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Introducing Transitions

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Now that you've found the connection to your powerhouse, it's time to start adding transitions to your practice. Kathryn Ross-Nash shares this important step so that Wayne can maintain his connection between exercises. She also points out the postural changes she's starting to see in addition to the areas she wants to keep working on.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Arm Chair, Ladder Barrel, Reformer w/Box, Cadillac, Mat, Baby Arc, Pilates Pole

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Okay, here we are with Mr. Nash's third workout. And today, he's gonna start working on how he's getting on and off of the apparatus. So Wayne you're gonna swing your two legs over together, you're gonna hold the back of your thighs. Now make those feet flat, press on your feet so you've someplace to push away from. Lift your elbows.

Good, and remember you use your stomach. You're gonna use your stomach and bring your hips to the mat. Hips to the mat, press on those feet. Yes, hips to the mat, hips to the mat. Good, so he's gonna lie all the way down.

Now, I want you to already notice his neck change. I'm gonna put the big pillow on, and I think it's gonna be way too much for him. Go ahead. Really comfortable. I'm gonna try today 'cause I think that he's ready for this pillow.

Good, bring your head down. Yes, so now he's ready for this pillow. 'Cause now he can start lengthening into that space. How's it feel. Good, right?

Okay, so bend your knees. We're gonna begin with your tip-up just to get you started. Good, that's just him finding his center. So he's gonna tuck, right? And keep his tuck and lengthen his tailbone down.

Bringing it down to the tip but stay with the tailbone. Good now tip. Now tip onto the tailbone. Good, more tailbone, more tailbone, more tailbone. He doesn't even wanna lift it now.

Anchor the tailbone and lengthen the front of the hip back. Pull the stomach in, hold. This is your position that we want you to work in. Good, tuck, lift your tailbone, anchor your stomach and bring your stomach down... Your tailbone down to the mat.

Good, that's where you're gonna work, yeah. And then you're gonna tip, arch your back onto the tailbone. Good, more tailbone, more tailbone, there. Now lengthen your stomach up and away from there anchoring the tailbone as well. One more tuck, tuck, good.

And I want to understand what I want 'cause those are gonna be cues and then lengthen your tailbone down for him. keeping the powerhouse up in that navel in and up to the spine. Good now tip, anchor the tailbone. Good, and lengthen... Keep your tailbone down.

Anchor that tailbone and lift your stomach Very good away from it. Very, very good. Okay, Mr. Nash. Today I'd like you to extend your legs and place them underneath this strap. Good, heels together.

Lie all the way down. Press your legs together, make your two legs one. Good, you're going to just work like we did last week with your arm arts. I'm gonna give you this weighted pole. You're gonna hold the pole evenly.

Remember the knuckles are straight arms begin down at your thighs. Open that chest. (deeply exhales) Good, find your... The space between the tip and the tuck and reach up. Good, that's your powerhouse.

Now, whenever I say your powerhouse, Wayne, I want you to think about that space at the tip and the tuck. Yeah, where you elongate. Good and exhale. Bring your arms all the way down to your thighs. Good.

(exhales deeply) And inhale, reach up. (breaths in) Good, now find your tailbone as you reach your arms away. Good, exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. No, no, no. You don't wanna move over.

You just uncentered yourself. Okay, so if I put you place your center just move towards your feet. That's it. And if you're hitting on one side, it means you're leading with that arm. Stretch your knuckles forward more.

Punch, punch my hand, right through here, punch through here, There, see how you... This is ahead of that. I want your knuckle... See you're like this way. I want your knuckle like that like you're...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Good, now reach back and soften those ribs. Exhale. (deeply exhales) Inhale, lift up, and exhale. Bring your bar down.

Inhale, reach up, and exhale, exhale, exhale, roll, reach. Good. Okay, I want you to bring your arms up to the ceiling. I'm gonna take the pole if you have to I want you to bend your knees to roll up to lift your upper body. Keep them underneath the strap.

Yep, and use your stomach. That's very good, wait, right there. Okay. You're gonna roll down just the way you were. Good.

Actually, I want you to straighten your legs as you roll down. Straighten your legs. Slide back a little bit. Slide back a little bit. There you go.

Okay, so even more Wayne. Lift up your body, upper body there you go. That's it. Okay, so now I want a little pressure upper body we're on the lower arch today. Remember how you found that space with your tip in your tuck.

You're gonna soften the ribs try to get the ribs back into your... Yes. Anchoring the tailbone now and finding the back of the rib. Good, hold this pole, palms down. Inhale, remember the knuckles.

Inhale, reach up. Not so wide, shoulder width, shoulder width. Exhale, reach back. Inhale, reach up. Open your chest.

Exhale, bring your hands down to your thighs. Open this, open this. There, every time we melt into that barrel. So if there's a piece of apparatus behind you, you wanna find it with as much body as possible. Inhale, lift up.

