straightening as you press your legs towards straight again, and bend your knees and really elongate through the spine, and then keep that elongation as you take the legs up, pulling the abdominals into the spine for support.

We do two more. Bend, dragging the heels back on the mat, and stretch, and dragging the heels back on the mat, and stretch, and then we're gonna lift up all the way. Oh, doesn't it feel nice and easy to sit up. Now we take the arms out to the side, we rotate, and we each forwards, anchoring through the opposite sitting bone, reach the arms away from one another as we lift, open, center, rotate, and down. I like to think about my back arm going back and my front arm going forward, and then I open, and center, and rotate, and reach, and reach out, and open, and center, and rotate, and reach, and lift up, and open, and center.

Let's do one more time through. We're gonna reach, keeping the pelvis squared, Meredith, and center, and rotate, and reach, and up, and center. Let's bend our knees, let's bend our knees, taking the hands to the shins to begin, and now just lifting the chest, letting the back arch. We want a little bit more freedom of movement there, and then let's press the feet into one another, open the knees towards the ground and around the spine, and come up, and arch, kind of like an open-knee cat stretch, and round, and press the knees down. I would go so far as to say allow the chest kind of to collapse backwards, words that you would maybe not hear in Pilates usually, but it's a nice upper back stretch for me, and then come up and arch, last one, and go back, and round, I'm kind of hangin' off my arms there a little, and come up.

We're gonna turn to face one another, and we're gonna come down onto the forearm, I'm gonna lift that other arm up into the air. I'm trying to get a good position on my mat, thanks for bearing with me there. Here we go. We take the body up, and now what we're gonna do here is we're gonna go under, big under rotation, and back, and under, and back, and under, so wringing out the spine, and back, and under, and back, and under, wrap your arm around your body like a hug, and now pull up away from your arm, pull up away from your arm, and three, and two, and one. Unwind, bend your knees, bring your feet in, nice and close, press off that arm, take ahold of the legs, lift the body, lift the arm, and reach, reach, reach, and then come back up, and do that one more time.

Reach, maybe you'll go little further, maybe you'll let your arm rest on your head and bend your arm and allow the gravitational weight of that situation to take you further, and then stretch the arm. Maybe that'll take you even further still, and lift up. And come back down onto your forearm. So the options here are two, to do a straight leg or a bent leg, and I'm gonna choose bent. You can decide for yourself.

No one will know, so whatever makes you happy. We'll go forward forward, and you reach back, forward forward, reach back, and forward forward. I was telling my friend, Christy that I feel like I'm on a broken record, teaching like a hamster in a wheel, 'cause I'm doing so many Zoom classes. So if I repeat something, please forgive me, there's only so many exercises to choose from. We're doing three more, and back, two more, and back, one more, and back.

Now come from the back, go down, go up, touch front, go up, touch back, and up, touch front, and up, touch back, up. So I, here, I like to imagine a suspension and a fall, a suspension and a heavy. I think this is five, and that'll be our last one. If it's four, I don't know guys. Uh-oh, what are we're gonna do?

We're gonna lean forward, gonna take that arm up in front of us, gonna lift our chest, we're gonna take that leg up and back, up and back, up and back, and then we're gonna bend the knee, we're gonna pull the heel to the hip. Whoo, I got a cramp in my calf. It's still happening. Now that's real life, folks. Real life, cramps happen.

Take the leg across the body. I'm sorry about that. Lift up, drop into the hip, pull up with your arms so you get a little bit more lift. Drop into the hip a little more, pull up with the arms a little more, take more. So we stretch.

And then what we'll do is we'll simply switch, shift to the opposite side of the mat, so we're on the opposite arm, it'll create a long line in the body. So arms coming up, getting ready. We're gonna lift the legs, or lift the body, rather, straightening the knees. We're gonna take that arm under and I want us to squeeze our legs together, and back, and lift up as you rotate through, and come back, excuse me, and reach through, and back, and reach through, and back. Here's our last one.

We reach through, we give ourselves a hug, and we go up, pike, and pike, and pike, and pike, and pike, and unwind, and bend, and come up, scooting the feet in so that they're comfortable, lifting the arm, coming into a side bend. I use my other hand to help pull me forward, pull me over in that direction, and then come back, and go again. So this time we did, maybe we bend the arm, and maybe that allows us to go a little further, maybe it doesn't. Not a bad idea just to explore that, and then what if we stretch that arm a little further, and that takes us even further still, and then we come all the way up, and we come back down onto that arm. Again, I'm gonna choose bent knee, I'm gonna take the other leg out straight.