And so those ribs are finding the space behind you. You reach the arms, exhale. Where are those ribs? Find those ribs. Yes, find those ribs, ribs, ribs.

Very good. Inhale, come up. Shoulders to the barrel. Shoulders to the barrel. Yes.

Exhale, come down, open the chest. Now reach your arms up to the ceiling this time. Exhale, stretch back. Soften those ribs. Bring your arms up to the ceiling.

Now, lift your head, where are the shoulders. Onto the barrel, yes. Lift your head and bring your head between your arms. Ears to the arms, ears to the arms. That's it, very good.

Hold it. You feel that in your tummy now reach your hands forward till I tell you to stop but keep your head where it is. Look at your navel there. Lower your arms, lower your arms, lower your arms. Hold it in your stomach, and you're gonna pump the arms.

Inhale two, three through your nose. Exhale, two, three, four, five inhale, two, three, four, five exhale, two, three, four. Hit my hands. Inhale, two, three, open the chest. Exhale, two, three, four, five.

Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, three, four, five. Last one, two, three, four, five. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale, roll all the way back. Good, let go off the bar.

Very good. Bend your knees. Have your feet flat. Take from the strep. Good, take your hands behind your thighs.

And you're gonna pull the stomach in, and you're gonna roll up, bending your elbows to the side. Don't move those feet if you can. Head over. Nope, that's keep your head down. Head down.

Good, now pull your stomach in and hold the thighs and rollback. Rollback. Rollback. Rollback. Remember what's leading, your pelvis.

Very good. Stay right there and come up. Come up. Hold your hands. Elbows to the side.

Yes, Wayne. Very good. (Wayne groaning) Good, head down. Head down, head down. Now rollback.

What's going first, stomach, stomach. That's it, stomach. Here, here, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. Good, two more like that. Let's go, the rest for the weekend.

He just biked 15 miles. Elbows to the side. Good Wayne, good Wayne. Now, keep that curl. Keep that curl.

Good, very good. Head down like stomach massage. Find your stomach massage. Now, push your stomach back in your stomach massage. Yes, beautiful.

You see that that was gorgeous, really good. All the way down. One more time. That's all you have. One more time.

Pull the stomach in. Hold the back. Elbows out. Round stomach in, press those feet down. Head down, head down.

Find that hundred curl and think about those stomach massage. Find the stomach massage In, in, in, in, And excellent. Now I want you to reach your hands up in those poles here. And I want your thumb in the same side as your fingers. Good, and I want you to hold onto there.

Good, open your shoulders. Excellent. Now, do you remember we did... Bend your knees a little more. Do you remember we did the butterfly and we didn't move anything.

So what I want you to do is you're going to not move anything and you're gonna lift your right knee into your chest without shifting just like your butterfly. Good. Excellent. Now, right from here, you're just gonna bring this to your navel, and that's gonna be your center point. Yeah, lifted up towards your nose. Get that hip down and center.

Don't shift. Reach it across the body and center. Now anchor that hip. Find your tuck and bring the toe towards the mat. Good. Now find your tip and bring it back to the center.

Excellent. Now keep this hip down and open it to the side for your butterfly. Very good. And again, center to the nose and back to the hip and across anchored this hip, good. Now remembered it. And keep your tuck and keep this hip open as you reached down.

Yes, that's beautiful. That didn't move at all. That's excellent. And up now, you're gonna find your butterfly. Anchor the upper rib.

And good, bring it into your chest. Good, fine. Opposite hip. Find the same hip, reach across. Good, pull your stomach and find your tuck.

Bring the foot to the mat. Open that hip. Yes, very good. Pull the stomach, bring it in. Anchor the opposite hip, butterfly.

Center, good, you're going to find your tuck and bring your foot to the mat. Very, very, very good. You're gonna find your tip, and you're gonna bring your left knee in. Anchoring this side. Very good.

Now you're not gonna... You're gonna reach down with this hip bone, and you're gonna reach the leg towards the new and center. Now this one likes to be a little naughty, so really heavy on that leg. Good, now we're gonna reach across, and you're gonna anchor this hip, and center, and you're gonna to lengthen down and center. Now, anchor the opposite hip and center and bring it into the chest.

Reach this hip down. Remember, this one likes to shorten. Yes. Yes. Like you're sitting on a chair, center. Reach across.

Think about your TV exercises. Okay, that's what that is. Anchor your navel. Good, find your butterfly, butterfly. Yes, good.

Now, find your TV exercise where you lift your knee to your chest, and lift, don't shift. Good and reach across. And bring the foot down. Very, very good. You're gonna hold the back legs and you're gonna roll up, good, you can move the feet away, good.

Now, you're just gonna rollback to touch the low back and this time instead of sitting up straight, you're gonna keep that curve, but you're just gonna, excuse me, roll back to touch the low back. Now, Wait, press on your feet. The most important thing I want for you is that these feet are down, low back. Where's the low back now? You're upper back and come back up.

Low back stays stuck. Remember, you're gonna curl over this time. That's it. Bring your head to my arm. Okay, ready?

You're making muscles. Yeah. Okay, now good. Rollback, right from here. Yes, good.

And then come over, head down. And go back, lead with this, and leave that back there, and come back. And go back, lead with this, And come back. Yes, one more time. Lead with this, very good Wayne, and come back, and this time you're gonna lie all the way down.

Same way. Use that, use that, use that very, very good. Good, now bend your knees and bring your legs together. Use your stomach, just like you were doing. And you're gonna bring that right knee into the chest without shifting.

Don't tuck. Find your TV exercise where you lift, don't shift. Now, hold onto this leg with two hands. Don't put this hip up, right? And pull the knee in.

Good, and then with control, bring the foot back down. Let go, let, go with your hands and bring the foot down and bring the other leg in. Use your stomach. Anchor this hip, grab the leg, pull, reach that hip down. Good, you feel that?

Don't let it shift and bring the foot down. Other leg, pull the stomach in. Yes, excellent. Good, and come in. Good, and other foot, keep that hip down.

Good, and come down. Very good. Now bring the right leg in. Huck it in. Don't let that hip up.

Straighten the leg up. Hold the leg with your hand and stretch it. Stretch the leg. Stretch it. Let go of the leg.

Flex the foot. Flex the toes. Stretch the knee. Can you straighten it? Yes, and you're gonna bring your leg down to here and you're gonna hold 10, 10, 10.

And squeeze the legs together. Now, flex your foot and push out with your heel and lower down to the calf. Push out with the heel. Hold it with your stomach. I'm gonna let go, you're not gonna move, good.

And lower to the ankle. Hold it, hold it. Squeeze it to the ankle. Squeeze the legs together. Find your midline, and now bring it up to the calf.

Hold to the calf, hold it, hold it, hold it. Bring it up to the knee. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Lift the leg up to the ceiling and bend the knee into the chest without moving that hip. Point the foot.

And control bring it down. Good, now don't shift. Bring this leg and remember to anchor this side and lift this leg. Good, you're gonna hug it into your chest. Keep that hip down.

Oh. Good, you're gonna stretch the leg up. You gonna pull it with your arms, remember? Good, you're going to flex the foot. Toes back.

You're gonna let go. You're gonna bring it down to the knee. Stretch the knee. Arms down to your side. Hold, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

Lower down, two, three, four, five, six. You're gonna hold it right here to the ankle. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. To the calf, two, three, four, really squeeze it, six, seven, eight. To the knee, four, five, six, seven.

Lift it up, up, up, up, up. Watch your tailbone. Find your tip. Bend your knee into your chest. Point the toe.

Keep that tip down. Find your tuck and bring the foot all the way down. Now, have your feet together. And you're gonna do a thing called inchworm with your feet. You're gonna move your feet like this one inch down, one inch down.

And I want you to use your feet, and can you feel how your feet are lined up? They're very good right now. So you wanna find that so... Into your right foot down, use your toes. Use those toes, curl it in, good.

Stop right there. Use your toes and left foot. Let's go. And you're gonna anchor it with the tuck. Good, Keep going.

Use those toes, right foot, good. Go, go, go, go. Left foot. Yes. Yes. Right foot.

Use that left a little more. Keep going little left. Keep going left. Yes, now right. Now left.

Now right, Left. Right Left. Good, now interment back. So push with your toes. Push, push.

Good, other foot. Don't move your hips, though. Now, as you do this. The hardest thing is that you're not going to move your box, right? Those shoulders and hips form a box.

And you don't want that to move. That's your point of stability. So that the limbs can move without disturbing the box. That's it, very good. Very good.

Now hold the back of your legs. Bring your head up. Sit up and put your feet against the poles for your spine to stretch. Open the legs. Good, stretch those knees one second.

We're gonna get your box. Oh, look at you almost sitting upright? Good. Okay, good, drop your feet to the sides and place them on your box. Now. Your hip.

There you go. Should probably do your plates before you bike. Yeah. But that's okay, it's good. You'll feel better.

Now, sit up as tall as you can. Okay, Mr. Nash, I'd like you to look in the mirror over there. Can you see yourself? Do you see how straight you are now? Yeah.

Very, very good. Now, I don't want you. I want you as you go forward to think about that you're lengthening up my arm, up my leg. Good, you're gonna bring your ball forward. Push it forward.

Slide it forward. Try not to move, good. Can you put great... Take your hands and slide it evenly. Yes, now stay there.

And just the head goes down and keep pushing forward and lift your ribs and just your upper back. So that's it. So that's gonna continue to curve. Yes. Yes. Good. Stay there.