I like my hand behind my head. You can decide what you'd like to do with your arm. We're going forward, forward, reach back, forward, forward, pressing the head into the hand as the leg travels behind, and reach back, and forward, forward, reach back. So we're holding the undercarriage of the body nice and still, nice. We have four to go here, coming back, and three, and two, and one, now we're gonna go down, up, front, suspend, drop.

I'm pretty sure we did five of these, but again, I can't be sure, but this is three, and if I keep it together, I can maybe count twice more repetitions, just can't talk about anything else besides, that's it, my friends, we take it back, we take the arm, we reach out through the spine. So I'm pushing off my bottom arm to, trying a little bit of extension, and we're gonna go up and up and up and up and up, and then we're gonna come and we're gonna bend that knee and we're gonna take hip flexors, our quad stretch, hip flexor stretch, so pulling the heel to the back of the leg, breathing. No cramps on that side. Take the leg across, phew. Hug it into the chest, take a minute here.

I like to try, go further, and I kind of have to ease my way into the stretch at first, kind of figuring out where the best position is as I look for my sitting bone to drop into place, and I look for the other sitting bone, and I see if I can make them as level as possible, and then I feel the lifting through the spine, and that's my process that I'm sharing with you. Okay, guys, what we're gonna do next is we're gonna come onto our hands and knees, hands and knees on the floor, finding a straight back, and rounding the spine. So think about rounding mostly the lower spine, and then returning, and extend through the upper spine, and return, and round, back, extend, back, and round, and we're back, and extend, and back. Take the right leg onto the mat behind you, take the left leg onto the mat behind you, find your plank position. Push through your heels, lift your left foot, point your left foot, lift up, and down.

I like to think of pulling my leg down with my stomach, up, lifting with my leg, pulling down with my stomach, two, and one, we put our leg in. We do three pushups, once, twice, a third time, and we go up, lifting the hips up, dropping the heels down, lifting the heels up, get that stretch through the feet, roll through your spine, come back over arms. Point your right foot, lift it up, and down, up and down, up, pull in, two, and one, step in. Yes, you're right, three pushups. Or not. It's completely up to you.

And now we bring the hips up, we press the heels down. My mat's a little stretchy so I have to reorganize just a little bit, and then we're gonna lift the heels, get at the stretch through the feet, roll through the spine, press back through the heels, right knee under, and back, left knee under, and back. The leg that's not coming under is pushing away. And under, and back, and under, and back, and under, and back, and under, and back, and under, and hold, and three pushups, one, two, lift your hips, press your heels down, find that flat back. Bend one knee, push down through the opposite heel, and change, one leg down, one leg up, stretching through our feet, which may be, might not be getting as much love as they need.

Lift both heels, roll back forward. If you need to bend your knees, do, and if not, can we bend all the way down into the ground, stretching the arms out in front of us, lifting the legs, lifting the arms, and alternating, inhale, two, three, four, five, and out, and inhale, two, three, four, five, and out, and inhale, two, three, four, five, and out, and inhale two, three, four, five, and out, two more breath cycles, inhale, and out, and inhale, and out, and take the arms out wide, and bring the legs down, and lift the arms up and up, think up and slightly backwards, and then take the arms down just to the outside of the mat. We're gonna do this small at first. We're gonna look forward, keep the legs energized. We're gonna pull the forearms back against the floor of the earth, whatever you like to think about.

We're gonna lift the chest up, and we're gonna take the body back down. So we drag the elbows and the shoulder blades back to lift the body up. I'm staying quite low, just maybe the bottom my ribs, and then back, and we're gonna make it bigger in a second. If you're in a hurry to do that, go ahead and start, but I like really just trying to maximize that thoracic extension that I imagine many of us need, if you're like me, and have now shifted to computer teaching. Oh well, this is quite the same as that, but you know what I mean.