Hold it. Pull this down. Anchor this back and then roll up from your keep it there. You're gonna roll up from the bottom, head down. You're gonna roll up from the bottom of your spine all the way up.

Open the chest, good. Take your hand on the ball, and you're going to round forward again. Head goes down. Push on the ball, so you get taller. Push on the ball as you articulate your ribs, articulate through the ribs. Yes, exhale back through here.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. And roll, head down, roll out. The head's gonna be the last thing to come. Get your stomach against my thigh. Lower here, that's it, all the way up.

Open the chest. And one more time. Roll down. Head goes first. Couldn't lift up my leg.

Ribs, ribs up my leg. Good, stretch. Good, hold it. Reach and then roll-up. Head is the last thing.

Roll up, Roll up, good. Lift your arms up to me. Circle, exhale. Very good and relax. So today you're going to lie down with your knees bent for a moment.

Lie down. Knees bent. So I wanna get a little more length in the front of Wayne's hip as he progresses to the hundred without I'm so silly, without the barrel. Oops, I was gonna hook it the other way. So I'm gonna give him a bottom spring so he pushes down.

My fingers don't work anymore. Thanks. So, he's gonna lie down. Okay, thanks. And he is going to bend his knees and he's going to put his feet on the bar underneath.

Both of feet, both of the feet, perfect. Okay, and head down. He's gonna push the bar up. So you feel that in your lower stomach, Wayne? Yeah.

Now, push the bar all the way up. That's it with the ball, good. And bend your knees. So I want him to start connecting his foot work really to his lower stomach. All good and bend the knees.

How's that feel, pretty nice, right? And push through the stomach. Yes, so because the spring is underneath, it's anchoring his tailbone. So he's not gonna, he's not gonna tip, right? Sorry, he's not going to tuck.

And he can find the connection. You feel that, right? Into his stomach much like squats on the wall. So now point your foot, and as you bend your knees, try to get your pinkies on there. As you bend your knees, try not to break in the ankle.

So heel stays lifted. Bend your knees, heels lift. Yes, and now push through the ball of the foot again. Good, and bend, and push. So this your foot work, okay.

Bend and push, good. Bring those bar all the way down. Take your feet off. Bend your knees. And you're gonna hold up your legs to sit up.

And sit facing that way with your feet on there. So one of Wayne's issues is the dexterity of his foot. He's gonna need to develop that for his hundred. Why? So that he can get his hips open, the front of his hips open for the hundred. So, I'm gonna slide this over a little bit, good.

Your feet are gonna be flat right in line with your... Right in line with your hips, okay? A little more in, good. Lift up your toes, good. And spread them and bring them down, excellent.

Now the first thing that I want you to do, Wayne is you're going to lift your heels, both of your heels come up and bring them down, good. Now I want you to put your hands here a little in front of you, so right. And your ribs and your neck long. So all of this alignment has to connect to your foot. So lift your heel.

Yes, lower your heel. Lift your heel, lower your heel. Lift your heels, yes. Lower your heels. Lift your heels, lower your heels.

Now bring this leg in a tiny bit. Excellent, don't let it drop out. And lift your heels, lower the heels, good. Lift your heels. Lower your heels.

Now, lift your right heel. Point the toe. So, lift the whole foot. All the way up, up, up, up, up, off the mat. Good, bring the toe down, and the ball and lengthen.

Lift the heel, point the toe. Push right up, jump up. Yes, toe comes down. Heel comes down. Heel, lift, heel, down.

Ball, push. Ball, heel. Grow taller. Ball, point. I wanna see you bend your toes.

Put pressure and down. Pressure on that foot. Up, pressure and down. Now you're gonna alternate and you're not going to shift. One heel goes up, the other heel goes up.

And up and press on the feet. Press on the feet. Press on... When the heel is up, push. Push, push, push, push, push, push, and very good.

Okay, so let's come over to your reformer. Remember how to get on now. I want you to... You're gonna be on this side, but I'm just going to show you. From now on just like you got down on the mat correctly, you have to get down on the reformer correctly.

So you're going to lift up your waistline. You're going to control yourself, as you sit with one cheek off. You're going to use your stomach and bring your two legs here. And then remember how we held onto here and we rolled down on the Cadillac. You're gonna hold here and roll all the way down.

So your transition is part of your exercise, okay? So, you're going to turn and face me. a little more towards me. That's it. You're going to use your stomach and squat down.

Just like you're getting on that baby chair. Very good. You're gonna swing. You can put your arms down. You're gonna swing your two legs over together.

Excellent, bring them over to here, good. Hold the back of the legs or the... Actually hold the carriage. Sorry, and roll down. And you see, you don't hit the shoulder blocks.

You're all the way in position. Now, two feet come in, excellent. On to here. Bring your heels together. Good, now stomach in, let's go.

Press out and come in. Press one, two, and come in. Press one, two, three, and come in. Go one, two, three, four, good Wayne, and in. One, two, three, four, five, and in.

One, two, three, four, five, six. Your head is centered by the way. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Good one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Drag it in. Go one, two, three four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. You gyp me on that one. Do it again. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, beautiful.

Go to the arches heels under an over, Wayne. Remember how we change? Pull the knees into your chest, find your tuck, anchor your tuck and find your tip, heels... Nope, hold your heels together. Hold your...

Very good. So this, pressure right here, pressure right here. More, so there's arches left. Good, and press out, one, and good. Go out one, two, and in.

Go out one, two, three, and in. Go out one, two, three, four, and in. Go out one, two, three, four, five, and in. One, two, three, four, five, six, thumbs up and in. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and in.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and in. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and in. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and in. Beautiful, heels, bend your knees into your chest, hug it. Anchor that low back, flex your feet, toes back, toes towards the knees.

Heels together. Knees closed, excellent. Hold my hand, pull those toes back, all of them, the babies, babies wanna come back. This little piggy got none, pull better. Yeah, and one, and in.

One, two, very good, and in. Think about how good it's gonna feel, and in. When I stop pulling on the toe. One, two, three, four, and in. One two, three, four, five.

Yes, and in. One, two, three, four, five, six, and in. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and in. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and in. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, in and.

And, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and in. Very good, very good. I actually want you to go back to the first foot position, but have your feet parallel. So go drop your finger nails in. bring them down to here.

And all I want you to do Wayne is push your feet underneath on the ball, good. And then lift your feet heels up. Heels together, heels together, good. Now, lower your heels down and drop underneath but keep those heels together. And now lift up, up, up, good.

And lower down. And lift up, up, up, lower down. Lift up, up, lower down. Lift up, up, up, very good, excellent. So you're gonna roll yourself up.

Do you remember your stomach massage? You're gonna sit on the end, rounded over. Yeah, good. Try not to move, then put your feet on the bar. So I'm starting to make him be responsible for understanding the names of the exercises now.

So I'm not telling him exactly what to do. I'm trying to get him to start to memorize. So heels are together, good. And now lift your feet up so that your whole ball... Remember, we want, up a little more.

This little piggy went to market, but it's we don't want it to have none. Good, excellent. Well, it's a fine that. This is gonna help your hips. If this isn't on the bar, your hips are gonna get messed up.

So slide up a little more. Good, very good. Elbows out. Go out one inch, in, out one, two, in. Out one, two, three.

Out one, two, three, four. What happened to my heels? Bend in, out one, two, three, four, five. Out one, two, three, four, five, six. Yes, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Yes, he'll stay together. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. And in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Yes, and in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, very good. Now, remember how to bring your hands back?

Lift up, keep up two hands at one time. Two hands go back. So you use your stomach, yes. Now arms are bent. Chest towards you.

And press out. Good, one inch, and in. One, two, and in. One, two, three, and in. One, two, three, four, and in.

One, two, three, four, five. Bring it in. Stay there. Good and six to reach, reach six counts, good. Seven.

Good. Use your stomach. Eight, lower stomach. Lower stomach. Yes, nine.

Good, 10. Good stay right there. So those were both done on three springs. This is going to be done on two outer springs for you to keep your feet where they are. This is the one you like, where I give you that nice stretch.

It's dessert. Hold on to my wrists. Bring your feet a little closer together. Get so you can get those balls on, good. Now sit up and get my shoulders.

Come up, stretch out your legs. All the way today, good. Now, come in and don't let those heels move. Lift them up, lift them up. It feels so good, doesn't it.

Now, stretch out your lower stomach. Yes, keep your heels up. Stretch, what happened to my neck? We don't want a turtle. We want a Prince.

That's it? Yes, now come in. Keep my prints long neck, long neck, long neck, and stretch out. Good and come in. Up, up, up, and very good.

Swing your legs off for your short box. So, when you put your long box on, you're gonna go for your short box. You're going to have it here with the headpiece up bolts, okay. Now you're going to sit on the end here. (metal clinging) And you're gonna put your feet underneath the straps.

Separate the feet. Remember, the feet are right over the... Knees are right over the heels. Bring your feet a little further up. And I want your toes on that bar, on top.

That's gonna help stretch them, right? Very good, now don't push out the carriage. I want you to begin sitting up tall. Good, wrap the arms around your waist. That's not your waist.

That's your waist. And the only thing I want you to lower is your lower stomach. So lower stomach. Don't sink down. Don't sink, yes.

Go ahead, rollback. Roll, rollback. Now leave this here and lift up. Sit up, sit up, again. Rollback.

Rollback. Rollback. Rollback. Sit up. Sit up.

Sit up. Sit up. Rollback, Rollback, Rollback, a little more. A little more, a little more, a little more Now, roll up, roll up, and stretch all the way forward, good. Now sit up tall.