Many of us are spending many more hours on our computers that we're accustomed to, I believe, or that's just an imagination, but anyway, I digress. Let's talk about this. Slide the shoulders down, reach out, now push into your elbows and use your elbows to lift even higher. Now start, when you can, lifting your elbows, lifting your elbows and working out toward straight arms. Now just go as high as you wish to go, and now we're gonna bend, we're gonna keep lifting the body as we drop our elbows, and then we're gonna go the rest of the way down.

So start the same as the small one. Let the elbows glide, let the scapula glide. Once you can, push into your elbows, then let the elbows leave them, lift up, bend the arms, keep lifting the body, and take it all the way through. And do it again, lift up, stretch up, bend, and go down. One more my friends, lift up, look where you're going, stretch up, bend, and go back down.

Then bring your arms right underneath you so your forearms are on the mat, push up with your forearms until you're up on your knees, and then sit back over your feet with your pelvis, reaching your arms out in front of you, taking a stretch. So then let's take the arms over to the left, let's lean into the right side body, and come back, and take the elbows over to the other, or the, not the elbows, the arms, I'm starting to lose track of body parts. Then coming back through center, feeling that the arms are really far away, we're gonna hover the hips, hover the hips, we're gonna roll through the spine. So now maximum round in the spine, we're gonna start taking the pelvis down towards the floor, and as we do that, we lift the chest up and through. If you're missing your reformer right now, here's the down stretch for you, and then pushing to your knees, pull your thighs towards your hands as you're sitting back towards your feet.

Then roll through, drop in, lift the chest, lift the heart. Feel that strong, powerful position in the spine being supported. Let's go back. From the front of the body, from the back of the body. We're doing one more.

We're gonna go forward, we're gonna drop in, lifting the chest, lifting the eyes, and we're gonna go back, and as we go back, we're gonna tuck the toes, we're gonna sit back and stretch the feet with the toes tucked under, then we're gonna stretch the legs and push back into that up stretch, then we're gonna bend our knees, stretching the feet again while we look at our hands, and then we're gonna pounce forward towards our feet, and then we're gonna sit, and I'm gonna face you, and you can face me, or you can do whatever you wish. We're gonna sit in a nice, comfortable position with the knees, we're gonna take the arms out to the side, reach up, lift the chest up, and take the arms out to the side, and then take the left arm down, and let that elbow bend as you reach your right arm up and over, and then I like to use that hand on the mat to push so my body can kind of just rebound there. Left arm comes up, right arm comes down, and we can bend and reach, and then lift up. It's kind of a floaty sensation for me. So now let's go over, rounding, taking the right chest down towards the left thigh.

Just gonna give us a second here 'cause it feels nice to me, and back, and then lift, other direction, over, around, go back, and up, and take the arms up overhead, and then back out to the side. See if you can touch both sides of your house. I literally almost can. No, just kidding. And round, and lift, and up, and open, opening the chest, and reach, and lift, creating an easy sensation, a feeling of ease.

For some of us it's morning and we're just getting started, and for some of us it's dinner time, and we're just winding down, and maybe, just maybe for some of us, it's closer to bedtime, and this is the end of our day, but hopefully, wherever you are in the world, you'll leave here feeling more energized. Closing our eyes, taking an inhale (inhaling), and an exhale (exhaling). Thank you for coming, making time, making space to connect. I'm grateful, and I'll see you next time.

Pilates with Meri Rogers: Zoom from Meri's Living Room


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Thank you for letting me come to your Home! Thank you for the class, love it! XOXO
1 person likes this.
Loved this flow, especially the sticky foot raises - great challenge. Thank you for having us in your home!
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Thanks for the great class! Loved the extension sequence and all the the great stretches fluttered throughout the class. Only one little critique, it was a little hard to hear you at times. Otherwise enjoyed it very much! :) 
Shannon B
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Thank you for class!  It felt great :)
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Love this so much. All of our mat practices have been brought back to life over the past few months. #grateful
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More running - more magnesium :) great class thanks xxx
Thanks so much to you all for joining me in my home for these classes.  What a beautiful way to stay connected now more than ever before.
Hailee thank you for pointing this out! I will certainly keep in in mind for the future.
Ditta Z
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Hi Meredith, great focus on the breath. Truly reenergising - thank you so much!
Olivia C
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Absolutely unreal! Thanks Meredith! You rock - Love from Olivia, Melbourne
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Loved this class! Especial the ab work and the Spine Stretch with the flexion and extension added. Thank you!
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