And I want you to take your hands like this, Wayne. So your knuckles line up and place them right in front of your face. Like this, excellent. Now, what I want you to do is I'm gonna be back here. I want you to press your hands onto your head and bring your head back.

Bring that head back. You feel that, press. I got to bring the hands back. Don't think of marriage banging into you. Now press your hands with your head, great.

And chin drops down. So you're gonna strengthen that neck. Hold it, work the neck. Grow tall, chin is level with the floor. Press, press, press, and relax.

And again, press, I'm here, so he can't bring his upper body back. Press, lengthen the neck, lengthen the neck and relax. So you should do this exercise like four times a day, okay? You're at your desk, do this. Press, head comes back.

Head comes back. Head comes back, yes. And relax. And again, head comes back. This is the position you wanna work your head.

Come on, press it. Press your head, press it, press it, press it, and relax, stretch forward. So I'm not pressing on his neck. I make him press on his neck so he will not hurt himself. Necks are delicate.

Let them do the work, good. Now, when I give you the bar, I want you to find this. Remember, you're gonna hold this pole wide at the tips all your fingers on there. Stretch it all the way up... All my fingers?

Yes, hold, yes. Good, remember, no bulldog. Look at you, Wayne, you're a good student. Now lift the bar up to your ears and lean a little forward. That's it.

Tip forward, tip forward. Now lift up tall, crown and head to this bar, and hinge back in one solid piece. Just a little, lift the lower stomach. Lift the lower stomach and now return forward, good. Relax.

Now lift up. This is, remember we were working on, just lifting straight up before, lift up, lift up, lift up. Now, lower stomach hinged back. Just a little lower stomach. One solid piece, good.

And reach forward on the diagonal, forward on the diagonal. And relax. And reach forward on the diagonal and reach straight to the ceiling, and reach back, reach back, reach back, reach forward, exhale. Stretch all the way down. Drop your head.

Correct and bring the bar up to the ceiling again. Shoulder slightly in front of the hips and reach over to the right side. As you reach out, anchor that hip and come center. Reach over the left and come center. Watch your wrists.

That changes what happens through here. Don't lift up, come on up, up, up, Wayne, up. And reach over, good. And lift up, up, up, up, up, and over, and center. Relax, one more time.

You're doing great. One more time. And stretch up, good. And up, and stretch and lift up. Touch your toes.

Exhale, next exercise is your twists. Sit all the way up again. Good, lift up. Find that neck. Don't knock your teacher over, beautiful.

And don't move your hips, and just move your shoulders and your ribs and center. Relax. Lift up tall, shoulders, ribs, center, relax. Lift up shoulders, ribs, center. Watch your left leg.

See how it's dropping out. Relax. Lift up, keep that left leg in. Beautiful and stretch all the way down. Exhale, good.

Let's hop off of here, and you're gonna go sit on the Cadillac for your tree or your TV exercises, please. (gym equipments clinging) Let's just go right to the caddy. Sit with your feet on the zebra. Another added benefit to having a jungle. I can tell them where to go by animal.

Good feet flat. Look how nice your feet. Good, now arms by your side. Remember how we did this? And you're going to pull the stomach in, and you're going to lift, don't shift the right leg up, good.

Hold it for five, four, three, two, one. And bring it down. Just we're gonna do a simple one first. And again, yep. So remember how you have to push out through your knee.

So push out through the knee, good. So if you notice, Wayne likes to drop his knees out. So his hip flexors are really tight. And so that's a good and bring it down. So reach the knee out, and down and other leg, and down.

Come to me to the mat. This is gonna be a continuation of working his tree. So Wayne, what you're going to do is you are going to sit on this barrel with your pelvis here, and you're going to lie all the way back. And so your back is gonna be supported. No, I don't want you to like this.

You're gonna really find the tuck, okay. Really find the tuck. So now that we've opened his upper back and he can stabilize his pelvis, I can now work on opening his hips, which is going to really... Hold on to the sides, really gonna help those hips of his. How does that feel, delicious, right? Good.

Now, bring your... Remember the tuck? Find the tuck, good. See how his knees wanna go open, that is once again him... Bring your legs together.

Him trying... Now that's it. That's where he's tight. Now pull your tummy in. This is why he wasn't on the barrel till now.

Hold it, hold it, hold it and release, good. You see how that stretches that? Yeah. Yeah, now find my fingers. Yes. Hold, hold, hold.

Good Wayne and release, and legs together now. And pelvis back. Hold, hold, hold, and release. Now what you're going to do is you're going to bring your right leg into your chest, good. And you're gonna bring your left leg into your chest, excellent.

You're gonna stretch both legs up to the ceiling. Good, how's that feel, good? Now, you're gonna anchor your tuck, okay? Open, now anchor your tuck as much as possible. Anchor your tuck.

You feel how I'm pulling your leg out. Yeah. That's how it has to work, good. Now anchor your tip. Yeah, open, anchor your tip.

Up, anchor your tip. Anchor your tuck. Anchor your tip. Anchor your tuck and reverse it. Reach, open your chest.

Chin down. That's it. Good, Wayne. Bend your knees into your chest. And you're gonna push your barrel away.

Push your barrel away. That's it, push the barrel, push the barrel, That's it. And just lie for a second. Good, how's that feel? Nice, huh. Love the barrel, good.

He's like I hate the barrel. Good, you're going to roll over one side and come back to your former for your elephant. Care for the box. So hand-foot, hand-foot remember? Don't pull the bar Flat feet.

Now, lift those toes up. Nope, those would be heels. Yes, and you're gonna shift your weight back. Remember this one where you just shift your shoulders back. What happened to my wrists?

Good, shifts to shoulders, correct, yes. So if you were gonna punch somebody right in your wrist, you're gonna break your wrist, right? It's not strong, right? Correct, you sink into it. But you see how here, it it's held from here.

That's what we want. And we don't want this hyperextended, soft. Good, head down. Now you're connected all the way back here. Now just shift your weight back.

Don't move the character, shift to stretch that. Good, you feel that stretch. Yeah. That's your spine stretch forward where you roll the ball and bring your hips forward. So this time, instead of you moving your arms forward, you're moving your pelvis back.

Same exercise. Yeah. Pull up into here, press into the hand. Press now, stay there. Bend your knees.

Don't push the carriage. Straighten your legs. Bend your knees. Don't push the carriage. Straighten, bend your knees.

Don't push the carriage. Straighten, bend your knees. Don't push the carriage straighten. Good, and lift your hips heels and bring them back. Good Wayne, and bend your knees.

Bringing them to the carriage with control at the same, head down, head down. Good, shift your weight back and have your heels against there. So sit on your heel, pull your tummy in now. Good, and press back, and in, and press, and in, and press, and in, and press, and in, Last one, press and in reverse the arch open your chest all the way. Eyes to the elbows forward.

Long neck. Remember that neck? Yes, beautiful, and press. Look at your arms. That's gorgeous.

And that's exactly what I want. Stretch, this arm looks amazing. In, reach, in, reach. In, reach, In, last one, reach and in that plenty. You're gonna lie down to run just like we began.

So hop up, we're leaving out knee stretches up today. 'Cause, we've done a lot of leg lifting. Lie all the way down. Remember how we started? That's it.

Good lift. Swing your legs over. Good, see now he's not going to hit his bar, and he knows how properly mount his reformer. Bring your feet together. Heels together, arms down by your side.

We're back on three springs. Palms go up, good. And now you can stretch your legs all the way out because you're nice and warm. Straighten your legs, good. And you're gonna lift one heel and lower the other, right?

It's a naughty one. But that throws your pelvis off. That's why you grabbing here. Look how flat and solid you are, very good. And notice I don't have a pillow for your head.

Chin down, lengthen your hand, very good. So I want you to start finding that limp behind your head. I love to just find it. Yeah. Still working on.

Oh, you always do. Like even 40 years later. I'm still, every time I go to move, I go powerhouse. But you're giving up, 'cause you're not wobbling all over. Remember the up, up, up.

Don't move those hips. I'm standing on those hips, ups, up. I promise to stand on you during the up, up, and very good, Bend both knees, come to the wide position. Good, now I want you to bring your tailbone up. Just the tailbone, and down and roll it up.

And down, and roll it up. And down, and roll it up. Just the tailbone. Now this time, keep your tailbone up. Go out a little bit and come in, good.

Go out one, two with that tailbone up, and in. Go out one, two, three, tailbone up and in. Having trouble parking. Well, one, two, three, four, and in, good. Go out one, two, three, four, five, and in, good.

Draw your knees into your chest. Good, you're going to hop up, and you're going to come over to here. And what I want you to do is I want you to hold onto this bar in line with your shoulders. You're gonna do a single leg pull to lift that leg directly up, right? A lift, don't shift, pelvis doesn't move, hip doesn't go.

Just like you're on the mat. Then what you're going to do is you're going to pop this foot back. This foot can be slightly turned out. You gonna stretch your leg, bend your knee. And as you come in, lift your chest, don't let your hip school over the place, right?

I'm gonna guide you back with your pelvis and forward with your pelvis. So this where you're moving from, just like you moved through reformer, right? My tip, my tuck, my tip, my tuck. So face the bar, put your hands on it. Yep, use your stomach.

Bring to this, perfect. Every time. Every time until I say correct. Yeah, see how that opens your chest, and fix your neck. Right.

And that opens it up. Correct. I see, okay. That's why when you're on the... Yeah, But if you notice by count mine.

Right, that's why. And then you have to lift your head to see. So then it goes into your neck. Right, so it has to be like this. Beautiful.

Now do a single leg pull, bring one leg up. Place it on the lower bar, lower bar, yes. Hop this foot back, beautiful. Just put a little more weight on the outer edge of this foot. You feel what I'm doing?

This thigh goes this way. Now, straighten out your leg, and you're gonna move back this hip. Heads down, that's it. Now, what's gonna bring you back in is you're gonna bend this knee and pelvis brings you back. Now, it's gonna bring you back.

It's gonna bring you... Yeah, now I'm pushing to here for your tuck. Now, push into here for your tip, but don't arch the back. This as you bring the pelvis, yes. Good, and change your legs.

Bring this foot back, and stretch out. (Wayne groaning) And bend in, and stretch out. Make a smaller range of motion on this side here. And come in, and stretch out. Stay there.

And come in. And stretch out. And come in. One more time on the side. And come in.

Good, step down, Wayne. And what I want you to do is I'm going to just flip this barrel. That was your left side, right? So I want you to stand here with this foot here. Careful, this foot here, Hold you, and we're gonna lengthen you over the barrel and up, okay.

I might change your foot position. I'm not sure yet, perfect. Hands behind your head, behind your head. Bring your head back. Do the exercise and reach over.

And come up. Reach over. And reach over. And change sides. So Wayne is so uneven because of his golf swing.

And that's the side as he swings, right? That he's probably shortening or bending his knee or whatever. So that side is definitely tighter. Hands behind my head. He does something funny in this way.

Head back. There you go. Good, one more, two more exercises. And then you're done. It's hard to have my mini studio like this. Sit in the chair.

Heels together and bring yourself down. Very good, slide your bottom back. Souls the feet together, excellent. The whole bottom of the foot touches. Find your soul, baby.

Good, press the outer arch, outer arch, good. Now, you see how now that you actually can get your foot in the position, how you're dropping out, right? So I'm gonna be nice. What I want you to do is you're gonna hold this magic circle. Yep, that's it, good.

But look at you, your foot can get in that position. I'm really proud of you. Stretch your arms forward. Make a fist, good. Lift up, press down and grow tall, good.

Keep your back on there. Lift up, press down, and grow tall. Keep the back, inhale as you come up. (inhales deeply) Exhale, grow tall. Inhale up, exhale tall.

Stay there. Push forward, and we're gonna bring your chair... Remember to keep your back on there. So how are you gonna do it? You're gonna one second, don't pull.

Okay, you're gonna lengthen yourself along the chair back. Keep your arms even, good. Lift up and press down, and lengthen your body up that chair, good. Lift up, keep the arms a little... That's it.

Stretch your arms so that you're not gonna get caught on the chair. 'Cause if... That's it. And reach up, that's the lift. You feel that that's what we want.

And press. Now, I'm going to relieve the pressure and I want you to hold the chair where it is. Hold it. Don't move your shoulders. Get your shoulders back on the chair, good.

Arms a little closer. Yes, now hold the chair. Hold the chair. Hold the chair with your lower stomach. That's how you're gonna get it.

Lift your stomach. Good. Good Wayne. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it.

Hold it. Good, you got it. That's what you wanna feel. Bend your arms and come home, excellent. One second, I'm going to take your magic circle.

You're going to fold your fingertips, heels together, flat feet, and bring yourself back up, excellent. Good, come over to here. Holding up, heels together, toes apart. Lift, don't shift. Lift, don't shift.

Five times. Lift, bend, lower, stretch lift, bend, lower, reverse. Bend, lift, up, lower. Brain powers are waning. Don't worry, you're you're literally at the last exercise.

Head back, step back to straighten your arms. They're gonna be a constraint. Now grow tall and lift up, beautiful. And lower, Ooh, don't die on me. Leave your head on the ceiling.

Control it. Lift, control. Lift, control, lift, control. Last one. Lift, control.

Lift up. Bend your knees. Keep your heels up. Lower your heels. Straighten up.

Lift up. Bend your knees. Lower your heels. Straighten up. Lift up.

Bend your knees. Lower your heels. Reverse, bend as deep as you can, keeping your heels down. Don't change your height. Lift your heels.

Good, straighten your legs with control over the heels and your knees. Lift your heels, stretch, lower. Bend your knees. Lift your heels. Stretch up.

I think we're at a camera. And lower. Very good, Mr. Nash. That's excellent. Sorry, you guys didn't see that.

He did two by four exercises. Excellent, Wayne. Thank you.


Beginning to see the truth of progression Kristi ! Fabulous Kathryn and well done Wayne !!  So looking forward to each session to come..
This makes me Sooooo happy!
I really love this! Thank you Kathryn for showing us your profound work! I learn so much! And thank you Wayne for being such a real client! And for proving that almost all men have to moan and groan while giving their best!  I also can´t wait to do this kind of hands-on work again! Covid means distance..
Thank you for cuing so much in detail. I liked your tip/tuck section. I learned a lot of good information about proper placement.

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